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Singapore Plastics Companies List

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Singapore Plastics Companies List
plastics manufacturers produce a full range of plastics raw materials, plastics chemicals and finished plastic products for the home market in Singapore as well as export abroad. As well as the basic plastic raw materials finished products are easily found such as Plastics Machinery, Plastic Products, Plastic Film, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Toys, Plastic Furniture, Plastic Packaging and PVC Floor Coverings.

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Featured Singapore Plastics Companies List
Advantek Products (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Plastic Packaging, Carrier Tape, Plastic Tapes
Aec Singapore Singapore Plastics Machinery Company Suppliers of Plastics Machinery, Plastics Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services   
Agru Plastics (S.E.A) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Plastic Pipes, Plastic Pipe Fittings, Plastic Pipe Manufacturers, Plastic Pipe Wholesalers, Plastic Pipe Distributors
Aik Hock Industrial Pte Ltd Singapore Pipes Company Suppliers of  PVC Pipes, Plastic Pipe Fittings Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, PVC Pipes Manufacturers, PVC Pipes Wholesalers, PVC Pipes Distributors
Aik Koon Tyre & Battery Co. Pte Ltd Singapore Tires, Batteries Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Plastics Auto Parts, Car Spare Parts, Rubber Auto Parts, Car Spare Parts Manufacturing
Ajax Packaging Singapore Foam Packaging Company Suppliers of Plastic Packaging, Foam Packaging, Plastic Foam Packaging
Aky Marketing Singapore Printing Company, Printers, Ceramics Printing, Glass, Printing, Metal Printing, Plastic Printing. Printers of Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Plastic
Al 'Fresco Elite System Pte Ltd Singapore Building Materials Suppliers of Plastic Fabrics, Plastic Films, Plastic Sheets, Plastic Rods. Plastics Manufacturers, Plastics Wholesalers, Plastics Distributors
Alano International Engineering (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Adhesives, Glues, Sealants, GRE Pipeline systems, Adhesives for all heavy industry
Alantis Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Building Supplies Company Suppliers of Plastic Window Films, Window Shades, Window Accessories, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Albright Plastic Trading Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastics, Plastic Sheets,  Fabricating Finishing & Decorating, Manufacture Of Plastic Sheet, Plastics Manufacturers, Plastics Wholesalers, Plastics Distributors
ALC Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Credit Card Manufacturer Suppliers of Credit Cards, Credit Card Equipment, Credit Cards Supplies, Credit Plans Equipment & Supplies
Alcoa Felxible Packaging Singapore Plastic Packaging Manufacturers, Plastic Packaging Wholesalers, Plastics Singapore Packaging Distributors
Alfa Metals Label Singapore Labels Company Plastic Labels Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Metal Labels, Foil Labels
Alfagomma Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastic Hoses, Plastic Hose Couplings, Plastic Hose Fittings
Alpha Plastic Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Moulds Company, Plastics Manufacturers, Plastic Moulds, Plastics Moulders
Alutech Agencies Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Machinery Company Suppliers of Plastics Machinery, Plastics Equipment
Amaya Business Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Edible Oils, Margarine, Plastic Resins, Skincare Products. Distributor of Skincare Products; Importer and Exporter of Consumer and Industrial Products, Edible Oils, Margarine, Prime & Reprocessed Plastic Resins, Soap Noodles, Soda Ash, Plywood
Amerchem (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Chemicals, Packaging, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles
Amwin Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Plastics Raw Materials, Powders, Liquids, Resins
Asian Micro (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Packaging Company, Electronic Parts Assemblers, Used Crest Ultrasonics equipment parts. Gusset Bag Amide & Silicon Free Bag, LDPE & HDPE Bag and Sheets, Static Shielding Bags, Anti-Static LDPE & HDPE Bags and Sheets, Color LDPE & HDPE Bags & Sheets, ESD and Non-ESD Moisture Barrier Bags
Bakelite Shoji Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastics, Plastic Packaging, Plastic Products
Ban Teck Han Enterprise Co Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Manufacturers & distributors of disposable food packaging products worldwide; products include hinged lid containers, plates, bowls, trays, microwavable containers, cutlery, straws
BASF Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals, Plastics, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive Products,  Construction Materials,  Detergents & Cleaners, Wind Energy Equipment
Bee Lian Plastic Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Plastic Packaging Manufacturers of Plastic Products, Plastic Carrier Bags, Vest Type Carriers, Shoppers Bags, T-Shirts Bags, Punched Hole Carriers, Merchandise Bags, Cascade Bags, - Layflat tubings, Centrefold Sheets
Berten Trading (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Furniture Trading Company Suppliers of Recycled Plastic Lumber, Fibreglass, Laminate, Tables, Chairs, Playground Equipment. Specialising in public furniture; products include outdoor tables, benches and bins made from recycled plastic lumber, fibreglass or laminate tables and chairs, playground equipment, Umbrellas, Sunloungers
BL Packaging Pte Ltd Singapore Plastic Packaging Company Suppliers of Polyethylene Materials, Plastic Products, Package Materials, Polyethylene Packaging Materials, Polyethylene Materials
Boon Keng Huat Interior Service Singapore Building Materials Company Suppliers of Doors, Windows, PVC, Wooden, Aluminium, Building Materials, Construction Materials. Manufacturer of PVC Doors, Wooden Doors, Aluminium Doors, Nyatoh bi-fold doors, Customized Design Services
Borouge Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Polyethylene Materials, Plastics Products, Polyethylene Products
Botak Sign Pte Ltd Singapore Signage Company Suppliers of Providers of vinyl sticker cutting & portable display system services, & large-format inkjet printing solutions to advertising agencies, designers etc; products include display stands, POP material, lightboxes, Advertising Signs, Display Fixtures, Large Format Printing, Photo Image Library, Portable Display System, Display Stand, Vinyl Sticker Cutting, Poster And PVC Banner Printing, Poster Frame, Pop -Up Stand, Easy Roll, On-Demand Printing
BSS (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Paper Cups, Plastic Cups, Plastic Containers, Plastic Packaging, Paper Packaging, Plastic Utensils
BT Plastics & Contracts Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers and Manufacturers of Plastic Fabrics, Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets, Plastic Rods, Cast Acrylic Sheets, PVC Sheets, Solid & Twin-wall Polycarbonate Sheets, Non-glass Composite Decorative Mirror Panels, Louvers, PVC Colour Stickers, Anti-static Acrylic Sheets, Vinyl Floorings, Design & Fabrication, Engraving & Silkscreening, Machining & Polishing, Cutting & Assembly, Plastic Bending, Thermal Forming, Thermal Bending, Signages, Vinyl Flooring Coverings, Laser Engraving & Cuttings
Bulk Trade Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Marine Supplies, Steel Gratings, Pipes & Tubes, Steel plates, ship plates, steel profiles including bulb flats, inverted angles and angle bars, ERW, SAW and seamless pipes, galvanized iron pipes and pipe fittings, Stainless steel sheets, Floor gratings, chequered plates, Deformed bars, Tin and zinc ingots, Copper rods and wire, welding cables, Aluminium sheets and profiles, Aluminium circles and ingots, Copper slag, Aircraft towing tractors, Ro-ro terminal tractors, Yard shunters, Aircraft boarding stairs, Aircraft refuellers, Ground Support Equipment, Construction equipment, used machinery, Glass moulds, Generating sets, transformers, electrical cables, Batteries, Lighting poles, Marine equipment, Industrial Chemicals and Solvents, Oil spill dispersants, Pesticides and Fertilizers, Diesel oil, bunker oil, LPG, Oxygen, CO2, industrial gases, PVC Resin, Alkyd Resin, Synthetic Latex, Woven Bags, PE Bags, Plastic Ropes, Recycled Plastic Materials
Bycom Industries Singapore Plastic Packaging Company Suppliers of Plastic Bags, Plastic Packaging, Plastic Bags & Transparent Bags
C & A Era Singapore fabricator of acrylic display products. Display Designers Suppliers of Display Fixtures, Signages, Banners, Fleet, Posters, Bus Advertisements, Wall Murals, Standees, Hanging Mobiles, Signages, Customised Acrylic Displays, Poster Lightboxes & Vinyl Plotting
C & H Laser Cutting Services Singapore Acrylic Laser Cutting, CNC Router Cutting Services, Commercial Signs, 3D Box-up Signs, Building Signs, LED Signs,  Neon Signs, Etching Signs, Silkscreen & Inkject Printing Light-Boxes, Acrylic Products, Vinyl Sticker Cutting, Acrylic Diamond Polishing
C-Pak Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supply Company Suppliers of Carrier Tapes, Resins, Antistatic, Colour Masterbatches, Reels, Plastic Products, Matrix Trays, Plastic Tweezers, Chip Carriers
Capitol Plastics Company Singapore Mahjong Wholesalers, Mahjong Manufacturers, Mahjong Distributors, Mahjong Suppliers
Cariman Tooling Industry Singapore manufacturers of precision plastic moulds for Computer, Electronics and Electrical Industries. Our products are sold locally & export overseas.
CEFLA Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Buying Agents, Product Sourcing, Manufacturers Agents, Manufacturing Representatives, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Parquet Laminate Hardwood, Hotel furnishings, Boat furnishings, Solar Panels, Electronics & appliances Automotive products, Aerospace products,  Architectural products, Window shutters & blinds Foils & Edge banding Injection molded parts PVC extrusions, Printing Finishing Drying & Impregnation Chemicals
Central-Nagano Plastics Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Polyethylene Foams, PE Foam, Plastic Foams, Plastics Foams
Century Sails Pte Ltd Singapore Gifts Company Suppliers of Corporate Marketing Gifts, Gift Services, Giftware, Key Chains, Model Making Accessories, Parenting Services, Polyurethane (PU) Products, Promotional Giftware, Advertising Giftware, Promotional Products, Advertising Products, Toys
Chang Fong Overseas Enterprises (Pte) Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Chemicals, Solvents, Refrigerants, Polyurethane, Flexible Foams, Cleaning Detergents, Plasticizers, PVC Additives, Lubricants, Abrasive Stones, Diamond Tools, Chlorinated Solvents, Fluorocarbon Solvents
Chang Huat Plastic Goods Supplier Singapore Suppliers of Aluminum Foil, Disposable Paper Cups, Disposable Paper Tableware, Foil Products, Metal Foil, Paper Plates, Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Chee Sheng Fibreglass Product Co Pte Ltd Singapore Fibre Glass Fabricators, Fibreglass Manufacturers, Chemical Fume Scrubber Systems, Chemical Storage Tanks, Effluent Treatment Tanks, Plate Clarifier Tanks, Activated Carbon Tanks, CFI Tanks, Sludge Thickener, Food Processing Tanks and Water Storage Tanks, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, Fire-Retardant Boxes, Translucent Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Ducting Hoods, Pipes and Fittings, Fish Ponds & Fish Tanks, Biological Treatment Systems
Chee Teck Paper Industry Singapore Manufactures of Tube Taping Machines, Carrier Tape Embosing Machines, PS Sheet Cover Tapes, Interleaving Paper, Paper Reels, Plastic Reels, Trays, Taping Services, Carrier Tapes, Moulds
Chelinco Pte Ltd Singapore Rattan Furniture Manufacturer, Trading Company, Suppliers of Rattan Furniture, Cane Furniture, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Tables, Chairs, Tables, Synthetic Cane Furniture, Aluminum Furniture, Cafe Furniture, Outdoor Furniture. Our quality products can be found in renowned establishment like the Shangri-La Hotel, Raffles Hotel, The Sheraton Hotel, Traders Hotel, Tanah Merah Country Club and many others in Singapore and abroad.
Cheong Meng Plastic Manufacturers Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastic Bags, Plastics Fabrics, Plastic Films, Plastic Packaging
Cheong Seng Transport & Trading Company Singapore Plastic Trading Company Suppliers of Plastics Machinery, Plastic Materials, Plastic Scrap, Polyethylene (PE) Foam, Plastics Scrap, Used Plastic Machinery
Chesfer Precision Plastics Pte Ltd Singapore Precision Engineers Suppliers of Plastic Mouldings, Plastic Molds, Plastic Injection Moldings
Chew Bros Plastic Manufactory (Pte) Ltd Singapore Plastics Manufacturing Company Suppliers of Disposable Plastic Cups, Disposable Plastic Forks, Disposable Plastic Knives, Disposable Plastic Plates, Disposable Plastic Spoons, Plastic Handles
Chia Choon Hong Trading Company Singapore Plastics Products Company Suppliers of Plastics, Synthetic Rubber, Vulcanizable Elastomers, Plastics Products (Finished)  Plastics Wholesalers, Plastics Manufacturers, Plastics Distributors, Plastics Suppliers
Chiat Huat Packaging Pte Ltd Singapore Plastic Packaging Products Company Suppliers of Polyethylene Materials, Polyethylene Packaging, Plastic Packaging
Chiat Si Industrial Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer of plastic products, household electrical appliances & equipment (including household air-conditioners) Flashlights, Plastic Injection Mouldings, Plastic Machines, Household Plastic Products
Chien Fatt Polymer Industry Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastics Bags, Plastic Products, Polypropylene Sheets, Plastics Products (Finished) Wholesalers, Plastics Manufacturers, Plastics Distributors, Plastics Suppliers
Chin Bee P.V.C Plastic Industry Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Plastic Office Equipment, Plastic Office Supplies, Plastic Document Wallets, Plastic Files, PVC Products, PVC Thermoplastic Materials
Chin Hee Works Singapore Plastic Products Company Suppliers of Plastic Injection Moulds, Mouldings, Tooling, Plastic Machinery, Tool & Die Makers, Plastics Products Wholesalers, Plastics Products Manufacturers, Plastics Products Distributors, Plastics Products Suppliers
Chin Hin Plastic Manufacturer Singapore Plastic Bags Company Suppliers of Polyethylene Bags, Plastic Bags, T-shirt Bags, Shopping Bags, Garbage Bags. Manufacture plastic shopping bags, high density polyethylene bags, garbage bags, bags on roll, fruit bags, T-shirt Bags, Shopping Bags, Garbage Bags, Bag On Rolls, Produce Rolls, T 'shirt Bag On Rolls, Candy Stripe Bags, Garbage Bags, Coreless Kitchen Tidy Bags, Glue Spot Singlet Bags, Easy Open T 'shirt Bags, Cascade Blocked Bags, Vest Type Carrier Bags
Chin Signcraft Singapore Advertising Signboards Company Suppliers of LED Signs, Neon Signs, Acrylic Laser Cutting, 3D Signage. Specialised in: Acrylic Laser Cutting, CNC Router Cutting, Commercial Signs, 3D Box-up Sign, Building Signs, LED / Neon Signs, Etching Signs, Silkscreen & Inkject Printing, Light-Boxes, Acrylic Products, Vinyl Sticker Cutting, Acrylic Diamond
China Crafts (Pte) Ltd Singapore Giftware Company Suppliers of Arts and Crafts, Calendars, Corporate Marketing Gifts, Desk Planners, Gift Services, Giftware, Key Chains, Planning Systems, Polyurethane (PU) Products, Promotional Giftware, Advertising Giftware, Promotional Products, Advertising Products
Choong Heng Plastics Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Manufacturing Company, Plastics Injection Moulding, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing. Providing quality plastic parts and components to electronic, telecommunication, refrigeration, video, audio and several other consumer appliances industries.
Choonkai Precision Engineering Singapore Plastics Manufacturer Suppliers of  Plastic Cordage, Plastic Twine, Manufacturing, Plastic Cords, Plastics Moulders
Chosen Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Moulders, Engineering Services, Technology Services, Mold Components, Injection Molding Services
Chu Seng Plastic Company Singapore manufacturers of plastic products like corporate PVC ring file for diaries manufacturer, document file for insurance company and L-folder & U-folder. Enquiries on other plastic products are welcome. We also do printing on cover of the diaries
Chuan Durn Plastic Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Packaging Materials Bags-Plastic & Transparent Polyethylene Materials & Products Plastics- Raw Materials-Powders, Liquids, Resins, LD/HDPE market bags & measure to make all types of plastic bags. Recycled LD/HDPE plastic resin. Agricultural covers and construction films
Chuan Heng Import & Export Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer, general importer and exporter of plastic household products
Chuan Hoe Hin & Co Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Bags, Package Materials, Packaging Materials, Paper Bags, Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Chuan How Hin & Co Singapore Plastic Packaging Company Suppliers of Transparent Bags, Plastic Package Materials, Plastic Packaging Materials, Plastic Bags, Transparent Packaging Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Chuan Sen Plastic Mould Manufacture Singapore Moulds Company Suppliers of Plastics Moulders, Injection Molding Services, Concrete Molds, Injection Molding Services, Injection Moldings, Plastic Moldings, Plastic Spacers, New Plasclips, Shim Plates, Horse Shoes, Wheel Spacers, Dual Mesh Spacers, Chair Spacers
Chung Shan Plastics Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastic Pipes, PVC Piping, PVC Cable Conduit Pipe, uPVC Doors, Plastic Electrical Products
Chye Lee (Polythene) Enterprise Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Polyethylene Materials, Plastic Products, Polyethylene Products
Chye Lian Hin Plastic Industries Singapore Plastic Bags Manufacturers & exporters of Polyethylene Bags, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bags, Plastic Food Containers, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): Vest Carrier Bags, Bottom Sealed Plastic Bags with Die Cut Handle, Plastic Bags on Roll, Dust Bin Liner. Polypropylene (PP): Food Grade Disposable Plastic Containers.
Ciba (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Company Develops, produces & sells Organic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals. Products provide colour, enhance performance, durability and feel of materials, fabrics and fibres. Organic polymer manufacturing. Organic polymers are widely used in the production of different elastomers, fibers and plastics.
Ciba Vision Asian Manufacturing And Logistics Pte Singapore Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Research, Optical Products Company manufacturing, repackaging, sales and worldwide distribution of optic products. Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Research & Academic Organisations, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Cintas Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Plastic Bags, Package Materials, Packaging Materials, Paper Merchants, Paper Agents , Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products, Polyethylene Bags, Polyethylene Carriers, Polyethylene Sacks, Polyethylene Products, Polypropylene Bags
D & E Manufacturing Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services, Aluminum Molds, Die Casting Molds, Die Castings, Injection Moldings, Plastic Moldings, Metal Products, Metals, Moldings, Plastic Machinery, Steel Molds, Steelwork
E Pak Resources (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Company Suppliers of Semiconductors Components, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Components, Electronics Suppliers, Plastic Package Materials, Packaging Materials, Capacitors, Chip Capacitors, Chip Resistors, Electronic Components, Electronic Engineering, Packaging Machinery, Plastic Packaging Services, Plastic Vacuum Formed Packaging
Fabrico Marketing Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Giftware Company Suppliers of Clothing, Plastics Marketing Gifts, Gift Services, Giftware, Clothing, Corporate Marketing Gifts, Gift Services, Giftware, Polyurethane Products, (PU) Products, Plastic Products, Advertising Giftware, Promotional Giftware, Advertising Products, Promotional Products, Promotional T Shirts, Promotional Sweatshirts
G Concept & Design Singapore Company Suppliers of Advertising Gifts, Business Incentive Gifts, Souvenir Designers, Artwork, Interior Decorating Services, Corporate Marketing Gifts, Gift Services, Giftware, Home Furnishings, Interior Design Consultancy, Interior Designers, Interior Planners, Polyurethane Products
Singapore Plastics Companies Directory A-Z

A & K Packaging & Design Company
A & One Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
A T R Enterprise Pte Ltd
A-P Precision Plastic Pte Ltd
ABB Installation Materials (East Asia) Pte Ltd
Abdul Rahman Plastics Industries
Abell International Pte Ltd
Abletron Pte Ltd
ABS Plastic Pte Ltd
Ace Plastic Technology Pte Ltd
Acel Precision Plastics Pte Ltd
Achieve Print N Pack Pte Ltd
Acot Holdings Pte Ltd
Acplas Industries Sdn Bhd
Action Mfg & Trading
Adcomat (S) Pte Ltd
Adiwarna Industries Pte Ltd
Advance Manufacturing
Advance Rubber Stamp Maker Company
Advanced Elastomer Systems Singapore Pte
Advantek Products (S) Pte Ltd
Aec Singapore
Aeromac Engineering Pte Ltd
Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Agru Plastics (SEA) Pte Ltd
Aik Hock Industrial Pte Ltd
Aik Koon Tyre & Battery Co. Pte Ltd
Aik Moh Paints & Chemicals Pte Ltd
Aik Sin Plastic Industry Company
Ajax Packaging Company
Aky Marketing Company
Al 'Fresco Elite System Pte Ltd
Albright Plastic Trading Company
Alcoa Felxible Packaging Company
Alfa Metals Label Company
Alfagomma Pacific Pte Ltd
All-Poly International
Allwin Hardware & Plastic Meg Pte Ltd
Alpha Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Aluputer Industrial Pte Ltd
Alutech Agencies Pte Ltd
Amac Technologies Pte Ltd
Amaya Business Pte Ltd
Amerchem (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Amould Plastic Industries Company
Amtek Precision Technology Pte Ltd
Amwin Singapore Pte Ltd
Antz Latex Pte Ltd
AP Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Apex Robot (S) Pte Ltd
Api99 Resources
Apl Resources
Applied Corporation
Arbung Pte Ltd
Asahi Goseijushi Co Ltd
Asahi Kasei Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd
Asia Dynasty Pte Ltd
Asia Plastic Fabricators Company
Asia Plastic Machinery Co (Pte) Ltd
Asia Plastic Manufacturing Company
Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Astic Scientic Technology Company
Ata Industrial (Pte) Ltd
Atami Mat Industry Company
Ban Chuan Plastic Pte Ltd
Ban Seng Polyethylene Co (Pte) Ltd
Banshing Industrial Co (Pte) Ltd
Beta Channel Pte Ltd
Beyonics International Pte Ltd
Biomers Pte. Ltd.
Bizbridge Resources Pte Ltd
BL Packaging Pte Ltd
Boon Geok Trading Enterprises Pte Ltd
Boon Seng Plastic Mould
Borouge Pte Ltd
Braitrim (S) Pte Ltd
BT Plastics & Contracts Pte Ltd
Bulkpak Pte Ltd
Bumont International Pte Ltd
Businessworld International Pte Ltd
Cacit Trading
Cam Plas (S) Pte Ltd
Cannon Far East Pte Ltd
Carly Industrial Pte Ltd
Case Plastic Industrial Pte Ltd
Centery Enterprise
Chai Sen Plastic Mould Manufacture
Chan Cheong Metal & Plastic Works
Chan Industries Pte Ltd
Chee Ngai Plastic & Metal Fabricators Pte Ltd
Chen Yi Plastic
Cheng Heng Industries Pte Ltd
Cheong Seng Transport & Trading Co
Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd
Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals (Pte) Ltd
Chew Bros Plastic Mfy (Pte) Ltd
Chia Choon Hong Trading Co
Chiat Si Industrial (Pte) Ltd
Chief Industrial (Precision Moulding) Pte Ltd
Chief Industrial Pte Ltd
Chin Bee PVC Plastic Industry
Chin Hee Works
Chong Seng Packaging
Choonkai Precision Engineering
Chosen Plastic Pte Ltd
Chuan Durn Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Chuan Joo Polythene Enterprise Pte Ltd
Chuan Sen Plastic Mould Manufacture
Chung Shan Plastics Pte Ltd
Chye Lian Hin Plastic Industries
Citon Pte Ltd
Clarion Precision Pte Ltd
Combine Tooling & Engineering
Cosmag Plastic Mould Pte Ltd
Craft Plastics Industries
Custom Tooling & Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Daelim Corpn
Daiho (S) Pte Ltd
Daiichi Plastic Industry
Dave Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
David Plastic Centre
Davson Trading & Supplier
Dawn Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
DIC Plapallet Pte Ltd
Dickson Polythene
DM Plastic Mould Pte Ltd
Dynamold Precision Pte Ltd
E & E Rotogravure Services
E D Machining Services Pte Ltd
Eastern Plastics Pte Ltd
Economos Singapore Pte. Ltd
Elite Creative Packaging Pte. Ltd.
Emeraude Pte Ltd
Eminent Group Pte. Ltd.
Eng Hoe Seng Polyethylene Co
Eng Huat Chop
Eng Ngiap Plastronic
Eng Tat Polyethylene Co
Engineering Plastics Supplier (EPS)
Enplas Hi-Tech (S) Pte Ltd
Entech Plastic Mould Industries Pte Ltd
Entek Extruders Pte. Ltd.
EPI Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Escatec Engineering Pte Ltd
E-Skill Mould Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Eurochem Technologies Corpn Pte Ltd
Ever Wealth Plastic Pte Ltd
Eveready Manufacturing (Pte) Ltd
Everwin Plastic Trading & Enterprise
Excellent Precision Plastic
Excelpro Products & Services Pte Ltd
Feemax Precision Pte Ltd
First Engineering Plastics Pte Ltd
First-Step Mould Manufacturer Pte Ltd
Fischer Tech Ltd
Flexible Packaging Pte. Ltd.
Fon-Fischer Pte Ltd
Fong Leck Enterprises Pte Ltd
Friendship Plastic Industry (Pte) Ltd
Fujipla Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Fun Yip Plastic Mould & Metal Engraving Works
Gather Plastic Productions
Gau Lian Aik Trading Co
Ge Pacific Pte Ltd
GE Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd
Gen Heng Pte Ltd
Geyi Precision Engineering
Gohson (S) Pte Ltd
Gold Hub Pte Ltd
Golden Mountain Trading Pte Ltd
Goodland Plastic Metal Industries
Goodwill Packaging Industries Pte Ltd
Greenland Plastics Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Harvest-Plastic Products Pte Ltd
Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies Pte Ltd
Heng Wah Manufacturing Works
Hiap Lee Plastic Mould Manufacturer
High Tech Plastic Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.
Hock Kee Plastic Trading
Hock Lim Plastic Industry & Traders
Hoe Gui Plastic Mould Manufacturing
Hoi Peng Engineering Plastic (S) Pte Ltd
Honfoong Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Hong Lim Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Hongchen Plastic Mould
How Plastics Suppliers
Huntsman (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Hup Heng Light Industries
Hup Soon Pin Kee
Hup Yew Seng Plastic Mould Pte Ltd
Hymold (Pte) Ltd
I'M Technologies Ltd
Impact Rank (M) Sdn Bhd
Incoe International Inc
Innovalue Industrial Pte Ltd
Innox Higa Singapore Pte Ltd
Intec Manufacturing Asia Pte Ltd
In-Tech Plastic Mould
Interplas Industries Pte Ltd
IPH Development Asia Pte Ltd
J & D Plastic Mould Manufacturing
Jackson Packaging Industries (Pte) Ltd
Jackson PVC (Asia) Pte Ltd
Jia Shing Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
JMK Amalgam (S) Pte. Ltd.
Joo Heng Plastic Trading
JSP Foam Products Pte Ltd
JTM Industries Pte Ltd
K & T Engineering Pte Ltd
K Plas Industries Pte Ltd
K&C Plastic Industrial
K. C.M Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Kai Xiang Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Kairos Display Pte Ltd
Kawah Trading Pte Ltd
Kay Kay Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Keane Plastic Trading Pte Ltd
KH Plastics
Kian Heng Plastic & Packaging Pte Ltd
Kim Ming Industrial Co Pte Ltd
Kim Tat Plastic Industries
Kin Hoi Plastic
King Plastic Pte Ltd
King Wai Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Kissan Plastic Co
KMI Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Kwong Yu Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Kyoei Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd
L.F. Enterprise
Lam Lee Ho Trading Supplier
Lee Ooi Plastic
Lee Plastics Co
Lee Soon Seng Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd
Lee Tat Seng Polyethylene Co
Leeksin Trading Pte Ltd
Leistritz Asia Extrusion Pte Ltd
Leong Aik & Co

Leong Soon Stationery Manufacturer Pte Ltd
Lewa Manufacturing & Trading Pte Ltd
Lian Jun Industrial Pte Ltd
Liang Tai Plastic Technology Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Liang Yiap Trading (Pte) Ltd
Lim Tong Seng Co Pte Ltd
Liong Hup Soon Trading Pte Ltd
Lip Enterprise
Li-Sin Manufacturing & Trading (1999)
Litaflex Plastics Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Logicom Moldfactory Pte Ltd
Loong Tat Plastic Mould & Precision Engineering
Lye Precision Engineering
M & Leong Marketing
M S Venture Pte Ltd
Maco Tec Pte. Ltd.
Making Mould Pte Ltd
Mapo Industries Sdn Bhd
Marinflor Pte Ltd
McGolden Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Megastrike International Pte Ltd
Meiban Group Ltd
Meiban Micro Molds Pte Ltd
Meiban Micro Pte Ltd
Meiban Mold Manufacture Pte Ltd
Meiban Plastics Pte Ltd
Meiban Tooling Pte Ltd
Meiboli Enterprise
Meiki Plastic Industries Co (Pte) Ltd
Meng Kee Huat Trading
MEP Singapore Pte Ltd
Metro Plastic Industry Pte Ltd
Microtechnic International Singapore Pte Ltd
Mix-Com Rubber Pte Ltd
Mold-Masters Singapore Pte Ltd
Mold-Tech Singapore Pte Ltd
Motech Polymer Pte Ltd
Mould Plas Engineering
Mulford Plastics Pte Ltd
Multilinks Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Multiplas Application Pte Ltd
Multisys Enterprise Pte Ltd
Mytex Polymers Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
N M H Co
Nakayama Industries Singapore Pte Ltd
Natural Plastic & Mould Industries
Networks Plastic & Moulds
New Chuan Seng Plastic Co
New Modern Metal & Plastics Pte Ltd
New Shrinkplast Trading
New Xuong Lee Enterprise
Nexus Tech Pte Ltd
Ng Eng Guan Industry & Supplier Pte Ltd
Nikkei Manufacturing Industries Pte Ltd
NIP Asia Pte Ltd
Nippon Plastic Pte Ltd
Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co Ltd
Nippon SP Tech (S) Pte Ltd
Nissen Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd
Nypro Singapore Mold Pte Ltd
Nypro Singapore Pte Ltd
Omni-Plus System Pte Ltd
P E Industries Pte Ltd
Paceco Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd
Pacific C.A.M. Trading Enterprise
Pacific Co Pte Ltd
Pacific Polythene Pte Ltd
Pan May Polythene Co
Pearl Yuan Trading
Pek Kah Plastic Pte Ltd
Perfect Packaging Pte Ltd
Photolines Plastic Industries
Plasmotech Pte Ltd
Plaspulp Union Co
Plexchem Technologies Pte Ltd
Plustech Singapore Pte Ltd
Po Kong Industrial Co Pte Ltd
Polestar Plastics Pte Ltd
Poly Industries Trading (Pte) Ltd
Polymer Network (S) Pte Ltd
PolyPacific Polymers Sdn Bhd
Polyplastics Asia Pacific Singapore Pte Ltd
Polysin Plastic Trading Co
Polyvinyl Industrial Services Pte Ltd
PPE Industries (Pte) Ltd
PPI Plastic (S) Pte Ltd
Prime Electrical Products (Pte) Ltd
Prime United Precision Engineering
Procon Plastic Pte Ltd
Providence Co
Proway Engineering Plastic Pte Ltd
PS Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.
Qian Hu Tat Leng Plastic Pte Ltd
Qiyi Industry Pte. Ltd.
Quadrant EPP Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Racer Technology Pte Ltd
Ramadon International Pte Ltd
Ray Tech Acot Singapore Pte Ltd
Recyclingworld Trading
Regent Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Rehau Pte Ltd
Rex Plastics Pte Ltd
Rising Sun Plastics Industries
Ronghong Plastic Industry
RTP Co (S) Pte Ltd
Sam-Plus Manufacturing Pte Ltd
San Tat Plastic
Sanko Gosei Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Sansyu Precision Singapore Pte Ltd
Sanwa Plastic Industry Pte Ltd
Sanyo-Ik Color (Pte) Ltd
Sapphire Card International Pte Ltd
Scania Precision Tools
Sec International Pte Ltd
Sekisui Plastics SEA Pte Ltd
Sembenviro KK Asia Pte Ltd
Seng Kheong Industry Co
Senku Production Engineering Pte Ltd
Senyon Plastic Manufacturer Pte Ltd
Silk Plastic & Rubber Pte Ltd
Sin Ee Sheng Import & Export
Sin Luck Polyethylene Co
Sin Tat Polyethylene
Sing Ngai Industries Pte Ltd
Singa Plastics Ltd
Singapore Polymer Corpn (Pte) Ltd
Singtai Plastic Industries (Pte) Ltd
Sintech Plastic Blowing Pte Ltd
SJ Mold Pte Ltd
Sky Plastics Pte Ltd
SLG Plastic Industries
Solid Plastic Industries Co Pte Ltd
Solid Surfacing Technologies Pte Ltd
Song Seng Associates Pte Ltd
Soode Welly Optotechnics (S) Pte Ltd
Soon Pte Ltd
Sor Swa Polythene Co (Pte) Ltd
Specs System Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Ssoss Cast Pte Ltd
Stamex Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Stamp Crafts Pte Ltd
Stamplas Industries Pte Ltd
Stamplas Technologies Pte Ltd
Standard Industries
Standard Molding
Stanley Industries (Pte) Ltd
Star Industrial Systems
Star Overseas Pte Ltd
Starpak Polythene Products
Starwid Graha Enterprise Pte Ltd
STD Precision Engineering & Trading
Styrec Pte Ltd
Sumidurez Singapore Pte Ltd
Sun Fong (S) Pte Ltd
Sun Tud Plastic Goods & Mould Fty
Sunningdale Precision Industries Ltd
Sunningdale Tech Ltd
Sunnyjaya Engineering
Super Pak Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Superpet Plastic Pte Ltd
Superview Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Swanson Plastics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
System Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
T & C Plastic Moulding Pte Ltd
T & T Consolidation SEA Pte Ltd
T&G Mould Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Tai On Loong & Co (Pte) Ltd
Tai Wai Plastic & Metal Moulding Co
Tay Siew Teck
TCR (S) Pte Ltd
Technique Industries Pte Ltd
Techvolution Pte Ltd
Teck Huat Materials & Engineering
Tecnik Polymers & Colourants Pte Ltd
Teo Plastic Industries
The Polyolefin Co (S) Pte Ltd
TMI Incorporated (Asia) Pte Ltd
Toho Techtron Singapore Pte Ltd
Tong Huat Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Top Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Top Point Plastic Supplies Pte Ltd
Top-Plus Moulding Pte Ltd
Toyo Plas Resources Pte Ltd
Toyogo Supermart
Tron Marketing
TTH International Pte Ltd
UFE Pte Ltd
Uniplas Enterprises Pte Ltd
United Packaging Enterprise
Universal Polymers Pte Ltd
Urethane Techno-Chem Enterprise
U-Tool Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Uvalue Electric Hardware Pte Ltd
Valen Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
Veka Plastics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Versatile Card Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Victory Industrial Co Pte Ltd
Vinmar Overseas (S) Pte Ltd
Vinyl Chem Pte Ltd
Vision-Plas Industries Pte. Ltd.
Viva Excellence
V-Kool International Pte Ltd
W & W Plastic & Polymer
Wah Sin Industrial Pte Ltd
Wan Hoong Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Webco Packaging Technologies
Wei Lee Polythene
Weimin Plastic Pte. Ltd.
Welplas Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Weltech Industries Pte Ltd
Wills Manufacturing Corpn Pte Ltd
Win Sin Moulds Industries
Wing Fatt Plastics Industries Pte Ltd
Wing Heng Plastic Industries Pte Ltd
Wong Meng Plastic Industries
Worldwide Industry Co
Xin Qi Lai Plastic Supplier
Xinghua Packaging & Distribution Pte Ltd
Xtreme Plastics Enterprise Pte Ltd
Yew Seng Precision Mould Pte Ltd
Yi An Plastic (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Yi Kwang Material Supplies Pte Ltd
Yian Fong Plastic Trading
Yin-Shan Engineering Pte Ltd
YKT Trading Enterprise
Yong San Industries Pte Ltd
Yoon Chang Plastic Pte Ltd
Youshan Industries
Y-Plas (S) Pte Ltd
Yu Neng Enterprise
Yu Yellow Mould Industry
Yuan Hua Trading Co
Yuan Sheng Plastic Art & Design
Yumei Industries
Yumei Plastic Pte Ltd
Zeito Plastic Components Pte Ltd
Zeyo Industries Pte Ltd
Zheng Fa Trading Pte Ltd
Singapore Plastics Products
Acrylic Resin, Action Figures, Adaptors, Air Bubble Films, Anchor Fasteners, Aquarium Decorations, Architectural Signage, Artificial Flowers, Artificial Leather, Ashtrays, Automotive Accessories, Automotive Plastic Grills, Baby Feeding Bottles, Baby Rattles, Bag Clips, Bags, Bags On The Roll, Bath Toys, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Cabinets, Battery Clips, Battery Operated Toys, Beach & Poolside Loungers, Bead Trimmings, Bedroom & Closet Storage Boxes, Belts, Beverage Jugs, Big Bags, Biodegradable Disposable Tableware, Blood Transfusion Sets, Blood Tubing Lines, Blow Molding, Blow Molded Bottles, Bottle For Food & Beverage, Bottles, Brushes, Buckets, Bulk Liners, Bumpers, Buttons, Cable Lugs, Caps, Carrier Bags, Cases, Cassette Jewel Boxes, Chairs, Children Plastic Shoes, Christmas Decorative, Christmas Trees, Cloth Hangers, Clutch Toys, Coated Fabrics, Computer Cables, Computer Power Strips, Conectors, Container Liners, Containers, Cosmetic Bags, Costume Brooches, Costume Jewelry, Crates, Cups, Cutlery, Deep Freezer Bags, Diary Cover, Display Gift Boxes, Document Folders, Dolls, Drainage Systems, Drinking Straws, Drums, Dvd Cases, Engineering Thermoplastics, Erasers, Expandable Polystyrene, Fashion Bags, Fishing Products, Flatware, Flexible Containers, Flexible Plastic Packaging, Flower Pots, Flowers, Fluor Polymers, Flying Toys, Foam Sheets, Food Boxes, Food Packaging, Food Trays, Food Wraps, Fruit Baskets, Furniture, Garbage Bags, Garden Decorations, Garlands, Garment Bead Materials, Garments, Gift Boxes, Gift Items, Grommets, Hair Ornaments, Hand Fans, Hdpe, High Density Polyethylene, Indoor Plastic Resin Furniture, Industrial & Machine Hoses, Industrial Plastics, Inflatable Toys, Injection Moulding, Insulation, Jar Containers, Jewelry Beads, Keychains, Kites, Labels, Laminating, Lanyards, LCD Plastic Watches, Ldpe, Louvre & Panel Doors, Luggage Tags, Mats, Melamine, Mobile Phone Cases, Motorcycle Helmets, Musical Toys, Nylon Chips, Nylon Films, Nylon Yarn, Nylons, Optical Disc Storage Boxes, Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Plastic Furniture, Outdoor Resin Furniture, Packaging, Packaging Bags, Packaging Products, Pallets, Paper Cups, Partyware, Patches, Pencil Cases, Pet Film Product, Photo Frames, Pitchers, Plants, Plastic Bags, Plastic Baskets, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bowls, Plastic Buckles, Plastic Cards, Plastic Carrier Bags, Plastic Cases, Plastic Containers, Plastic Dinnerware, Plastic Disposable Products, Plastic Doors, Plastic Engineering Parts, Plastic Extrusions, Plastic Fasteners, Plastic Films, Plastic Foam, Plastic Gratings, Plastic Household Utensils, Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Keyboards, Plastic Keychains, Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Magnets, Plastic Materials, Plastic Molds, Plastic Mugs, Plastic Packaging, Plastic Panels, Plastic Parts, Plastic Parts For Fans, Plastic Parts OEM, Plastic Pens, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Piping, Plastic Pouches, Plastic Profiles, Plastic Resins, Plastic Sealing, Plastic Sections, Plastic Sheets, Plastic Strappings, Plastic Tiles, Plastic Toys, Plastic Tubes, Plastic Wall Clocks, Plastic Watch Straps, Plastic Watches, Plastic Zippers, Plasticisers, Plastics Sheets, Plasticware, Play Sets, Plumbing Hoses, Poly Net, Poly Propylene Bags, Poly Twine, Polyester Flake, Polyester Products, Polyester Yarn, Polyester Zippers, Polypropylene Film, Polypropylene Plastic, Polyresin Crafts, Polyurethane Elastomer, Pouches, Pp Films, Presentation Gift Boxes, Pvc Compounds, Pvc Films, Pvc Thermoforming Packs, Radio-Controlled Toys, Resins, Retail Carrier Bags, Rigid Plastic Packaging, Safety Belts, Serving Food Trays, Shoes, Shopping Bags, Shower Screens, Shrink Bags, Shrink Labels, Shrink Wrap, Shrink Wrapping Films, Sink Strainers, Sport Bags, Sports Toys, Squeakers, Steering Wheels, Storage Bottles, Stretch Wrapping Films, Synthetic-Latex Products, Textile Packaging Materials, Toilet Seats, Tool Boxes, Toothbrush, Toy Balls, Toy Cars, Toy Phones, Traps, Travel Bags, Tubes, Tumblers, Vases, Wallets, Wash Tubs, Watch Presentation Boxes, Water Tanks, Windows, Wrapping Film, Wreaths

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Thailand Luxury Villas
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. Close to the beach, four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV, private swimming pool, free car rental


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Agel Nutritional Supplements

Exciting opportunity with agel nutritional products in Singapore. Team leaders needed now for worldwide network marketing and distribution of unique gel health products and natural cosmetics

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