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Singapore Agricultural Products Companies List

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Singapore Agricultural Products List
Singapore is not well known as an agricultural nation. However being at the hub of South East Asia Singapore provides a vital function as being a distribution point for raw agricultural products and finished agricultural goods that are imported from surrounding countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and exported to the four corners of the world. Agricultural commodity trading companies dominate the agricultural sector in Singapore.


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Featured Singapore Agricultural Products Companies List
AA Global Pte Ltd AA Global Pte Ltd is a Singapore based Trading Company. Exporter of all kinds of Agricultural products such as Rice, Sugar, Corn, Beans, Oil Seed from Myanmar and Thailand
Adeka (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Refined Processed Vegetable Oils Manufacturer, Factory for the processing of vegetable oils and fats and the supplying of margarine, shortening, frozen dough to bakeries, confectioneries and restaurants.
Mandalay Valley Pte Ltd Mandalay Valley is a Singapore Trading Company. A representative for Myanmar Rice Millers and a direct supplier from the Myanmar Rice trade Association. Products include: Myanmar Rice (White Rice Broken 5%, 15%, 25%, 100%) Beans (Green Mung Beans, Toor Whole, Black Matpe) Black Tiger Prawns, Black Tiger Shrimp, Farm Fishes, Yellow maize, Tamarind, Onions, Fresh Shallots, Teak and Hardwood Logs.
Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers of  Nutritional Feed Additives. Supports the industrialization of livestock farming by designing, developing and producing feed additives, such as amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. We developed solutions in response to the specific requirements of poultry, pigs and ruminants and are currently the only producer to offer methionine in both powder and liquid form.
Adremat Pte Ltd Singapore Giftware Manufacturer and Exporter of Photo Frames, Metal Vases, Candles with Ceramic Holders, Clocks, Kitchen Appliances, Plant & Animal Oils
AFP Land Ltd Singapore Property Company Property Agency, Property Investment, Real Estate Consultants. Asia Food & Properties (AFP) has a hand in people's food and living space throughout the Far East. Three core areas: agri-business, food, and property. AFP subsidiary Golden Agri-Resources provides oil-palm cultivation, processing, and refining in Indonesia. Other agri-business operations include refining and oil seed processing facilities in China. Food operations include the production, distribution, and sale of instant noodles throughout China through its investment in Zhuhai Huafeng Food Group. AFP also develops commercial, residential, and industrial properties in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.
AGE Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Canned food, olive oil, sugar, denim-woven-knitted garments, socks, home textile, Trading Company. Local offices in Turkey, Latvia and Brazil specialized in bulk commodities and olive oil, textile - denim garments, woven garments, knitted garments, socks, home textiles.
Agritrade International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Commodity Traders, Agricultural Products, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Products. Trading of agricultural produce such as cocoa beans & cocoa products, palm oil & products, stearin & related products; supplies of electronic products, foodstuffs & textiles to Mongolia & Russia
Agro Food Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Edible Nuts, Agricultural Products, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors
Agro Genesis Pte Ltd Singapore Agricultural Products Company Suppliers of Agricultural Products, Fertilisers. Agro Genesis is an agribusiness company committed to delivering quality agribusiness solutions to our partners and customers. We collaborate with alliance partners and customers globally, focusing on Asia Pacific as a direct marketing territory.
Agrocorp International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company, Trading Companies, Wholesale & Distribution. Agrocorp is an international commodity trading company with a footprint across the globe. In less than two decades since we began in 1990, we have morphed into a trading powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region. 
Allied Aces Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Chemicals, Food, Cashew Nuts, Agricultural Products, Pesticides. Agents for plant growth regulator dekamon 22.43l and actively trading in raw cashew nuts.
Allied Agritrade International Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Agricultural Products, Pet Food, Fish meal, Poultry Feeds, Wheat Husk Pellets, Calf Mate Pellets, KL Super Prima Poultry Feeds, Misuma Aquatic Feeds
Allied Business Singapore (Pte) Ltd Singapore Palm Oil Trading Company, Distributor Palm Oil, Business Services
Amaya Business Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Edible Oils, Margarine, Plastic Resins, Skincare Products. Distributor of Skincare Products; Importer and Exporter of Consumer and Industrial Products, Edible Oils, Margarine, Prime & Reprocessed Plastic Resins, Soap Noodles, Soda Ash, Plywood
Amd Cocoa Pte Ltd Singapore Agricultural Products Company Suppliers of Cocoa Products, Food Products
Asia Agro Produce Pte Ltd Singapore Agricultural Products Trading Company, Agricultural Products Importers, Agricultural Products Exporters 
Assar International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company. Products include Metal Scrap, Agro Commodities like Green Mung Beans & Mung Dall Black Matpe & Urad Dall beans & pulses and timber. We engage in trade between various countries including Africa, India, South-East Asia and Middle East.
Aun Dong Trading Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Poultry Products, Chicken Products
Avichem International Inc Singapore Trading Company dealing in bulk commodities such as Cement, Sugar, Steel Scrap, Coal, Chemicals, Leather Shoes, Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Cosmetics
AVR Impex Singapore Trading Company, Importers, Exporters of Black Matpe Beans Mercury LED Lights, LED Lamps, Paraffin Wax, Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Cloves, Green Mung Beans
Ban Joo (1978) Pte Ltd Singapore Rubber Trading Company Natural Rubber Exporters, Latex Rubber Suppliers. Importers & exporters of natural rubber, e.g. Rss, Smr, Sir, Latex 60% Drc
Ban Lee Huat Seed Pte Ltd Singapore Agricultural Products Trading Company Suppliers of Vegetable Seeds, Flower Seeds, Bulbs, Agricultural Commodities. Family-owned business that specialises in offering vegetable seeds to both commercial and home growers; carries a wide range of Open-Pollinated (OP) and Hybrid (F1)
Barramundi Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Fish Culture, Sea Water Fish Farming. First large cage sea water fish farming company in Singapore, and the first EU-certified fish farm in South-East Asia; operates a farm & nursery site in Pulau Samakau in Singapore
Bean Cultivation Pte Ltd Singapore Organic Farm Producing Organic Vegetables, Organic Bean Sprouts, Organic Agricultural Products
Bedeil Trading Co Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Food, Dairy Products, Packaging, Cotton, Garments, Lipton Tea, Confectionery Raw materials, Chocolate, Edible Oil, Kitchenware, California Almonds, Pulses, Vietnam Black Pepper, Agro Commodities, Automotive Parts, Deodorant, Cotton Yarn, Lux Family Soap, Viscose Yarn, Olive Oil, Cotton T-Shirts, Pears Transparent soap, Sun silk, Skippy Peanut Butter, Laundry powder, Bathroom Cleaner, Moisturizing Body Wash, Vaseline Ponds Face Care Products
Beng International Trading (Pte) Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Cocoa Products, Corrugated Boxes, Packaging
Bengen International Pte Ltd Singapore Wood Trading Company Suppliers of Wood Products, Timber, Lumber, Trading of timber & agricultural commodities, agricultural products
Bio-Flora (S) Singapore Fertilizers Company Suppliers of Fertilizers, Agricultural Products, Agricultural Chemicals. Producing Bioflora organic compost & planting mix, Fertiliser - organic & in- organic compound, Agriculture & horticulture supplies, Importer of Peatmoss & Planting media, Vermiculitre, Perlite
Bioenergy Plantations Pte Ltd Singapore Jatropha Oil Production Company, Agricultural Products, Forestry, Renewable Energy. First Singapore company to start the cultivation of jatropha trees in India; has plantations with nursery and R&D centres in India, Indonesia & Cambodia
Biomax Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore manufacturer of quality pure organic fertilisers, organic composts for all types of plants, Green solution provider of waste management solutions through rapid controlled composting
Bollywood Veggies Pte Ltd Singapore Health Food Company, Organic Farm Suppliers of Organic Health Food, Florists, Fruit, Flower Suppliers, Plants, Agricultural Products. Produces vegetables & fruits without chemical fertilisers, pesticides, & growth hormones. Offers tours & horticultural courses. Sells 20 types of bananas, medicinal plants. We grow uncommon fruit trees such as crystal fruit, breadfruit and butterfruit, and medicinal trees such as Horse Radish tree, West Indian Pea Tree, basil and gingers
Boon Heng Foodstuff Trading Singapore Agricultural Products Trading Company Suppliers of Rice Products, Agricultural Products
Brewer's Coffee Pte Ltd Singapore Coffee Company Suppliers of Coffee, Espresso Coffee Machines Blue Mountain Jamaica Coffee, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Africa Coffee, Hawaii Kona America Coffee, Sumatra Mandheling (Aged) Indonesia Coffee, Kenyan AA Africa Coffee, Kilimanjaro Africa Coffee, Java Arabica Indonesia Coffee
Bright Garden Singapore Plants Trading Company Importers & Exporters of Ornamental Plants & Flowers
Buan Mong Heng (Gambier Merchants) Singapore Plantation Owners, Importers, Exporters and Commission Agents of Medicinal Herbs, Spices, Aquilaria Malaccensis, Gambier and Herbal Products
Cadbury Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers of cocoa and related products, Cocoa Products, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Cake, Chocolate Products, Candy, Confectionery
Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd Singapore importer, exporter and wholesaler of fresh flowers, foliage, tropical and bonsai plants, Foliage, Plants, Live Christmas trees, tools, Pottery, Glassware, Floral foam, Floral design courses, Plant rental and display, Landscape and design
Canpotex International Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Fertilisers, Agricultural Chemicals. The world’s largest potash exporter. An international marketing and distribution company wholly-owned by the Saskatchewan potash producers: Agrium Inc, IMC Canada Ltd, and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
Cargill Asia Pacific Ltd Singapore Agricultural Commodity Traders, Food Trading Company. Provides risk, merchandising and supply chain management solutions for palm and coconut oil-based products from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Singapore Koi Carp Breeders and Suppliers of ornamental fish. Our farm spreading over 1.8 million sq meters in land area is producing an average of 10 to 15 million fry yearly. Currently we have 50 mudponds sizes ranging from smallest at 1500m to largest at 8500m in surface area for stocking and growing of our CBKoi.
Centrotrade Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Rubber Trading Company strategically located in the world's largest rubber growing area. With the support of representatives and agents in the producing countries, we ensure a trouble-free performance in the sourcing of Rubber.
Champ Fungi Mushroom Singapore Mushroom Growers sell to fresh market distributors, wholesalers for the hospitality market as well as to direct retailers. Champ Fungi is now able to deliver organic mushrooms, Mushrooms, Champignons, Swiss Brown, Portobello, Enoki, Shimeji, Eryngii, Shiitake, Maitake, BunapiMushrooms, Champignons, Swiss Brown, Portobello, Enoki, Shimeji, Eryngii, Shiitake, Maitake, Bunapi
Chan Tong & Co (Pte) Ltd Singapore Importer & exporter of rubber and machinery, Natural Rubber, Commodities Traders, Liquid Smoke, Packaging, General Commodities and International Trading
Chee Hoe Pte Ltd Singapore Importers, exporters & wholesalers of rice; import & wholesale of flour; export & wholesale of sugar, Food Products, Agricultural Products, Flour, Rice Trading Company, Importers, Exporters
Chee Seng Oil Factory Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers Sesame Oil, Pure Fragrant Sesame Oil. Providing consumers with High Quality, Cold Pressed, unrefined Sesame Oil. That retains the Natural Goodness and Flavour of its source. 100% Pure Sesame Oil from Natural, High Quality Sesame Seeds with no genetic modification.
Chen-Xi Impex Singapore Food Trading Company Suppliers of Food Ingredients, Food Processing Equipment, Frozen Food, Beverages, Instant Jasmine Tea Powder, Instant Oolong Tea Powder, Instant Black Tea Powder, Wheat Grass Powder, Carrot Powder, Yam Powder, Banana Powder, Lemon Powder, Grape Powder, Raspberry Powder, Brown Rice Powder, Black Sesame Powder, Black Bean Powder, Pearl Barley Powder, Herb Powder, Panax Powder, Cereals Powder, Whole & Diced Water Chestnuts, Diced Yam, Diced Carrots, Diced Pears, Diced Peach
Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory Pte Ltd Singapore importer of refined sugar from Thailand, UK, Europe. Producer of Rock Sugar, Red Sugar, Black Sugar, Jaggery Sugar. Distributor to major food manufacturers & retailers. Exporter of Sugar, Rice & Flour to Africa, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam
Chew Hup Ho Singapore Trading Company, Importers & Exporters of Tapioca Flour, Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, Agricultural Products
Chew's Agriculture Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Designer Eggs & Specialty Eggs, Organic Selenium Eggs, Beta-Carotene Eggs, Omega 3 Eggs, Omega 6 Eggs, Zeaxanthin Eggs, Zeaxanthin Plus Eggs, Traditional Black Chicken Eggs & Kampong Chicken Eggs, Corn + Soya Eggs, Lower Cholesterol Brown Shell Fresh Eggs, Extra-Large Lower Cholesterol Brown Shell Fresh Eggs, Sakura eggs
Chia Khim Lee Food Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Trading & manufacturers of edible oils, distilled drinking water, canned food. RBD palm oil, soyabean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, canola oil, Beverages, Edible Oils, Energy Drinks, Fruit juice drinks, Asian traditional drinks, Energy drinks, Milk drinks, Coffee,  Mineral water, Sparkling drinks, Groceries, Tamarind, Canned food, Cooking sauces, Condiments, Instant jelly, Confectionery
Chia Tai Feedmill Pte Ltd Singapore Agricultural Merchants, Suppliers of Animal Feed, Agricultural Products, Manufacturing of premix
Chiang Hong (Pte) Ltd Singapore Pepper Dealers, Suppliers of Agricultural Products, Spices
Chiang Leng Hup Plywood Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Wood Products Company Suppliers of Timber, Lumber, Plywood, MDF, Chipboard, Blockboard, Veneers, Finger-Joint Timber, Laminate Timber Business, Plywood, MDF, Chipboard, Blockboard, Timber Veneers Business
Chiap Seng & Co Pte Ltd Singapore Retailers & wholesalers of Canola oil, black vinegar, bottled sauces, vermicelli, dried foodstuffs, canned food, canned fruits & preserved foods
Choon Hong & Co Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Bamboo, Rattan Products, Nuts, Kernels, Cane, Timber, Betel nuts, Areca Nuts, Agricultural Products, Producer and importer exporter of Agro & Forestry Produce. Our company is the leading import and export firm in the region. Equipped with production facilities in Indonesia and numerous associate offices in Asia, Middle East
Choon Teck Poultry Singapore Poultry Trading Company, Importers, Exporters of Ducks, Chickens, Poultry Trading Company, Poultry Importers, Poultry Exporters
Chop Koh Seng Choon Singapore Agricultural Products Trading Company Suppliers of Poultry Products, Eggs Importers, Exporters, Wholesalers of animal feedstuffs
Chop Tai Eng Singapore Importers & Exporters of native produce, spices, foodstuffs, herbs. Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Chop Tong Hong Singapore Food Trading Company Suppliers of Food Products, Importers & wholesalers of provisions like rice, sugar, canned food
Chop Wee Kiat Singapore Agricultural Commodities Trading Company Suppliers of Spices, Agarwood. Trading of Aloeswood (agarwood), sandalwood, cloves, cassia, saffron, Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Sandalwood Dust & Powder, Incense Product Raw Materials. Spices: Saffron, Cassia, Clove, Nutmeg, Cardamon, Betel Nuts, Peppers, Medicinal Herbs.
Chow Ah Chong Singapore Agricultural Commodities Trading Company, Bean Brokers & Dealers, Suppliers of  Food Products, Food Manufacturers, Food Stores
Chuan Huat Guan Trading Singapore Feed Wholesalers, Singapore Feed Manufacturers, Singapore Feed Distributors, Singapore Feed Suppliers
Chuan Huat Poultry Farm Pte Ltd Singapore Poultry Farm Suppliers of Poultry Products, Chickens, Frozen Chicken, Fresh Chicken, Eggs, Agricultural Products
Chuan Seng Huat Egg Store Singapore Eggs Importer, Eggs Exporter, Eggs Wholesaler and Eggs distributor of farm fresh shell eggs, Century Eggs, Salted Eggs. AVA approved licensed premises for Eggs (Salted Yolk) Packing & Egg (Hard-Boiled) Processing.
Chueng Kee Trading Company Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Fresh Produce, Agricultural Products, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Poultry
Chui Hiang (Pte) Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Food Products, Snacks, Edible Nuts, Peanut Products, Prawn Crackers, Unsalted Peanuts
Chye Choon Foods Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers & exporters of all kinds of rice vermicelli; trading of fragrant rice, We manufacture various types of rice noodle, rice vermicelli, and trade in various types of rice, food starches, flour, sugar and cooking oil.
Chye Hup Huat Co Sawmill Pte Ltd Singapore Sawmilling Services, Plywood, MDF, Chipboard, Blockboard, Timber Logs, Squares, Post and Sawn Timbers Business, Balau, Chengal, Flat Pack Furniture, Furniture Fittings, Furniture Manufacturing Equipment, Furniture Services, Hardwoods, Kapur
Chye Seng Fish Dealer Singapore Fish Merchants, Singapore Fish Traders,  Singapore Fish Importers, Singapore Fish Exporters. Suppliers of all types of Seafood Products,
Chye Seng Tannery Pte Ltd Singapore Leather Trading Company & wholesalers of reptile skins, leather products, importers of livestock
Singapore Agricultural Products Companies Directory A-Z

Actspand Pte Ltd
AGR Smart Pte Ltd
Agricom Pte Ltd
Agrifin Pte Ltd
Agripac Resource Pte Ltd
Agritrade International Pte Ltd
Agro Food Pte Ltd
Agro Genesis Pte Ltd
Allied Aces Pte Ltd
Allied Agritrade International Company
Amd Cocoa Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Plants Pte Ltd
AsianXports Pte Ltd
ATS Agro Industries Pte Ltd
AUM Commodities (Pte) Ltd
Cargill International Trading Pte Ltd
Centrotrade Singapore Pte Ltd
Charoen Pokphand Intertrade Singapore (Pte)
Classis Marketing Company
Cocotique Pte Ltd
Commodity & Produce Trading Co (Pte) Ltd
Concordia Agritrading Pte Ltd
Countercorp International Pte Ltd
Earth Niche Pte Ltd
Eastern Techlink Pte Ltd
Eko International Oil Pte Ltd
Elite Lifestyles Pte. Ltd.
Energy Quantum Eastern Pte. Ltd.
Esme Parish Silver (S) Pte Ltd
Fusheng Rubber Pte Ltd
Fuyo Capital Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Glencore Singapore Pte Ltd
High Flier Sales & Services Company
Himatsing International Pte Ltd

Hing Ah Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Hua Yang Investment Pte Ltd
Innoresources Pte Ltd
Kazcom Pte Ltd
Kheng Hua Chiang Pte Ltd
Kuok (Singapore) Limited
Kuok Oils & Grains Pte Ltd
Liven Agrichem Pte Ltd
Louis Dreyfus Asia Pte Ltd
Magli Enterprises (F E) Pte Ltd
Mandate Holdings Pte Ltd
Marubeni International Commodities (S) Pte Ltd
Mohd Commodities (S) Pte Ltd
Motley Resources Pte. Ltd.
Multi Agro Impex Pte Ltd
Nanyang Commodities Pte Ltd
Olam International Ltd
P L Global Impex Pte Ltd
Pacific Rim Plantation Services (Pte) Ltd
Prosperous Commodities (S) Pte Ltd
Sharon Global Solutions Pte Ltd
Sima Resources Pte Ltd
Somap International Pte Ltd
Spectech Products Company
Sungai Budi Enterprises Pte Ltd
Touton Far East Pte Ltd
Transicom Singapore Pte Ltd
Transworld Commodities Pte Ltd
Treasure Of Bagan Pte Ltd
Trinity Commodity Trading Pte Ltd
Van Houten (S) Pte Ltd
Vimalar Global Trade Pte Ltd
WVC Petroleum (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
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