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Singapore Hotel Supplies Companies List

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Singapore Hotel Supplies Companies List
Singapore Hotel Supply Companies service the numerous hotels and restaurants. Products include: Table Crockery, Cutlery, Fine China, Serving Dishes, Ceramic Decorations, Sandstone Statues and Murals, Table Accessories, Jacuzzis, Poolside Furniture, Lamps, Window Blinds & Drapes, Bathroom Fittings, Spa Products, Leather Furniture, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Silk Bedding, Restaurant Supplies, Flower Decorations, Alarm Systems & Keypads, Glass wear, Staff Uniforms, Gym Equipment, Ceiling Fans, Pool Equipment & Supplies, Interior Decorators and Design, Sanitary Ware, Teak Wood Furniture, Silk Furnishings

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Featured Singapore Hotel Supplies Companies List
A.I. Deux International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company. Product Sourcing, Auto Accessories, Hotel Supplies, Hospitality Equipments, Sourcing, Fnb Equipment, Electrical & Electronic, Computer Peripherals Computer Accessories. Glue, Paint, River Sand, Shredders, Sweepers, Cranes, Boom Lifts, Excavators
Abell International Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Equipment, Hotel Supplies Company supplying Lockers, Metal Lockers, Storage Lockers AIPL design, manufacture and distribute ABS engineering plastic lockers.
Ace (S) Management Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Supplies, Restaurant Supplies Company Suppliers of Hospitality Equipment & Supplies. Import and export trading company specialize in providing hospitality supplies to hotels, resorts, clubs, caterers and restaurants. Specializes in buffet fuel and Lamp oil supply
Actex Marketing Service Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Bedding Bed Linen, Mattresses, Hotel Bedding Supplies, Hotel Textiles Products
Advance Hotel Wares Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Supply Company Suppliers of Hotel Equipment, Hotel Supplies
Advance Triton Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company, Medical Supplies Company, Hotel Supplies Company. Suppliers of Disposable Products, Industrial Gloves, PVC Gloves, Rubber Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, PU Gloves, Kevlar Gloves Chef Hats, Masks, Gloves, Aprons, Shoe cover, Sleeves cover, Coverall, Mob caps, Non-woven sponges, Cotton Balls, Eye pads, ABD Pads, Maternity Pads, Bandages, X-ray Detectable Sponges, Bags.
Advanced Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Equipment, Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of  Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Supplies
Advant Procurement Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Supply Company Suppliers of Hotel Supplies, Hotel Equipment, Janitorial Supplies, Hotel & Motel Equipment & Supplies
Allegiance Marketing (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Consultants, Singapore Hospitality Consultants, Marketing Consultants 
Allied Catering Equipment Singapore Kitchen Equipment Company Suppliers of Refrigeration Equipment, Catering Equipment, Snack Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Pizza Equipment, Kitchen Equipment & Supplies - Commercial, Caterers Equipment & Supplies
Ansari & Associates Singapore international export company specialized in Home and Hotel furniture, Furnishings. Suppliers of: Hotel Furniture, Home Furniture, Wooden Doors, frames, LCD TV, DVD Players, Porcelain, Ceramics (table wares), PVC windows and doors, Laundry Systems and Mini Bars
Armix Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Equipment, Singapore Hotel Supplies, Hand Dryers Manufacturers, Hotel Supplies Wholesalers, Hotel Supplies Distributors, Hotel & Motel Equipment & Supplies
Astrabon (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Hotel Supplies, Drinkware, Chafing Dishes, Kitchen Baking Equipment, Flatware.Tango (Australia) Unbreakable Drinkware, Spring (Switzerland) Chafing Dishes, Matfer (France) Kitchen Baking Equipment, Astrabon (Flatware) 
Bali Connection Bali Connection specialises in the design and production of stone artworks and the manufacture of custom-made furniture and accessories for both interior and land. Collaborating with Interior Design, Architects & Landscape companies in the region and beyond, Bali Connection produces a wide range of customised interior and hardscape products. Some of these include furniture, decorative and functional artworks and accessories for hotels, resorts, golf clubs, condominiums and residential sites.
Binwanis Enterprise Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Linen, Handkerchiefs, Hotel Supplies, Hotel Equipment, Restaurant, Institutional, Hotel Supplies, Hotel Equipment, Janitorial Supplies
Boon Teck Trading Company Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Hotel Equipment, Janitorial Supplies, Housewares Wholesalers
Boon Tong Kee Food Processing Industry Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Food Processing Equipment, Food Packaging, Central Kitchen, Food Products
Butterfly Kisses Llp Singapore Garments Company Suppliers of Uniforms, Work Clothes, Hotel, Medical Clothing. Provides uniforms & t-shirts for corporate & hotel industry. Highly specialized services of all type of uniforms to businesses throughout Asia and Europe. We are a one stop uniform provider
C.D.Com Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Hotel Supplies, Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Gifts
Calfarme (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore company suppliers of washroom hygiene and bio-enzymatic cleaning products, Soap Dispensers, Automatic Air Fresheners, Sanitary Waste Bins, Automatic Toilet & Drain Maintainers, Sanitizers, Odorless Aerosol Insect & Odor Control, Anti-Slip Floor Mats, Multi-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensers, Paper Towel Dispensers, Toilet Seat Wipes
Carlmey Interior Furnishing Company Singapore Furnishings Company, furniture maker, specialising in upholstery products, project contracting, dealing mostly with interior upgrading of hospitality and F&B premises as well as hospitals and retail outlets.
Cathay Interiors Pte Ltd Singapore Interior Designers, Interior Design Consultants, Home Furnishings, Furniture. A manufacturer of quality custom-designed furniture. Project management, fit out works and occupancy-related services for hotels, financial institutions and major corporations.
CEFLA Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Buying Agents, Product Sourcing, Manufacturers Agents, Manufacturing Representatives, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Parquet Laminate Hardwood, Hotel furnishings, Boat furnishings, Solar Panels, Electronics & appliances Automotive products, Aerospace products,  Architectural products, Window shutters & blinds Foils & Edgebanding Injection molded parts PVC extrusions, Printing Finishing Drying & Impregnation Chemicals
Chang Huat Plastic Goods Supplier Singapore Suppliers of Aluminum Foil, Disposable Paper Cups, Disposable Paper Tableware, Foil Products, Metal Foil, Paper Plates, Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Chelinco Pte Ltd Singapore Rattan Furniture Manufacturer, Trading Company, Suppliers of Rattan Furniture, Cane Furniture, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Tables, Chairs, Tables, Synthetic Cane Furniture, Aluminum Furniture, Cafe Furniture, Outdoor Furniture. Our quality products can be found in renowned establishment like the Shangri-La Hotel, Raffles Hotel, The Sheraton Hotel, Traders Hotel, Tanah Merah Country Club and many others in Singapore and abroad.
Chem-Dry Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning. Over 5000 franchises in more that 50 countries Chem-Dry is the largest and fastest growing carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise system in the world
Chemasia Marketing Singapore company specializing in complete range of StoneCare products and services, cleaning & maintenance chemicals and washroom hygiene systems. Marble floor polishing, diamond cutting, Granite polishing, Homogeneous tile stain cleaning, Parquet grinding, sanding, varnishing, Stains removal on stones
Chemforce Pte Ltd Singapore manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning products to professional cleaners in Singapore. Cleaning Chemicals, Dishwasher Detergent, Heavy Duty Degreaser, Oven Cleaners Currently, our products are not only used in Singapore but also exported to Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia
Chia Chia Catering Services Singapore Caterers, Catering Services, Caterers Equipment, Catering Supplies, Tingkat Lunch/Dinner, Tea Receptions, Mini Buffet, Corporate Events, Co Lunch Box, Hostel Meal, Church Wedding, House Warming, Baby Full Month, Funeral, Steamboat, Barbecue, Home Delivery, Seminars, Birthday, Champagne Fountains.
Chin Giap Soon Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Products Trading Company Suppliers of Paper Bags, Disposable Paper Cups, Paper Cores, Paper Plates, Paper Labels, Paper Towels, Paper Wipes, Disposable Paper Tableware, Paper Cores, Paper Plates, Paper Products, Paper Tags, Paper Towels, Paper Wipes
Chu Cheong Co Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Traders of industrial sewing machines & spare parts, bicycle & Car Parts, Auto Supplies, Automobile Parts, Industrial Sewing Machines, Garment Equipments, Uniform, Shoes, Rubber, Industrial Sewing Machines, Garment Equipments, Steam Boilers, Irons, Finishing Boards, Uniforms, Linens, Towels, Hotel Supplies, Air conditioners
Chuan Heng Building Products Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Building Materials, Construction Materials, Bathroom Fittings, Accessories, Bathroom Doors, Bathroom Doors, Bathroom Fittings, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Sinks, Bathrooms, Baths, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Dispensing Systems, Domestic Appliances, Domestic Refrigerators, Domestic Stoves
Chuan Hoe Huat Trading Company Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Household Products, Brooms, Household Cleaning Products, Janitorial Cleaning Supplies
Chuang Chung Wen Pte Ltd Singapore Bedding Company Suppliers of Bedding, Textiles, Home Furnishings. A leading bed linen company in Singapore, offering a wide variety of bed linen and bedding accessories with quality and style at accessible price.
D'Lux (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Cleaning Company Janitorial Services, Janitors Supplies, Housekeeping, Cleaning Services. Suppliers of Carpet Cleaning Services, Carpet Cleaning Contractors, Carpet Services, Ceiling Cleaning, Cleaning Equipment, Furniture Cleaning Products, Furniture Services, Leather Goods Repair
Fabristeel Private Limited Singapore Company Suppliers of Fire Protection Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Supplies, Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Fabrication, Burger Chutes, Drawer Warmers, Fries Stations, Heated Counter Warmers, Holding Cabinets, Preparation Tables, Beverage Stations, Breading Tables, Chest Freezers, Make Tables, Marinators, Pack Tables, Proofers, Retarders, Sandwich Stations, Meal Delivery Systems, Integrated Systems, Line Systems
G-Chem Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Company Suppliers of Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Equipment, Floor Cleaning Chemical Products, Floor Cleaning Contractors, Floor Cleaning Machines, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Hand Cleaning Products, Insecticide Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals
H Concept Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Hotel Equipment, Banquet Furniture, Furniture Dealers, Home Furnishings, Room Service Equipment, Housekeeping Equipment, Soft Furnishing, Rooms Renovation, Table Linen
Singapore Hotel Supplies Companies Directory A-Z

Abell International Pte Ltd
Ace(S) Management Pte. Ltd.
Actex Marketing Service Company
Actex Shanghai Textile Corporation Pte Ltd
Advance Hotel Wares Pte Ltd
Advanced Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd
Advant Procurement Pte Ltd

Albans Associates Pte Ltd
Allied Catering Equipment Company
Armix Marketing Pte Ltd
Asarco Pacific Pte Ltd
Asbel Marketing Services Company
Astrabon (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Australian Fruit Juice (S) Pte Ltd
Singapore Hotel Supplies
Acrylic Key Fobs, After Shaves, Air Purifiers, Aluminium Chairs, Am/Fm Clock Radios, Aromatherapy Packets, Ash Trays, Automatic Voltage Switchers

Baggage Carts, Baggage Trolleys, Bamboo Beds, Bamboo Benches, Bamboo Chairs, Bamboo Chests, Bamboo Furniture Sets, Bamboo Loungers, Bamboo Rockers, Bamboo Sofas, Bamboo ables, Banquet Carts, Banquet Chairs, Banquet Furniture, Banquet Tables, Banquet Trolleys, Banqueting Equipment, Bar Soap, Bar Stools, Bath Gels, Bath Towels, Bathrobes, Bathroom Chemicals, Bathroom Fittings, Bed Covers, Bed Linen, Bed Spreads, Bedding Sets, Bedlinen, Beverage Packaging Materials, Bill Presenters, Blankets, Body Lotions, Body Wash, Bottles Of Shampoo, Brushes, Buffet Equipment, Buffet Tables

Caller Id Telephones, Card Energy Saving Switches, Ceiling Air Conditioners, Ceiling Speakers, Ceiling Spotlights, Ceramic Mugs, Champagne Coolers, Chinaware, Cleaning Supplies, Clock Radios, Clothes Racks Racks, Coasters, Coat Hangers, Coffee Filters, Coffee Makers, Coffeemakers, Combs, Commercial Coffee Urns, Commercial Coffeemakers, Commercial Insecticide, Commercial Laundry Products, Commercial Linen Cart, Commercial Steam Vac, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Concealed Duct Air Conditioner, Conditioner, Conditioning Shampoo Packets, Conference Mats, Conference Place Cards, Convection Ovens, Corded Phone, Cots, Cotton Buds, Cotton Mattress Pad, Crockery, Crystalware, Curtains, Custom Bedspreads, Custom Drapes

Dental Floss, Denture Cleanser, Deodorants, Deodorizes, Dinner Service arts, Dish Cloths, Dish Detergents, Dish Liquid, Dish Towels, Dishwasher Detergent, Disinfectant Supplies, Disinfects, Disposable Gloves, Disposable Pillows, Disposable Polyethelene Gloves, Disposable Slippers, Disposable Washcloths, Door Closers, Draw String Laundry Bags, Duvet Covers

Electric Candle Lamps, Electronic Laptop Safes, Electronic Safes, Energy-Saving Bulbs, Energy-Saving Lamps

Face Towels, Feather Chamber Pillows, Feather Pillows, Feminine Care Products, Fine Table Porcelain, Fire Retardant Waste Baskets, First Aid Kits, Fitness Equipment, Fitted Sheets, Flatware, Fluorescent Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes, Foldable Tables, Folding Wooden High Chairs, Food Trolleys

Garbage Cans, Garden Furniture, Garden Umbrellas, Gift Shop Items, Glass Cleaner Supplies, Glassware, Glycerine Soap, Guest Registration Cards, Guest Registration Forms, Guest Room Service Carts, Guest Toiletries

Hairdryers, Halogen Bulbs, Hand And Body Lotion Packets, Hand Sanitizers Hand Towels, Heavy Duty Blankets, Heavy Weight Trash Bags, Hi-Chairs, Hollowware, Hospital Style Draw Sheets, Hospitality Linen, Hotel Bathrobes, Hotel Bedding, Hotel Card Key System, Hotel Decorations, Hotel Flat Sheets, Hotel Furniture, Hotel Kettles, Hotel Locks, Hotel Phones, Hotel Reception Bells, Hotel Safes With Electronic Lock, Hotel Slippers, Hotel Speakerphone, Hotel Stationery, Hotel Supply Products, Hotel Uniforms, Housekeeping Carts, Housekeeping Supplies

Ice Buckets, Ice Crushers, Ice Shavers, Indoor Carpeting, Ionizers, Ironing Boards, Irons

Janitorial Chemicals Degreasers, Janitorial Cleansers, Janitorial Scouring Soap Pads, Janitorial Supplies

Key Tags, Keyless Entry Locks, Kimonos, Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Utensils, Kitchenware

Laundering Detergent, Laundry Bags, Laundry Carts, Laundry Detergent, Leather Leisure Chairs, Led Ceiling Spotligts, Led Nightlights, Leisure Chairs, Lens Cleaners, Liquid Soap, Lounge Chair Covers, Luggage Racks

Maids Carts, Maintenance Utility Carts, Make-Up Removers, Mattress Covers, Mattress Pads, Mattress Protectors, Mattresses, Men's Indoor Slippers, Menu Covers, Menus,
Metal Hangers, Metal Luggage Racks, Mildew Remover, Mini Refrigerators, Mop Buckets, Mopping Buckets, Motel Shampoo, Mouthwash

Nail Files, Napkins, Newspaper Racks, Non-Slip Mats

Outdoor Carpeting, Oven Mitts, Ozonizers

Padded Hangers, Paper Towel Holders, Perfume Bottles, Phone Cleaner, Pillow Cases, Pillowcases, Pillows, Place Mats, Plastic Hangers, Polished Brass Tags, Polyester Bedspreads, Polyester Draperies, Polyester Mattress Pad, Pool Towels, Porcelain, Porcelain & Bone China, Portable Mirror, Pot Holders, Pp Food Containers, Pp Microwavable Lunch Box, Ps Disposable Plates

Rack & Shelving Brackets, Raffia Party Parasols, Rattan Beds, Rattan Benches, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Chests, Rattan Furniture, Rattan Furniture Sets, Rattan Loungers, Rattan Rockers, Rattan Sofas, Rattan Tables, Razors, Refrigeration Equipment, Replacement Cot, Replacement Disposable Cloths, Restaurant Reservation Diary, Re-Stocking Service Carts, Rim Locks, Rollaway Beds, Room Reservation Diary, Room-Service Cart, Rotisserie Ovens, Round Hotel Soaps, Rustic Floor Tiles

Sanitary Towel Disposal Bags, Satin Hangers, Security Safe, Service Trolleys, Sewing Kits, Shaving Cream, Sheets, Shoe Sponges, Shower Caps, Shower Curtains, Shower Foam, Shower Gel, Showers Sets & Curtains, Sisal Carpet, Smoke Detectors, Soap Dishes, Soap Scum Remover, Sofas, Spot And Stain Remover, Stacking Banquet Chair, Stainless Steel Kitchenware, Standard Bath Towels, Steel Chairs, Storage Caddies, Suitcase Stands, Survival Tool Kit

Table Linen, Table Numbers, Tablecloths, Tableware, Tea Tables, Teak Beds, Teak Benches, Teak Chairs, Teak Chests, Teak Furniture, Teak Furniture Sets, Teak Loungers, Teak Rockers, Teak Sofas, Teak Tables, Telephone Pbx Systems, Terry Slippers, Three Pieces Table Set, Toasters, Toiletry Articles, Toiletry Sets, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Tote Bags, Towelettes, Toweling, Towels, Trash Bags, Travel Sized Shampoo, Trays

Unbreakable Ice Bucket, Upholstered Dining Chair, Upright Commercial Vacuums, Utility Carts

Valances, Velour Towel-Blanket, Vinyl Bath Mats, Visitors Books

Wall Switches, Wall-Mounted Tv Bracket, Waste Paper Baskets, Waterless Shampoo, Welcome Folders, Wet Towel Machine, White Towel Set, Wholesale Hotel Linens, Wholesale Hotel Supplies, Wholesale Motel Supplies, Wicker Baskets, Wine Coolers, Wine Glass Racks, Women's Indoor Slippers, Wood Luggage Rack, Wooden Hangers, Wooden Key Fobs, Wooden Stool With Silk Cover, Wrapped Soap, Wrapped Styro Cups, Wrapped Tumblers, Wringer Combo Bucket, Zinc Alloy Ice Crusher


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. Close to the beach, four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV, private swimming pool, free car rental


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Agel Nutritional Supplements

Exciting opportunity with agel nutritional products in Singapore. Team leaders needed now for worldwide network marketing and distribution of unique gel health products and natural cosmetics

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