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CEL Coatings Industries Pte Ltd - Zinc Plating, Chemical Polish, Ultrasonic Wash, Electroless Nickel, Passivation


CEL Coatings Industries Pte Ltd
Address: 16, Benoi Place
Singapore 629934
Tel: (65) 6861-7155
Fax: (65) 6862-3386
Categories: Zinc Plating, Chemical Polish, Ultrasonic Wash, Electroless Nickel, Passivation
Company Profile: CEL Coatings is a provider of surface finishing services and innovative surface engineering solutions to the data storage, electronic, telecommunication, beauty, medical and automotive industries
CEL Coatings is a provider of surface finishing services and innovative surface engineering solutions to the data storage, electronic, telecommunication, beauty, medical and automotive industries.
Our production lines are completely automated to ensure consistent quality and reliability on all our finished surfaces. The ability to produce large volume of quality finishing at competitive pricing allow our customers to reap maximum economic value from our services.

CP is a reverse plating technique, which entails the use of a special chemical solution to remove surface imperfections and contaminants from metal components. Our CP + EN lines are fully-automated to ensure consistency in quality.

We provide chemical polishing (CP) services for stainless steel or mild steel components for functional or decorative purposes.

We have Electroless Nickel (EN) plating processes that are ROHS and non-ROHS compliant.

Our EN (mid-P or high-P)are applicable on:
- Kovar Steel
- Cold-Rolled Steel
- Aluminum
- Stainless Steel

Special finishing requirements such as Gold on EN or lead, cadmium and chromium free EN are also available.

Free iron corrodes easily. Without passivation, iron or iron oxide exists on the surface of stainless steel. When any machining or fabrication operations are performed, the condition is worsened. Aside from iron being deposited by tooling, it is also being entrapped underneath the skin created by the mechanical operation. In the metal industry this surface impregnated steel is referred to as "free iron".

Our Passivation line is capable of producing over 100,000 pieces of HDD covers/components per day.

Our zinc process uses environmentally friendly cyanide-free alkaline zinc baths. The fully automatic zinc-rack line allows us to fulfill a variety of our customers coating requirements such as blue, yellow and black zinc.

As a reliable process requiring very few additives, it is perfect for universal use. The electrolyte contains no complexing agents and the low metal concentration makes our waste water disposal simple and economical.

This new generation process is characterized by outstanding coating thickness distribution, high brightness and ductile coatings. Minimum coating thickness - particularly in the low current density range - is rapidly achieved. Productivity is increased by its excellent throwing power allowing us to put more parts on the racks. Therefore it is well suited for plating complex shaped components.

In order to get our components ultra clean, we utilize ultrasonic cleaning, which involves the use of high-frequency sound waves, to remove a variety of contaminants from parts immersed in aqueous media. The contamination can be dirt, oil, grease, buffing/polishing compounds and mold release agents, just to name a few.

Ultrasonic cleaning is powerful enough to remove tough contaminants yet gentle enough not to damage the substrate. It provides excellent penetration and cleaning in the smallest crevices and between tightly spaced parts in a cleaning tank.

Pressure waves generated by high-frequency sound waves create micron-size bubbles in the aqueous cleaning solution.

The use of ultrasonics in our cleaning, an immersion cleaning technology rather than solvent-based vapor degreasing, is also part of our environmental effort to stop contributing chloroflourocarbons such as 1,1,1-trichloroethane into the atmosphere

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