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Singapore Food Companies List - A

Singapore Companies Alphabetical Index

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Singapore Food Companies List - A
Singapore Food Companies, Food Manufacturers, Food Shops, Food Wholesalers, Food Importers, Food Exporters, Food Consultants. Singapore's ethnic and cultural diversity is enhanced and reflected in it's culinary heritage. Residents of all cultures be it Indian, Malay, Chinese or expats from around the world can eat their own types of food and indulge in a worldwide cuisine with a truly Singaporean twist. Not only are these foods served locally but also packaged and the "Taste of Singapore" exported internationally.

Singapore Food Companies
Featured Singapore Food Companies List - A
Aceford Food Industry Pte Ltd Singapore Food Packaging Manufacturer, Dairy Food Manufacturer. Suppliers of Food & Dairy Products and Food Packaging
Active Frozen Food Singapore Frozen Food Retailers, Singapore Frozen Food Manufacturers, Singapore Frozen Food Wholesalers
Adam Halal (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Frozen Food Retailers, Frozen Food Manufacturers, Frozen Halal Food Wholesalers  
Adeka (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Refined Processed Vegetable Oils Manufacturer, Factory for the processing of vegetable oils and fats and the supplying of margarine, shortening, frozen dough to bakeries, confectioneries and restaurants.
Aerre Consulting Pte. Ltd Singapore Industrial Equipment Company Suppliers of Food Processing Equipment, Food Packaging Equipment, Food Processing Equipment & Supplies
Afco East Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Fresh Food, Frozen Seafood, Poultry Products. Wholesaler & supplier of fresh & frozen seafood & poultry products: Salmon, Chilean sea bass, Shark fin, Crab meat, Australian scallop, Tiger prawns, Frozen meat (pork, beef & mutton) Frozen chicken parts
Affiliated Engineering & Trading Company Singapore Food Equipment Company Food Processing Equipment, Engineering, Bakery Equipment, Baking Supplies, Food Processing Machinery & Supplies
AFP Land Ltd Singapore Property Company Property Agency, Property Investment, Real Estate Consultants. Asia Food & Properties (AFP) has a hand in people's food and living space throughout the Far East. Three core areas: agri-business, food, and property. AFP subsidiary Golden Agri-Resources provides oil-palm cultivation, processing, and refining in Indonesia. Other agri-business operations include refining and oil seed processing facilities in China. Food operations include the production, distribution, and sale of instant noodles throughout China through its investment in Zhuhai Huafeng Food Group. AFP also develops commercial, residential, and industrial properties in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.
AGE Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Canned food, olive oil, sugar, denim-woven-knitted garments, socks, home textile, Trading Company. Local offices in Turkey, Latvia and Brazil specialized in bulk commodities and olive oil, textile - denim garments, woven garments, knitted garments, socks, home textiles.
Agricon International Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Fruit Juices, Food Manufacturers, Food Retailers
Agritrade International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Commodity Traders, Agricultural Products, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Products. Trading of agricultural produce such as cocoa beans & cocoa products, palm oil & products, stearin & related products; supplies of electronic products, foodstuffs & textiles to Mongolia & Russia
Agro Food Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Edible Nuts, Agricultural Products, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Agrotech Hydroponics Farm Centre Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Fruit Juices, Food Manufacturers, Food Retailers
Ah Bee Frozen Food Singapore Frozen Food Company, Frozen Food Retailers, Frozen Food Manufacturers, Frozen Food Wholesalers
Ah Peng Fish Food Supplier Singapore Seafood Company, Seafood  Manufacturers, Seafood Wholesalers, Fish Distributors
Aik Mui Fish Merchant Singapore Fish & Seafood Wholesalers, Fish Distributors, Fish Wholesalers, Fish Distributors  
Aik Seng Seafood Enterprise Singapore Frozen Food Retailers, Frozen Food Manufacturers, Frozen Food Wholesalers
Aisa Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Food, Dairy Products, Packaging, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Ajinomoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Food Seasonings, Food Additives, Food Products, Food Manufacturers. Sales and distribution of processed food products, food additives, seasonings, beverages, fine chemicals and other products under Ajinomoto trade name.
Al Ansar Food Products Pte Ltd Singapore Bakery Company, Bakery Equipment, Baking Supplies, Manufacturer of best roti prata dough, puri & chapati. Manufacturer of best instant prata & instant chapati
AL Noor International (Singapore) Pvt Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Instant Full Cream Milk Powder in consumer packs, Palm Oil in Jerry cans, and Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk in consumer packs. Besides this we produce and market instant coffee Mix in sachets buyers.
Al-Wadi Bakeries Co Pte Ltd Singapore Bakery, Sweets, Candy Manufacturers, Confectionery Supplies
Aladdin (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Biscuits Manufacturers, Biscuits Wholesalers, Biscuits Distributors
ALJ Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Toys, Baby Products, Chilli Sauces, Stationery, Display Rack, Carrier Bags, Sweet & Sour Chilli Sauce (Thai Style) Vegetarian Chilli Sauce, Extra Hot Chilli Sauce
All-Big Trading Company Singapore Frozen Food Retailers, Frozen Food Manufacturers, Frozen Food Wholesalers
Allgreen Nutrition Pte Ltd Singapore Health Food Company Suppliers of Dairy Products, Nutritional Supplements, Health Products, Health Food & Dairy Product Manufacturing and Packaging
Allied Aces Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Chemicals, Food, Cashew Nuts, Agricultural Products, Pesticides. Agents for plant growth regulator Dekamon 22.43l and actively trading in raw cashew nuts.
Allied Catering Equipment Singapore Kitchen Equipment Company Suppliers of Refrigeration Equipment, Catering Equipment, Snack Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Pizza Equipment, Kitchen Equipment & Supplies - Commercial, Caterers Equipment & Supplies
Allswell Marketing Singapore Suppliers of Seafood, Food Products, Food Manufacturers, Food Stores
Alpha Pets Singapore Pets Supply Company Suppliers of Pet Shops, Pet Supplies, Pet Products, Dog Foods, Cat Food Manufacturers, Pet Food Wholesalers, Distributors
Alpha Pet Health Pte Ltd Singapore Pet Supplies Company Suppliers of Dog Foods, Cat Food Manufacturers, Pet Food Wholesalers, Distributors
Amd Cocoa Pte Ltd Singapore Agricultural Products Company Suppliers of Cocoa Products, Food Products
American & Efird Mills (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Dairy Products Company Suppliers of Food, Dairy Products Manufacturers, Dairy Products Wholesalers, Dairy Products Distributors
Amosco Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Frozen Food Retailers, Frozen Food Manufacturers, Frozen Food Wholesalers, Confectionery. Initially focused on confectionery and cookies, as well as frozen foods. Now mainly on frozen foods and supplies to the foodservice market (catering, airlines, hotels, etc) and exports to other Southeast Asia countries. Dim sum, pizzas, spring rolls and samosas, puff pastries, processed seafood, fully-cooked processed chicken, and thaw-and-serve pastries such as mini eclairs, egg tarts and mini cake rolls
Amoy Canning Corporation (S) Ltd Singapore Canned Food Company Suppliers of Canned Food Products, Canned Beverages, Canned Food Manufacturers, Food Stores
Anchorpoint Singapore Ice Cream Suppliers, Frozen Desserts Manufacturer
Anchorvale Minimart Singapore Grocery Shops, Supermarkets, Singapore Mini-Markets, Mini-Marts
Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Food supply, storage, distribution and marketing of temperature-controlled halal and non-halal foods. Chilled, frozen, and processed beef, lamb, mutton, veal, game, chicken, duck, turkey, the extensive range of cheeses, milk, butter, assorted tropical and cold water species fish, shrimps, scallops, oysters, vegetables and fruits, jams, tuna, bread mixes/improver, cake & pastry margarine, instant dry yeast,
Antioch Singapore Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Food Trading Company Suppliers of Australian Unsalted Buttery Spread, Australian Unsalted Sweetcream Butter, Australian Butter Oil Substitute, Pure Butter Ghee, Spices, Frozen Pangasius Steak, Frozen Pangasius Fillet, Indian White Sugar, Brazilian Beef, Spanish Pork Belly, Surimi Crabstick, Palm Oil, Palm Fatty Acid used as Bio Diesel, Frozen Seafood Products
Apex-Pal International Ltd Singapore Japanese Food Company, Japanese Restaurants Sakae Sushi, Sakae Teppanyaki, Sakae Izakaya, Sakae Delivery, Hei Sushi, Hibiki, Senjyu, The Pasta Shop, Crepes & Cream, Kohi Ten and Nouvelle Events.
Aquatica Fishery Singapore Live Fish Company Export Live Food Fish & Lobsters, Dried Sea Cucumber, Coral Trout, Barred-Cheek Coral Trout, Squaretail Coral grouper, Brown Marbled Grouper, Tomato Hind, Humpback Grouper, a variety of mixed groupers and many others Reef Food fish species. 
Arcadian Food Pte Ltd Singapore Food manufacturer, importer, exporter and distributor of fast moving consumer goods. Food, Canned Food, Beverages, Instant Coffee, Non Dairy Creamer, Breakfast Cereals, Cafe Bien 3 In 1 Coffee mix, Nestle Coffee Mate 450g, Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water, Nescafe Deluxe instant coffee, Ace Mate Non Dairy Creamer 
Arco Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Frozen Food Retailers, Singapore Frozen Food Manufacturers, Singapore Frozen Food Wholesalers
Arctic Vending Pte Ltd Singapore Vending Machine Company Suppliers of Vending Machines, Drinks Machines
Aries Fresh Pte Ltd Singapore Importer, wholesaler & exporter of Fresh vegetables & fruits, Fresh mushrooms, Process fresh vegetables, Pre-cut vegetables, pre-packed vegetable dishes, Oyster mushroom crisps, jackfruit crisps and pineapple crisps, Red chilli padi, red chillies, green chillies, hot pepper, Thai asparagus, baby corn, corriandor leaves, French bean, Japanese pumpkin, pumpkin, lily bulb, baby kale, petai, oyster mushrooms, white button mushrooms, Swiss brown mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, woodear mushrooms, hon-shimeji mushrooms, enoki, shitake, Japanese sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, orange sweet potatoes, beetroot, yam (taro) Green lime, green lemon
As-Sufi Islamic Food Industries Singapore Frozen Halal Food Retailers, Singapore Frozen Halal Food Manufacturers, Singapore Frozen Halal Food Wholesalers
Asa Kusa Japanese Cuisine Singapore Japanese Restaurants, Japanese Food Services, Japanese Caterers, Japanese Catering Services
Asahi Chemical (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Company suppliers of Tapioca Starch, Pregelatinized Starch, Oxidiized Starch, Dextrin, Potato Starch
Asia Canning Manufacturers (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Canned Food Manufacturers Suppliers of Canned Foods, HALAL Products, Canned Jams, Canned Preserves
Asia Dairies Pte Ltd Singapore Dairy Products Company Suppliers of Pasteurised Milk, Uht Milk, Juice Drinks, Fresh Yoghurt, Carbonated Yoghurt Drinks, Milk Beverages
Asia Dessert Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Desserts, Food Products, Food Manufacturers, Sweet Puddings, Dessert Preparations
Asia Farm F&B Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Food, Beverages, Fruit Juices, Fruit Cordials, Concentrated Fruit Juices, Fruit Flavoured Drinks. Manufacturer of a Wide Range of Quality Fruit Juice Chilled or Non-Chilled
Asia Ostrich Products & Services Singapore Ostrich Meat Suppliers, Ostrich Meat Importers, Ostrich Meat Wholesalers
Asia Pacific Ocean Frozen Food Products Singapore Frozen Food Retailers, Singapore Frozen Food Manufacturers, Singapore Frozen Food Wholesalers
Asia-Euro Marketing Services Pte Ltd Singapore Bakery, Confectionery Products Company Suppliers of Caramelised Snack Biscuits, Crispy Belgian Waffles and Galettes Bretonnes. Most recently, we introduced the latest Multigrain Caramelized Biscuits
Asian Food Channel Singapore TV Program Producer. The Asian Food Channel or AFC is the first and only regional Asian food TV channel in the region. It’s an Asian based Pay TV food channel that provides a mix of both Eastern and Western programmes in a variety of formats.
Assar International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company. Products include Metal Scrap, Agro Commodities like Green Mung Beans & Mung Dall Black Matpe & Urad Dall beans & pulses and timber. We engage in trade between various countries including Africa, India, South-East Asia and Middle East.
Aun Dong Trading Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Poultry Products, Chicken Products
Aurora A Pte Ltd Singapore Restaurant Management, Singapore Restaurant Consultants
Avosys People Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Manufacturers of Food Packaging, Dairy Product Packaging
AXA Catering Services Singapore Catering Company, We Cater North Indian, Western, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Nyonya Cuisine For Any Corporate Events and All Kinds of Occasions
Azuki-Ya Pte Ltd Singapore Importers of Fresh Japanese Food Items, Airflown Direct From Japan We airflown our fresh food items such as seasonal fish, Vegetable and fruit from Japan. We also carry frozen seafood such as sashimi grade Ama Ebi (sweet shrimps), Saba (mackerel), Hotate Kabashira (Scallops), Edamame (soy beans)
Singapore Food Companies Directory A-Z
A & A Muslim Restaurant
A & A Natural Health Food
A & B Store
A & G Industrial Gas Trading Pte Ltd
A & S Trading
A & T Freight Management Pte Ltd
A A Scientific Instrumentation
A Jaffar Store
A M Deli Foods Pte Ltd
A Noor Mohd & Co
A P Nutripharm Pte Ltd
A Peraman Provision Store
A Plus Food Court
A Y's Food Supplier
A&L Food & Beverage Management
A. Hartrodt (S) Logistics Pte Ltd
A34 Food Court Pte. Ltd.
A8 Pending Kiosk
A95 Investments Pte Ltd
AA Eats & Treats
Aa International Insurance Agency
Aachi's Kachang Putih
Aastar Pte Ltd
AB Ling Food Pte Ltd
AB Ling Leisure Pte Ltd
Abacus Corporation Pte Ltd
Abanoz Fildisi (Asia Pac) Co Pte Ltd
Abase Photography Services
Abc Supermarket Pte Ltd
Abdul Aziz s/o M M Fakir Mohd
Abdul Gaffar Store
Abdul Kader s/o V K Abdullah
Abdul Kadir Bin Abdullah
Abdul Latif s/o Abdul Razak
Abdul Rahman b Mahadi
Abdul Wahab s/o Pakkir Mohd
Abdullah b Mohd
Abdurahiman s/o K V Ali
Abeille D'or (S) Pte Ltd
Abercromby Enterprises Pte Ltd
ABR Holdings Limited
Abu Bakar & Osman Trading
Abundant Life Living Pte Ltd
Acai Berry
Acatr Enterprise
Ace Food Pte Ltd
Aceford Food Industry Pte Ltd
Acesfood Network Pte Ltd
Aci Lifestyle Pte Ltd
Acro-Bio Pte Ltd
Active Food Pte Ltd
Active Frozen Food
Active Mini-Supermarket

Activhealth (S) Pte Ltd
Actspand Pte Ltd
Adam Halal (S) Pte Ltd
Adam's Corner Seafood Restaurant Pte Ltd
Addiction Foods Pte Ltd
Adeka (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Adi's Seafood Restaurant
Advance Food Systems
Aerre Consulting Pte. Ltd
AFC Network Pte Ltd
Affco Asia Marketing Pte Ltd
Affiliated Engineering & Trading Co
Afp Land Ltd
Agama Singapore Pte Ltd
AGE Singapore Pte Ltd
Agel Enterprises Pte. Ltd
Agility Logistics Pte Ltd
Agri Commodity Trading Pte Ltd
Agrifin Pte Ltd
AgriFood & Veterinary Authority of Singapore
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority Of Singapore
Agritrade International Pte Ltd
Agro Food Pte Ltd
Agro Genesis Pte Ltd
Agropak Food Products Pte Ltd
Ah Bee Frozen Food
Ah Chang Fishery
Ah Gu-The Pancake Shop
Ah Hwee Frozen Food Trading
Ah Meng Cafe
Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant
Ah Peng Fish Food Supplier
Ah Tat Chop
Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant
Ah Yat Hunan Restaurant Pte Ltd
Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
Ahamed Store
Ahmad b Harun
Ahmad b Musa
Ai Heng Edible Food
Aik Kee Seafood Co
Aik Mui Fish Merchant
Aik Seng (S) Trading
Aik Seng Heng
Aik Seng Seafood Enterprise
Aik Tiam
Aik Yang Food Trading
Aini Bte Ismail
Air House Cafe
Aisa Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
A-J Food & Beverage Pte Ltd
AJ Supermarket
Ajinomoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Akasa Pte Ltd
Akbar s/o Abdul Kareem
Akc Enterprise Pte Ltd
AKS Food
Al Ansar Food Products Pte Ltd
Al Dente Food Pte Ltd
AL Noor International (Singapore) Pvt Ltd
Albacore Foods Pte Ltd
Albany Food Industries Pte Ltd
Al-Barakah Jamu Centre
Albert Koh Food & Noodle Supply
Alfa Cafe
Alfachem & Industries
Al-Fresh Seafood Restaurant Pte. Ltd.
Alhamdu Store
Alhamthu Store
Alifa Provision
Ali's Cafe Pte Ltd
Ali's Kiosk
Alison Eating House
Aljunied Industrial Canteen
All Breeds Pets
All Family Food Court
All In Food Products
All-Big Trading Co
Allgreen Nutrition Pte Ltd
Alliance Teamwork Marketing Pte Ltd
Allied Aces Pte Ltd
Allied Agritrade International
Allswell Marketing
Allswell Trading Pte Ltd
Alnatura Pte Ltd
Aloe Vera Beauty & Skin
Alpaq Food Trading
Alpha Analytical (S) Pte Ltd

Alpha Pet Health Pte Ltd
Alpha Pets
Alps-Link Marketing Pte. Ltd
ALS Technichem (S) Pte Ltd

Al-Sultan Cafe & Pastries Pte. Ltd.
Alt.type Pte Ltd
Alvas Food Manufacture Pte Ltd
Alvas Foods Impex Trading
Alvas Foods Impex Trading Pte Ltd
Am United Pte Ltd
Amanda Foods Private Limited
Amaya (S) Pte. Ltd
Amd Cocoa Pte Ltd
American & Efird Mills (S) Pte. Ltd

American Express International Inc.
Amerifoods (S ) Pte Ltd
Amex Food Products Pte Ltd
Amirah's Grill (Pahang Street)
Amirah's Grill Restaurant & Cafe
Amiran's Cafe Pte Ltd
Amosco Pte Ltd
Amoy Canning Corporation (S) Ltd
Ampor (S) Pte Ltd
Amrise Foodstuffs
Amway (S) Pte Ltd
Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Anamoa Enterprises
Ananda Bhavan Restaurant (Selegie Road)
Ananda Bhavan Restaurant (Syed Alwi Road)
Anastasia Enterprise
Anatolia Turkish Restaurant
Ang Cheng Heang
Ang Chiew Bak
Ang Eng Hwa
Ang Gek Chuan
Ang Hock Lye
Ang Ken Chua
Ang Kim Hui
Ang Kok Eng
Ang Lai Kim
Ang Lan Heng
Ang Lay Ai
Ang Mo Supermarkets Pte Ltd
Ang Sar Li Food Industry
Ang Siam Pang
Ang Siang Fong
Ang Soon Hin Mini Supermarket
Ang Soon Kim
Ang Swee Gim
Ang Tai San
Ang Tian Hock Trading Pte Ltd
Ang Yang Keng
Angel Santos Food & Beverages Pte. Ltd.
Angel Store
Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd
Anjali Enterprises
Anjappar Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant
Ann Guan Co
Ann Tat Frozen Food Trading
Ann Teng Heng
Anna Poorna's Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant
Annalakshmi Restaurant

Anne's Corner Eating House
Anti-Diabetic Herbal Tea Pte Ltd
Antioch Singapore Trading Pte Ltd
Aoyama Food Trading Pte Ltd
Apexlink Pte Ltd
Apex-Pal International Ltd.
Apotheca Marketing Pte Ltd
Applied Engineering Pte Ltd
APV Asia Pte Ltd
Aquagem Enterprises
Aqua-Link Seafood Supplier Pte Ltd
Aqua-Terra Aquariums
Aquatica Fishery
Arcade Desserts
Arcadian Food Pte Ltd
Arch Chemicals Coatings Singapore Pte Ltd
Arco Marketing Pte Ltd
Arco Swiss International
Argao Cafe
Aria Bistro & Wine Bar
Aries Fresh Pte Ltd
Ariki Pte Ltd
Ariki Seafood
Ark Line Cafe
Arnold's Foods
Aroma Food & Catering Services
Aroma Food Services Pte Ltd
Aromaz Pte Ltd
Asadililahi Trading Co Pte Ltd
Asahi Chemical (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Ascend Foodstuff Solution Pte Ltd
Aseana Trade Pte Ltd
Asia Baru Snack Bar
Asia Dessert Pte Ltd
Asia Farm F&B Pte Ltd
Asia Food & Properties Ltd
Asia Heritage Cafe
Asia Pacific Food (Capitol Building)
Asia Pacific Food Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Ocean Frozen Food Products
Asian Catering Services
Asian Food Channel - Afc
Asian Foodmall Pte Ltd
Asian Palette Pte Ltd
Asiawide Trends
Asmindo Trading Pte Ltd
Asparagus Bistro Pte Ltd
Aspirasi Food Stall
Aspire Cafe
Aspire Services
Assinar M T P
Associates Beverage Engineering Services
As-Sufi Islamic Food Industries
A-Star Food Court Pte Ltd
ASTG International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Astons Specialities Restaurant (Sembawang Shopping
Astro Computer Enterprises
Astro Food International Pte. Ltd.
Astrum Technologies (S) Pte Ltd.
Asylum Cafe & Bar
Athens Restaurant
Atlantis F & B Enterprise Pte Ltd
Atlantis Seafood Pte Ltd
Atlas Food
ATP Foods Pte Ltd
Attic Bistro
Auntie's Store
Aunty Venus Cafe
Auric Pacific Food Industries Pte Ltd
Auric Pacific MArketing Pte Ltd
Aussie Health Atoz
Austasia Food Pte Ltd
Austinco Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd
Austsing Coffee House Pte Ltd
Autoglym Singapore Pte Ltd
Auxvery International Pte Ltd
Avb Enterprise
Avila Prima Pte Ltd
Avon Cleaning Services Pte Ltd
Avosys People Pte Ltd.
Awd Holdings Pte Ltd

Ayurvedic Remedies & Trading Enterprises
A-Z Health Plus (S) Pte Ltd
Azhang Food & Beverages Pte Ltd
Azuki-Ya Pte Ltd
Azwa D'cafe
Singapore Food Products, Food Services



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