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Singapore Hardware Companies List

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Singapore Hardware Companies List
Hardware companies in Singapore manufacture and sell all types of hardware products such as: door hardware, door accessories, door locks and keys, window locks and window hinges. Also all the nuts, screws and fasteners that will keep the home DIY enthusiast as well as the professional building contractors, shop fitters busy.

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Featured Singapore Hardware Companies List
Aik Hin Hardware Company Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Hardware, Keys & Locks, Fasteners
Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Hardware, Keys & Locks, Fasteners. Leading exporters, distributors and suppliers with distributing rights to numerous premium products and brands that include VIRO Refuse Chute, ALDEK FRP Grating. RAMSET Products (Ramset Mechanical and Chemical Anchors, Ramset Rotary Hammers, Ramset TrakMaster Automatic Fastening Systems, HELLER drill Bits, Talbor Hand Tools, BOSCH Power Tools, LPS Chemicals, Chemical Aerosols, SAKURA Solid Pait & Paint Markers
Aik Soon Hardware Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Suppliers of Hardware, Keys & Locks, Fasteners. Our products complies with BS, ANSI, JIS, DIN & API standards. We are EPPU registered supplier to the Singapore Government.
Ajax Sinmal Co Singapore Hardware Supplies Company Suppliers of Bolts & Nuts, Fasteners, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Alicon Engineering And Supply Singapore Marine Hardware Company Suppliers of Locks, Hardware, Digital Door Locks, Ship's Door Locks & Ship's Hardware, Door Handles
All-Wares Supply Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Keys & Locks, Fasteners Hardware Wholesalers, Hardware Distributors
Ang Hoe Seng Hardware Singapore Hardware Supplies Company Suppliers of Hardware, Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts
Aoba Security Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Lock Systems, Security Systems. AOBA is the sole manufacturer of a revolutionary lock system which allows for reprogramming of any security locks. Product range consists of cam locks, padlocks, office furniture locks, rim locks, cylinders for different types of mortise locks, and other high security products.
Aureus Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Clothes, Computers, Bitumen, Electronics, Hardware
AWS Bloss Marketing Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Furniture Hardware, Wardrobe Accessories, Cabinet Handles, Castor Wheels, Furniture Legs
Ban Gee Choon Singapore Building Supplies Company Suppliers of Hardware, Keys, Locks, Fasteners, Security Equipment, Security Systems
Ban Lee Paints & Hardware Supplier Singapore Company Suppliers of Paints, Coatings, Hardware, Paint Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Paint Distributors, Paint Suppliers, Hardware, Keys & Locks, Fasteners
Black & Decker Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Pneumatic Tools, Power Tools Manufacturer of  power, pneumatic tools, household electrical equipment & electronic products, hardware ironmongery & faucets
Bossard Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Fasteners Company Suppliers of Hexalobular socket screws, Bolts, Plugs, Washers, Wood screws, Fasteners made of plastic, Hex cap screws and bolts, Slotted machine screws, Cross recessed machine screws, Dowel pins, Rivets, Split pins, Fasteners and locking elements in stainless steel, Adhesives, Nuts, Hex lock nuts, Threaded rods, Slotted set screws, Stud bolts, Self-tapping screws, Self-drilling screws, Thread forming screws, Fasteners made of Brass, Copper, Bronze, Aluminium, Operating elements, Spring loaded ball plungers
Century Marine Supply Pte Ltd Singapore Marine Equipment Company Suppliers of a large range of marine hardware: Steel wire rope, P.P & nylon rope, bottlescrews & turnbuckles, shackles, anchors, anchor chain & fitting, hand winches, cargo blocks, navigation lights, container fittings and lashing equipment, fibre rope or synthetic rope including cargo nets, helicopter nets, gangway net, climbing nets
Chee Cheong Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Heavy Duty Industrial Castors, Medium Duty Industrial Castors, Light Industrial Castors, Castors for Installation to Tubes, Castors for Special Institutions Hospitals, research centres, steel office equipment and serving trolleys
Chee Fatt Co Pte Ltd Singapore Importers, exporters of engineering hardware & tools, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Offshore Equipment, Logistics Services, Power Tools
Cheung Fat Engineers & Supplies Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Marine Equipment, Marine Locks, Marine Services, Engineering Equipment, Engineering Supplies
Cheung Woh Metal Works (Pte) Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Ironmongers, Suppliers of Hardware, Metalwork, Electroplating Equipment, Metal Shaping, Metal Stamping, Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Metalwork, Electroplating Equipment, Metal Shaping, Metalworking Services, Nickel Chrome Electroplating, Stainless Steel Passivation Services
Cheung Woh Technologies Ltd Singapore Ironmongers, Suppliers of Metalwork, Electroplating Equipment, Metal Shaping, Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Metalwork, Electroplating Equipment, Metal Shaping, Metalworking, Nickel Chrome Electroplating, Stainless Steel Passivation Services
Chia Hiap Seng Hardware Company Singapore Industrial Hardware Supplies Company Suppliers of Gears, Gear Cutting, Measuring Instruments, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Measuring Instruments, Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indictors, Zero Setters, Plug Gages, Ring Gages, Gage Blocks, Pin Gages, top grade cutting, milling, turning and grinding accessories and tools for your machining needs.
Chia Hoe Mechanical Engineering Services Singapore Engineers, Engineering Consultants, Engineering Works, Mechanical Engineering Works, Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Metalwork, Engineering Services, Jigs and Fixtures, Metal Stamping, Metal Stamping Tools, Metalworking Machinery, Metalworking Services, Toolmakers, Toolmaking Services.
Chin Huat Handware & Engineering (Pte) Ltd Singapore Expanded Metals Machining Machine Company, Gears & Gear Cutting Shops, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services
Chin Huat Offshore Supply Pte Ltd Singapore Offshore Supplies Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Plates, Sheet, Valves, Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges, Bolts & Nuts, Gaskets, Dish Heads, Machine Shop Services, Forging & Castings
Chin Yuan Metal Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Marine Supplies, U-Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Pipe Clamps, Square Head Bolts, T- Bolts, Eye Bolts
Chiron Hardware Trading Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of materials in sheets, rods, tubes, angle, bars, pipes, plates, ingots and more, namely Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Alu-Brass, Cupro Nickel, Naval Brass, Stainless Steel, Lead, Titanium, Manganese Bronze
Chop Aik Hong Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Trading Company Suppliers of Hardware, Hand Tools, Garden Tools, Sanitary Wares, Building Materials, Construction Materials. Importers & exporters of hardware, hand tools, garden tools, sanitary wares, Abrasives, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools,
CHOP Kah Lam Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Engineering Company Suppliers of Hardware, Pipe Bending, Pipe Fabricating, Pipes, Pipe Fittings. Providing a wide range of engineering products by means of conventional and advanced machining processes.
Chop Keat Cheong Singapore Hardware Engineering Company Suppliers of Metal Bending, Metal Straightening, Metal Products, Metal Bending & Straightening. Engineering Services, Engineers, Engineering Consultants, Engineering Works
Choy Hing Industries Singapore Hardware Company, Suppliers of Keys, Locks, Fasteners, Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Ironmongery, Metalwork
Chuan Heng Huat Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Hardware, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Glass Blocks ,Glass Bricks, Architectural, Block, Structural Glass, Glass, Glass Equipment, Hand Trucks. Trading of building materials, steel materials, cement, timber & plywood, hardware, food products; warehousing services; property investment
Chuan Hock Hardware Co Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies
Chuan Huat Tong Kee Co Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Hand Tools, Electric Tools, Building Materials, Hardware.  Retailers of hand tools, electric tools, building materials. Stockist of Hardware & Engineering Materials - Copper, Brass & Brass Alloys, Bronze & Bronze Alloys, Copper Alloys & Special Alloys
Chuan Joo Hardware Co Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Steel Pipes, Steel Tubes, Hose Fittings, Metal Products, Fabricated Structures, Iron, Metal Products, Metals, Pipes, Tubes, Hose Fittings, Pipe Accessories, Pipe Fittings, Pulleys, Steel Bars, Steel Channels, Steel Products, Steel Rods
Chuan Kee Steel Pte Ltd Singapore Steel Fabricators Suppliers of Metal Products, Steel Products, Steel Formwork, Steel Sand Buckets, Steel Tanks
Chuan Kiat Metal & Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Marine Supplies, Hardware, Pipes, Tubes, Steel Grating, Building Supplies, Metal & Mineral Wholesalers, Mild Steel Plate, M.S. Chequered Plates, Bulb Plate, Electro-Galvanised Sheet, COld Roler Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet & Galvanizied Serrated Gratings
Chuan-Fa Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Building Materials Company. Trading, retail & wholesale of building materials, hardware, sanitary ware, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Architectural Glass, Glass, Glass Blocks or Bricks, Glass Working Equipment, Glass Working Tools, Structural Glass
Chuan Seng Heng Hardware & Engineering Co Pte Ltd Singapore Ship Repairers, Marine Services, Hardware, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Construction hardware; Suppliers of all Kinds of Hardware Building Materials & API Pipes
Chuan-Fa Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Building Materials Company. Trading, retail & wholesale of building materials, hardware, sanitary ware, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Architectural Glass, Glass, Glass Blocks or Bricks, Glass Working Equipment, Glass Working Tools, Structural Glass
Chung Industrial Enterprise Singapore Aluminum Fabricators, Singapore Engineering Services. Suppliers of Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Ironmongery, Metalwork, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Switchboards, Engineering Services, Steel Fabricators, Machinery Fabrication, Metal Products
Chye Heng Lee Trading Company Singapore Hardware Trading Company. Importers & Exporters, Distributing Goods & Services such as Basic Necessities, Hardware & Electrical Accessories
Chye Hin Hardware Pte Ltd Singapore stockist, importer & exporter for Structural and Mild Steel Products. Universal Beams and Columns, Light Beams and Joists, Bearing Piles, Steel Piles, Sheet Piles, Seamless Pipes, Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Circular Steel Tubes, Welded Steel Pipes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Plain Channels, Lipped Channel, Galvanised Serrated Gratings, Expanded Metals, Square Bars, Carbon Steel Bars, Stainless Steel Products, Stainless Steel Sheets & Plates, Stainless Steel Angles & Flats, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Welded Channels, Stainless Steel Welded Tubing, Stainless Steel Pipes
Chye Seng Paints & Hardware Company Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Paints, Coatings, Hardware, Keys, Locks, Fasteners
D & E Manufacturing Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Aluminum Molds, Die Casting Molds, Die Castings, Injection Moldings, Plastic Moldings, Metal Products, Metals, Moldings, Plastic Machinery, Steel Molds, Steelwork
F T Services (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Company Suppliers of Marine Repairs, Marine Equipment, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Metal Products, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Fabricated Structures, Fabricating Services, Fabricators, Steel Products, Trading Company, Pipe Repair Products, Emergency Boat Leak Products, Engineering Products, Stainless Steel Hose Clips
G & L Hardware Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company represents many Asian and European brands of electrical machines & tools, air-compressors for general industries & special purpose oil less compressor for the dental professional.  Electric Power Tools, Bi-metal Hole Saws, Magnetic Boring Machines & Cutters, Aerosol Paint, Abrasive Cuttings & Grinding Discs, Masonry Drill Bits, Drill Chucks, Inverter Welding Sets,  Rotary Hammers, Bench Drills, Bench Grinders & Miter Saws, Dental & Industrial Air-Compressors, Industrial High Pressure Cleaners, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Cleaner, Safety Shoes, Micro Tools for Light Industrial Application, Submersible Pump, Adhesive Remover, Stainless Steel  Polisher, Electrical Tapes
G.C.E Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Company Manufacturers of  Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Fiberglass Fabricators, Foodservice Equipment, Gratings, Handrails, Kitchen Extraction Canopies, Kitchen Sinks, Railings
G P Manufacturing (S) Pte Ltd Singapore suppliers of metal stamping components and sub-assembly for the electronic, computer, industrial and consumer products, including office automation equipment throughout Asia. Engineering Services, Engineers, Engineering Consultants, Engineering Works, Metalwork, Hardware, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services
O S K Metal (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Metal Products Company Suppliers of Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Ironmongery, Metalwork, Copper, Copper Products, Copper Sheets, Metal Cutting Machines, Metal Cutting Services, Metal Products, Metal Shearing, Metal Shearing Machines, Metals
Singapore Hardware Companies Directory A-Z

A G Supply Co Pte Ltd
Acer Hardware Pte Ltd
Ah Hua Hardware Enterprise
Aik Cheong Metal Engineering Enterprise
Aik Gao Machinery Trading Company
Aik Hin Hardware Company
Aik Hock Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd
Aik Huat Seng Kee Hardware Company
Aik Kuan Hardware Trading Company
Aik Lee Corporation Pte Ltd
Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd
Aik Lian Huat Hardware Trading Company
Aik Soon Hardware Pte Ltd
Alicon Engineering And Supply
All Best Motor Hardware Trading Company
All-Wares Supply
Allied Co (Pte) Ltd
Alltools Trading Pte Ltd
Alltrades General Hardware Company
Allwin Hardware & Plastic Meg Pte Ltd
Alpac Enterprise
Alpha Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
Alton International (S) Pte Ltd
AMC Tools Pte Ltd
Amda Group (Singapore)
AMI Marine International Pte Ltd
Ang Hoe Seng Hardware Company
Ang Kok Hong Construction & Trading Company
Anglo So Trading
Ann Aik (Pte) ltd
Ann Lian Trading Pte Ltd
App Systems Services Pty Ltd
Arena Trading Company
Asia Elite Tools Company
Asiapac Industrial Supplies
Associated KHL Industries Pte Ltd
Au Son Hardware Trading Company
Aucklin Pe Ltd
Aureus Pte Ltd
Aws Bloss Marketing Company
Awstrong Trading Pte Ltd
B S Hardware & Paints Supplier
B88 Hardware & Paint Supplies
Ban Gee Choon
Ban Hoe Lee Hardware
Ban Hup Huat Hardware Co
Ban Leong Hardware Machinery Pte Ltd
Baystone Pte Ltd
Beacon Industrial Pte Ltd
Beauty Home Construction Pte Ltd
Beauty Wood Material & Hardware Pte Ltd
Bee Hock Hardware
Beisin Trading
Bendemeer 2000 Hardware & Paints
Bes-Serv Hardware & Machinery
Beserv Trading & Engineering
Best Hardware & Paint Supplies
Bikar Metal Asia Pte Ltd
BMS Marking Enterprise
Boly International Trading Pte. Ltd.
Boon Chye Electrical Hardware Trading
Boon Koon Hardware Pte Ltd
Boon Soon Industrial Hardware
Buildmart Trading & Engineering Pte Ltd
Buildtec Archiware Pte Ltd
Bytech Hardware & Paint Supplies
C & N Hardware Pte Ltd
C T Hardware Trading
Chan Kok Beng Hardware & Locksmith
Chang Yong Seng Tools & Hardware Enterprise
Chee Cheong Trading Pte Ltd
Chee Fatt Co Pte Ltd
Cheong Wong Kee Hardware
Chia Hiap Seng Hardware Co
Chia Tai Huat Trading Enterprise
Chin Cheong Industrial Trading
Chin Chye Suppliers
Chin Hoe Hup Kee Hardware
Chin Hong Heng
Chin Soon Hardware
Chin Tat Hardware Pte Ltd
Chip Hong Metal (Pte) Ltd
Chip Lee Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Choon Lee Hardware & Co
Chop Wah Thye Hardware & Departmental Store
Chua Bok Sui
Chuan Heng Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
Chuan Hock Hardware Co Pte Ltd
Chuan Huat
Chuan Huat International (S) Pte Ltd
Chuan Huat Tong Kee & Co
Chuan Joo Hardware Co (Pte) Ltd
Chuan Kok Hardware & Machinery (Pte) Ltd
Chuan Teck Hup
Chye Hin Hardware Pte Ltd
Chye Yew Lian Hardware (Pte) Ltd
City Hardware Pte Ltd
Comac Hardware & Engineering Co
Congin Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
Dahon Hardware Engineering Trading
De Feng Hardware & Engineering
De Sheng Hardware Engineering
Diy Homecare Enterprise
Dor-Ware Resources Pte Ltd
Dragon Hardware & Electrical Trading
Dunlite (Pte) Ltd
DYC Components
Earnst Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd
Eefeng Trading
EK Hardware Trading
Electronic Hardware Trading
Eng Ban Seng Hardware
Eng Fok Trading Pte Ltd
Eng Guan Hardware Pte Ltd
Eng Guan Siong Scrap Dealers
Eng Hup Hing Hardware Co
Eng Kee Hardware Pte Ltd
Eng Soon Hardware Pte Ltd
Eng Thye Hardware & Engineering Supplies
Engtex Engineering Tools (S) Pte Ltd
Estron International
Eversharp Hardware Co
Excelite Trading
FB Marketing Impex Pte Ltd
Feida Hardware & Machinery Trading
Flow System & Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Fok Yuen Foh
Fook Seng Fatt
Fook Seng Fatt Chop
Fook Weng Hardware
Foong Seng Hardware
Fu Lu Shou Store
Fung Sin Hardware & Supply
Fupizat Trading Co
G & S Hardware Trading
Gee Hock Hardware & Co
Geok Twar Trading
Ghim Heng Trading
Gin Huat Industrial Supplier
Global Metal (International) Pte Ltd
Gnee Soon Huat Co
Golden Frame Trading Pte Ltd
Guan Bee Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Guan Seng Hardware Pte Ltd
Guan Seng Huat
Guan Soon Hardware Pte Ltd
Gui Chou Hardware & Electrical
Gut Kee Hardware Dealer
H K Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd
Hai Chew Hardware & Co
Han Siang Hardware Pte Ltd
Han Yan Peng
Handy Hardware
Hartley Hardware & Equipment Co
Haw Sin Hardware Pte Ltd
Hem Huat Hardware (S) Pte Ltd
Hi-Vac Technology & Services
Hiap Chuan Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Hiap Hong Hardware Industries Pte Ltd
Hiap Huat (F E) Pte Ltd
Hiap Joo Hardware Co
Hiap Leong Metal (S) Pte Ltd
Hiap Lian Hardware Co Pte Ltd
Hiap Soon & Co (Pte) Ltd
Hin Guan Hardware Supply
Ho Choon Wan
Ho Weng Khuen
Hock Cheong Hardware & Co
Hock Eng Hin
Hock Guan Huat Pte Ltd
Hock Lee Heng Hardware Trading
Hock Tong Lee Hardware & Machinery
Hoe Hup Seng Heavy Equipment & Co
Hoe Kian Huat Trading
Home Tepo Building Products Pte Ltd
Home-Fix D.I.Y. Pte Ltd
Homes Furniture Hardware
Hometek Hardware & Home Appliances Pte Ltd
Hon Hong Hardware Trading
Hon Kheng Hardware Pte Ltd
Hong Choon Hardware Co
Hong Gee Trading Co
Hong Guan Hardware Pte Ltd
Hong Hang Hardware Pte Ltd
Hong Soon Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Honly Engineering Hardware Co
Hoo Lim Trading Co
Housen Hardware & Electrical Trading
Hsak Fasteners
Hua Huang General Store
Hup Jin Hardware Dealers
Hup Lik Hong Hardware
Hup Teck Hardware & Co
Hwa Kim Trading Co
I T L Hardware & Engineering Supplies
Ibuilders Pte Ltd
Ietac Enterprise
Independent Hardware Trading Co
International Engineering Hardware Co
Jaho Trading Pte Ltd
JBS Housewares & Paints Supply
Jiajia Household Centre
Jinson Hardware Unity (S) Pte Ltd
Johong Hardware & Paints Pte Ltd
Johongly Hardware Paints & Renovation Contract
Joo Bee Hardware Co
Joo Cheong Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Joo Long Hardware Pte Ltd
Joo Seng Hardware Supply
Jurong Engineering Hardware Suppliers
Kaga Hardware Trading
Kai Kheng Plumbing & Paint Supplies
Kak Guan Hardware & Electric Trading
Kam Woo Co
Kang Hardware & Marine Supplies
Kang Hock Lee Hardware
Katherwye Contractor
Keat Hong Hardware Trading
Ker Lee Trading
Kheng Lian Hardware & Machinery
Khiam Chuan Marine Pte Ltd
Khong Lieng Trading Co (Pte) Ltd
Khoon Ann Lee
Kian Lee Hardware Trading Co
Kian Sin Cheong Hardware Trading
Kiang Sing Hong Hardware Suppliers
Kiaw Aik Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
Kie Heng Hardware & Engineering
Kien Hoe Heng Trading Pte. Ltd.
Kim Choon Hock Trading Co
Kim Guan Huat Hardware Co Pte Ltd
Kim Hee Trading Co
Kim Kee Eng Guan Hing
Kim Swee Hardware Trading Co  

Kim Teck Hardware Co
Kindly Enterprises Pte Ltd
Koh Eik Kuan
Koon Leong Hardware Trading
Kow Kee Hardware
Kum Yuen Tools Technology
Kwan Cheng Lim
Kwong Kee Hardware & Paints
L & H Global Pte Ltd
L.K.Hardware Enterprise Pte Ltd
Lau Sze Kee Hardware
Lee Aik Seng Hardware Co
Lee Han Siong Trading Pte Ltd
Lee Hock Siew
Lee Huat Hardware
Lee Tiong Seng Co
Leng Guan Metal Pte Ltd
Leong & Hwee Trading Enterprise
Leong Guan Hardware Co
Leong Teck Hardware Co
Li Fong Hardware Enterprise
Lian Bee Metal Pte Ltd
Lian Eng Hardware Pte Ltd
Lian Hoe Hardware Pte Ltd
Lian Huat Hardware & Plumbing Enterprise
Lian Kim Yong Construction Pte Ltd
Lian Seng Co
Lian Tian Trading Co
Lim Leck Peng
Lim Tiong Huat Hardware
Linan Hardware & Engineering
Lip Terk Trading Co
Lipex Hardware Engineering Co
Lipson Hardware Trading Co
Lison Hardware & Trading
Little Carpenter (Pte) Ltd
Loh Choon Kee
Long Shine Equipment & Supplies Pte Ltd
Loong Enterprise Metals & Hardware
Loong Teng Hardware & Trading
Lucky Khoon Hardware
LYC Hardware & Engineering
Lye Trading Pte Ltd
M-Flow Plumbing
Mac Tools Trading
Mai-Ya Store
Maju Engineering
Marchem Engineering Pte Ltd
Maxserve Hardware Trading Co
Meng Hin Hardware & Engineering Co
Meng Hoe Seng Hardware Co
Meng Kee Department Store
Meng Poh Heng Hardware Pte Ltd
Min Joo & Co
Moh Eng Trading Co
Motherland Hardware Electronic
Nai Ghee Hardware & Trading Co
Nam Leong Co (Pte) Ltd
Nam Tai Choon Trading
Nam Yong Industrades
National Hardware
Nee Hock Hardware Co
New Union Hardware
New Union Hardware & Electrical Trading Co
New Vision Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd
New Zenli Enterprises Pte Ltd
Newbuild Pte Ltd
Newtools Trading
Ng Bee Lam
Ng Cheng Aik
Ng Choong Wai
Ng Her
Ng Ngak Khim
Ngai Seng Supplier
Ngee Seng Hardware Trading
NKK Hardware Supply
Ogoo Enterprise
OM Globiz Pte Ltd
Ong Ah Koon
Ong Cheng Hoe
Ong Nam Lee Hardware Co
Ong Tiong Kang Hardware (Pte) Ltd
OPM Technology Asia Pte Ltd
Painters Corner & Trading
Patrick Hardware
PBG Enterprise
Pego Far East Pte Ltd
Pferd Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Photon Hardware Trading Co
Phua Boon Chye
Pipelink-Beckham Private Ltd
Poey Huat Hardware (S) Pte Ltd
Poh Ho Building Services
Poh Hong Hardware Pte Ltd
Pomar International Trading Pte Ltd
Poon Heng Kee Hardware
Prestige Hardware
Printedge Communications Pte Ltd
Pro Link Pte Ltd
Pu-Yen Trading Pte Ltd
Qingan Trading
Quek Eng Thiam
Rainbow Hardware Marketing
Rengo Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd
Right Tools Co
Rinco Industrial Trading (1999)
Rong Hua General Store
Royal Beaver Enterprise
S T Hardware Electric Trading
Sanitron Industries Pte.Ltd.
SCH Metal & Industry Supply
Sea Land Engineering Hardware
Seah Wong Siew Fong Katherine
See Lay Kiong
See Soon Hardware Electrical
Selffix D I Y Store
Seng Bee Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd
Seng Poh Huat Trading
Sgs Connection Services
Sheng Xing Hardware & Trading
Shi Huat Hardware Trading Co
Shuen Yen Co
Sim Lay Hong
Sin Chik Sing Enterprise Co
Sin Fa Hardware Trading Co
Sin Hock Hin Hardware Paint Co
Sin Lee Heng Hardware & Electrical
Sin Tai Joo Hardware Trading (1994)
Sin Wah Seng Hardware Trading
Sin Yew Lian Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Sincere Sundry Shop
Sing City Trading
Sing Lit Heng Trading
Sintalow Hardware Pte Ltd
SK Hardware
Sky Hardware
Sky Pac Supplies Pte Ltd
Smv Hardware & Trading
Soon Beng Huat Metal & Hardware Trading
Soon Guan Hardware Supply Co
Soon Hock Hardware Industries Pte Ltd
Soon Huat Hin Hardware Enterprise
Soon Hui Trading
Soon Joo Huat Metal Industries Pte Ltd
Soon Ming Engineering & Hardware
Soon Teck Hardware & Trading
South Asia Metal Enterprise
South East Natuna Trading
Southern Eagle Hardware & Co
Steeltech Engineering Services
Sum Chuan Hardware Pte Ltd
Sum Hong Hardware & Trading
Sun Meng Soon Hardware
Sungei Emas Hardware Pte Ltd
Sunrise Hardware Trading
Swee Huat Hardware Pte Ltd
Sye Tai Hardware Co
T-Square Flooring Pte Ltd
Tact Marine & Hardware Engineering
Tai Cheng Hardware Traders Corpn Pte Ltd
Tai Lee Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Tai Sun Hardware Industries Pte Ltd
Tai Thong Hardware
Tan Ping Tong
Tat Eng Hardware Pte Ltd
Teacly Hardware Pte Ltd
Teck Cheong Chop
Teck Cheong Hardware Pte Ltd
Teck Guan & Co
Teck Hock Hardware Co
Teck San Hardware
Teck Siong Huat Hardware Pte Ltd
Teng Seng Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Teng Soon Huat
Teo Tiong Huat Hardware Enterprise
Texson Valve & Fitting Enterprise Pte Ltd
The Hardware Place Pte Ltd
Thiam Hock Enterprise
Thiang King Choo
Thim Fatt Hardware
THK Enterprise
Tian Hong Hardware Pte Ltd
Tien Sze Hardware & Auto Spare Parts
Tiong Guan Heng
Tmg Hardware
Tong Jian Trading
Tradewin Hardware & Engineering Pte Ltd
Trans-Zone Marketing & Trading
Transin Hardware & Trading
Trustech Tools & Machinery
Umax Marketing
Unimex Industrial Hardware Pte Ltd
Unique Hardware Co Pte Ltd
Unitec Enterprises Pte Ltd
V.Max Hardware Pte. Ltd.
Vincent Industrial Trading
Vispro Enterprise
Vista Hardware Supplies
Wah Lei Industrial Supply Co Pte Ltd
Warenest Hardware Trading
Wee Tat Hardware Pte Ltd
Wei Eng Hardware & Machinery Co
Wei Xing Hardware Pte Ltd
Well Kent Pte Ltd
Welon Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd
Wen Tat Hardware Supplies
Weng Cheng Yew
Weng Onn Tools Centre
Weng Sang Bros Co
Wilkit Enterprises Co (Pte) Ltd
Wing Chan Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Wing Lee Hardware & Demolition
Wing Lee Seng Hardware Co
Wintrade Enterprise Pte Ltd
Woh Yuan Industrial Pte Ltd
Wong Kim Trading Co
Wong Yew Kong (Construction & Trading) Pte Ltd
World Trading & Marketing
Yasashii Trading
Yew Hup Hardware Trading
Yew Lay Keong Hardware & Machinery
Yiap Heng Cheong Hardware Pte Ltd
Yin Leong Hardware Trading
Yin Meng Huat
Yong Bee Hardware & Engineering
Yongwei Hardware & Electrical Trading
Yuen Lee Hardware
Yuen Tong Electrical & Hardware Enterprise
Yuen Tong Hong Chop
Yun Wan Sin Trading
Yung Xing Hardware Trading
Zener Enterprise
Zet Hardware Supplies
Zheng Hua Village Trading
Zhou Sheng Enterprise Pte Ltd
Zillion Hardware & Trading
Singapore Hardware Products
Adhesive Hooks, Adhesive Picture Hangers, Aluminum Hardware, Aluminum Hardware Fittings, Anchor Bolts, Antique Brass Hardware, Antique Metal Hardware, Attic Ladders, Ball Eyes, Ball Sockets, Barrel Bolts, Bolts, Brace Angel Steel, Braces & Straps, Bracket Steel, Brass Hardware, Brass Hardware Fittings, Brass Hardware Manufacturers, Brass House Numbers, Brass Padlocks, Building Hardware, Business Signs, Butt Hinges, Cabinet And Drawer Hardware, Cabinet Catches, Cabinet Hardware, Cabinet Hinges, Cabinet Knobs, Cabinet Latches, Cabinet Pull Backplates, Cabinet Pulls, Cable Fittings, Cane Bolts, Caster Cups, Casters, Catches, Ceiling Hooks, Ceiling Hardware, Ceramic Cabinet Knobs, Ceramic Cabinet Pulls, Chain Bolts, Chain Guards, Childproof Locks, Clamps, Clevises, Closet Hardware, Closet Liner, Closet Organizers, Closet Pole Sockets, Closet Rod Brackets, Closet Rods, Closet Shelving, Closet Shelving Brackets, Coat Hooks, Combination Padlocks, Commercial Door Closers, Concealed Hinges, Construction Hardware, Continuous Hinges, Corner Braces, Cup Hooks, Danger Signs, Deadbolts, Deck Hardware, Decorative Cabinet Hinges, Decorative Columns, Decorative Corners, Decorative Door Hinges, Decorative Hooks, Decorative Locksets, Die Cast House Numbers, Door Accessories, Door Bolts & Guards, Door Closers, Door Guards, Door Hardware, Door Hinges, Door Holders, Door Knockers, Door Stops, Door Viewers, Door Wedges, Double Arming Bolt, Dowels, Drawer Hardware, Drawer Rollers, Drawer Slide Holders, Drawer Slides, Drawer Templates, Driveway Markers, Entry Locksets, Exit Signs, Exterior Shutters, Eye Bolts, Eye Links, Eyelets, Eyenuts, Fire Safety Signs, Flag Brackets, Flag Poles, Flashings, Flat Corner Irons, Floor Door Stops, Flush Bolts, Folding Door Hardware, Folding Door Parts, Foot Bolts, Foundation Anchors, Foundation Hardware, Framing Angles, Furniture Dollies, Furniture Glides, Furniture Handles, Furniture Hardware, Furniture Leg Tips, Garage Door Cables, Garage Door Hardware, Garage Door Locks, Garage Door Openers, Garage Door Parts, Garage Door Remotes, Garage Door Springs, Gate Hardware Kits, Gate Parts, General Hardware, Glass Cabinet Knobs, Glass Cabinet Pulls, Glass Shelving, Gravity Pivot Hinges, Gutter Joist Hangers, Guy Wire Fittings, H Style Hinges, Hammock Hooks, Hand Rail Brackets, Hand Railings, Hasps, High Security Padlocks, Hinge Hasps, Hinge Pin Door Stops, Hinge Pins, Home Security, Hook Bolts, Hooks, Insulation Supports, Insulator Caps, Insulator Fitting, Insulator Pins, Joist Hangers, Joist Hanging Nails, Key Blanks, Key Chains, Key Chains, Kick Plates, Latches, Letters Brass, Lid Supports, Lock Parts, Locking Hasps, Locks, Lockset Parts, Locksets, Machine Bolts, Magnetic Hooks, Mail Slots, Mailboxes, Mending Plates, Metal Cabinet Knobs, Metal Cabinet Pulls, Metal Forming Hardware, Metal Hardware Manufacturer, Metal Shelving, Mirror Hangers, Mortise Door Hinges, Moulding Hooks, Nuts, Oval Eye Bolt, Padlock Cables, Patio Door Handles, Patio Door Hardware, Patio Door Latches, Patio Door Locks , Patio Door Rollers, Pegboard Hooks, Pewter House Numbers, Picture Hangers, Picture Hanging Kits, Picture Hanging Nails, Picture Hanging Wire, Pipe Flashings, Plastic Cabinet Knobs, Plastic Cabinet Pulls, Plastic House Numbers, Plastic Shelving, Plate Casters, Plate Hangers, Plywood Clips, Power Line Hardware, Property Signs, Pull Plates, Push Plates, Racks, Rebar Pins, Reflective House Numbers, Reflective Vinyl Letters, Reflective Vinyl Numbers, Reflectors, Rental Signs, Residential Door Closers, Rounded Door Hinges, S Hooks, Safety Cord Windups, Safety Gates, Safety Hasps, Safety Latches & Locks, Safety Outlet Protectors, Sale Signs, Screen Door Braces, Screen Door Catches, Screen Door Closers, Screen Door Grills, Screen Door Hardware, Screen Door Hinges, Screen Door Kits, Screen Door Latches, Screen Door Locks, Screen Door Pulls, Screen Door Rollers & Guides, Screen Door Springs, Screw Eyes, Screws Fasteners, Self Closing Hinges, Shaker Pegs, Shelf Brackets, Shelf Kits, Shelf Supports, Shelves, Shelving Hardware, Shoulder Hooks, Sign Holders, Signs, Sky Lights, Specialty Hardware, Spring Hinges, Square Door Hinges, Stainless Steel Hardware, Standard Cabinet Hinges, Standard Hasps, Steel Channels, Steel Hardware, Stem Casters, Stencil Signs, Storage Hooks, Strain Clamps, Strap Hinges, Straps, Stubbing Bolts, Suction Cup Hooks, Suspension Clamps, Swag Hooks, Swing Hooks, Table Hardware, Table Legs, Tee Hinges, T-Plates, Traffic Signs, Turnbuckles, U Bolts, Utility Windows, Ventilation Products, Wall Bumpers, Washers, Weatherproof Padlocks, Window Accessories, Window Glass, Window Hardware, Window Wells, Wood Cabinet Knobs, Wood Cabinet Pulls, Wood Dowel Pins, Wood Dowels, Wood Spindles, Wooden House Numbers, Woods Plugs

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Thailand Luxury Villas
 Jomtien Pattaya Thailand
. Close to the beach, four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV, private swimming pool, free car rental


Thailand Handicrafts

Agel Nutritional Supplements

Exciting opportunity with agel nutritional products in Singapore. Team leaders needed now for worldwide network marketing and distribution of unique gel health products and natural cosmetics

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