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Singapore Antiques Companies List

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Singapore Antiques Companies List
Chinese antiques dominate the Singapore antique shops and antique markets. There are however many fine pieces to be found that originate in other neighbouring South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. Not surprisingly there are also many colonial era antiques from Europe especially from France and England. Be aware that exporting antiques from Singapore is strictly regulated so be careful with the paperwork, authentification certificates and government hurdles that must be jumped through before you can get your antiques home.

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Featured Singapore Antiques Companies List
Arina Carpets & Crafts Arina are manufacturers, wholesalers and expoters and located in Singapore, heart of Asia. Stock a collection of extraordinary unique fine Carpets & Rugs, Walnut Wood Carved Furniture, Pashmina Shawls & Stools
Meng Antique Meng antique trade in reproduction antique furnitures and artifacts. Specializations include repairing, revarnishing of antique blackwood furniture, antique rosewood furniture, antique teakwood furniture, artifacts and upholstery services for leather made furniture
Ancient Antique Furniture Singapore Antiques, Antique Furniture, Antiques Dealers
Asia Ancient Singapore Antiques Company Suppliers of Antiques, Stone Statues, Ceramics, Antiques, Sandstone Statues, Antique Ceramics
Benaka Art Conservation Singapore Art Conservationists, Picture Frames, Art Storage Boxes. Singapore-based specialist in conservation & restoration of works of art on paper, & paintings; offers preventive conservation, survey & documentation of art collections, training programmes, acid-free frames & storage boxes
Bodhi Art Pte Ltd Singapore Art Gallery, Art Dealers, Antiques Dealers. Singapore Promoters of contemporary fine arts with galleries in Singapore and India
Chan Pui Kee & Co Singapore Blackwood furniture specialist, dealer & restorer Antiques, Sculptures, Art Shops
Christie's International Singapore Singapore Auctioneers, Singapore Art Auction Services, Singapore Asset Appraisers, Singapore Valuers
Singapore Antiques Companies Directory A-Z

Acacia Tree (S) Pte Ltd
Aesthetic Gallery
Akemi Gallery Pte Ltd
Alfred Koo Gallery
Ancient Antique Furniture Company
Ancient Craft
Ancient Link
Annals Antique
Antique Antiques Company
Antique Carpet Corner
Antiques Of The Orient Pte Ltd
Apexx Marketing Company
Apsara Antiques
Array Fine Arts & Crafts
Art Trend Gallery
Arts Centre
Arts Collector Gallery Pte Ltd
Asia Ancient
Asian-Artifacts Company
At Room
Axcel Maids Agency
Beauty Antique
Bloomington Marketing Pte Ltd
C K Collection
C K Tan Gallery
Campo Design Pte Ltd
Cathay Antique & Arts
Cereus Enterprise
Chan Ngee (Lee Kee) Trading Company
Chan Pui Kee Chop
Changi Junk Store
Changi Village Antiques
Chen Liying
Chen's Collections Pte. Ltd
Cheong Kee & Company Antique Shop
China Antique City
China Art & Craft
China Jia Long Trading Company
Chinese Heritage The
Chitta Chora International
Cho Lon
Chop Lee Seng
Chunky Monkey
Clay Corner@Forum Private Ltd
Cony Art Pte Ltd
Corporate I Pte Ltd
Country Colleczions
Craft Villa
Creative Art Corner
Crystalline Coins & Curios Gallery
D'art Station
D'Gifts Attic
David Antiques
Davin Link
Dhammatinnaram 7 Days Buddha
Dinosaur Trading
Dragon Court Antiques Company
Dragon House Pte Ltd
E&E Chinaware Pte Ltd
East Zone Frame & Art Gallery
Eastern Discoveries Antiques Pte Ltd
Eclectic Attic Pte Ltd
Elliott's Antiques
Emperor Antique House
Este'h Studio
Ethnic Homes
Evolog Enterprise Company
Evolution 169 Pte Ltd
Faizura Trading
Fatema bte Kutibhai
Faxolif Marketing Pte Ltd
Fortunate Antiques & Collectibles
Fountain Souvenirs & Gifts
Full House International Trading Pte Ltd
Fun Max
Galerie Cho Lon Pte Ltd
Gift Concepts
Giftworks Marketing Services
Goh Swar Teck
Grand Orchid Pte. Ltd.
Grandfather's Collections
Greca Trading
Guan Antique
Guan Xiaomei
GZI Gallery
Han Kwang Antique & Porcelain Gallery
Hans Treasures
Harvest Straits Pte Ltd
Heirloom Gallery
Hiap Huat Bottles Trading Company
Hidden Treasures
Ho Art Antiques Bronze Ware & Handicraft
Hobby Time
Home Of 100 Happiness
Hongkong Craft
House Of Condom Pte Ltd
House Of Huanghuali
Hu Yi Xuan
Hua Feng Crystal Pte. Ltd.
Hua Zhi Antiques & Handicrafts
Huang Xiu Hong
Huchet Patrick
Hui Yi Collection
Humming House Corporate Express Pte Ltd
Jade Antique House
Jane's Art & Craft
Ji Xian Ru Yi
Jing Ling Palace
Jiu Din Geomancy Pte Ltd.
Jjane Mood Studio Pte Ltd
Jo's Craft
Johen Antique House
Ju Hui Trading Company
Katong Antique House
Kensoon Asiatic Art Pte Ltd
Khai Artistic

Khalid Trading Company
Kim Leong Landmark Jade & Antiques
Kim Long Seng Antiques
Kim Thye Lee Trading Company
Kumra & Company Pte Ltd
Lavender Gifts & Hampers Pte. Ltd.
Lee Tien Lye
Leow Antique Watch & Jewellery Company
Li Bai Arts & Antiques Pte Ltd
Lieh Hsin Hang Trading Company
Linda Gallery Pte Ltd
Ling Antique House
Loong Art Gallery
Lopburi Arts & Antiques
Love & Cherish
Lu Ee Ge Antique House
Luban Zhuang Pte Ltd
Magnum 3 Metal Arts
Mandalay Art & Decor
Mango Wood Crafts
Masterpiece Fine Arts & Antiques Pte Ltd
Mata-Hari Antiques
Mayor Handiwares
Mi-O Giftshop
Miaw Yew Gallery
Michael Sentosa Gift Paradise
Ming Poh Lodge
Mingboy Importers & Exporters
Monkey & Monkey
Montreal Arts Traders
Mystic 8 Trading
Naga Arts & Antique
Nature Fantasy Pte Ltd
New Age Feng Shui & Gems
Ng's Collections
Odds 'N' Collectables
Olde Shanghai Antiques
One Price Store
Oriental Antique House
Oriental Treasures
Out Of The East Pte Ltd
P F Chan Enterprise
Past Times
Patch Magic
Phra Dee Centre
Planter's House
Poh Bros Junks Dealer
Polar Arts Of Asia (Pte) Ltd
Rattana Antiques Collection Pte Ltd
Red House Carved Furniture Company
Renaissance Antique Gallery Pte Ltd
Renee Hoy Galleries
Retrospective Antiques & Toys
Rong Xin Zhai Pte Ltd
Ruby Plaza Premium Gifts Centre
Rumah Bebe Pte Ltd
Saint Francis Enterprise Pte Ltd
Seasons Art
Sheila's Gallery
Shing's Antique Gallery
Shining Painting Art N Craft Customer Dob
Siah's Old-Safe Service
Silk Walk Pte Ltd
Sin Poh Court Trading
Singapore Souvenirs (Pte) Ltd
Sisters' Dream
Skybaba Creations
Snow Lion Gallery
Spiritual Antique Land
Straits Antiques & Collectibles
Sultan Ahmet
Suntory Gifts Gallery
Supermix Paper Pte Ltd
Surpassing Crafts Pte Ltd
T'ang Horse Pte Ltd
Tabletop Creation's
Tan Ah Han Company
Terracotta Antique
The Antique Room
The Chinese Decorative Art Studio
The Classicshop
The Great China Collector
The Heavenly One Antiques & Artifacts
The Heritage Shop
The John Erdos Gallery
The Peach Tree Pte Ltd
The Red Peach
The Silk Route Antique Gallery Pte Ltd
The Tango Mango Giftshop
The Tiara Gallery
Thow Kwang Industry (Pte) Ltd
Thow's Gallery Pte Ltd
Thunder Trading
Thye Nam & Company
Tibetan Artifacts
Ting Guang Tang Antique Company
Toh Foong Chop
Tong Gallery
Tong Mern Sern Antiques Arts & Crafts
Tzen Gallery
Unique Place
Valcraft International Pte Ltd
Valley Religious Artifacts
View Point Trading & Collectibles
Watten Cane Furniture Company
Wenzhen Trading
William Ng Collections
Window To The Past Pte Ltd
Woody Antique House
Xin Yun Antique & Tea House
Yesterdays Antique & Curios
Yi Xuan Arts & Antiques Pte Ltd
Ying Kee Hong
Yu Yuan Handicrafts Company
Zan's Loft
Zed & Zee Living Concept Pte. Ltd.
Zhao Yuan Gallery
Zhong Hua Gu Wan Gong Yi Hang
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Singapore Antiques
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