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Singapore Petroleum Products Companies List

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Singapore Petroleum Products Companies
Singapore Petroleum Products Companies

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Featured Singapore Petroleum Products Companies List
Airjet Automotive Pte Ltd Singapore Lubricants Company Suppliers of Oil, Lubricants, Petroleum Products, Auto Parts Wholesalers, Lubricants Distributors
Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Pumps Company Suppliers of Lubricants, Pumps, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Lubricating Devices & Equipment, Lubricant Pumps Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors 
Ami Energy Pte Ltd Singapore Petroleum Products Trading Company Suppliers of Crude Oil, Butane, Propane. We a reliable sellers of SLCO (Saudi Light Crude Oil) and Russian D-2
Amo Oil Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Oils Company Suppliers of Industrial Supplies, Petroleum Products, Industrial Oils, Lubricants
Barrels n Litres Pte Ltd Singapore Petroleum Products Company Suppliers of Marine Supplies, Marine Lubricants, Marine Fuel, Lubricants, Oil Products
Bomin Bunker Oil Pte Ltd Singapore Marine Fuel Oil Company Suppliers of Oil Products, Petroleum Products, Lubricants, Petrol & Oil Marketers, Oil Wholesalers, Oil Distributors, Oil Suppliers
Bulkhaul (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Bulk Transportation Company, Shipping, Containers, Liquid Gas Transport, Chemicals Transport
Caltex Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore company that markets Oil Products, Petroleum Products, fuel, energy and lubricant products in Singapore, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa; runs convenience stores along with Caltex stations providing food, beverages, home products and everyday items
Changi Into Plane Services Pte Ltd Singapore Aircraft Services Company Suppliers of Petroleum Products, Lubricants, Metalworking Coolants
Chem-Trend Asia Pacific Singapore Chemicals Company Suppliers of high quality, high value manufacturing process aids with special focus on release agents for use in the general rubber, tire, polyurethane, composites, thermoplastics and die casting industries., Mold Release Agents, Die Lubricants, Tire Paints, Purging, Die Casting
Safety-Lube die lubricants, Power-Lube plunger lubricants
Chemapol Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Trading Company Suppliers of Oleochemicals, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals. Natural Rubber Trader supplying all kinds of Natural Rubber & Latex produced in South East Asia, Sri Lanka, India Africa
Chevron Marine Products LLC Singapore supplier of marine fuels worldwide, offering consistently high quality products with timely delivery and customer focused service. Marine Supplies, Lubricants, Coolants, Marine Fuels, From engine oils and gear oils to greases and corrosion inhibitors, Chevron Marine Lubricant's exceptional line of marine lubricants has your vessels covered from stem to stern
Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd Singapore Lubricants Company, Suppliers of Lubricants, Lubricant Additives. Chevron Oronite develops and markets quality additives that improve the performance of fuels and lubricants. Manufactures hundreds of additive packages for all types of diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines as well as additives for gear oils and hydraulic fluids. It is the worldwide market leader in a number of areas, including Marine, Railroad and Natural Gas Engine Oils and Tractor Hydraulic Fluids
Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals (Private) Limited Singapore Suppliers of Lubricants Olefins & Polyolefins - Ethylene, Polyethylene, Normal Alpha Olefins, Polyalpha Olefins, Propylene, Polypropylene, and High-Density Polyethylene Pipe, Conduit and Pipe Fittings. Specialties, Aromatics & Styrenics - Cyclohexane, Paraxylene, Styrene, Polystyrene, Benzene, K-Resin styrene-butadiene copolymers (SBC), Mercaptans, Mining Chemicals, Soltex Drilling Mud Additive, Ryton polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), X-Tel PPS, TrackTek Racing Fuels, Specialty Organosulfur Compounds
Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Lubricants, Petroleum Products Company, Suppliers of Lubricants Petroleum Products, Bunker Fuel, Lubricants, Marine Supplies, Marine Services
Chi Feng Petroleum Pte Ltd Singapore Petroleum Products Company Suppliers of Oil Products, Petroleum Products, Lubricants
China Aviation Oil (S) Corporation Ltd Singapore multinational investment and oil infrastructure company. Procurement and transportation of imported jet fuel for China Civil Aviation. Aircraft Fuels, Aerospace Products, Aerospace Services, Industrial Oils, Petroleum
Chiyoda Corporation Singapore company provides services for feasibility studies, total engineering, procurement, construction management and consultation. Petroleum Refineries Construction, Integrated Project Management System. Gas & Oil Engineers, Complete Engineering Services
Chiyoda Singapore (Pte) Ltd Singapore Civil Engineering Company provides a complete spectrum of engineering and construction services: Project Management Systems, Safety Control, Quality Control, Schedule Control, Cost Control, Manpower Control, Material Control, Environmental Control, Project Services, Feasibility Studies, Project Planning, Design Engineering, Material and Equipment Procurement, Field Construction and Supervision, Fabrication and Maintenance Work, Petroleum Refineries, Product Handling and Tankage System, Gas Processing Plants,  Petrochemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Pipelines (long distance, on-shore and offshore), Airport Fuel Supply System, Sea Berths, Water Supply System, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Lube Oil Blending Plants, LPG Facilities
Singapore Petroleum Products Companies Directory A-Z

A & A Techno-Engineering & Services Pte Ltd
A M Marine & Petroleum Inspection Company
A Mohd Younus
A.B. Genco Agropower Engineering Company
Aban Abraham Pte Ltd
Aban Singapore Pte.Ltd
ABB Lummus Global Pte Ltd
Absotech Pte Ltd
Ace Global Ventures Pte Ltd
Ace Petro Networks Singapore Pte Ltd
Acma Engineers Pte Ltd
Adiwarna Industries Pte Ltd
Agip Trading Services BV
Airjet Automotive Pte Ltd
Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd
Akoma (Singapore) Private Limited
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry Pte Ltd
Alert Disaster Control (Asia) Pte Ltd
All Star Fuel Company
Alliance Oil Trading Pte Ltd
Allwin Petroleum Pte Ltd
Alpha Pacific Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Altus Logistics Pte Ltd
Amerex Petroleum Singapore Pte Ltd
American Overseas Petroleum Ltd
Analysis Petroleum Inspection Pte Ltd
Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Anchorage Petroleum Pte Ltd
Anson Petroleum Company
AP Oil International Ltd
Apex Intertnational Marketing Pte Ltd
Aral Lubricants GMBH
Arcadia Energy Pte Ltd
Arrow Oilfield Services Company
Asia Lube Trading Company
Asia Pacific Oil Pte Ltd
Asia Zhongneng Oil Purifier Pte Ltd
Asia-Mech Engineering Pte Ltd
Astra Oil Co Pte Ltd
Atlantic Oil Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Atoll Lubricants Company
Auto Classic Enterprise
Autozone Automotive Enterprise
Avenue Trading Pte Ltd
Axcel International Pte. Ltd.
Axxmo International Pte Ltd
Bakri Trading Company (Asia) Pte Ltd
Barrels n Litres Pte Ltd
Beswick Trading Pte Ltd
Big Spring Services Pte Ltd
Boetec (S) Pte Ltd
Booster Marketing
BPC (S) Pte Ltd
C & C Petroleum International (S) Pte Ltd
Cansco Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Canyon Offshore International Corporation
Central Star Company
Century Bridge Trading Pte Ltd
Chan Petroleum Company
Changi Into-Plane Services Pte Ltd
Chemical Market Associates Pte Ltd
Chemoil International Pte Ltd
Chemoil Pacific Pte Ltd
Chemone Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Chessa Pte Ltd
Chevron Oronite Pte Ltd
Chia Service Station
Chimbusco (S) Pte Ltd
China Resources Petrochem (S) Pte Ltd
Chinaoil (S) International Pte Ltd
Ching Swee Huat Fuel Pumps Service Company
Chop Chin Guan Hin
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Clavius Energy Pte Ltd
Coco Enterprise
Concord Energy Pte Ltd
Concord Fuels Pte. Ltd.
ConocoPhillips International Inc
ConocoPhillips Singapore Operations Pte Ltd
Consort Bunkers Pte Ltd
Contemporary Lubricants Pte Ltd
Contract Resources (S) Pte Ltd
COR Singapore Pte Ltd
Cosac International Pte Ltd
Cosmic Oil (S) Pte Ltd
Costank (S) Pte Ltd
Coteam Petroleum Trading Pte Ltd
CPL Holdings Pte Ltd
CPR Services Company
Cramoil Singapore Pte Ltd
Credittop International Pte Ltd
CRI/Criterion Marketing Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Custom Alloy Corporation
Dadu (S) Pte Ltd
Daxin Petroleum Pte Ltd
DC Chem-Technologies Pte Ltd
DNV Petroleum Services Pte Ltd
Easel Chemie Pte Ltd
East Asia Oil & Chemicals Pte Ltd
East Star Petroleum Pte Ltd
Eastpoint International Marketing Pte Ltd
Echo Transport & Trading
Ee & Sons Developers Pte Ltd
Elcarim Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Elico Oil Pte Ltd
Elsea Marine Pte Ltd
Emac Alliance Company
Emirates National Oil Company (S) Pte Ltd
Energy Intelligence Group (NY) Inc
Eng Heng & Company
Eng Hua Company (Pte) Ltd
Envisys Pte Ltd
Equatorial Petroleum Enterprise Pte Ltd
Eslee Enterprise
Eunissen Asia Pte Ltd
Evernal Petroleum Company Pte Ltd
Expressway Service Station Pte Ltd
Fach Management Services Company
FaReach Pte Ltd
Feng Chen Chemicals (S) Private Ltd
Feoso (S) Pte Ltd
Fortrec Chemicals & Petroleum Pte. Ltd.
Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers (S) Pte Ltd
Fuchs Lubricants Pte Ltd
Fuelcon Trading Pte Ltd
Fussel Pte Ltd
Gee Boon Enterprises
Geok Hong Company( Pte) Ltd
Geosolutions Asia
G-Fuel Supply
Gibson Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Gilbarco Veeder-Root Asia Pte Ltd
Ginga Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Globalsantafe Southeast Asia Drilling Pte. Ltd.
GMV Seleca
Golden Island Diesel Oil Trading Pte Ltd
Golden Ocean Filling Station
Grade Oil (S) Pte Ltd
Greenchem Technology Pte Ltd
Greenland Corporation (S) Pte Ltd
Gs Caltex Singapore Pte Ltd
Guan Sheng Oil Singapore Pte Ltd
Hai Soon Diesel & Trading Pte Ltd
Hai Yin Diesel Trading Pte Ltd
Haresh Petrochem Singapore Pte Ltd
Hawk Petroleum Pte Ltd
Heng Autocare Petrol Kiosk
Hexion Specialty Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Hf Energy Pte. Ltd.
Hiap Poh Hua Trading Company
High-Tech Lubricants AP Pte Ltd
Highway Resources Pte Ltd
Highway Service Station Pte Ltd
Hin Leong Trading (Pte) Ltd
Hock Cheong Trading Company
Hong Fatt Oil Industry Trading Company
Hong Joo Car Care Pte Ltd
Hong Joo Company(Pte) Ltd
Horizon Impex Pte Ltd
Hunt Oil CompanyFar East Ventures Inc
Hup Eng Tat Enterprises Pte Ltd
Hup Soon & Company Caltex Filling Station
Hyundai Oil Singapore Pte Ltd
Idemitsu International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Idemitsu Lube (S) Pte Ltd
Immanuel Global Services Pte Ltd
Impex Marine (S) Pte Ltd
INAVAB Engineering & Trading Company
Independent Petroleum Group SAK
Ineos Singapore Pte Ltd
Infineum Singapore Pte Ltd
InnoCompanyOil Pte Ltd
Innospec Ltd Branch Office Singapore
Inter Terminal Services
InterChem 2000 Asia Pte Ltd
InterChem Chemicals Pte Ltd
Interion Pte Ltd
International Tubular Services Asia-Pacific Pte
IntramaCompanyPte Ltd
Italsing Petroleum Company Pte Ltd
Itochu Petroleum Company (S) Pte Ltd
JAFD Marine Petroleum & Tankers Pte Ltd
Japan Energy (S) Pte Ltd
Java Energy Resources (Pte) Ltd
JBH Holdings Pte Ltd
JH Services
JMK Petroleum Pte Ltd
JSK Tan Management
Jtham & Associates Pte. Ltd
Kangqi Oil Pte Ltd
Kanto Kasei (S) Pte Ltd
Karats Trading Pte Ltd
Kian Hin & Company (Pte) Ltd
Kian Hing & Company
Kiat's Autocentre Company
Kim Hoe & Company
Kims Associates Pte Ltd
King Ray Singapore Pte Ltd
Kinglube Singapore Pte Ltd
Kinri Enterprise Company
Kiong Aik & Company Pte Ltd
Kluber Lubrication South East Asia Pte Ltd
Kolsin Petrochemicals (S) Pte Ltd
Konsortium Process Minerale Pte. Ltd.
Kosk Produce Pte Ltd
Ks Maritime Pte. Ltd.
KS Petroleum Pte Ltd
Kuo Oil (S) Pte Ltd
Kuwait Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Kyodo Yushi Asia Pte Ltd
Kyowa Petrochemistry (S) Pte Ltd
L.I.N.K.S. Trading & Services Pte Ltd
Lai Kah Tuck
Lee Huat Yap Kee & Company
Leintec International Pte Ltd
Leonard Leung & Associates
Lian Hoe Leong & Bros Pte Ltd

Lian Hup Station
Liang Kian Hing Battery Company
Lim Bee Choo Emily
Lim Choon Tiong
Locks Oil & Chemical (S) Pte Ltd
Low Kiang Jeck
Lubex Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Lubricol Marketing Services Company
Lub-Scan Technologies Pte Ltd
Magdaco Pacific Pte Ltd
Magnaton Ventures
Marigan Oil (S) Pte Ltd
Marine Teknik Pte Ltd
Marubeni International Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Mashgate Pte Ltd
Maslube Petroleum Pte. Ltd.
Matrix Petrochemical Pte Ltd
M-D Petroleum Enterprises Pte Ltd
Mecpec Trading Company Pte Ltd
Mega Mec Industrial Product Company
Megatrade Management Consultant (S) Pte. Ltd.
Metalloy Process Pte Ltd
Midwestern Oil Pte Ltd
Ming Hup Trading Pte Ltd
Mitsui Industrial Trading Pte Ltd
Mitsui Oil (Asia) Pte Ltd
MKW Trading & Services
Modec Offshore Production Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Molychem Industries Pte Ltd
Moraka Pte Ltd
Multiwave Geophysical Company Asia Pacific Pte
N D's Enterprise
Nam Heng Battery Service Company
New Brand Petroleum International Pte. Ltd.
Newbuilt Energy Pte Ltd
Newgen Biofuels Asia Pte Ltd
Nexen Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd
Niche Formulas
Nippon Oil (Asia) Pte Ltd
Nissin Shoji Singapore Pte Ltd
Nitracom International Pte Ltd
O W Bunker Far East (S) Pte Ltd
Oberon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd
Oceanconnect Singapore Pte Ltd
Ong Kai Tee & Sons
Onsys Energy Pte Ltd
Onyx Oil (Pte) Ltd
Oriental Energy Trading Company Pte Ltd
Orogenic Geoexpro (S) Pte Ltd
OSK Services & Enterprise Pte Ltd
Otronix Singapore Pte Ltd
Oxmar Pte. Ltd.
Oxyde Pte Ltd
Pacific Petroleum Pte Ltd
Pacific Prime Trading Pte Ltd
Palmstone Marine Services Pte Ltd
Palmstone Petroleum Pte Ltd
Pang Guan Company
Panoil Petroleum Pte Ltd
Peerless Manufacturing Company
Pegasus Maritime (S) Pte Ltd
Performance Oil (Asia) Pte Ltd
Performance Oil Pte Ltd
Peter Chan's Enterprise Company
Petreco International Ltd
Petro Progress Pte Ltd
Petro Summit Pte Ltd
Petroasia (S) Pte Ltd
Petrobras Singapore Private Ltd
Petrochem Asia Pte Ltd
Petroeast Singapore Pte Ltd
Petrofarm Singapore Pte Ltd
Petrol Trade Pte Ltd
Petrom Enterprise
Petropacific International Pte Ltd
Petroval Pte. Ltd.
Petro-Venture Associates Pte Ltd
Phibro (Asia) Pte Ltd
PJD Polymers Pte Ltd
Plainegate Liquemetal (S) Pte Ltd
Power Well Services Holdings
Premier Lubricants (S) Pte Ltd
Priority Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Progressive Management Services Company
Projector Asia Pte Ltd
Proshell Automotive Services Company
Protank TQR Industrial Packaging System (SEA) Pte Ltd
PT Resources Jaya Teknik Management Indonesia
PTT International Trading Pte Ltd
Pumpco International Pte Ltd
PVM Oil Associates Pte Ltd
Quek Eng Wah
R H S Lim Management Services Company
Rayong Olefins Company Ltd
Regent Enterprise
Ricardo Auto Centre Pte Ltd
Ronaldo's Services & Trading Company
Rovtech Pte Ltd
Royal Chemie (S) Pte Ltd
Rui Fuels & Services Company
S & E Retail Services Company
S E H Automative Enterprise
Saco Petroleum Company
Sakura Energy Corporation Pte. Ltd.
Salamander Energy Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Sanko Singapore Pte Ltd
Saviour Industrial Supplies Company
SBC Petrochemical Pte Ltd
Scandinavian Bunkering (S) Pte Ltd
Seadrill Offshore Singapore Pte Ltd
Sea-Rich Oil (S) Pte Ltd
Sempra Oil Trading Pte Ltd
Sentek Marine & Trading Pte Ltd
Seven Seas Oil Trading Pte Ltd
Shell Gas & Power Company
Shenq Pte Ltd
Showa Denko Singapore Pte Ltd
Shree Jayamurugan Kiosk
Shun Yuan Trading & Construction Company
Shun Yuan Trading & Construction Pte Ltd
Sim Huat Trading Company
Sim's Auto Service Company
Sin Hoe Seng Trading Company
Sin Huat Kee Company
Sin Lee Seng & Company
SinaCompanyIndustries Pte Ltd
Sinanju Marine Services Pte Ltd
Singapore American Trading Company(Pte) Ltd
Singapore Refining CompanyPte Ltd
Sino Agri-Trade Pte Ltd
Sino Tac Resources Pte Ltd
Sinochem International Oil Singapore Pte Ltd
Sinsco International Pte Ltd
Sinyar Company (Pte) Ltd
Siong Hoe International Pte Ltd
SK Energy Asia Pte Ltd
SM Lito Shipmanagement Pte Ltd
Solar Petrochemicals (S) Pte Ltd
Sonangol Asia Ltd
Soon Bee Oil Industries Pte Ltd
Soon San Trading Services Pte Ltd
Soon Service Station Company
Soon Tian Oon (Pte) Ltd
South Horizons International Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Southern Petro Products Pte Ltd
Southernpec (S) Pte. Ltd.
Startec Energy Pte Ltd
State Polymers Private Ltd
Statoil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stena Bulk Llc
STO Maldives (S) Private Ltd
Strike Petroleum Pte Ltd
Summit Petrochemical Trading Inc (Singapore Branch)
Surveyspec Pte Ltd
Swee Joo (Pte) Ltd
Syn-Magdaco International Company
Synthesis Chemical Pte Ltd
Taiyo International Pte Ltd
Taiyu Oil & Chemical Pte Ltd
Tat Lee Engineering Pte Ltd
Techflow Marine Pte Ltd
Teck Leong Hup Kee
Tecsia Lubricants Pte Ltd
Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore Pte Ltd
Tesoro Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Tewoo Singapore Pte Ltd
Texas Petrochemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
TFS Energy (S) Pte Ltd
The Driving Force Management Services Company
The Oceanic Petroleum Source Pte Ltd
Three Swallows Chemical Pte.Ltd.
Tianbao Petroleum Trading Pte Ltd
TKL Petroleum Trading Pte Ltd
Toho Universe Pte Ltd
Tomen Toyota Tsusho Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Total Oil Asia Pte. Ltd.
Total Trading Asia Pte Ltd
Trafigura Pte Ltd
Trans Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd
Trilogy Petroleum Pte Ltd
Tropical Oil Products Pte Ltd
Trust Bridge Pte. Ltd.
U & P Pte Ltd
Ultramax Technologies Pte Ltd
Uni Petroleum Pte Ltd
Unicorn Oil CompanyPte Ltd
Unifine Star Petrochemical Pte Ltd
Unigrade Trading Pte Ltd
Unil Impex (S) Pte Ltd
Unipec Singapore Pte Ltd
United Bunkering & Trading (Asia) Pte Ltd
United Maritime Pte Ltd
United Minerals Pte Ltd
United Oil Company Pte Ltd
Uniwes Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Uniwes Technology Pte Ltd
Valiant International Petroleum Ltd
Vector Industrial Developments Company
Vibro Technologies & Engineering Pte Ltd
Vic Auto Station
Victor Enterprises Pte Ltd
Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation
View Sino Oil Pte Ltd
Viso Lube (S) Pte Ltd
Volga Resources Pte Ltd
Wang Fatt Oil & Gas Construction Pte Ltd
Watt Wah Petroleum Pte Ltd
Web Bunkering Pte Ltd
Wen Shing Petroleum Trading Company
Wired Bunkering Pte Ltd
World Success Petroleum Pte Ltd
Xcelplus Int''l Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Yong Kim Service Station
Zheng Yong Xing Diesel Service Company
Zhenrong Titan Pte Ltd
Zjc International New-Tech Fuel Pte.Ltd.
Singapore Petroleum Products

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