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Singapore Lighting Companies List

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Singapore Lighting Companies List
is a great place to source lamps and lighting products such as: Automotive Lighting, Table Lamps, Concealed Lighting, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Laboratory Lighting, Bedroom Lighting. There are lighting products manufacturers in Singapore who can produce lamps and lights to your own designs and specifications. Or if you are looking for smaller quantities or single items like light fittings and chandeliers for the home then specialist lighting shops or the lighting section of department stores is the place to go.

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Featured Singapore Lighting Companies List
A-Power Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Company engaged in the design, installation, testing, and commissioning of electrical power, lighting, air conditioning, mechanical and heating ventilation, fire protection, plumbing and sanitary, telephone, and data networking systems. It provides its project management and maintenance management services to commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and condominiums.
Acronman Electronics Singapore Electronics Trading Company, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Components Trading Company. Specializing in buying and selling excess electronic components, electronic parts, test equipment, consumer electronics products, electronic kit sets, Led Lightings, Electronic Components, Electronic Dictionary, Rf Modules, Rf Components, Obsolete Electronic Components, Computer Notebook Fans.
Advance Synergy Pte Ltd Singapore Electrical Equipment Company Suppliers of Video Equipment, Automation Systems, Lighting, TV System Equipment, Closed Circuits, Architectural Stainless Steel, Sound Systems Audio Equipment
Aifa (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Furnishings Company Suppliers of Lighting, Lamps, Electrical Appliances, Curtains, Home Furnishings
Akira Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Appliances Manufacturers, Electric Appliances Wholesalers. Color TV,DVD/DVR/VCP/VCR, Air-Conditioners, Small Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Plasma TV's,  LCD TV's, Projection TV, Audio Hi-Fi Products, Lightings, Toys, Communications Equipment, Recording Media, Digital Imaging, Massage Chairs, Water -based Vacuum Cleaners, Car Audio Systems
Allmaster Enterprise Singapore Lighting Company Suppliers of Lighting Poles, Queuing Equipment & Systems, Signcraft Installation
Almanach Lamps & Luminaires Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Company Suppliers of Lamps, Lighting, photo lighting applications. Almanach Lamps & Luminaires Pte Ltd has a history counting back to more than fifteen years in the lighting industry.
American Flagpole Lighting Pole International Singapore Suppliers of Flag Poles, Signage, Banners, Lighting Poles
Amico Technology International Pte Ltd Singapore Sign making Company Suppliers of Signs, Lighting Poles, Flag Poles, Silkscreen Printing
ASP Engineering Singapore Suppliers of Energy Saving Lamps. T5 Converter is a retrofit conversion pack for both switch start and quick start luminaries. Almost all of the raw materials including mercury, glass and metal can be decomposed and 100% recycled. The doubling of service life means the tubes are replaced less frequently. All in all, T5 converter is the optimum eco-friendly solution.
Atco Control (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Fixtures Lighting Fixtures Manufacturers, Lighting Fixtures Wholesalers, Lighting Fixtures Distributors
Audio Light Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Equipment, Audio Equipment Company Suppliers of Lighting, Audio & Visual Equipment, Lighting System & Lighting Equipment
AVR Impex Singapore Trading Company, Importers, Exporters of Black Matpe Beans Mercury LED Lights, LED Lamps, Paraffin Wax, Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Cloves, Green Mung Beans
Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape Designers, Landscaping Contractors, Garden Landscapers, Suppliers of Air Purifiers, Aquarium, BBQ's, Camping Equipment, Chemicals, Christmas Trees, Christmas Lighting, Festive Lighting, Doctor Fish Spa Systems, Floral Gifts, Bouquets, Wreaths, Fresh Flowers, Garden Furniture, Gardening Tools, Home Care, Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers, Indoor & Outdoor Wood Treatment, Mesh, Mosquito Control, Plant Stands, Playgrounds, Pots & Planter Boxes, Rubber Tiles, Tools (Hardware), Slab & Pebbles, Soil & Compost, Solar Lighting, Water Features, Plants
Base Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Fixtures Company Suppliers of Lights, Lamps, Lighting Fixtures Parts
Beng Hui Marine Electrical Pte Ltd Singapore Marine Supplies Company, Electrical Supplies, Fire Prevention Equipment, Fire Alarms, Navigation Lights, Electrical Transformers
Bizlink Associates (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Company, Lighting Fixtures Wholesalers & Manufacturers Suppliers of Lamps, Lighting, Lighting Products. Involved in the supply, design, installation, & maintenance of interior & exterior lighting products by Modular, Hydrel, Schreder etc for offices, homes, hotels, & factories. Has presence in Indonesia, Malaysia
Centro Pro Sound & Lights Singapore Audio Equipment Company Suppliers of Audio Visual Equipment, Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Entertainment Equipment
Chalmit Lighting (Asia Pacific) Singapore supplier of premium quality LED, fluorescent and HID lighting products for use in hazardous area, industrial and marine environments. Lighting, Electrical Products, Fluorescent, Floodlights, Escape Route Lights, Bulkhead, Wellglass, Low Bay Lighting, Street Lighting
Chan Huat Electric Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Lighting and Lighting Accessories, Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Outdoor Lighting, Light Fixtures, Landscape Lighting, Outdoor lighting
Channel-Link Lighting Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Company Suppliers of Outdoor Lighting, Light Fixtures, Landscape Lighting, Lighting Fixtures, Recessed Lighting, Outdoor lighting, Cable Equipment, Cable Tools, Cable Ladder Support Systems, Cable Trays, Electrical Equipment, Floodlights, Fluorescent Light Fittings, High Bay Lighting, Incandescent Lighting
Chartered Asia Technology Enterprise Singapore Airfield Lighting Company Suppliers of Approach Centreline & Cross Bar Lights, Runway Threshold Lights, Runway Edge Lights, Runway Wing Bar Lights, Wireless Lamp Failure Monitoring and Control Systems, Taxiway Guidance Sign Systems
Chen Yi Industrial (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Company Suppliers of Energy Saving Lamps, CFL's, Fluorescent Lamps, Lighting Fixtures, Energy Saving Lights, Energy Saving Lighting Products
Chiap Seng Productions Pte Ltd Singapore Event Equipment Rental Company Suppliers of Multi-tiered seating gallery, Festive street light fittings, Lighting systems & equipments, Sound systems & equipments, Stage design & construction, Scaffolding systems, Tents & gazebos, Air-conditioning & related accessories, Generator rental service, Chairs & tables rental service, Modular float rental service
Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Construction Equipment Company Suppliers of Generators, Air Compressors, Construction Equipment, Lighting, Loaders, Rollers, Welding  Excavators, Fork Lifts, Aerial Platforms, Welding Equipment & Supplies, Welding Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Plant & Machinery, Generators - Renting. Provider of marine & Construction Equipment
Choong Ying Trading Singapore Electrical Equipment Company Suppliers of Ceiling Fans, Domestic Appliances, Domestic Water Heaters, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Plugs, Electrical Sockets, Fan Accessories, Fans, Lighting Accessories, Lighting Fixings
Chop Hock Hong Singapore Auto Parts Company Suppliers of Car Parts, Auto Supplies, Automobile Parts, Automotive Electrical Parts & Accessories like - Starter, Alternator and their spare parts for vehicles, marines and industrial engines; Off Engine Switch, Hydaulic Motor, Relay, Air Con Parts, Generator AVR; Bulbs, Working Lamps, Beacons
Chroma City Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Company Suppliers of LED lighting, LED tube, LED downlight, LED strip, LED bulbs. A company established in Singapore specialized in total LED lighting solution. We have a wide range of products such as LED tube, LED modules, LED bulbs, LED wallwasher, LED ground, LED downlights, LED PAR lights, LED color strips
Chung Ka Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore Wholesalers of Lighting & Electrical Goods, Lighting Fixtures, Lights, Lamps, Telecommunications Equipment, Telecoms Systems
Cicada Control Engineering Singapore Electrical Contractors, Electrical Services, Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Interior turnkey contracts to offices, factories and retail shops, False ceiling and Partition, Electrical wiring, lighting, telephone, computer points cabling, Aluminium window grilles, Window blinds, Carpark, Industrial Floor Painting, Protection coating, Preparation of drawings,
Cine Equipment Pte Ltd Singapore Motion Picture Equipment Company Suppliers of Lighting, Movie Cameras, Film Equipment, Camera Supports, Professional Film Equipment, Professional Digital Equipment, Lighting Grips, Lighting Equipment, Broadcast Equipment, Professional Lenses, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Lcd Monitors, Cranes, Dollies, Track & Jib Arms, Camera Rentals, Lighting Rentals, Grips Rentals, 3D Rigs
Cing Dien Electric Pte Ltd Singapore Lighting Company Suppliers of Fluorescent Lighting Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures, Fluorescent Lights, Fluorescent Lamps
D.Y Construction & Production Pte Ltd Singapore Events Promotion, Event Managers, Exhibition Organisers, Interior Decorating Services, Directory Display Boards, Display Designers, Display Producers, Display Suppliers, Display Systems, Event Decorating Services, Event Management, Flags, Furniture Design, Furnishing Services, Interior Design Consultancy, Interior Designers, Interior Planners, Lighting, Outdoor Advertising, Party Event Organizing, Party Planning, Party Supplies, Plastic Signs, Screen Printing Equipment Supplies, Sign Systems, Silk Screen Printing, Stages, Store Fitting Lighting, Wedding Services, Wedding Supplies, Wood Signs
E T Graphics Pte Ltd Singapore Graphic Design Agencies, Graphic Designers, Graphic Artists, Audio Visual Equipment, Computer Animation Services, Computer Products, Computer Systems, Computer Accessories, IT Consultants, Events Promotion, Event Managers, Exhibition Organisers, Conference Organisers, Lighting Fixtures, Stage Lights, Lamps
Eastgear Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Company Suppliers of GPS Navigation, GPS Accessories, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Camera Devices, Portable Storage, Solid State Disk Drives, Photography Accessories, Tripods, Studio Lights, Lens Caps, Iphone, Ipad
Faber Image Media Pte Ltd Singapore team of versatile audio engineers and lighting. From print material, to event graphics and media, right down to event souvenirs. Advertising Services, Marketing Services, Broadcasting Services, Film Production Services, Broadcasting Equipment, Film Production, Event Management, Interactive Media Design, Movie Theater Film Distribution, Multimedia Production, Seminar Equipment
Oakwell Engineering Ltd Singapore Offshore Supplies Trading Company Suppliers of Marine Equipment, Air Blowers, Marine & Offshore Cables, Compressor-Air, Compressor-Gas, Condition Monitoring Products, Electrical Heaters, Temperature Control Solutions, Filters, Fire Protection & Safety Equipment, Grout Seals and Diaphragms, Heat Recovering Equipment, Heat Tracing, HVAC, Identity Security Systems, Lighting, Marine Aids, Material Handling Equipment, Nitrogen Generators, Piping, Pumps, Slip Rings, Strainers, Touch Monitors, Vacuum Equipment, Valves, Vessels
Singapore Lighting Companies Directory A-Z

A F Lighting House
A Lighting Enterprise
A-Power Engineering Pte Ltd
Abraxas Designs Pte Ltd
Ace Armadillo Pte Ltd
Ace Global Ventures Pte Ltd
Acronman Electronics Company
Adlt Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Adroit Instrumentation Pte Ltd
Advance Synergy Pte Ltd
Advanced Electronic Products Pte Ltd
Advent Air Ltd
Aik Fah Trading Company
Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel Pte Ltd
Ajr Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Akira Singapore Pte Ltd
All Nippon Airways Company
Allmaster Enterprise
Almanach Lamps & Luminaires Pte Ltd
American Flagpole Lighting Pole International
Amico Technology International Pte Ltd
Amo Safety Equipment (Asia) Pte Ltd
Amptek Asia Pacific Components & Equipment Pte Ltd
Andre Dance
Ansell International Company
Anymotion Pte Ltd
Aquanautic Agencies Pte Ltd
Asia Financial Planning Journal
Asit Lighting & Electrical Company
ASP Engineering Company
Atco Control (S) Pte Ltd
Audio Light Asia Pte Ltd
AVR Impex Company
Beta Lighting Pte Ltd
Bizlink Associates (S) Pte Ltd
Blisspoint Lighting Pte Ltd
Boon Huat Electric Co
Bright House Lighting
Bright Lighting
C&P Lighting
Casa Nuovo Pte Ltd
Catalina Lighting Pte Ltd
Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd
Chan Huat Lighting House
Changi-Light Pte Ltd
Chelsea Lighting
Chinyen Enterprises
Chon Hoe Hup Enterprise
Choong Ying Pte Ltd
Citilights Llp
Comz Asia Pte Ltd
Correggio Lights & Interiors
Cream Homestore Pte Ltd
Crestar Enterprise
Crown Lighting House
Custom Licht International Pte Ltd
D'light Associates Pte Ltd
De Lite Shop
Design Broaden Pte Ltd
Design Light
Discovery Lights & Sound Pte Ltd
DIY Lighting Pte Ltd
DK Lighting
Dreams Lights
E Lite Illumination
Edison Lighting Co
Edison Lighting House
Emphasis Lightings
EN Lighting & Electrical
Etoile Lumiere Pte Ltd
Eurolux Agencies Pte Ltd
Export House (S) Pte Ltd
Export House Lightings (1978) Pte Ltd
Extreme Lighting
Family Lightings & Trading Enterprise
Flavin Lights Pte Ltd
Focus De Lightings
Four Seasons Lighting House
Fusion-Lighting Pte. Ltd.
Glamour House Lighting Pte Ltd
Golden Crystal Lighting House
Golden Lux Lighting & Electrical Traders
Golden Million Electrical Pte Ltd
Happy Buys

Home Of Lights Trading  
Hylite Deco
I-Deal Project Trading
Jin Rong Lightings Trading
Jurong Light Mall
Keng Wah Seng Trading Co
Kim Kwang Lighting Pte Ltd
Kim Tou Electric Co
Kingslight Pte Ltd
Kosen Lighting Pte. Ltd.
Lam Ching Shun
Lampe Asia (S) Pte Ltd
LCS Lighting & Electrical Service
Lee Thong Hung Electrical & Plumbing Co
Lida Electrical & Hardware Trading
Light Enhance Design
Light Hall Pte Ltd
Light Image Holdings Pte Ltd
Light Source Pte Ltd
Light+Form Concepts
Light-Pro Furnishings Pte Ltd
Lighting Design Co Pte Ltd
Lighting Dimensions Pte Ltd
Lighting Garden
Lighting Products Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
Lighting Technologies Pte Ltd
Lights Arcade & Trading
Lights Creative Pte Ltd
Lights N Lights Pte Ltd
Lights Room
Lights Zone Enterprise
Lightz D Shop Pte. Ltd.
Lite Vault
Loyang Point Lighting
Lumitron Pte Ltd
Lytemode Pte Ltd
Marsiling Lighting House
Mat-Link Pte Ltd
Maxspeed Electrical & Lighting Product
Metway Lighting
Million Lighting Co Pte Ltd
My Lighting House & Services
Noble Lighting House Pte Ltd
Nova Lightings Pte Ltd
One Stop Lighting Shop
Pacific Glass & Light Pte Ltd
Palace Of Lights & Furnishing
Pan Tech Light Trading Enterprise
Premier Lighting Centre
Prima Lighting Centre
Project Image Pte Ltd
Rad Son Lighting
Relex Electric (F E) Pte Ltd
Restar & Trading
Richard's Lighting (S) Pte Ltd
Shen Light Trading Centre
Shroffs Sdn Bhd
Sia Say Chuan
Sielitec Pte. Ltd.
Silver Lighting House
Simply Lights Pte Ltd
Sims Lighting Centre
Sin Hai San Enterprise
Singapore Lighting Mart Pte Ltd
SL Pro Trading
Specs Lighting
Strass Lighting
Strongly Lighting Pte Ltd
T. K. H Lighting & Electrical Trading Pte Ltd
Tai Kong Electric Co
Tai Yong Electric Co
Tan Wei Ming
Thomson Lighting Pte Ltd
Thorn Lighting (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Trend Enterprise Pte Ltd
Vanilla Home Pte. Ltd.
Vision Tac Pte. Ltd.
Visionlux Pte Ltd
Vlux Lighting Pte Ltd
Wanty Enterprises Pte Ltd
Winpost Trading Pte Ltd
Wong Yuen Lek
Yang Asia Enterprises
Yee Tat Lighting Electrical Enterprise
Singapore Lighting Products



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