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Singapore Companies A35

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  Alain Figaret (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Alakazam Magic & Novelty Centre
Al-Alif Trading
Alam Cahaya
Alame Enterprise
Al-Amin Education Pte Ltd
Al-Amin Kindergarten Pte Ltd
Al-Amin Store
Al-Amna Pte Ltd
Alan & Black (F E) Pte Ltd
Alan & Gina Hair Salon
Alan & Guys Hair Salon
Alan & Morgan Corporate Services
Alan Audio & Electronics
Alan International Cleaning & Pest Management Services
Alan Koh Trading Co. Pte. Ltd.
Alan Optics Company
Alan Paddy's (S) Pte Ltd
Alan Photo Trading
Alan Shankar & Lim
Alan Telecom Pte Ltd
Alanco Holdings Pte Ltd
Alanco International Enterprises Company
A'Land Express Pte Ltd
Alandia Engineering (SEA) Pte Ltd
Alankar International Pte Ltd
Alano International Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Alan's United Auto
Alantac Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Alantic Photo
Alantic Sports Pte Ltd
Alantis Technology Pte Ltd
Alapana Arts
Alapana Centre for Indian Music and Dance
Alaris Medical System Inc
Alarm Central Monitoring Pte Ltd
Alarm Security Technology
Alarm Supply Pte Ltd
Alarmcom-Eas Pte Ltd
Alarmone (S) Pte Ltd
Alarmtech Trading Enterprises
Alaseel DFR Pte Ltd
Alash Awards & Premiums
Alaska Air Conditioning & Engineering Services
Alatas Singapore Pte Ltd
Alaturka International Pte Ltd
Alaudeen Trade
Alawdeen Trading
Al-Awwal Freshmart
  Alaxis Medicare Pte Ltd
Al-Azeem Trading Pte Ltd
Albacore Foods Pte Ltd
Alban Tay Mahtani & De Silva
Albans Associates Pte Ltd
Albany Food Industries Pte Ltd
Albany Learning & Development Pte Ltd
Albany Molecular Research Singapore Research Centre
Albany-Systems (S) Pte Ltd
Albar Engineering Pte Ltd
Albarakah Clinic & Surgery
Al-Barakah Jamu Centre
Albarq Pc Point
Albatross International Pte Ltd
Albedo Corporation Pte. Ltd.
Albedo Resources Pte. Ltd.
Albegi Professional Cosmetics Centre
Albemarle Asia Pacific Company
Albert Ackermann (SEA) Pte Ltd
Albert Cafe & Restaurant Pte Ltd
Albert Court Hotel
Albert Disaster Control (Asia) Pte Ltd
Albert Hoo Electrical Pte Ltd
Albert Hoo Electrical Trading Company
Albert Koh Food & Noodle Supply Company
Albert L P Loh Consultants
Albert Metal Works
Albert Photo & Departmental Centre Pte Ltd
Albert Tan Trading Company
Albert Wee Pte Ltd
Alberton Corporate Management Company
Alberton Management Centre Pte Ltd
Alberts & Company
Albest Resources
Albion Cosmetics & Beauty Centre
Al-Bismi Centre
Albiz (S) Pte Ltd
Albony Integration Services
Albright & Wilson Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Albright Business Consultancy
Albright Capital Consultancy Pte Ltd
Albright Plastic Trading Company
Albright Ventures Pte Ltd
Album Stories
Alby Commercial Enterprises Pte Ltd
ALC Technologies Pte Ltd
Alcad Inc

Singapore Companies A35

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