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Singapore Paint Companies List

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Singapore Paint Companies List
Singapore has a few specialized paint manufacturers. The majority of paint products are however imported and sold in building supplies shops across Singapore. There are also many arts and crafts suppliers where you can buy oil paints and water colour paints as well as paint brushes and all artists supplies and materials.

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Featured Singapore Paint Companies List
A&K Intercorp (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Supplier of Paint Spraying Equipment, Painting Equipment, Paint Spray Guns, Fixture Cleaners
Accom Pte Ltd Singapore Painting Contractors, Home Furnishings, Renovation Contractors, External Painting, Internal Painting, Spray Textured Coatings, Special Effect Coatings, Floor Coatings
ACI Xinxing Industries (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company, Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Polyurethane, Epoxy Coatings, Ductile Iron Pipes, Iron Pipe Fittings, Industrial Paints, Internal And External Polyurethane Coating, Internal And External Epoxy Coating, Ductile Iron Flange Adapters, Flexible Couplings
Aik Huat Paints & Building Materials Singapore Paint Company Suppliers of Paints, Manufacturers, Paint Wholesalers, Paint Distributors, Paint Building Materials, Paint Construction Materials
Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd Singapore Paints, Chemicals Company Suppliers of Industrial Solvents, Surfactants, Various Grades of Thinners, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Adhesive Glues, Analytical Reagent Grade of Chemicals, Acids, Custom & Contract Toll Blending Services, Bulk Chemical Storage and Drumming Services, Container Stuffing & Un-stuffing Services, Dangerous Goods (DG) Warehousing & Transportation Services
Airex Pte Ltd Singapore Paint Company Suppliers of Paint, Powder Coating Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Silkscreen Paint, Wet Paint   
Akzo Nobel Chemicals Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Manufacturers, Singapore Paint Manufacturers of Cationic & specialty surfactants (Arquad, Ethoquad, Berol, Redicote, Lilamin, Lilaflot, Armsoft, Armohib), Fatty amines & Nitrogen derivatives (Armeeen, Duomeen, Triameen, Tetrameen, Ethmeen, Armac, Aromox), Witcamine, Morwet, Sponto, Witconol, Witbreak, Emcol & Petro Products, Rheology additives & Cellulose derivatives (Bermocoll, Bermodol, Elfacos) Applications: Agro, Personal Care, Fabric Care, Cleaning, Surface coatings, Textile, Petroleum, Mining, Mineral coatings
Alpha Omega Coatings Pte Ltd Singapore Coatings Company Suppliers of Paints, Epoxy Coatings, Resins, Epoxy Tank Linings, Solvent Free Epoxy Primer, Solvent Free Flexible Epoxy Coating, Tank Lining Services: Tank Inspection and Corrosion Evaluation, Soft Coating Removal, In-situ Pipe Repair, Inspection of Tank Lining System, Refurbishment of Ballast Tanks during voyage, Slurring Blasting
Alsey Pte Ltd Singapore Powder Coatings Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Alson Marketing Singapore Suppliers of Paint, Painting Systems, Home Furnishing, Renovation Contractors
Amk Industrials Singapore Coatings Company Suppliers of Industrial Coatings, Paint, Industrial Supplies, Powder Coatings
Aprima (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Building Materials, Construction Materials Company Suppliers of Building Materials, Construction Materials Coatings, Paints, Wood Products, Partitions, Furniture
Arch Chemicals Coatings Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Industrial Biocides and Health and Hygiene Products, specialty chemicals, including performance polyols for coatings, adhesives, sealant and elastomers; glycols for antifreeze, cleaning products and consumer goods; and hydrazine propellants and hydrates.
Arch Chemicals Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals, High Performance Copper Alloys, Industrial and Electronic Chemicals, Chemical Management Systems, High
Performance Copper Alloys, High Performance Metal & Ceramic Packages
Art Glass Singapore Glass Company suppliers of Stained Glass, Glass Fusing, Glass Forming, Glass Painting, Glass Decorating, Screen Printing kits. Plating kits, Gold Leaf (Genuine & Imitation), Gold & Silver Powders, Enameling for Metals/Glass/Ceramic, UV Adhesive, Fabric Paints, Acrylic Paints, Epoxies, Clock Making, Ceramic On-glaze & Under-glaze, Plaster Casting, Candle Making, Soap Making.
Artsdesign Singapore Construction Chemicals Company Suppliers of Elastic Building Systems, Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Elastic Building Systems, Paints, Coatings, Resins, Corrosion Control Chemicals
Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Paint Manufacturers Suppliers of Paint, Auto Enamel Paint, Polymers, Polymer Additives Auto Enamel Coatings, Solvents. Import, Export, Wholesale & Retail of all types of related paint products
Ban Lee Paints & Hardware Supplier Singapore Company Suppliers of Paints, Coatings, Hardware, Paint Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Paint Distributors, Paint Suppliers, Hardware, Keys & Locks, Fasteners
Baumann Spring Co (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Industrial Services, Round Materials, Flat Materials, Special Alloys, Wet-paint coatings, Zinc-flake coatings, Zinc phosphatisation, Engineering, Raw Materials Processes, Surface Treatment Laboratory, CAD, FEM, Co-engineering and rapid prototyping, Spring generators, International development department, CNC machinery, Special systems, Integrated processes, Heat treatments, Surface analysis, Corrosion testing, Durability testing, Spring force measurement
Berger Paints Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Paints Manufacturer Suppliers of decorative coatings which is part of the Asian Paints Group; products include architectural finishes and wood finishes, marine paints and protective coatings
Bestcoat Contract Services Pte Ltd Singapore Waterproofing Contractors, Waterproofing Services, Landscaping, Contract Maintenance. Specialises in Acrylic waterproofing coatings, Polyurethane coatings, Cementitious waterproofing, PVC/ECB membranes, Torch-on membranes, Roof garden systems, Pressure grouting, Joint treatment, External wall waterproofing, Heat re-radiating coatings, Hybrid system, Supply of waterproofing materials
Camelpaint (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Paint Wholesalers, Singapore Paint Manufacturers, Singapore Paint Distributors, Singapore Paint Suppliers
Causeway Paints Pte Ltd Singapore Paints Company Suppliers of Automotive Metallic Paints, Industrial Paints, Auto gloss automotive refinishes, Pika gloss automotive metallic refinishes, industrial paints, poly putty, emulsion paints, poly gloss 2k clear, decorative enamel paints
CEL Coatings Industries Pte Ltd Singapore provider of surface finishing services and innovative surface engineering solutions to the data storage, electronic, telecommunication, beauty, medical and automotive industries. Zinc Plating, Chemical Polish, Ultrasonic Wash, Electroless Nickel, Passivation
Cementaid (Sea) Pte Ltd Singapore Building Materials Company Suppliers of Concrete Additives Coatings-Protective, Coatings, Paints. The proven system for heavy duty waterproofing, crack resistance and corrosion proofing for structural concrete. A system for hardened, dust-proofed and oil resistance floors for factories and car parks.
Chem-Build Pte Ltd Singapore Paint Spraying Contractors Suppliers of Fireproofing Materials, Floor Coatings, Industrial Paint Spraying, Painting Equipment, Protective Coatings, Floor Coatings, Floor Treatment Products, Heavy Duty Coatings, Industrial Paint Spraying, Paint Spraying Contractors, Painting Equipment, Protective Coatings
Cherrit International (Far East) Pte Ltd Singapore insulation material manufacturer & supplier in the Asia Pacific, offering steel & aluminium roll, Protective Coatings, Insulation Materials, Marine Paint, Marine Supplies, Aluminium roll jacketing, Stainless steel jacketing, Zincalume jacketing, Pre-painted galvanised jacketing, Deep corrugated sheets
Chin Huat International Pte Ltd Singapore Machine Gears & Gear Cutting Shops, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment. Manufacture & trading of paints & paint related products
Chin Wah (Paints) Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacture Of High Quality Decorative, Industrial Automotive And Marine Paints, Road Marking Paints & Thermoplastic Materials, Adhesives, Bituminous Paints & Compound Lacquer, Wood Dye & Varnishes, Aerosol Spray Paints & Lubricants.
Choon Hock Motor Trading Company Singapore Auto Paint Shops, Car Repairers. Suppliers of Automotive Parts, Car Parts, Car Accessories
Chugoku Marine Paints (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer and sales of marine paints, industrial paints, container paints and adhesives, Sales of painting related equipments. Management and contract work for coating, Inspection of surface treatment and coatings, Supply of Industrial Paints, Marine Equipment, Marine Paints, Marine Services, Painting Equipment, Paints
Chye Seng Huat Motor Spray Singapore Auto Paint Shops, Singapore Car Repairers, Singapore Car Body Repairing Services
G & L Hardware Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company represents many Asian and European brands of electrical machines & tools, air-compressors for general industries & special purpose oil less compressor for the dental professional.  Electric Power Tools, Bi-metal Hole Saws, Magnetic Boring Machines & Cutters, Aerosol Paint, Abrasive Cuttings & Grinding Discs, Masonry Drill Bits, Drill Chucks, Inverter Welding Sets,  Rotary Hammers, Bench Drills, Bench Grinders & Miter Saws, Dental & Industrial Air-Compressors, Industrial High Pressure Cleaners, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Cleaner, Safety Shoes, Micro Tools for Light Industrial Application, Submersible Pump, Adhesive Remover, Stainless Steel Polisher, Electrical Tapes
Woodmax Paint Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Paints, Protective Coatings, Polyurethane Products, Nitro- Cellulose Products, Acid Catalyst Products, Outdoor Waterbase Products, Stains, Solvents
Singapore Paint Companies Directory A-Z

A He Island Services
A&K Intercorp (Singapore) Pte Ltd
A.I. Deux International Pte Ltd
Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd
Abwin Pte Ltd
Accentuates Your Lifestyle
Accom Pte Ltd
Aceproject Construction Pte. Ltd.
Adanel Indco (S ) Pte Ltd
Advance Scratch Master
Advance Scratch Motor
Aegis Building & Engineering Pte Ltd
Ah Hwee Motor Repairer
Ah Lai Painter
Ah Lim Spray Painting
Aik Guan Paint Dealers
Aik Huat Paints & Building Materials Suppliers
Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd
Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd
Aikly Paints & Chemical Pte Ltd
Airex Pte Ltd
Akzo Nobel Chemicals Pte Ltd
Akzo Nobel Paints (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Alcyon Creations Pte Ltd
Alfachem & Industries
All Seas Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Allandes Supercoat Pte Ltd
Alpha Omega Coatings Pte Ltd
Alpine Motors Pte Ltd
Alson Marketing
Aluzinc Asia Pte Ltd
Am Paint Specialists Pte Ltd
Amarna Pte.Ltd.
Anergy Building Services Pte Ltd
Apex International (S) Pte Ltd
Approved Chemicals (S E A) Pte Ltd
Aprima (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Arch Chemicals Coatings Singapore Pte Ltd
Art and Crafts
Art Friend (BBC) Pte. Ltd.
Art N I
Art Zone Pte Ltd
Arty Art Gallery
Ash Marine Pte Ltd
Asia Auction Pte Ltd
Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Asia Paint International Pte Ltd
Astic Scientic Technology
ATC Painting & Trading Pte Ltd
Atc Painting Specialist
Athens Restaurant
Austin Energy (Asia) Pte Ltd
Autrim International Trading
Beschem Global Products
Causeway Paints Pte Ltd
Champ-Way Catering Services 

Chin Leong (CLP) Corporation Pte Ltd
Chin Wah (Paints) Pte Ltd
Choo Lip Paint Trading Co
Chuan Hong Paints & Hardware Trading
Chye Seng Paints & Hardware Co
Colorland Paint Centre Pte Ltd
Everpaint Co
Glennah Trading
Guan Hock Hin Enterprise Co
Hak Chon (Paints) Trading Pte Ltd
Hiap Soon Heng & Co
Hin Hoe Paints Supplier & General Contractors
Hock Lee Seng Paints Co
Hua Seng Co Pte Ltd
Hwa Tat Paint Co
Jd (Far East) Pte. Ltd.
Kansai Paint Asia Pte Ltd
Kason Hardware
KCC (S) Pte Ltd
Koh Leong Paint Trading Co
Koni Trading Pte Ltd
Lam Seng Heng Paints Pte Ltd
Lee Asia Enterprises
Lian Seng Paints Co
Lian Tat Trading Co
Loh & Sons Paint Co (S) Pte Ltd
Loong Chuan Paint Dealers
Nipsea Technologies Pte. Ltd.
OKM Paints & Hardware
Paintmart Pte Ltd
Poh Guan Hin Trading Co
Quali-Tech Industries Pte Ltd
Sai Sia (Paints) Co
Sai Tow Paints
Samroc Paint & Hardware Supply
Seng Fong Paints Pte Ltd
Sentry Co Pte Ltd
Sin Soon Aik Paints Pte Ltd
Sin Teck Seng Pte Ltd
Sin Wah Paints Pte Ltd
Soon Hin Lee Trading Co
Soon Hua Paint & Hardware
Sparco Paints (S) Pte Ltd
Stardust Trading Co
Targo Trading
Tat Fong Paint Trading
Thiam Joo Pte Ltd
Tian Yu Paint Dealers Pte Ltd
Tiong Hoe Co
Tong Seng Paint Industry & Trading
Tuck Soon Huat Harware & Trading Pte Ltd
Uro Polymers (S) Pte Ltd
Waldec Coatings (S) Pte Ltd
Wee Wah & Co
Weili Paints & Hardware Trading
Wingard Paint Dealers Pte Ltd
Winly Paints Pte Ltd
Zhen Lacquer Gallery
Singapore Paint Products
Acrylic Color Paints, Acrylic Emulsions, Acrylic Epoxy Coatings, Acrylic Exterior Satin, Acrylic Exterior Wall Paints, Acrylic Flat Latex House Paints, Acrylic Gloss Enamels, Acrylic Latex Paints, Acrylic Masonry Primers, Acrylic Masonry Sealers, Acrylic Matte Finish, Acrylic Metal Primers, Acrylic Paints, Acrylic Pearl Finish, Acrylic Polyurethane High Gloss, Acrylic Semi-Gloss Finishes, Acrylic Solid Deck Stain, Acrylic Urethane Gloss, Acrylics Powder Coating, Aerosol Paints, Aging-Resistant Paint, Air Paint Spray Guns, Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane Gloss, Aliphatic Urethane Thinners, Alkali Resistant Priming Paints, Alkyd Calcimine Recoaters, Alkyd Coatings, Alkyd Eggshell, Alkyd Enamel Underbody, Alkyd Exterior Primers, Alkyd Gloss Enamel, Alkyd Low Lustre Enamels, Alkyd Masonry Sealer, Alkyd Metal Primers, Alkyd Primers, Alkyd Semi Gloss, Alkyd Semi Solid Stains, Alkyd Semi- Gloss Enamel, Alkyd Solid Siding Stains, Alkyd Transparent Stains, All Purpose Alkyd Primers, All Seasons Epoxy Mastic Coating, Alloy Primers, Animal Mark Spray Paints, Anti-Corrosion Spray Paints, Anticorrosive Paints, Antifire Paints, Antique Silver Paints, Anti-Rust Paints, Anti-Slip Paints, Anti-Slip Latex Coatings, Anti-Sun Heat-Insulation Paints, Aromatic Thinners, Art Coating Paints, Art Materials, Artist Brushes, Artist Paint Kits, Artists Paints, Auto Paints, Auto Paint Sealants, Barium Sulfate, Body Paints, Bonding Primers, Bottom Spray Paints, Bubble Paints, Camouflage Face Paints, Ceiling Paints, Chalkboard Paints, Chemical Resistant Coatings, Chlorinated Rubber Coatings, Chrome Aerosol Paints, Chrome Effect Aerosol Paints, Chrome Spray Paints, Clear Acrylic Sealers, Clear Coatings, Coal Tar Epoxy, Colour Powder Paints, Concrete Stains, Concrete Waterproofing Sealers, Crackle Paint For Wood, Crylic Aerosol Paints, Decorating Tools, Decorative Powder Coatings, Eggshell Enamel, Eggshell Finish, Elastic Exterior Emulsion Paints, Elastomeric Paint, Electric Paint Rollers, Emulsion Paints, Enamel Undercoater & Primers, Environmentally Friendly Paints, Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Concrete Paint Coatings, Epoxy Ester Gloss Enamels, Epoxy Gloss Coatings, Epoxy Mastic Coatings, Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Primers, Epoxy Thinners, Epoxy- Polyester, Exterior Finishes, Exterior Latex Flat Finish, Exterior Wall Paints, Fabric Paints, Face Paint Crayons, Face Paints, Face Spray Paints, Fast Dry Epoxy Floor Sealers, Fast Drying Primers, Finger Paints, Fire Retardant Paints, Fireproof Coatings, Fishing Rod Varnishes, Flat Finish, Floor Paints, Fluorescent Aerosol Paints, Fluorine Carbon Coatings, Fluorocarbon Paints, Glaze Stains, Glitter Effect Paints, Gloss And Hardener Enhancers, Glow In The Dark Paints, Glow Paints, Gold Color Paints, Gold Paints, Golden Aerosol Spray Paints, Hammer Finish Aerosol Paints, Hardwood Finish, Heat Exchange Paints, Heat Reflective Paints, Heat Resistant Aerosol Paints, Heat Resistant Coatings, High Gloss Metal & Wood Enamel, High Heat Durable Spray Paints, House Interior Emulsion Paints, House Paints, Industrial Coatings, Interior Emulsion Paints, Interior Finishes, Interior Latex Primers, Interior Primers, Interior Resin Emulsion Paints, Interior Wall Paints, Interior Wood Conditioners, Interior Wood Finishes, Kids' Art Painting Sets, Lacquer Primers, Lacquer Spray Paints, Latex Block Fillers, Latex Coatings, Latex Eggshell Enamel, Latex Enamel Undercoater & Primers, Latex Exterior Primers, Latex Field Marking Paints, Latex Fire Retardant Coatings, Latex Flat Finish, Latex Floor & Patio Enamels, Latex Glazes, Latex House Paint, Latex Pearl Finish, Latex Primer Sealers, Latex Semi-Gloss, Latex Texture, Line Marking Aerosol Spray Paints, Line Marking Paints, Low Cure Epoxy Mastic Coatings, Low Lustre Latex House Paints, Masonry Sealers, Master Batches, Matt Paints, Matte Auto Paints, Matte Finish, Metal Primers, Metallic Color Coatings, Metallic Glazes, Metallic Spray Paints, Mirror Face Varnish, Moisture Proof Paints, Mould Proof Paints, Multi-Color Powder Coatings, Nail Paints,
Nano Paints, Negative Ion Paints, Nitro Paints, Non-Poison Paints, Non-Toxic Body Paints, Oil & Grease Emulsifier, Oil Base Acrylic Exterior Paints, Oil Paints, Paint Brushes, Paint Cone Strainers, Paint For Kitchens And Baths, Paint Mats, Paint Mixing Kettles, Paint Remover, Paint Rollers, Paint Roller Brush, Paint Scrapers, Paint Sets, Paint Tanks, Painting Materials, Painting Products, Pe Powder Coating, Peacock Blue Stains, Penetrating Alkyd Primers, Photoluminescent Paints, Piano Paints, Pigments, Plastic Pigmentation, Polyamide Epoxy Gloss Coatings, Polyamide Epoxy Metal Primers, Polyester Powder Coatings, Polyurethane Finish Flat, Polyurethane Finish High Gloss, Polyurethane Finish Low Lustre, Polyurethane Powder Coatings, Polyurethane Resin Coatings, Polyurethane Wood Stains, Poster Colors In Aluminum Tubes, Premium Interior Primers, Primer Paints, Primers, Pu Clear Wood Varnish, Pu Paint And Color Pastes, Puffy Paint, Pure Epoxy Powder Coatings, Pure Polyester Powder Coatings, Quick Dry Sanding Sealers, Rapid Dry Aluminum Enamels, Rapid Dry Gloss Enamels, Retarder Solvents, Road Marking Paints, Robotic Spray Systems, Rubber Paint Rollers, Rubber Resin Paints, Rust Converter Coatings, Safety & Zone Marking Latex, Sanding Sealers, Satin Finish Enamel, Sealer Paint, Self-Leveling Floor Paints, Semigloss Enamel, Shellac, Shop-Coat Alkyd Metal Primers, Silicone Based Paint Additives, Silk Paints, Silver Paints, Solid Epoxy Coatings, Solvent For Oil Paints, Spar Varnish, Special Coatings, Specialty Paints, Sponge Paint, Sponge Paint Rollers, Spray Guns, Spray Latex Flat, Spray Latex Semi-Gloss, Spraying Machines, Stain Blocking Primers, Stained Glass Paints, Stucco Marble Paints, Styrene Acrylic Emulsion, Super Grade Varnish, Swimming Pool Paint, Synthetic Distemper, Tempera Paints, Texture Powder Coatings, Thinners, Turquoise Blue Stains, Ultramarine Blue Pigments, Ultraviolet Radiation Resistant Paints, Universal Colourants, Universal Metal Primers, Universal Stainers, Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamels, Urethane Coatings, Urethane Gloss Finish, Uv Lacquers, Water Base Interior Paints, Water Based Spray Paints, Water Based Wood Paints, Water Color Paints, Water Colors, Water-Based Lacquers, Watercolor Paint Sets, Waterproof Coatings, Waterproofers, Weatherproof Aluminum Paints, White Acrylic Paints, Window Paints, Wood Conditioners, Wood Grain Fillers, Wood Paints, Wood Primers, Wood Protection Paints, Zinc Paints, Zinc Spray Paints

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