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Singapore Ceramics Companies List

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Singapore Ceramics Companies List
Singapore ceramics are known worldwide for high quality and exotic designs. At the low end of the market ceramics and pottery items like tableware, spa burners and flower pot sand plant pots are known for their cheap price and exported by the container load on a daily basis. Singapore is a wonderful place to source fine ceramics and industrial ceramic products. Of course Chines ceramics, ceramic statues and ceramic vases dominate the market but the cultural diversity in Singapore means that the buyer has an enourmous range of styles to choose from.

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Featured Singapore Ceramics Companies List
Adremat Pte Ltd Singapore Giftware Manufacturer and Exporter of Photo Frames, Metal Vases, Candles with Ceramic Holders, Clocks, Kitchen Appliances, Plant & Animal Oils
Aky Marketing Singapore Printing Company, Printers, Ceramics Printing, Glass, Printing, Metal Printing, Plastic Printing. Printers of Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Plastic
Ansari & Associates Singapore international export company specialized in Home and Hotel furniture, Furnishings. Suppliers of: Hotel Furniture, Home Furniture, Wooden Doors, frames, LCD TV, DVD Players, Porcelain, Ceramics (table wares), PVC windows and doors, Laundry Systems and Mini Bars
Appropriate Holdings Pte Ltd Singapore Management Consultants, Green Environment Technology, Ceramics Engineering. We are a privately held Management Consultancy and Investment Holding company specialising in very niche Research and Development in the area of Ceramics Technology as well as Green Environment Technology.     
Asia Ancient Singapore Antiques Company Suppliers of Antiques, Stone Statues, Ceramics, Antiques, Sandstone Statues, Antique Ceramics
Asia Dynasty Pte Ltd Singapore Ceramic Tile Company Suppliers of Ceramic Tiles, Crystal Glass, Marble Tiles. A Singapore Company. We are a trustworthy, prominent supplier and manufacturer of a wide and varied range of good quality decorative tiles in Crystal Glass, Ceramic and marble. In the last two years we have also developed our own marble products.
Builders Shop Singapore Building Materials Company Suppliers of Flooring, Building Supplies, Granite Tiles, Marble Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Tiles. Building Supplies Importers, Building Supplies Retailers, Building Supplies Distributors, Building Supplies Suppliers
Ceramic House Singapore Pottery Studio, Singapore Pottery Courses, Pottery courses from Basic to Advance level
Ceramics Gallery Pte Ltd Singapore Tiles Distributor, Tiles Wholesalers,  Suppliers of Ceramic Tiles, Wall Tiles, Quartz Tiles, Building Materials, Construction Materials
China Union Co Pte Ltd Singapore Retailers, Wholesalers of crockery, kitchenware, porcelain ware
Singapore Ceramics Companies Directory A-Z
A New Stone Pte Ltd
Aaron Dentalcare@Holland V
Abrasive Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Adrian Babe Online
Aky Marketing Company
Amazstone Pte Ltd
An Huat Trading (Pte) Ltd
Ang Lee Seng (Pte ) Ltd
Ansari & Associates

Appropriate Holdings Pte Ltd
Arch Chemicals Singapore Pte Ltd
Art N I
Art Zone Pte Ltd
Asia Ancient
Asia Dynasty Pte Ltd
Asian Pottery Mfrs Sdn Bhd
Automated Controls & Machinery Pte Ltd

Bhan Impex Pte Ltd
Boon's Pottery
Build Plus Pte Ltd
Builders Shop Pte Ltd
Caltiles Pte Ltd
Ceramic House
Ceramica 28 Contracts & Services Pte Ltd
Ceratronics Pte Ltd
Chia Nyook Chin
China Pottery (S) Pte Ltd
E & E Building Contractor
Focus Ceramic Services Company
Graniti 28
Guocera Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd
H Rogers (CM) Pte Ltd
Hai Chuan Pottery Co
Heng Giap Tiling Pte Ltd
Heritage Ceramics Pte Ltd
House To House Trading Pte Ltd
Hwa Tat Porcelain General Store
IBP Ceramics Pte Ltd
Imperial Porcelain Pte Ltd
Joon Hwa & Co
Kent Ridge Trading International
Khoon Kee Bro Company
Kian Wah Hung Pte Ltd
Kim Guan Kee Pte Ltd
King Hall Trading Company
KLH Impex International Company
Leefon 2000 Pte Ltd
Lian Seng Hin Trading Co Pte Ltd
Mab Creative Design & Services Company
Masterarts Pte Ltd
MML Marketing Pte Ltd
Monsun Enterprise
Mosoto Pottery & Glassware Company
Multibuild Pte Ltd
N K Ceramic Pte Ltd
N K Company
Nam Tat Pte Ltd
Ng Yong Lee Trading Company
Omnigeo Pte Ltd
Ong Bros Tiling & Construction Pte Ltd
Pertaco (S) Pte Ltd
Polybuilding (S) Pte Ltd
Polytiles Trading Pte Ltd
Pottery Jungle
Pottery-Mart (S) Pte Ltd
Prema-Asia Marketing Pte Ltd
Rich Source Marketing Pte Ltd
Ricosima Ceramic Pte Ltd
Sam Mui Kuang Pottery Company
SDM Tiles Pte Ltd
Seng Bee General Construction Company
Sinmac Tiles Pte Ltd
Siri Singapore Pte Ltd
Skilfull Tiling Contractor
Soon Bee Huat Trading Pte Ltd
Soon Thye Cheang (Pte) Ltd
Southern Pottery Pte Ltd
Spec Building Products Pte Ltd
Starlight Building Materials Pte Ltd
Tan Chye Hong Trading Company
Tan Eng Khoon
Tan Lee Khong
Tecmar Supplies Pte Ltd
White Horse Ceramic (S) Pte Ltd
Zeemus Specialist Company
Singapore Ceramics Products
Antique Pottery, Antiques, Aromatic Terracotta Burners, Art Pottery, Artificial Birds, Artificial Clay Flowers, Artificial Flowers, Ashtrays, Bahmi Bowls, Bakeware, Barbeque Plates, Basket Motifs, Bath Accessories, Bath Sets, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Ceramic Tiles, Bathtubs & Shower Trays, Bead Trimmings, Beer Mugs, Beer Steins, Benjarong Pottery, Beverage Jugs, Bird Feeders, Bisque Ceramics, Bon Bon Handle Dishes, Bone China, Bonzi Pots, Bowls, Boxes, Bread Plates, Building Ceramics, Candle Holders, Canisters, Casseroles, Celadon, Ceramic Art, Ceramic Bathroom Tiles, Ceramic Beads, Ceramic Bearing, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Buzzers, Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Casual Tableware, Ceramic Christmas Trees, Ceramic Components, Ceramic Composite, Ceramic Containers, Ceramic Crafts, Ceramic Decals, Ceramic Decorating Materials, Ceramic Dinnerware, Ceramic Discriminators, Ceramic Export Products, Ceramic Fibers, Ceramic Figures, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Flat Hair Irons, Ceramic Flat Irons, Ceramic Floor Tiles, Ceramic Flooring, Ceramic Flower Pots, Ceramic Furnaces, Ceramic Gift Items, Ceramic Giftwares, Ceramic Hair Irons, Ceramic
Hair Straighteners, Ceramic Handicrafts, Ceramic Handles, Ceramic Heaters, Ceramic HotelSupplies, Ceramic Irons, Ceramic Jewelry, Ceramic Kilns, Ceramic Kitchen Tiles, Ceramic Kitchenware, Ceramic Magnets, Ceramic Marionettes, Ceramic Materials, Ceramic Miniatures, Ceramic Molds, Ceramic Mosaic Murals , Ceramic Mosaic Tiles, Ceramic Mugs, Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors, Ceramic Picture Frames, Ceramic Piggy Banks, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Porcelain, Ceramic Pots, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Puppets, Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Sculptures, Ceramic Stains, Ceramic Supply, Ceramic Table Accessories, Ceramic Table Lamps, Ceramic Tableware, Ceramic Teapots, Ceramic Tile Countertops, Ceramic Tile Distributors, Ceramic Tile Flooring, Ceramic Tile Floors, Ceramic Tile Manufacturers, Ceramic Tile Murals, Ceramic Tile Saws, Ceramic Tile Showers, Ceramic Tile Tools, Ceramic Vases, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Ceramic Ware Pottery, Ceramic Watch Bands, Ceramic Water Filters, Ceramics For Toilets, Ceramics Wares, Cheese Plates, China Pottery, Chinaware, Chip And Dip Bowls, Chopstick Stands, Clay-Tile Manufacturers, Coasters, Coffee Cups, Coffee Mugs, Coffee Pots, Colors Glazes, Condiment Container Sets, Condiment Dishes, Cookie Jars, Cookie Trays, Cotton Jars, Cream Pitchers, Cup & Saucer Sets, Cups, Decorated Tableware, Decorative Ceramic Tiles, Dinner Plates, Dinnerware, Dishes, Divided Dish, Doll-Porcelain, Dolls, Dolomite Candle Pots, Dolomite-Clay, Earthen Ware, Earthenware, Egg Cups, Embossed Bowls, Figurines, Fish Platters, Flatware, Floor Tiles, Flower Baskets, Flower Pots, Fountains, Fruit Baskets, Fuses, Garden Accessories, Garden Accessory, Garden Pottery, Gardenware, Garment Bead Materials, Gift Items, Giftware, Glazed Tiles, Gravy Bowls, Guest Cups, Hand Painted Ceramics, Hand Painted Stone Ware, Handpainted Ceramics, Heart Box, Heart Ornament, Heart Shape Box, Holloware, Home Decorative Pottery, Ice Cream Bowls, Jam Sets, Japanese Sets, Jar Containers, Jewelry Beads, Jewelry Boxes, Kitchenware, Lamps, Lotion Bottles, Lotus Bowls, Magnet Tiles, Meat Platters, Miang Trays, Miniature-Ceramic Pictures, Mixing Bowls, Mosaic Tiles, Mugs, Natural Terra Cotta, Oil Bunner & Incense, Olive Dish, Openwork Bread Baskets, Openwork Dish, Openwork Hanging Plates, Openwork Plates, Openwork Scrolled Bon Bon, Ornamental Ceramic Articles, Ornaments, Oval Baskets, Oval Cotton Jars, Oval Dish, Oval Glass Box, Oval Plates, Oval Trays, Over Compartment Trays, Oyster Plates, Painting Ceramic Tiles, Palm Plates, Peanut Dish, Photo Frames, Picture Frame, Piezoelectric Ceramics, Pillbox Square, Pistachio Dish, Pitchers, Planters, Plaque, Plastercraft, Platters, Porcelain Dolls, Porcelain Enamelled Cookware, Porcelain Insulators, Porcelain Kitchen Witch, Porcelain Products, Porcelain Tableware, Pot Dolls, Potpourri Box, Pottery, Pottery Benjarong, Pottery Ceramic, Pottery Pictures, Pottery Wheels, Punch Bowls, Punch Cups, Ramekins, Rectanglar Box, Religious Articles, Round Box, Round Coffee Sets, Round Glass Box, Round Mint Box, Round Pomanders, Salad Plates, Sand Stone Candle Holders, Sand Stone Gardenware, Sanitary Ware, Sanitaryware Products, Sauce Bowls, Saucers, Self Watering Pots, Shell Mosaic Tiles, Sherry Cups, Soap Dish, Soup Bowls, Soup Dish, Soya Bottles, Spaghetti Keepers, Square Bon Bon, Square Plates, Statuettes, Stoneware Ceramics, Stoneware Pottery, Stoneware Products, Stoneware Sets, Storage Bottles, Sugar &
Creamer Sets, Sugar Bowls, Sugar Pots, Table Top Accessories, Tableware, Tagine Clay Cookers, Tagine Terra Cotta Cooking Vessels, Tea Pots, Terra Cotta Bath Sets, Terra Cotta Bird Feeders, Terra Cotta Bottles, Terra Cotta Bowls, Terra Cotta Box, Terra Cotta Candle Holders, Terra Cotta Coasters, Terra Cotta Cups, Terra Cotta Dishes, Terra Cotta Flower Pots, Terra Cotta Fountains, Terra Cotta Fruit Bowls, Terra Cotta Gardenware, Terra Cotta Kitchenware, Terra Cotta Mugs, Terra Cotta Pots, Terra Cotta Tableware, Terra Cotta Warmer Pots, Terra Cotta Wine Coolers, Terracotta Candle Pots, Tiles, Toast Racks, Tooth Brush Holders, Toothpick Holders, Trinket Boxes, Tumblers, Two-Tone Bakeware, Vases, Vitreous China Sanitary Ware, Wall Tiles, Warmer Pots, Water Goblets, Water Pitchers, Watering Pints, Whiteware, Wholesale Ceramics, Wine Bottles

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