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  AMD Far East Ltd
Amda Group (Singapore)
Amdon Consulting Pte Ltd
Ame International Pte. Ltd.
Ameba by M & Company
Amec Group Singapore Pte Ltd
Amec Printing Services
Amech Marine Pte Ltd
Amediustec Investments Ltd
Ameer Tech Remittance & Exchange Services
Ameera International Trading Pte. Ltd.
Amega Global Pte Ltd
Amega Innotech Pte Ltd
Amenity Decoration
Amequity Pte Ltd
Amer Mech & Electrical Engineering
Ameraser Securities Pte Ltd
Amerasian Entertainment
Amerchem (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Amer-Deep & Company
Amerex Petroleum Singapore Pte Ltd
Amerfab Pte Ltd
Amerflex Rubber Technology Pte Ltd
Amerfurn Pte Ltd
America Boutique
America Tailoring & Ladies Dressmaking
American & Efird Mills (S) Pte. Ltd.
American Academic Alliance Pte Ltd
American Academic Consultants Pte.Ltd
American Airlines Inc (1998)
American Appliances Pte Ltd
American Association Of Singapore
American Bioceutics Labs
American Chamber Of Commerce
American Components (S) Pte Ltd
American Consolidation Services Ltd
American Drilling Supplies Pte Ltd
American Dynamics Pte Ltd
American Educational Opportunities
American Embassy Singapore
American Equipment Services Pte Ltd
American Express International Inc.
American Express Travel (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
American Fine Furnishing Gallery Pte Ltd
American Fine Wire Ltd
American Flagpole Lighting Pole International
American Golf Technology Pte Ltd
American Home Assurance Company Singapore
American International Assurance Company
American International Clinic Pte Ltd
  American International Industries (Pte) Ltd
American Lloyd Travel Services Pte Ltd
American Luxury Pte Ltd
American Meter Company
American Natural Soda Ash Corp
American Optical Company (S) Pte Ltd
American Overseas Management Services Pte
American Overseas Petroleum Ltd
American Packaging Industries (S) Pte Ltd
American Power Conversion Corporation
American Tourist Service (S) Pte Ltd
American Trade Solution
American Women's Association
Americare Child Development Centre
Americaya (S) Pte Ltd
Americhlor Technologies
Amerifoods (S ) Pte Ltd
Ameritech Industries Pte Ltd
Amerix Auto Care
Amerjeet Singh
Amerkon (S) Pte Ltd
Ameroid Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Ameron (Pte) Ltd
Ameron International Pte Ltd
Ameron Office Systems Pte. Ltd.
Amersun Energy Pte Ltd
Ames Builders Pte Ltd
Ames Marketing Pte Ltd
Ames United Pte Ltd
Ametek Singapore Pte Ltd
Amethyst Deli
Amethyst Pastry & Cakes
Ametrine Jewellery
Amex Food Products Pte Ltd
Ameya Technologies Pte Ltd
AMG Capital Pte Ltd
AMG Communications Pte Ltd
AMG Concept Pte Ltd
Amg Logistics Pte Ltd
Amhurst Gordon International Pte Ltd
Ami Energy Pte Ltd
Ami Gems Pte Ltd
AMI Marine International Pte Ltd
Amica Jewellery
Amica Law Llc
Amica Renovation & Design
Amical Dental Surgery (Bedok) Pte Ltd

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