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Aban Singapore Pte.Ltd - Oil & Petroleum


Aban Singapore Pte.Ltd
Contact: Narayan Ramanan
o.6,Temasek Boulevard,
#28-01 to 05,Suntec Tower Four
Singapore 038986
Tel: (65) 6500-1300
Fax: (65) 6294-8540
Categories: Oil & Petroleum
Company Profile: Welcome to Aban Singapore Pte. Ltd., a leading offshore drilling services company in Asia catering to the exploration and production needs of the worldwide oil and gas industry.

Aban Singapore Pte. Ltd., was incorporated on 18th November 2005 under the Companies Act of Singapore as a private limited company. In our first nine months of operations, we acquired two operational rigs and placed an order for a further rig.

In March 2007, we acquired Sinvest ASA, which at that time owned three premium operational jack-up rigs and had five premium jack-up rigs under construction or on order, as well as an additional jack-up rig and a deep water drill ship under bareboat charter

Aban Singapore Pte. Ltd. primarily offers drilling services to global oil and gas companies. All our rigs are designed to provide increased efficiency in our drilling services. Our rigs are equipped with top-drive drilling systems, which enables them to drill with drill pipes over 90 feet in length as opposed to the standard pipes of 30 feet in length.

The top-drive drilling system also allows the drill pipe to rotate while entering or exiting a well hole, which increases safety and drilling efficiency. All of our jack-up rigs (except for Aban VII and Murmanskaya) are also installed with three high-pressure mud pumps, thereby improving efficiency and operational capability, and increasing the popularity of our rigs with our clients.

Our rigs are also capable of conducting directional drilling operations, which enables us to carry out drilling from various angles to reach multiple geological targets from a single surface location. We also have the ability to drill horizontal wells, which can help to maximize production capacity, and reduce overall development costs. This feature, usually preferred by our clients, increases operational versatility and maximizes our efficiency. Understanding the drilling processDrilling activity comprises the following three phases, each of which our rigs and drilling equipment are capable of undertaking:

Exploration, Appraisal, Development

This process begins with drilling a down to a pre-determined depth near the site where seismic survey and other geological data indicate that the oil or gas reservoir is located. This is established using a drill bit, collar and drill pipe are placed into the hole.

As and when the hole gets deeper, new sections (or "joints") of drill pipe are added. Simultaneously, drilling fluid, or "mud", is pumped down the hole to lubricate the drill bit and remove cuttings during the drilling process. This also controls well pressure and ensures the integrity of the well bore.

Once the desired depth or stage is reached, the drill bit, collar and drill pipe are removed (or "tripped out") and a metal casing-pipe (or "casing") is inserted into the hole to prevent it from collapsing in on itself. Cement is then pumped down into the cavity between the outside of the casing and the wall of the hole in a process known as "cementing". This helps to support and strengthen the casing of exploration and development wells against geological pressures and unexpected pressure increases encountered during drilling. The cement is allowed to harden and is then tested for hardness, alignment and a proper seal.

A well is progressed in stages alternating between drilling and running cement and casing. Appraisal
Rock cuttings from the drilling fluid are periodically analyzed. When they reveal material indicating the presence of oil or gas reservoir rock, the drilling apparatus is removed from the hole and more detailed tests are performed which include

Well logging: Sensors are lowered into the hole to take measurements of the rock formations

Drill-stem testing: Measuring the pressure in the hole

Core sampling: Extracting and analyzing samples of rock
We assist our clients with the collection of data and materials, the installation of sensors and other recording or sampling equipment, and other logging activities to enable them to process and analyze reservoir and well information, and plan drilling operations accordingly. DevelopmentOnce the final depth and location are reached, "well completion" is carried out to allow oil to flow into the casing under control. This requires the installation of pipes and equipment required to enable safe and efficient production from a well.

A perforating gun loaded with explosive charges is introduced into the well to the production depth. The detonations create perforations in the casing through which oil can flow or gas can pass. After the casing has been perforated, a small-diameter pipe is inserted into the hole as a conduit for oil and gas to flow up the well.

A device called a packer is run down the outside of the pipe. When the packer is set at the production level, it is expanded to form a seal around the outside of the pipe. Finally, a multi-valved structure called a Christmas tree is attached to the top of the pipe and cemented to the top of the casing. The Christmas tree allows the flow of oil or gas from the well to be controlled. Once the well is completed, the flow of oil into the well must be induced and controlled.

This varies based on the kind of reservoir rock: For limestone reservoir rock, acid is pumped down into the well and out of the perforations. The acid dissolves channels in the limestone that allow oil to flow into the well.For sandstone reservoir rock, a specially blended fluid containing proppants (such as sand, walnut shells, and aluminium pellets) is pumped down the well and out of the perforations. The pressure from this fluid makes small fractures in the sandstone that allow oil to flow into the well, while the proppants hold these fractures open.

Once the oil begins to flow, the rig is removed from the site and oil production equipment is installed to extract the oil from the well. All of our rigs are capable of installing requisite casing and other pipes as well as delivering reservoir treatments where required to increase the productivity of a production well.

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