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Singapore Abrasives

We have a comprehensive contact list of Singapore abrasive companies, Singapore abrasive manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and hardware retail stores. These companies supply abrasive products such as abrasives that are used to remove surface materials for example metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, and paint. Abrasives and abrasive products that are available include discs, belts, blast machines and sandblasters, as well as sheets, rolls, and abrasive hand pads.

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Featured Singapore Abrasives Suppliers List
Accord Corporation Pte Ltd Accord Corporation is a leading supplier of abrasive materials for Singapore and Asian overseas market. We manufacture our own flapwheels and of top quality brands. We supplied mainly to stainless steel or aluminium fabricators. We also supplied polishing machines for final finishing.
Products : Flap Wheels, Sandbelts, Sisal Cotton Buffs, Polishing Compounds, Polishing Machines, Jewellery Polishing Cloths, Flap Disc, Microfinishing Machines, Non Woven Products.
Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Abrasives Supplier of Blasting Machines, Blasting Services, Almen Strips, Aluminium Oxide, Maintenance, Shop Fabrication, Painting, Grit Blasting
Abrasive Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Abrasives Manufacturer and Industrial supplies of Diamond Tools, Diamond Abrasives, Automotive Abrasives, Bearings, Ceramics, Composites, Tools & Dies, General Industrial Abrasives, Ferrite, Friction, CV Joint, Glass Fabrication.
Additech Industrial Services & Supplies Pte Ltd Singapore Abrasives Company Suppliers of Blasting Materials, Metal Abrasives, Metal Finishers Equipment Metal Finishers Supplies
Advance Surface Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Abrasives Company Blasting Contractors, Suppliers of Abrasives, Abrasive Grit, Shot
Blue Power Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Welding Products, Industrial Gases, Safety Equipment, Welding & Cutting Equipment, Welding Consumables, Welding Accessories, Pipe-Related Equipment, CNC Cutting Systems, Abrasives & Tools
Blastech Abrasives Pte Ltd Products: Auto Machine Blasting, Chamber Manual Blasting, Site Blasting, Painting, Thermal Spray Coating (Wire Metalizing) Copper Slag, Garnet, Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Abrasives Tools
Cerium Technology (S) Pte Ltd Singapore distributor, manufacturer of high-grade Optical Products, Abrasive Pads, Polishing Pads, Surfacing Products, Glazing Products, Optical product machinery, Pad guides
Chang Fong Overseas Enterprises (Pte) Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Chemicals, Solvents, Refrigerants, Polyurethane, Flexible Foams, Cleaning Detergents, Plasticizers, PVC Additives, Lubricants, Abrasive Stones, Diamond Tools, Chlorinated Solvents, Fluorocarbon Solvents
Chop Aik Hong Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Trading Company Suppliers of Hardware, Hand Tools, Garden Tools, Sanitary Wares, Building Materials, Construction Materials. Importers & exporters of hardware, hand tools, garden tools, sanitary wares, Abrasives, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools,
Exbrite Private Limited Exbrite specialises in the manufacturing of light machinery (electrical pneumatic) , diamond tools (sintered & electroplating) diamond abrasive working tools for the stone-working sector, basically for the granite, marble & ceramic extraction, processing, installation & restoration sectors. We are able to supply standard products like diamond cutting dics, wet or dry polishing pads, grinding wheels or Edging wheels (velcro or snail lock) , profile wheel for Master 3000, 3500, Ghines, Stinger. We are also able to provide very specialized tools like calibrsting rollers, diamond wires, diamond segments for grang saw and block cutter, diamond tools for C. N. C machinery.
Pan Abrasives Group The Pan Abrasives Group has played a leading role in the surface preparation industry since 1954. We offer a complete range of surface preparation products and services worldwide. Manufacture and distribution of extensive range of products and equipment for the surface preparation industries. Selection includes abrasives, finishing media, blasting equipment, vibratory bowls, and centrifugal barrel machines. Our range of products include abrasives, abrasive blasting or shot peening equipment, accessories and replacement parts, consumables, finishing media, chemical compounds and mass finishing equipment.
Sabre Tools And Abrasives We are a Singapore company specializing in AIT tools and conversion of abrasives. Products available are; Double Zirconia Flap Disc, Coated Nylon abrasives wheel. We also distribute automotive polish, foam and wool pad and air tools.
T.E.Abrasive & Tools Marketing We are agent for foreign manufacturers for glass related tools and machineries in S. East Asia. Construction & Decoration, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Service, Tools & Hardware
Singapore Abrasives Companies Directory A-Z
Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd
Abrasive Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Accord Corporation Pte Ltd
Accord Impex Pte Ltd
Addiplex Industrial Services & Supplies Pte Ltd
Advance Surface Industries Pte Ltd
Axiom Enterprise Pte Ltd
Blastwell Pte Ltd
Clemco International GMBH
D-M-E Engineering Pte Ltd
Disco Hi-Tec (S) Pte Ltd
Durasiv Far East Pte Ltd
Dyna-M Industrial Supplies Company
Ekamant Asia Pte Ltd
Everbrite Industries Supplies Company
Hardware & Engineering Services
Hermes Abrasives Pte Ltd
Hexza (S) Pte Ltd
In-Spec Corporation Pte Ltd
Kemet Far East Pte Ltd
Klingspor Pte Ltd
KWH Mirka Ltd
L.D.F. Abrasive Company (S) Pte. Ltd.
Leong Bee & Soo Bee Trading Pte Ltd
Liberchem Enterprise Pte Ltd
Mass Technologies Pte Ltd
Parmadar Pte Ltd
Petromate Hardware & Engineering Company
SA-Koyo Pte Ltd
Saint-Gobain Abrasives (S) Pte Ltd
Shoko Trading Singapore Pte Ltd
SMA Industrial Services
Tuff Industries (S) Pte Ltd
United CBA (S) Pte Ltd
Wheeler Industrial Supplies Company
Singapore Abrasives Products

Abrasive Blast Cleaning Equipment, Abrasive Bristle Rollers, Abrasive Cloths, Abrasive Fiber, Abrasive Pads, Abrasive Papers, Abrasive Tools, Air Grinders, Aluminum Oxide Emery Cloth, Black Silicon Carbide, Bonded Abrasives, Brush Sanders, Buff Wheels, Cast Steel Grit, Cast Steel Shot, Coated Abrasive Papers, Convex Polishing Pads, Cubic Boron Nitride, Cut Off Wheels, Cut Wire Shot, Cutting Discs, Depressed Center Wheels, Diamond Abrasive Tools, Diamond Blades, Diamond Core Drills, Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Tools, Diamond Wheel Resin, Dish Grinding Wheels, Double-Sided Conic Recessed Grinding Wheels, Dry Polishing Pads, Edge Belt Polishers, Edge Polishing Wheels, Electric Hand Sanders, Electric Hand Planers, Exbrite Diamond Abrasives, Fiber Discs, Fiber Grinding Discs, Fibreglass Reinforced Cutting Wheels, Flat Dish Grinding Wheels, Floor Discs, Floor Pads, Glass Diamond Tools, Green Silicon Carbide, Grinding and Snagging Wheels, Grinding Annular Wheels, Grinding Coated Abrasives, Grinding Conic Profile Wheels, Grinding Covers, Grinding Recessed Wheels, Grinding Segments, Grinding Stones, Grinding Wheels, Hand Pads, Hand Portable Grinders, Hand-Held Electric Polishing Tools, Hercules Blades, Honing Grinding Wheels, Hydrosonic Diamond Wire & Segments, Material Abrasives, Metal Ceramica Pads, Metal Abrasives, Metal Coated Diamonds, Metal Grinding, Metal Polishing Pads, Micron Powder of Diamond, Mounted Point Grinding Wheels, Mounted Wheels, Non-Woven Abrasive Products, Non-Woven Abrasive Wheels, Oil Stones, Orbital Sanders, Pink Aluminum Oxide, Polishing Brush Rollers, Polishing Pads, Polishing Rollers, Polishing Sheets, Polishing Wheels, Polycrystalline Diamonds, Portable Grinders, PSA Discs, Rectangular Grinding Stones, Replaceable Stripped Ms Wheels, Resin Ceramica Pads, Resin Dry Polishing Pads, Resin Polishing Pads, Resin-Bonded Reinforced Grinding Wheels, Rough Deburring, Round Grinding Stones, Rubber Grinding Wheels, Sand Cloths, Sand Papers, Sanding Papers, Scouring Pads with Sponge, Segment Cup Wheels, Segmented Edge Wheels, Segmented Triangle Floor Discs, Self-Adhesive Abrasive Discs, Silicon Carbide Waterproof Abrasive Papers, Special Grinding Stones, Special Segments, Square Grinding Stones, Steel Cut Wire Shot, Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Stone Polishng Tools, Straight And Centerless Grinding Wheels, Superabrasives, Surfacing Tools, Synthetic Diamonds, Three-Edged Grinding Stones, Tool Grinding, Trapezoidal Grinding Segments, Triangle Floor Discs, Triangle Pads, Turbo Polishing Pads, Turbo Sandblaster, Velcro Backed Discs, Velcro Backed Polishing Pads, Velour-Backed Discs, Vitrified Ceramica Pads, Waterproof Abrasive Cloths, Waterproof Abrasive Papers, Wet and Dry Abrasive Papers, Wet Polishing Pads, White Aluminum Oxide, Zinc-Stearate Papers


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