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Singapore Electrical Goods Companies List

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Singapore Electrical Goods Companies List
Home Appliances and electrical goods and electronic equipment for household use are produced in abundance here in Singapore Major foreign manufacturers especially Japanese home appliance manufacturers have some of their production bases Singapore. Their production ranges from Large electrical goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and air conditioners to smaller appliances used in the home such as electric rice cookers, electric fans, electric coffee makers, electric water heaters and electric kettles.

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Featured Singapore Electrical Goods Companies List
A. Star Electrical Singapore Supplier of Electrical Goods: Audio Equipment & Supplies, Audio Visual Equipment, Supplies & Services, Cassette Tape Recorders, Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Supplies, Cordless Telephones, Corporate Gifts, Kitchen Equipment & Supplies, Commercial Premium Supplies, Promotional Products, Radios, Rice Cookers, Commercial Telephone Accessories, Telephone Equipment, Systems & Services
A.I. Deux International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company. Product Sourcing, Auto Accessories, Hotel Supplies, Hospitality Equipments, Sourcing, Fnb Equipment, Electrical & Electronic, Computer Peripherals Computer Accessories. Glue, Paint, River Sand, Shredders, Sweepers, Cranes, Boom Lifts, Excavators
Acma Ltd Singapore Air Conditioner Manufacturer of Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Conditioner Supplies, Electrical Household Appliances. Investment holding & contract works; manufacture & repair of refrigeration & air-conditioning equipment.
Ah Leong Electric Service Singapore Electrical Contractors, Electric Equipment Services, Electric Appliances Repairs
Aifa (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Furnishings Company Suppliers of Lighting, Lamps, Electrical Appliances, Curtains, Home Furnishings
Aircold Electro-Mart Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Equipment Services Company, Electric Appliances Repairs
Akira Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Appliances Manufacturers, Electric Appliances Wholesalers. Color TV,DVD/DVR/VCP/VCR, Air-Conditioners, Small Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Plasma TV's,  LCD TV's, Projection TV, Audio Hi-Fi Products, Lightings, Toys, Communications Equipment, Recording Media, Digital Imaging, Massage Chairs, Water -based Vacuum Cleaners, Car Audio Systems
Alisan Departmental Store Singapore Electric Equipment Services, Electric Appliances Repairs, Home Appliances
Alpha Sales & Services Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Appliances Manufacturer Suppliers of decorative ceiling fans, shower panels and kitchen appliances. ALPHA Group is one of the Malaysia's largest electric water heaters manufacturer and exporter.
Apex Electric Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Appliances Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Importer, Exporter & Wholesaler of Electronic And Electrical Consumer Products
APS Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Electrical Building Materials Company Suppliers of Electric Equipment Services, Electric Appliances Repairs, Building Materials, Construction Materials  
Arzbergh Engineering Group Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Appliances Manufacturers, Singapore Electric Appliances Wholesalers
ASPT (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of home appliances components. Refrigerating Components, Air Conditioning Components, Car Air Conditioning Components, Washing Machine Components, Thermostats, Capacitors Timers, Glass Heaters, Defrost Heaters, Remote Controllers, Relay & Overload, Condensers, Compressors, Fan Motors, Defrost Timers, Defrost Thermostats & Thermal Fuses, Hoses, Drain Hoses, Water Valves, Water Valves, Fully Auto Timers, Spin Timers, Wash Timers, Bellows, Pressure Switches, Room Control Thermostats, Universal Remote Controls, Universal Remote Controls (with PCB Boards)
LCD Wireless Remote Controllers, Capacitors, Filter Driers, Selector Switches
Atlens Electronics Singapore Electric Equipment Services, Singapore Electric Appliances Repairs
Atom Trading Enterprises Singapore Electrical Equipment Services, Singapore Electrical Appliances Repairs
Auto Electronics Ltd Singapore Consumer Electronics Company Suppliers of Camcorders, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, CAE Players, Electrical Equipment, Electronics Equipment
B D E Enterprise Singapore Wholesalers of Furniture, Furnishings & Household Appliances Furniture, Furniture Trading Company
Best Denki (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Retail Electronics Store sells Home Appliances, Cameras, Audio, Hi-Fi, Electrical Appliances
Billion Electrical Traders Singapore Electrical Appliances Wholesalers, Electric Equipment Distributors, Electric Equipment Suppliers
Black & Decker Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Pneumatic Tools, Power Tools Manufacturer of  power, pneumatic tools, household electrical equipment & electronic products, hardware ironmongery & faucets
Boon & Co Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Retailers & Electronics Wholesalers of Electronics Equipment, Electrical Appliances, Cameras, Photographic Equipment, Computers, Electrical Equipment
Brandt Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Electric Equipment, Electrical Appliances Suppliers. Sales & marketing of consumer electrical appliances
Carriernet Global Ltd Singapore LCD manufacturer, Telecom Services, wholesale carrier, retail international direct dialing & global calling card product & services, PCB assembly, Trading of electronics components & consumer goods.
Casa (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Distributors of imported consumer electronics products and home appliances. Markets Elba brand of Italian home appliances; provides repair services; products: hobs, hoods, ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, cookers
Casio Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Electronic Equipment Company Suppliers of Digital Cameras, Watches, Electronic Musical Instruments, Calculators, Label Printers, Cash Registers, Projectors, Handheld Terminals, Electronics Suppliers
CEFLA Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Buying Agents, Product Sourcing, Manufacturers Agents, Manufacturing Representatives, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Parquet Laminate Hardwood, Hotel furnishings, Boat furnishings, Solar Panels, Electronics & appliances Automotive products, Aerospace products,  Architectural products, Window shutters & blinds Foils & Edgebanding Injection molded parts PVC extrusions, Printing Finishing Drying & Impregnation Chemicals
Champs Industrial Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Water Heaters, Storage Heaters, Shower Systems, Electric instantaneous water heaters.
Chang Sheng An Store Singapore Electric Appliances Wholesalers, Electric Appliances Manufacturers, Electric Appliances Distributors, Electric Appliances Suppliers
Chavish Intermarkets Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Electrical Appliances, Domestic Appliances, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwave Ovens, Televisions
Choong Ying Trading Singapore Electrical Equipment Company Suppliers of Ceiling Fans, Domestic Appliances, Domestic Water Heaters, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Plugs, Electrical Sockets, Fan Accessories, Fans, Lighting Accessories, Lighting Fixings
Chuan Guan (Pte) Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Compact Discs, Laser Discs, Consumer Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Electronic Equipment Suppliers, Trading of compact discs, laser discs & electronic goods
Chuan Guan Electrical Trading Singapore Electrical Goods Trading Company Suppliers of Domestic Appliances, Small Electrical Appliances, Electrical Appliances, Domestic Appliances, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwave Ovens, Televisions
Chuan Heng Building Products Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Building Materials, Construction Materials, Bathroom Fittings, Accessories, Bathroom Doors, Bathroom Doors, Bathroom Fittings, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Sinks, Bathrooms, Baths, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Dispensing Systems, Domestic Appliances, Domestic Refrigerators, Domestic Stoves
Chui Peng Fai Singapore Air Conditioning Contractors, Air Conditioner Services Suppliers of Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Conditioner Supplies
Chun Huat Electronics Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Company Suppliers of Audio Equipment, Audio Supplies, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Components, Electronics Suppliers, Cable Equipment, Cable Tools, Cables, Cameras, Cell Phone Accessories, Cell Phones, Communications Engineering, Cordless Telephones
Chun Sheng Trading Enterprise Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Electrical Equipment, Electronics Equipment, Computer Peripherals Computer Accessories, Air Conditioning Equipment Spare Parts, Cell Phones, Domestic Appliances, Domestic Refrigerators, Domestic Vacuum Cleaners, DVDs, Major Electrical Appliances
Chung Ka Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore Wholesalers of Lighting & Electrical Goods, Lighting Fixtures, Lights, Lamps, Telecommunications Equipment, Telecoms Systems
D M K Trading Singapore Suppliers of Audio-Visual Equipment, Audio Equipment, Audio Supplies, Photographic Equipment, Photography Supplies, Photographic Services, Audio Visual Services, Video Program Producers, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Domestic Appliances, DVD Players, Photographic Services, Televisions, Video Cameras, Video Recorders
D.V.I. Solutions (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Audio-Visual Equipment Company Suppliers of Audio Equipment, Audio Supplies, Office Equipment, Audio Visual Equipment, Projectors, Plasma TV Sets, Video Conferencing Products, Audio-Visual Solutions
G & W Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of electronic and electrical household appliances, hand phone and hand phone accessories. Audio Equipment, Electrical Appliances, Domestic Appliances, Telephone Equipment, Cell Phones, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwave Ovens, Televisions, Electrical Components, Electrical Equipment, Electronics Equipment
Singapore Electrical Goods Companies Directory A-Z
A E C (Sk) Services
A2000 Solutions Pte Ltd
Abex Technology Pte Ltd
ABM-Ever Trading
Absolut Intelligence Pte Ltd
Access Electrical
Accord Customer Care Solutions Pte Ltd
Aceline International
Acma Marketing Pte Ltd
Active Electronics Trading Co
Aek Beng Electric Co
Ah Leong Electric Service
Ah Teck Radio & Electric Co
Aik Leong Electrical Enterprise
Aircold Electro-Mart Pte Ltd
Airvon System Pte Ltd
Akira Singapore Pte Ltd
Aktiff Engineering
Al Nasim Electric Service
Alisan Departmental Store
Alric Engineering Pte Ltd
Alternative Trading Pte Ltd
Amasco Industries Pte Ltd
Amplify Pte Ltd
Ang Ah Tee
Ang Cheong Huan
Ang Siz Leng Electrical Trading
Ang Young Hui
Anson Audio Trading
Apex Electric Trading Pte Ltd
APS Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd
Argo International Corpn
Arzbergh Engineering Group Pte Ltd
Asia Excel Marketing
Atlens Electronics
Atom Trading Enterprises
Atron Electrical Electronics Enterprise
Audio Culture
Av Promotions (S) Pte Ltd
Avit Link Pte Ltd
Awins Electronics Enterprise
Ban Kim Chuan Enterprises Pte Ltd
Ban Lee Huat Electrical Company
Banly Electric & Suppliers Company
Basler Asia Pte Ltd
Be Line Trading Company
Bedok Centre Electrical Company
Ben King Trading Enterprises
Beng Beng Electrical Pte Ltd
Beng Beng Electronics Company
Beng Hui Marine Electrical Pte Ltd
Bepro Asia Pte Ltd
Best Denki (S) Pte Ltd
Best Denki Digital Pte. Ltd.
Best Electrical Supply Terminal Singapore
Best Quality Services Pte. Ltd.
Beste (S) Pte Ltd
Beyer Electrical Enterprise Pte Ltd
Bigston Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
Binal International Pte Ltd
Bitzer Refrigeratn Equipt Asia Ltd
Borty H P C
Bridgemen Pte. Ltd.
Bright City Electronic Company
BSH Home Appliances Pte Ltd
Buan Seng Huat
Bukit Timah Refrigeration Service Company
Bun Leong Electrical & Furniture Trading Company
C M Audio & Video Centre Company
C.E.O.Group Pte.Ltd
Cadrew Steel Co
Cahaya Electronics Pte Ltd
Camera Connection Pte Ltd
Candid Electric (S) Pte Ltd
Capital Electronics Pte. Ltd.
Casa (S) Pte Ltd
Castor & Wheel (S) Pte Ltd
Cathoray Industries
Centon Marketing Pte Ltd
Century TV Enterprise
Champs Industrial Pte Ltd
Chan Huat Electric Pte Ltd
Chandsons Enterprises Company
Chee Nam Electric Service Company
Cheong Ha Leok
Cheong Hock Guan Water Heater Centre Pte
Cheong Seng Huat Electric Company
Chimao Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
Chin Leong & Company
China Hill Electric Company
Chinmega Electric Pte Ltd
Chong Radio & Electric Company
Choong Ying Trading
Chop Eng Bee
Chua Chong Hoe
Chuan Seng
Chun Sheng Trading Enterprise
Colasit Asia Pte Ltd
Continental Equipment Pte Ltd
Coolnergy Refrigeration Services Llp
Cool-Wave (Bse) Services
CRE Refrigeration & Equipment Company
D M K Trading
Dai-Ichi Pte Ltd
Dairen Components & Equipment Pte Ltd
Dairen Engineering Company
Daiwa Trading
Data Conversion Instruments Pte Ltd
Dav Electronics Company
Delphin Singapore Pte Ltd
Denstrade Company
Dickson Enterprise
Digipro Pte. Ltd.
Digital@Orchard Pte Ltd
Digitronics Synergy Pte. Ltd.
Discovery Electric Company
Dishy Sales & Services Company
DKD Enterprise
Dollar Shop
Dragon Technology Pte Ltd
Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd
Duro International Pte Ltd
Duskin Pte Ltd
DV Minimart
Dyson Singapore Pte. Ltd
E.S. Electromart Superstore
East Asia Refrigeration & Electrical Company
East Peak Pte Ltd
Eastma Electrical Services Company
Ek Hua Electrical Co
Elco Motors Asia Pte Ltd
Electrical Paradise Pte Ltd
Electrical Resources Enterprise
Electrique Supply (S) Pte Ltd
Electron Services
Elegant Air-Conditioning & Engineering Company
Elko Electrical Trading Pte Ltd
Elmark Marketing
ENE Hi-Tech Engineering Pte Ltd
Eng Bee Electric Company
Epact Trading Pte Ltd
EP-Power Enterprise
Erisam Refrigeration Sales & Services
ESP United Trading
ET Sound Enterprise Pte Ltd
Eteclogy Sales & Services
Eternia Pte. Ltd.
Etronin Air-Conditioner & Electric Company
Etronin Electrical Co
Etronin Home Appliances Service & Trading Company
EU Electric Trading Company
Euromark Electronics Company
Eutex (Asia) Pte Ltd
Everest Equipment & Services Company
Everform Enterprises
Everhot Sales & Service Company
Excellent Impex Pte Ltd
Ezyshop Trading
F & B Equipment (S) Pte Ltd
FA Vision Pte Ltd
Faco Electric Co Pte Ltd
Family Circle Marketing Pte Ltd
Fang Choon Mei
Federal Electronics Pte Ltd
Fisher & Paykel (S) Pte Ltd
Flexi-Tec Electrical Enterprise
Fong Soo Har
Foo Kun Trading Co
Foo Sin Colour TV Service Company
Forever Beauty
Fuji Denki Air-Technology Pte Ltd
Fujimak Food Service Equipment (S) Pte Ltd
Fujioh International Trading Pte Ltd
Fujiton International Pte Ltd
Fujitronics Electrical & Hardware Trading Company
Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte Ltd
Fusion Food Service Equipment Company
G & G Electronics Enterprise
G M Sound Pte Ltd
Ganga Jamuna Electronics Pte Ltd
Ganzhou Pinxin Metal Materials(tugnsten) Co,.Ltd
Gao Fei Music Point
Gazz International Pte Ltd
Gemini Catering Equipment Pte Ltd
Genset Automation Control Pte. Ltd.
Gillette Management Llc. (Singapore Branch)
GL Supplies Pte. Ltd.
Global-Tek (S) Pte. Ltd.
Goh Ah Bee
Gold City Home Appliances Company
Gold Wind Electrical Company
Goldland International Pte Ltd
Goodlink Electrical
GP Image
Grand City Trading Central
Grandtech Enterprise
Great Harvest Electrical Trading Company
Green Island Appliances Pte Ltd
Greentown Audio Video
Groupe Seb Singapore Pte Ltd
GSH Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Gsmart Technologies Pte Ltd
Guan Bee Electrical & Electronic Service Centre Company
Guan Chang Electrical Pte Ltd
Guan Huat Lee Jwee Kee
Gunong Djati Trading Company
Guo Xing Electrical Trading Company
Hai Guan Seng Trading Service Company
Hai Ping Chen Sport & Household Enterprise
Harting Singapore Pte Ltd
Haw Wah Trading Company
Hawke Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Heap Heng Fty Works
HEC Electrical & Construction Pte Ltd
Hema Industries Pte Ltd
Heng & Co
Heng Leong Radio & Electrical Services
Heng Woo Electronics & Trading Company
Henry Electronic (S) Pte Ltd
Hiap Huat Electrical Goods Company
Hiap Seng Electric Company
High Power Department Store
Hin Huat Electronic Pte Ltd
Hing Yuen Electrical Co
Hintech Electric N Refrigeration Controls Company
Hiro Electrical Service Company
Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte Ltd
Ho Poh Chan
Hobart International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Hock Cheong Heng Trading Company
Hock Guan Electrical Trading Company
Hock Kim Seng Electrical Traders Company
Holly Lighting & Electrical Pte Ltd
Homemakers Electrical Company
Hometech Consumer Appliances Company
Hom'tech Gallery
Hong Eng Electrical & Plumbing Service Company
Hong Heng Long Electrical Trading Company
Hong Hock Electrical Sales & Repair Centre
Hong Kwang Electric Company Pte Ltd
Hong Lee Steel Industries Company Pte Ltd
Hong Liang Electrical Enterprise
Hong Seng Air-Con & Electrical Pte Ltd
Hong Siang Electronic Company
Hoo San Electronic Company
Hoshina Trading Company
Hot-Point Marketing Company
Houston Electric Co Pte Ltd
Hova (F E) Pte Ltd
Hsieh Yung (Pte) Ltd
Huang Hua General Store
Huat Heng Electric Company
Humitech Pte. Ltd.
Hup Huat Electric Supplies (Pte) Ltd
Hussmann Tempcool (S) Pte Ltd
Hwa Lian Enterprise
Hwa Yew Iron Works Pte Ltd
Hyuns Metal Industries Pte Ltd
Hy-Way Equipment Pte Ltd
Ideal View Enterprise
Indulge Bathroom Concept Pte Ltd
Innovative Project Solutions Pte Ltd
Innovative Technology Enterprise
Interwell Pte Ltd
Ionic Air Pte Ltd
Itis Pte Ltd
J&J Home Appliances Company
Jackson Watch & Electronic Centre
Janta Co
Jay Audio Company
Jee Hing Enterprise
Jeference Electrical & Departmental Enterprise
Jen Sin Refrigeration & Air-Con Repair Centre
Jetwell Enterprise
Jia Shing Electrical & Trading Pte Ltd
Jifa Electrical Trader Company
Johal Enterprises Pte Ltd
Joy's Electromart
Justra Marketing Pte Ltd
K C Food Equipment & Service Company
K H Tan Trading Services Company
K T Electrical Appliances Company
K-13 Marketing Company
Kah Hock Repairer & Trading Company
Kak Seng Trading
Kam Kee & Sons Electric Contractor
Kamijaya Enterprise
KEC Innovations
Kee Lay Air-Con Installation Contractor
Kee Seng Electric Company
Kenwood Appliances (S) Pte Ltd
Kessler Home Furnishings Company
Kheng Seng Electrical (S) Pte Ltd
Kho Yoke Sing
K-Home Appliances Pte Ltd
Khoo Kwan Hong
Kim Heng Trading Company
Kim Huat Television Company
Kim San Electric Co (Pte) Ltd
Kim Star Air-Con & Electrical Enterprise
Kim Teng Whatt Co (S) Pte Ltd
Kinetic Audio Services Company
Kinetic Techno Enterprise
KIS Store
Kitchen Master
Kitchensmart Pte Ltd
Koh Yeu Electrical Company
Kok Wah Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning (Pte)
Kong Tai Electrical Trading Company
Kotani Marketing Company
Kow Yeu Electronics Company
Kun Lee Electrical Centre Pte Ltd
Kwek Song Cheng Trader Company
L B Electrical Service Company
Law Chee Teck
Lea Hin Co (Electrical Appliances) Pte Ltd
Lee Bee Huat
Lee Boon Hip
Lee Choon Hee
Lee Huat Refrigeration & Electrical Company
Lenson Airconditioning & Refrigeration Works
Leolite Electrical Enterprises
Leong Heng Refrigerator Electric Company
Leotech & Tan Trading Company
Lian Eng Electric Company
Lian Fong Electrical & Electronic Trading Company
Lian Tai Electric Co Pte Ltd
Lika Enterprise
Lim Ah Tee Electrical & Sanitary Contractor
Lim Cheng Poh Trading Company
Lim Han Geok
Lim Kim Thye Electric Company
Lim Lai Heng Refrigeration & Electrical Service Company
Lim Whay Choon
Lion City Co
Little Thailand
Liu He Hen
Liun'ee Trading Pte Ltd
Lm Electrical Trading Company
Lois Enterprise
Low Ah Moi
Lucky Centre
Lucky Store
Lux Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Luxus Electronics (Pte) Ltd
Lyn Home Appliances Trading Company
M & E Enterprise (1995)
M K Yen Electrical Services Company
M Y Electrical Shop
M.G. Digital Trader Pte. Ltd.
Maayrise Electrical & Trading Company
Majestic Global Trading
Majulah Electrical Trading Pte Ltd
Mamta Impex
Mastron Electrical Service Pte Ltd
Maximum Credit Co Pte Ltd
Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd
M'bience Automation Pte Ltd
Meccool Refrigeration & Marketing Services Company
Mediacast Pte Ltd
Medios Associate Pte. Ltd.
Megatec (S) Electrical & Lighting Pte Ltd
Melalueca Southeast Asia (S) Pte Ltd
Meng Kwong Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Company
Meng Store Pte Ltd
Mersing Marketing Pte Ltd
Metraco Refrigeration Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Metrix Precision Pte Ltd
MFS Technology (S) Pte Ltd
MGI Marketing (Sea) Pte Ltd
Midom Industries Pte Ltd
Miele Pte Ltd
Million Technologies Pte Ltd
Min Sheng TV & Radio Trading Company
Ming Engineering
Ming Yih Electric Company
Moga Marketing Company
Mohd Electro-Mart
Mok Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd
Moss Mobile Pte. Ltd.
Moulmein Refrigeration & Airconditioning Pte Ltd
Mountain Electric Company
Mrs Homecare
MSM Equipment Manufacturer Sdn Bhd
MTU Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Multi Watt Pte Ltd
Music Entertainment Pte Ltd
N C E Electrical (S) Pte Ltd
Nam Chew Electrical Company
Nam Hai Electrical Company
Nam Sum Services Company
Nam Wah Long Electric Company
Nam Yik Electrical Service Company
Namly TV & Radio Service Company
Nancy Quek Electrical Supplies & Services Company
Nano World Singapore Pte Ltd
Nasa Electrical Pte Ltd
Nation Radio & TV Service Company
National Electrical Traders Company
NBS Electrical Centre
Nethan Pte Ltd
New City Electrical Trading Company
New Leong Lee Electrical Trading Service Company
New New York Air-Conditioning & Services
New Sound Electrical Department Pte Ltd
New Starlight Industries Pte Ltd
New Tai Wah Electric Trading Pte Ltd
New Toa Payoh Electric Enterprise
New Vision Singapore (2003) Private Ltd
Newton Airconditioning & Refrigeration Service
Next Essential
Ng Kim Electrical Wood Products Company
Ngee Huat Electrical Trading Company
Ngen Seng Pte Ltd
Nihon Electrical Trading Enterprise
Nissin Kogyo (S) Pte Ltd
Non-Stick Technology Enterprises
North East Refrigeration Parts Pte Ltd
Nu-Sors Trading Pte Ltd
Oceano Electrical Trading Pte Ltd
OCN (S) Pte Ltd
Olivine Electronics Pte Ltd
Ong Chuan Seng Electrical Trader Company
Oracle Agencies Pte Ltd
Orchard Towers Electronics Company
Orcom International Pte. Ltd.
Orion Electric Manufacturers (S) Pte Ltd
Osram Pte Ltd
P N C Engineering Company
Pacrim Industrial Pte. Ltd.
Pan Foto & Electronic
Pan Joo Radio & Electrical Trading Company
Pan Sin Electric
Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Panasonic Refrigeration Devices Singapore Pte Ltd
Pance Electronics & Electrical Co
Pantrade Electrical Pte Ltd
Panwell (Pte) Ltd
Parisilk Electronics & Computers Pte Ltd
Parity Electrical & Hardware Trading Company
Peace Electrical Pte Ltd
Peak Fusion Pte Ltd
People's Audio Pte Ltd
People's Electrical Enterprise
Pertama Merchandising Pte Ltd
PES Pte Ltd
Pfannenberg Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
PK International Pte Ltd
Poh Chin Electrical Company
Poh Huat Electric Co Pte Ltd
Poh Kian Nam
Power Techniques Electrical Services & Supplies
Precise Time
Premier Appliances & Trading Pte Ltd
Prestige Lights & Fans Specialist
Prima International (S) Pte Ltd
Prolect Enterprise Pte Ltd
Proserve Enterprises Pte Ltd
Prudential Airconditioning Refrigeration Company
Purple Clay Technology Pte Ltd
Qch Tradelink
Q'son Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd
Quality Plus Marketing Pte Ltd
Quek Ann Ling
Quek Mei Heng Electrical Shop
R.Y.U Cool-Airconditioning Company
Ref-Tech Refrigeration Services Pte Ltd
Reliance (Pte) Ltd
Rep Enterprise Pte. Ltd.
Rigin Electronics Pte Ltd
Rina (Electrical) Pte Ltd
Rinju Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Services Company
Romex Engineering Co
Rrg Consultancy Pte Ltd
S & C Supply & Services Company
S E A Equipment Pte Ltd
S H Econ Electrical Trading Company
S Metalwork Manufacturer Company
Sa Hoe Electric & Cycle Company
San Lian Electronics Pte Ltd
Sanhin Industries Pte Ltd
Scanpan Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
SCH Electronics Impex
Screentech Display Pte Ltd
Season Refrigeration Pte Ltd
Seateam Refrigeration Electrical Pte Ltd
Seng Ann Radio Electrical Company
Seng Heng Electrical Trading Company
Seng Sim Trading Company
Setron Ltd
Shankar's Emporium (Pte) Ltd
Sharp Kitchen
Shing Chao Stainless Steel Trading Company
Shinkawa Electric Asia Pte Ltd
Shock Block
Sia Huat Pte Ltd
Sigma Co
Silvery Star Electrical Home Appliance Company
Simplex (Asiatic) Pte Ltd
Sin Hong Electric Trading Company
Sin Huat Refrigerator Electric Appliances Company
Sin Hui San Enterprise
Sin Hup Hin
Sin Joo Heng Electrical Trading Company
Sin Meng Kwang Refrigeration & Air-Condition Company
Sin Ngou Kwong Refrigerators Manufacturer Pte
Sin Seng Yang Air-Conditioning Services Company
Sin Song Tai Electrical Company
Sin Tien Hwa Radio & TV Service Company
Sin Wai Seng Trading Company
Sindy Radio Company
Sing Wah Cycle Company
Singapore Radio & Industry Pte Ltd
Singapore Refrigeration Company
Singer Electrical Shop
Singmah Steel Refrigeration Pte Ltd
Sk Global Services Company
Soh Ho Lam
Song Hee Electrical & Hardware Company
Song Kwang Electric Service Company
Song Yong TV & Electrical Service Company
Sonic Time Electrical Trading
Sony Electronics (S) Pte. Ltd.
Soon Ho Electrical Centre
Soon Sin Stainless Steel Works
South Eastern Refrigeration (Pte) Ltd
South Malaya Refrigeration Company
SPC Hi-Tech Industries Pte Ltd
Special Electrical Appliances Services Company
Spectron Appliances Services Company
Square Electro Mart Pte Ltd
Standard Asia Technology Company
Stars Land Marketing Pte Ltd
Straits Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd
Strategic Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Style Home Accessories
Sum Meng Enterprise Radio & Electrical Company
Sun Hee Aircon Electrical & Renovation Services Company
Sung Fo Company
Sunyong International Trading Company
Super Budget Store
Super Vision Care
Superking' Shop
Supra (S) Pte Ltd
Supreme Air Services Pte Ltd
Swee Huat Heng Engineering Pte Ltd
Synergy Lab Pte Ltd
Tah Lee Electric & Radio Service Company
Tai Chang Electronics Pte Ltd
Tai Hee Electric Trading Company
Tai Sin Radio & Electrical Service Company
Tai Tong Electrical & Plumbing Service Company
Takco Electrical Servicing & Trading Company
Tan Cheng Hoe
Tan Hock Guan
Tan Lay Hoon
Tan Poey Khoon
Tan Sok San
Tan Teng Seng Trading Company
Tank Electronics (S)
Tay Chor Meng
Tay Pen Soo
Teck Chuan Electric Company
Teck Hee Electric Services Company
Teka Singapore Pte Ltd
Tellus Electronics Company
The Big Flea
The Digital Specialist Company
The Home Electric Pte Ltd
The Speciality Appliances People
Thian Ho Refrigerators Service Company
Thomson Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Thomson Consumer Repair & Services Company
Titan (Far East) Pte. Ltd.
TKR Exim Pte Ltd
Tock Seng General Shop
Toh Eng Guan
Tolay Electrical Trading Pte Ltd
Tong Lim Refrigerator & Air Conditioning Company
Top Hong Traders
Top Tech Electrical Company
Trend Singapore West Pte Ltd
Trends Home Electrical Pte Ltd
Twin Star Singapore Machinery Pte Ltd
UA Steel Industry
Unique TV & Electrical Service Company
Uni-Tec Engineering Pte Ltd
Upside Down Concepts Pte Ltd
U-Save Steel Industries
Vesta International Pte Ltd
Vin House Enterprise
Vision Electronics & Co
Vixo Corporation Pte Ltd
VMCO Products Agencies Pte Ltd
Wah Bin Radio & Electrical Trading Company
Wah Gay Trading Company
Wai Cheong Steel Industries Pte Ltd
Wailian Electronics Pte. Ltd.
Wan Xing Electric & Gas Dealer Company
Watch It! (Tanglin) Pte Ltd
Watch It! Pte Ltd
Wee Soon Trading Company
Welbilt Corporation USA
Whirlpool Southeast Asia Pte
Woodlands Domestic Electrical Pte Ltd
X Audio Pte Ltd
Yang Rong Mei Electric Traders Company
Yeo Kie Huan
Yeobuild Management Company
Yong Hong Household Appliances Company
Yong Hung Trading Company
Yong Jin Metal Works
Yong Khang (Tong Kee) Electric
Yong Sing Trading Co Pte Ltd
Yongson Trading Enterprise
Yoong Shen Trading
Yuet Meng Trading Co Pte Ltd
Yun Hui Electrical Trading Company
Zener Electric Enterprise
Singapore Electrical Goods



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