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Singapore Pipes, Piping Companies List

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Singapore Pipes, Piping Companies List
Singapore Pipe Companies, Singapore Pipe Manufacturers produce many different types of piping products. Plastic pipes, metal pipes, steel pipes, aluminium pipes, brass pipes, copper pipes as well as smaller quantities of pipes made from other materials like clay and concrete that are used almost exclusively for local use in drainage projects or in the construction industry.

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Featured Singapore Piping Pipes Companies List
A J K Enterprise Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors and suppliers of building materials, construction materials and construction equipment: Metal Scaffolding, Frame Systems, Steel Pipes, Shoring Systems
ACI Xinxing Industries (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company, Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Polyurethane, Epoxy Coatings, Ductile Iron Pipes, Iron Pipe Fittings, Industrial Paints, Internal And External Polyurethane Coating, Internal And External Epoxy Coating, Ductile Iron Flange Adapters, Flexible Couplings
Agru Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings Pipe, Manufacturers, Pipe Wholesalers, Pipe Distributors
Agru Plastics (S.E.A) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Plastic Pipes, Plastic Pipe Fittings, Plastic Pipe Manufacturers, Plastic Pipe Wholesalers, Plastic Pipe Distributors
Aik Hock Industrial Pte Ltd Singapore Pipes Company Suppliers of  PVC Pipes, Plastic Pipe Fittings Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, PVC Pipes Manufacturers, PVC Pipes Wholesalers, PVC Pipes Distributors
Aircon Materials Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Air Conditioning Contractors Suppliers of Insulation, Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Conditioner Supplies, Air Conditioner Services, Insulation, Copper Pipes, Aircon Equipment, Airconditioner Spare Parts
AJ Construction & Transportation Pte Ltd Singapore Construction Management Company, Civil Engineering, Cabling, Pipe Laying, Cable Laying, Road Reinstatement, Road Works
AK Steel Pipes And Fittings Manufacturing Ltd Singapore Pipes Company Suppliers of Pipes, Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings, Excellent Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings, Carbon Steel Butt Weld Pipe Fittings, Astm B16.9 Elbow Reducer Cap Bend Tee, Butt Weld Pipe Fitting, Carbon Steel Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Butt Weld Fittings
Alano International Engineering (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Adhesives, Glues, Sealants, GRE Pipeline systems, Adhesives for all heavy industry
Alstern Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Pipeline Company, Leak Repair Products, Corrosion Control Chemicals, Corrosion Repair Products, Leak Sealing Products, Industrial Supplies, Pipe Freezing, Hot Tapping, Line Stopping & By-pass, Tie-in Project Management, Shrink Fitting, Laser Alignment, Consultancy Services, Environmental Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing, Thickness Measurement, Flow Measurement, Clamshell Pipe Lathes, Bore Mount End Prep Machines, Bore Mount Flange Face Machines, OD-Mount Flange Face Machines, Vessel Grinding Machines, Vessel Girth Cutters, Heat Exchanger Tube Puller System, Tube Cleaning System, Torque Rolling Motors, Expanders, GF Cutters, Line Boring Machines, Portable Milling Machines, Portable Lathes, Hydraulic Torque Equipment
APCI Singapore Singapore based company with offices in the USA, Thailand, Japan and Jakarta specialising in the commodity market worldwide. We sell primarily Copper Cathodes, Valves, Pipe Fittings.
Arcelor International Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of high tensile structural steel material like High tensile seamless pipes, high tensile plates, high tensile beams, saw tubulars, seamless pipes, plates, merchant bar for the oil and gas company and fabricators in the Asia Pacific region.
Asia Ductile Cast Iron Foundry Pte Ltd Singapore Cast Iron Foundry Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings. We are one of leading manufacturers and suppliers of Ductile Iron products, Cast Iron products, under the approved and established brand of "ASIA".
Asia Qualitech Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Services Company, Pipe Bending, Pipe Fabricating, Pipe Manufacturers
B-Tat Builders (Pte) Limited Singapore Civil Engineering Company, Cables, Pipe Laying, Underground Pipeline for Telecommunications, Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Building Materials, Construction Materials
Bace Resources Pte Ltd Singapore Pipes Company Suppliers of Pipe Fittings, Pipes, Building Materials, Construction Materials
Beckham Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Equipment Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services
Best Home Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Conditioning Supplies, Air Conditioner Contractors, Mechanical Engineers, Air Conditioning Systems & Equipments, Supplies, Installation & Contracting Works Refrigeration Work, Fabrication & Pre-Insulated (PU) Pipes & Jacketing. Electrical, Engineering & General Works. Ducting & Mechanical Ventilation Works
Bioflex Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Equipment Company Suppliers of Filters, Filtration Systems, Orbital Welding Equipment, Flanges, Pipings, Valves, Clean Room Equipment. Our product line is intended to satisfy the needs of the Dairy, Food Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Chemical Processing industries for high quality filtration needs.
BSK Membrane Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Contractors Suppliers of Process Drain Piping Systems, UV System Piping, Raw water pumps piping, Automatic filter piping, Ion Exchange column piping, tank internal piping, Ion Exchange regeneration system piping, Gas Transfer membrane piping, Vacuum system piping, Process Cooling Water Systems, Process Vacuum Systems, Chemical Tanks, Skid Fabrication, Chiller Plant Room Piping, Cooling Tower Piping, Chill Water Piping, A/C Equipment Installation, Chill Water Piping, Site Foaming Works
Bulk Trade Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Marine Supplies, Steel Gratings, Pipes & Tubes, Steel plates, ship plates, steel profiles including bulb flats, inverted angles and angle bars, ERW, SAW and seamless pipes, galvanized iron pipes and pipe fittings, Stainless steel sheets, Floor gratings, chequered plates, Deformed bars, Tin and zinc ingots, Copper rods and wire, welding cables, Aluminium sheets and profiles, Aluminium circles and ingots, Copper slag, Aircraft towing tractors, Ro-ro terminal tractors, Yard shunters, Aircraft boarding stairs, Aircraft refuellers, Ground Support Equipment, Construction equipment, used machinery, Glass moulds, Generating sets, transformers, electrical cables, Batteries, Lighting poles, Marine equipment, Industrial Chemicals and Solvents, Oil spill dispersants, Pesticides and Fertilizers, Diesel oil, bunker oil, LPG, Oxygen, CO2, industrial gases, PVC Resin, Alkyd Resin, Synthetic Latex, Woven Bags, PE Bags, Plastic Ropes, Recycled Plastic Materials
Candid Marine Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Ship Building Company, Ship Conversion, Ship Repairing, Mechanical Piping and Steel Structural and Piping Fabrication. Installation of exceptionally large and massive steel material for the main structure e.g. hull and rig construction
CCG Cable Terminations South East Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturing, distribution, warehousing & trading of pipes & accessories of oil related products. Industrial Glands, Junction Boxes, Adaptors, Reducers and Plugs, CCG Accessories and Tools, Shrouds, Earth Tags, Terminal Connectors, Lock Nuts, Sealing Gaskets, Wire Bending Tools, Hex Spanners, "C" Spanners
Cerana Pte Ltd Singapore Building Materials Company Suppliers of Vitrified Clay Drain Pipes, Sanitary Pipes, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Clay Pipes
Chan Lam Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Civil Engineering Consultants, Civil Engineers, Building Design Services, Architectural Services, Gas Equipment, Gas Pipeline Installation, Pipeline Contractors, Pipeline Equipment
Chan Weng Wah Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Plumbers, Plumbing Contractors, Sanitary Works, Clamp Joints, Metal Products, Steel Pipe Fittings. Sanitary-related construction, planning and plumbing of both residential and commercial properties.
Chee Cheng Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Piping Systems, Compressed Air Pipework, Builders Tools, Engineering Services, Prefabricated Insulated Piping Systems, Engineering Services, Fabricated Structures, Metal Products, Mobile Partitioning
Chee Sheng Fibreglass Product Co Pte Ltd Singapore Fibre Glass Fabricators, Fibreglass Manufacturers, Chemical Fume Scrubber Systems, Chemical Storage Tanks, Effluent Treatment Tanks, Plate Clarifier Tanks, Activated Carbon Tanks, CFI Tanks, Sludge Thickener, Food Processing Tanks and Water Storage Tanks, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Fire-Retardant Boxes, Translucent Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Ducting Hoods, Pipes and Fittings, Fish Ponds & Fish Tanks, Biological Treatment Systems
CHOP Kah Lam Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Engineering Company Suppliers of Hardware, Pipe Bending, Pipe Fabricating, Pipes, Pipe Fittings. Providing a wide range of engineering products by means of conventional and advanced machining processes.
Chuan Engineering (Pte) Ltd Singapore Steel Fabricators, Engineers, Engineering Contractors, Building Construction, Mechanical Engineering Works. Provides engineering services to semiconductor, wafer fabrication and related industries. Our services include maintenance, pipes & equipment hook-ups, servicing & repair and fabrication of process-flow
Chuan Hock Hardware Co Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies
Chuan Hup Huat Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Rubber Hoses, Rubber Tubing, Rubber Castors, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Hose & Tubing-Rubber Castors
Chuan Joo Hardware Co Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Steel Pipes, Steel Tubes, Hose Fittings, Metal Products, Fabricated Structures, Iron, Metal Products, Metals, Pipes, Tubes, Hose Fittings, Pipe Accessories, Pipe Fittings, Pulleys, Steel Bars, Steel Channels, Steel Products, Steel Rods
Chuan Kiat Metal & Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Marine Supplies, Hardware, Pipes, Tubes, Steel Grating, Building Supplie, Metal & Mineral Wholesalers, Mild Steel Plate, M.S. Chequered Plates, Bulb Plate, Electro-Galvanised Sheet, COld Roler Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet & Galvanizied Serrated Gratings
Chuan Kok Hardware & Machinery Pte Ltd Singapore Hardware Company Suppliers of Marine Supplies, Hardware, Hoses, Couplings, Nozzles, Hydraulic Systems, Pipe Clamps, Pipe Fittings Copper Fittings DIN Fittings Forged Pipe Fittings JIC Fittings Twin Ferrule Fittings Flanges, SAE Flanges Square Flanges Tubes, Copper Tubes Hydraulic Steel Tubes Stainless Steel Tubes Pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes Valves, Ball Valves High Pressure Ball Valves Low Pressure Check Valves Needle Valves SAE Flange Ball Valves
Chuan Kok Trading Company

Singapore Hardware Trading Company Suppliers of Hydraulic Equipment Supplies, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Marine Supplies, Pipe Clamps, Fittings, Copper Fittings, Hydraulic Steel Tubes, Stainless Steel Pipes, Valves, Ball Valves, High Pressure Valves

Chuan Seng Heng Hardware & Engineering Co Pte Ltd Singapore Ship Repairers, Marine Services, Hardware, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Construction hardware; Suppliers of all Kinds of Hardware Building Materials & API Pipes
Chuan Leong Metalimpex Co (Pte) Ltd Singapore Trader & Stockist of Steel Materials Iron, Metal Products, Metals, Pipes, Tubes, Hose Fittings, Pipe Accessories, Pipe Fittings, Pulleys, Steel Bars, Steel Channels, Steel Products, Steel Rods, Steel Sheets, Steel Bars, Steel Beams, Steel Channels, Metal, Steel, Rubber Supplies, Pipes, Tubes, Steel Grating
Chung Shan Plastics Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastic Pipes, PVC Piping, PVC Cable Conduit Pipe, uPVC Doors, Plastic Electrical Products
Chye Hin Hardware Pte Ltd Singapore stockist, importer & exporter for Structural and Mild Steel Products. Universal Beams and Columns, Light Beams and Joists, Bearing Piles, Steel Piles, Sheet Piles, Seamless Pipes, Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Circular Steel Tubes, Welded Steel Pipes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Plain Channels, Lipped Channel, Galvanised Serrated Gratings, Expanded Metals, Square Bars, Carbon Steel Bars, Stainless Steel Products, Stainless Steel Sheets & Plates, Stainless Steel Angles & Flats, Stainless Steel Round Bars, Stainless Steel Welded Channels, Stainless Steel Welded Tubing, Stainless Steel Pipes
D'zign Spectrum & Contracts Singapore Interior Design Consultancy, Interior Designers, Interior Planners, Office Furnishings, Office Furniture Installation, Office Refurbishment Contractors, Pipeline Maintenance, Pipeline Repair, Renovation Contractors
F T Services (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Company Suppliers of Marine Repairs, Marine Equipment, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Metal Products, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Fabricated Structures, Fabricating Services, Fabricators, Steel Products, Trading Company, Pipe Repair Products, Emergency Boat Leak Products, Engineering Products, Stainless Steel Hose Clips
Oakwell Engineering Ltd Singapore Offshore Supplies Trading Company Suppliers of Marine Equipment, Air Blowers, Marine & Offshore Cables, Compressor-Air, Compressor-Gas, Condition Monitoring Products, Electrical Heaters, Temperature Control Solutions, Filters, Fire Protection & Safety Equipment, Grout Seals and Diaphragms, Heat Recovering Equipment, Heat Tracing, HVAC, Identity Security Systems, Lighting, Marine Aids, Material Handling Equipment, Nitrogen Generators, Piping, Pumps, Slip Rings, Strainers, Touch Monitors, Vacuum Equipment, Valves, Vessels
Chye Khiang Seng & Co (Pte) Ltd Singapore Marine Supplies Company Suppliers of Rope, Twine, Polyethylene Nets, Nylon Monofilament Nets, Pvc Spring Hoses, High Pressure Hoses, Diesel Engine, Generators and Motors
Singapore Pipe Companies Directory A-Z

A & Best Aluminium Construction
A B S Model (S) Pte Ltd
A Decor Inc Pte. Ltd.
A E Hydraulic Pte Ltd
A Grade Aluminium & Metal Pte. Ltd.
A J K Enterprise Pte Ltd
A's Associates Pte Ltd
A-Marine & Engineering Pte Ltd
Aa International Insurance Agency
AAL Grow Marine and Industrial Services Pte
AAL Right Engineering Pte Ltd
AAL Tech Marine and Industrial Engineering Pte
Aaron Lym Trading Co
Abacus Corporation Pte Ltd
Aban Singapore Pte.Ltd
Able Aluminium & Construction
Able Hydraulic & Industrial Supply
Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd
Absotech Pte Ltd
Abv Engineering (Pte) Ltd
Aca Engineering Pte Ltd
Acacia Engineering Pte Ltd
Achieve Aluminium Contractor
ACI Xinxing Industries (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Acme Aluminium Industries Pte Ltd
Acronman Electronics
Actuant Asia Pte Ltd
Addmin Metal Pte Ltd
Adecco Engineering Pte Ltd
Adiwarna Industries Pte Ltd
Adroit Silkscreen Printer
Adtis (S) Pte Ltd
Advance Aluminium & Construction
Advance Combination Systems Pte Ltd
Aedge Holdings Pte Ltd
Aedge Technologies Pte Ltd
Aei Corporation Ltd
Aerostar Corporation Pte Ltd
Agrotec Interimex Trading Pte Ltd
Agru Asia Pte Ltd
Agru Plastics (S.E.A) Pte Ltd
Ah Boon Civil Engineering & Building Contractor
Ai Buck Engineering Co
Aik Hock Industrial Pte Ltd
Aircon Materials Asia Pte Ltd
Airfoil Technologies International - Singapore
AJ Construction & Transportation Pte Ltd
AK Steel Pipes And Fittings Manufacturing Ltd
Akoh Welfit Engineering Pte Ltd
Al Fresco Elite System Pte Ltd
Al-Zon Aluminium Pte Ltd
Alano International Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Alcan Rosrchach Sg
Alcon Aluminium & Trading
Alfem Engineering Consultancy Pte Ltd
Allwares Pte Ltd
Allwin Hardware & Plastic Meg Pte Ltd
Almate & Associates Pte Ltd
Alpha Justin Metals Pte Ltd
Alpha Omega Coatings Pte Ltd
Alstern Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
Altas Singapore Pte Ltd
Altasa Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Altech Aluminium And Interior Design
Alton Glass & Aluminium Construction Pte Ltd
Alu-Metal Singapore Pte Ltd
Alumcoat Pte Ltd
Alumex Pte Ltd
Aluminium Co Of Malaysia Bhd
Aluminium Co Pte Ltd, The
Aluminium Extrusion Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Aluminium French Doors & Windows Pte Ltd
Aluminium Industries Sdn Bhd
Aluminium Offshore Pte Ltd
Aluminium Structures Pte Ltd
Aluminium Windows Pte. Ltd.
Alwin Aluminium Co
Amcon (Asia) Pte Ltd (Subsidary Of Patronics
American International Industries (Pte ) Ltd
Ameron (Pte) Ltd
Amway Aluminium Construction Pte Ltd
Anchor Weld Sales & Services
Ang Sing Glass & Aluminium Contractor
Ang Yang Aluminium Copper Casting
Ann Aik (Pte) ltd
Ann Huat & Co
Ann Yang Aluminium Copper Casting
Antara Koh Pte Ltd
APCI Singapore
Applied Employment Agency
Applus Rtd Pte. Ltd.
Aqi International Pte Ltd
Arc Urban Services Pte. Ltd.
Arcelor International Singapore Pte Ltd Project Di
ARCHI Engineering PTE LTD
Arctic Aluminium Work
Aroma Chemical Pte Ltd
Array Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
Art Industries Pte Ltd
Arter Aluminium Enterprise
Asia Ductile Cast Iron Foundry Pte Ltd
Asia Dynasty Pte Ltd
Asia Foundry & Engineering Pte Ltd
Asia Nexus Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Pump Pte Ltd
Asia Projects Engineering Private Limited

Asia Qualitech Engineering Pte Ltd

Asian Century Solutions Pte Ltd
Asteem Products Pte Ltd
Astro Aluminium Pte Ltd
Atlantic Projects Company Pte Ltd
Atlantic Support Engineering (Asia-Pacific)
Atlantic Team Engineering & Construction
Audex Pte Ltd
Auric Pacific Engineering Pte Ltd
Bace Resources Pte Ltd
Basler & Hofmann Singapore Pte Ltd
Bassi-Erne-Simas-Trading Pte Ltd
Bee Jin Enterprise Pte Ltd
BKS & Associates
Bredero Shaw (S) Pte Ltd
Cerana Pte Ltd
Chee Cheng Engineering Pte Ltd
Chevalier Pipe Rehabilitation Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Coflexip Singapore Pte Ltd
Cold Weld Pipe Connectors & Repairs Pte Ltd
Constant Oilfield Pte Ltd
Consys Enterprise Pte Ltd
Corrpro Asia Pte Ltd
CPP Global Products Pte Ltd
Crane (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Creative Polymer Industries Pte Ltd
DCS Construction & Plumbing Services
Ductile Pte Ltd
Ever Flash Contractor
Exometal Pte Ltd
Fiber Glass Systems Lp Singapore Rep Office
First Grip Pte Ltd
Flow Technique Engineering & Construction Pte
Fresco Technology Pte Ltd
George Fischer Pte Ltd
Global Metal (Far East) Pte Ltd
Global Steel Pte. Ltd.
Glynwed Pipe Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd
Grande Alliance Corpn Pte Ltd
H Rogers Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Hiap Huat Kee (Pte) Ltd
HPES Pte Ltd
Hua Sin Gas Services Pte Ltd
Huang Plumbing & Engineering Pte Ltd
Igawara Industrial Service & Trading Pte Ltd
International Fittings Pte Ltd
International Piping Products Pte Ltd
Jimmy Sim Contractor & Trading
John Keells Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Jw Macs Pte Ltd
K Seng Lee Engineering Works
Kah Lam Hardware Engineering Pte Ltd
Kah Sing Development Engineering Pte Ltd
Kinetics Process Systems Pte Ltd
K-Plast Technology Pte Ltd
Kurvers Piping Pte Ltd
Kwong Lee Engineering (Pte) Ltd
Lai Heng Metal Works
Lam Sai Engineering Works
Lead Management Engineering & Construction Pte
Lian Hock Hardware
Lian Hoe Heng Engineering & Works
Lian Sheng PVC Fabrication Co
LKO Engineering Pte Ltd
Maccanvas Hardware Trading & Engineering (Pte)
Marketech Integrated Pte Ltd
Maxfield Material Pte Ltd
Mech-Product Supplies Pte Ltd
Metalgas Pte Ltd
Metrotect (S E A) Pte Ltd
Multimax Piping Engineering
Pioneer Machinery & Hardware Pte Ltd
Pipeline Services Pte Ltd
Pipelines Singapore Pte Ltd
Process Piping Pte Ltd
Ringo Civil Engineering Pte Ltd
Rothenberger Asia Pte Ltd
Sani-Tech Products Pte Ltd
Schulz (Far East) Pte Ltd
Sea-Struct International Pte Ltd
Singardo International Pte Ltd
Soon Lee Plastics Industries
Soon Yong Trading Pte Ltd
Soonsteel International Pte. Ltd.
Steuler-Industriewerke GMBH
STS Steel Tubes Pte Ltd
Systematic Engineering Pte Ltd
T+C Machine Tools Pte Ltd
Tashi Deleg Insulation & Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Taye Construction Pte Ltd
Tenaris Global Services Far East Pte Ltd
Tetraflow Pte. Ltd.
The Global Serve Pte Ltd
Thyssenkrupp Mannex Asia Pte. Ltd.
Treble Technology Pte Ltd
Tyco Pipe Systems Pte Ltd
UAC Pipes Sdn Bhd
UHP Technology Pte. Ltd.
Uniglow Engineering Pte Ltd
Van Leeuwen Pipe & Tube (S) Pte Ltd
Vesbo Asia Pte Ltd
VicPlas Holdings Pte Ltd
Welltech Construction Pte Ltd
Wijaya Engineering Pte Ltd
Yenn Dar Pte Ltd
Yoli Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd
YS Supplies Pte Ltd
Yuan Ji Enterprises Pte Ltd
Yue Fong Trading Pte Ltd
Singapore Pipes, Piping Products



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