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Singapore Environmental Companies
Singapore Environmental Companies

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Featured Singapore Environmental Companies List
Advill Consultancy Singapore Management Consultants, Branding, Franchising, International Marketing, Branding, Franchising, International Business (covering Country Environmental & Industrial Analysis, Strategic Business Planning), Cross-Cultural Negotiation Consultancy & Training
Advanced Measurement Instruments Pte Ltd Singapore Instruments Company, Suppliers of Environmental Instruments, Electrical Equipment, Electronics
Adzaan Vibro-Acoustics Singapore Environmental Consultants, Noise Control Consultants Noise, Vibration, Acoustics, Environmental Consultancy
Aeromac Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Services Company Suppliers of Water Purifiers, Environmental Equipment, Mechanical Engineering Equipment, De-ionised Water Systems, Water Treatment Equipment, Plastic Works, Environmental Services
Afem Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Company, Environmental Engineers, Environmental Consultants
Airware Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants Suppliers of Air Pollution Controls, Air Pollution Control Equipment
Alfem Engineering Consultancy Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Consultants, Acoustics, Environmental Consultants, Vibration Noise Monitoring, Vibration Noise Measurements, Architectural Acoustics, Industrial Noise Control, Noise Monitoring, Industrial Vibration Control, Shaft Power Torsional Vibration, Vibration Condition Monitoring, Vibration Design and Analysis, Commissioning Measurements, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), In-situ Measurements, Pipe Stress Analysis
Alpha1 Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants, Instruments, Noise Level Meters, Vibration Meters, Dust Meters, Weather Stations. Provides environmental and healthcare services for industrial workplace such as noise monitoring, dust monitoring, vibration monitoring, recalibration of meters, noise control consultancy, hearing test examinations and dust & fumes control solutions.
Alpha Acoustics Specialist Singapore Noise Control Consultants, Singapore Acoustical Consultants, Building Contractors, Construction Contractors  
Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Laboratory, Analytical Chemists; Environmental and Materials Testing. Monitoring of air pollutants in environmental samples. Carrying out source emission tests. Performing toxicity tests of dredged soil / sludge for disposal. Conducting leachate tests of industrial wastes for land filled disposal. Analysis of biological materials such as human blood and urine. Analysis of food, traditional Chinese medicines and health food products. Determining the hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment according to RoHS Directive. Analysis of water samples such as drinking water, swimming pool water, trade effluent, water for industrial purposes as well as water for boilers and cooling towers.
Ananthan S/o Suppiah Singapore Environmental Consultants, Singapore Pollution Control Consultants 
Ancel Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Oceanographers, Computer Software Developers Suppliers of Oceanographic Equipment, Oceanographic Instruments, Scientific Equipment, Scientific Instruments
Anchor Enviro Products Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Equipment Company Suppliers of  Environmental Equipment, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies
Andrew Brown International Company Singapore Environmental Services Company, Environmental Engineers, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
Aone Electrotest Services Singapore Environmental Equipment Company, Environmental Consultants, Suppliers of Environment Monitoring, Explosion Proof Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Testing Instruments, Calibration Instrumentation, Sound Level Meters Gas Detectors, Airflow Meters, Temperature Meters, Humidity Meters
AP Controls Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Equipment, Industrial Controls Company Suppliers of Bulk Material Handling Equipment, Burner & Burner Controls, Components & Accessories for Bulk Material Handling Industry, Connectors, Interconnects, Cable Assemblies, Electronic Sensors, Environmental Systems, Explosion protection Equipment, Grain Drying Systems, Industrial Automation, Industrial Controls, Mining Equipment, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Renewable Energy Equipment
Apco Tool & Gauge Singapore Movie Equipment Company Suppliers of Precision Measuring Instruments, Metrology Instruments, Scientific Instruments
Applied Air Quality Singapore Environmental Consultants, Duct Cleaning, Acmv Duct Cleaning, Indoor Air Quality, Nanomax, Silverplus
Applied Biosystems B.V. Singapore Biotechnology Tools Company Suppliers of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipment. Life Technologies customers do their work across the biological spectrum, working to advance personalized medicine, regenerative science, molecular diagnostics, agricultural and environmental research, and 21st century forensics
Appropriate Holdings Pte Ltd Singapore Management Consultants, Green Environment Technology, Ceramics Engineering. We are a privately held Management Consultancy and Investment Holding company specialising in very niche Research and Development in the area of Ceramics Technology as well as Green Environment Technology.     
ARC Engineering & Services Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Piezoelectric Sensors, Traffic Light Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Traffic Management, Security Systems. System Integrator, Installation and Maintenance
Aroma Chemical Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Services Company Suppliers of Plant Construction Services, Organic Waste Water Pollution Treatment, Piping Works, Sludge Treatment, Industrial Waste Management, Process Construction, Treatment of Organic Waste & Water Pollution, Vessel Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Catalyst Dumps
Aromatrix Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Services Company Suppliers of Environmental Equipment, Air Pollution Control Systems
Ashtead Technology (S E A) Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Environment Analysis Equipment , Environment Instruments, Environmental Monitoring Equipment. Equipment Available for Rental includes: Acoustic Emission Equipment, Air Quality Monitoring, Corrosion Monitoring Equipment, Gas Chromotographs, Leak Detection Equipment, Noise Dosimeters, Particle Counters, Remote Visual Inspection Equipment, Stack Gas Analysers, Tank Floor Inspection Systems, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Toxic Gas Monitors, Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement. Vibration Monitors
Asia Pacific Biotech Biotechnology Publications. One of the leading and most authoritative information providers in the field of biotechnology in the Asia Pacific. Monthly report on the pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural and environmental sciences. Biomedical Equipment Database is an extensive database that contains detailed information on biomedical equipment companies in the Asia Pacific.
Asia Recycling Resources Pte Ltd Singapore Exporter of Recycled Products. Our main business activity is exporting wastepaper to overseas. We also collect used clothing, electronic equipment, monitors, TVs
ASP Engineering Singapore Suppliers of Energy Saving Lamps. T5 Converter is a retrofit conversion pack for both switch start and quick start luminaries. Almost all of the raw materials including mercury, glass and metal can be decomposed and 100% recycled. The doubling of service life means the tubes are replaced less frequently. All in all, T5 converter is the optimum eco-friendly solution.
Aspinwall Clouston Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants, Landscape Designers.  Landscape Garden Centre
Assurich Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Equipment Company Suppliers of Pneumatic Equipment Components, Expansion Joints, Material Handling Equipment, Air Pollution Control Equipment
Atea Environmental Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants provides a complete range of environmental equipment from the Adsorption Plant to the different types of scrubber. Design, consultancy and construction of environmental treatment systems
Audioworx Acoustics Pte Ltd Singapore Acoustical Consultants Suppliers of Noise Control Equipment & Supplies
Auger Instrumentation & Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Instruments Company Suppliers of Environment Analysis Instruments, Autotitrator, Environmental Monitoring Equipment, Portable autotitrator for water analysis, Waste Management Treatment & Disposal, Waste Water Treatment, Analysers, Analytical Apparatus, General Laboratory Apparatus, Laboratory Accessories
AWA Instruments Pte Ltd Singapore Instruments Manufacturers of Environmental Instruments. We design and manufacture environmental monitoring solutions, on-line water analyzers, air analyzers based on UV spectroscopy
AWE Environmental Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Company Suppliers of Environmental Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Plant & Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment
Azen Manufacturing Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers of Air Pollution Controls, Marine Fans, Exhaust Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Axial And Marine Fans, Exhaust Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Blades, Impellers, Mancoolers, Louvers, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works
BASF Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals, Plastics, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive Products,  Construction Materials,  Detergents & Cleaners, Wind Energy Equipment
Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company researches, develops,
manufactures and markets innovative products for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Crop protection and non-agricultural pest control products, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Seed treatment, Environmental Science Products
Biobactz Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Products Company Suppliers of Pollution Control Chemicals, Deodorizing, Disinfecting Agents
Bioenergy Plantations Pte Ltd Singapore Jatropha Oil Production Company, Agricultural Products, Forestry, Renewable Energy. First Singapore company to start the cultivation of jatropha trees in India; has plantations with nursery and R&D centres in India, Indonesia & Cambodia
Biofuel Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Recycling, Alternative Energy Company involved in the Recycling of wood wastes
Biomax Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore manufacturer of quality pure organic fertilisers, organic composts for all types of plants, Green solution provider of waste management solutions through rapid controlled composting
Biotreat International Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants, Singapore Pollution Control Consultants
Biowish Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Chemicals Company Suppliers of Pollution Control, Deodorizing, Disinfecting Agents, Biological Products. Distributors of environmental friendly biological products to remove bad odour and digests organic waste.
Bishop Consulting Services Singapore Geophysicists, Singapore Environmental Consultants, Singapore Pollution Control Consultants
Bonvests Holdings Limited Singapore Business group involved in Construction, Waste, Management, Cleaning, Restaurants, Food Services, Caterers, Catering property development and investment, F&B ownership & management, Burger King Franchise, hotel ownership and management (Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel), contract cleaning of buildings
Boon Poh Refuse Disposal Pte Ltd Singapore Janitorial Services, Landscaping, Pest Control, Housekeeping, Cleaning Services
Bored Piling Pte Ltd Singapore Geotechnical Investigation, Instrumentation & Foundation Company, Onshore & Offshore Soil & Foundation Investigations, Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring, Accredited Soil Laboratory & Field Testing, Geotechnical Consultancy & Design, Environmental Assessment Investigation, Micropilling, Soil Stabilization & Associated Geotechnical Works, Geophysical Surveying
Boustead Singapore Engineering, Waste Management Business group whose main interests are in engineering services & geo-spatial
technology; activities include energy-related engineering, oil & gas, petrochemicals, water & waste water engineering, industrial real estate, geo-spatial technology
Bright Prime International Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Scrap Trading Company, Scrap Cars, Used Motorcycles, Used TV's, Used Computer Monitors, Importer and exporter of quality used wholesale motorcycles & cars, used motorcycle parts & car parts, used monitors & monitor tubes, used TVs & TV tubes, used clothing & garments
Bureau Veritas Certification (Singapore) Pte Ltd Certification Body offering solutions in the key strategic fields of your operations; quality, health & safety, environment and social responsibility. Aviation Safety Audit, Aviation Technical Assistance, Environmental Assessment Studies, Indoor Environmental Quality Management, Property Monitoring, Soil Technical Audit, Structural and Machinery Vibration Services, Technical Due Diligence
C & C Technologies (Asia-Pacific) Pte Ltd Singapore Marine Surveyors, Mapping, Marine Services. Provides a wide range of survey, mapping and related services. CCGIS Map Free GoM GIS Viewer, C-Nav GNSS, Geophysical surveys, Geosciences survey services, Geotechnical services, Land and coastal survey services, Marine construction survey services, Unmanned Systems
Cairnhill Metrology Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Precision Measuring Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Weather Instruments, Form Measuring Machines, Surface, Roundness, Texture and Contour Profile Measurement, Machine Control Gauges, Measuring Units and Automatic Measuring Systems
Cak & Fg Survey Pte Ltd Singapore Surveyors, Valuers, Automated Monitoring Systems, Topographical Survey Services, Field Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, Title Surveys, Lot Boundary Surveys, Strata Title Surveys, Boundary Disputes, Encroachment Surveys, Hydrographical Surveys, Hydrographical Surveys Services
Cambrian Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Contractors Suppliers of Geotechnical Instruments, Geophysical Instruments
Camfil Farr Singapore Office of Sweden based world leader in air filtration & clean air solutions, with 22 production plants and R&D. Suppliers of Air Cleaning Systems, Air Filtration Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services
CBM Pte Ltd Singapore providers a full range of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Environmental, Security, Project Management and Monitoring, Value Engineering, Project Scheduling, Site Meeting & Site Inspection, Space Planning and Design, Addition and Alteration, Upgrading and Retrofitting, Interior Design, Renovation and Reinstatement, Car Park Resurfacing, General Building Repair and Improvement, Cleaning, External Facade Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Refuse Removal, Specialised Floor Maintenance, Carpet Shampooing and Maintenance, Environmental and Pest Control, Landscaping, Supply of Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals
CE-Test & Measurement (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Equipment Company Suppliers of Electrical Test Instruments, Battery Test Equipment, Cable Test Equipment, Insulation Testers, Low Resistance Ohmmeters, Motor Rotation /Phasing Meters, Portable Appliance Testers, Power Meters & Analyzers, Transformer Test Equipment, Voltage Detectors, Temperature Measurement, Hand-held Digital Thermometers, Infra Red Thermometers, Thermal Imagers, Temperature Meters, Humidity Meters, Dry Well Sensors, Metrology Sensors, Well Sensors, Thermocouple Calibrators, Pressure Measurement Manometers, Pressure and Vacuum Test Pumps, Pressure Calibrators & Modules, Process Instruments
Centre For Liveable Cities Singapore Singapore Centre for Sustainable Urban Development brings together Singapore's expertise on sustainable urban development across public and private sectors. It aims to distil and develop Singapore's experience in good governance, integrated urban planning, effective resource management, affordable quality housing, efficient transport management and environmental sustainability.
Centrotherm Photovoltaics Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Company Suppliers of Solar Energy, Solar Cells, Solar Cell & Modules, Thin Film Modules, Semiconductor & Microelectronics. Provides its customers with the full range of planning, technology and engineering services for the design and process optimization of polysilicon, ingot and wafer manufacturing
Certos Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Services, Environmental System Engineering Consultants, Chemical Process and Environmental System Engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineering Projects, Conceptual Design Engineering, Engineering Design Consultancy
Cesco Environmental Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Services Company, Chemical Cleaning, Hydro-jetting, Marine Repairs, Pipe Line Services, Testing Services, Water Treatment Equipment, Chemical cleaning & hot oil flushing to marine and chemical & petrochemical industries, Hydrojetting, pigging, video inspection, bolt tensioning and leak testing of pipelines, Ship repair services for all types of vessel at anchorage & shipyard
Cesstech Singapore Suppliers of Environmental Products, Clean Rooms, Clean Room Equipment, Clean Room Supplies, cleanroom equipment, instrumentation & related product lines. Products include ionizers, electrostatic management solutions & products, particle counting instruments & systems
Ch2m Hill Singapore Consulting Pte Ltd Singapore Architects, Environmental Management Planning Consultants, Industrial Safety Consultants, Applied Sciences Laboratory, Architecture & Planning, Decontamination & Decommissioning, Energy Management & Planning, Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) & Design-Build, Environmental Management & Planning, Industrial Safety, Lean Enterprise Solutions, O&M & Facilities Management, Procurement, Program & Construction Management, Security & Emergency Management, Site, Infrastructure Planning, Sustainable Solutions
Chem-Grow Pte Ltd Singapore Company Provides Pipeline Pigging and passivation, with oil flushing up to NAS/ISO Standard, Oil Contamination test, Chemical sales and Chemical cleaning for all types of vessel at anchorage & shipyard, that support Hydro-jetting up to 20,000 PSI, Ultrasonic cleaning for all kind of Mechanical Engineering (M/E) air cooler, oil filter, as well as Boiler cleaning, copper and iron removal.
Chem-Solv Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Services Company Suppliers of Tank Cleaning Chemicals, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Oilfield Supplies, Waste Disposal, Chemicals, toxic and hazardous waste, treatment services, manufacture of electronic, grade solvents and specialty chemicals. Effluent Treatment Plant, Recycling of Solvents, Incineration, Fixation and Encapsulation, Lab Services, Research & Development, Emergency Response for Spills and Leaking Containers, ISO-Tank Cleaning & Repair Depot, Steaming And Drumming, Ware-Housing, Trucking & International Freight Forwarding, Refinery Services
Chemical Laboratory (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Analytical Laboratories. Testing Laboratory, Marine Services, Assayers, analytical chemist and industrial consultants; minerals and metals, petroleum products, swimming pool water, drinking water, trade effluents, applied microbiology, foodstuff & feedstuff, food sanitation & hygiene, rubber & plastic, pollution control, geochemical test, chemical testing, industrial testing & consultancy, water treatment & process chemicals, waste water treatment fuel oil treatment.
Chiyoda Singapore (Pte) Ltd Singapore Civil Engineering Company provides a complete spectrum of engineering and construction services: Project Management Systems, Safety Control, Quality Control, Schedule Control, Cost Control, Manpower Control, Material Control, Environmental Control, Project Services, Feasibility Studies, Project Planning, Design Engineering, Material and Equipment Procurement, Field Construction and Supervision, Fabrication and Maintenance Work, Petroleum Refineries, Product Handling and Tankage System, Gas Processing Plants,  Petrochemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Plants, Pipelines (long distance, on-shore and offshore), Airport Fuel Supply System, Sea Berths, Water Supply System, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Lube Oil Blending Plants, LPG Facilities
Christ Water Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Water Treatment Company Suppliers of Water Treatment Equipment, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services, Water Treatment Supplies & Water Treatment Services
Chuan Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Waste Disposal Company Suppliers of Complete Waste Disposal Systems, Waste Disposal Plant, Flow Control Consultancy, Flow Control Design, Flow Controllers, Industrial Waste Recovery, Industrial Waste Disposal, Industrial Waste Recycling, Industrial Waste Contractors, Industrial Waste Processors, Pump Services, Pumps, Refuse Disposal Contractors, Sewage Pumps, Sludge Pumps, Ship Charters, Ship Equipment
Chuan Kiat Demolition Works (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Demolition Contractors, Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Waste Management, Waste Recycling, Toxic Waste Collectors
Chuan Sheng Construction & Landscape Pte. Ltd. Singapore Landscaping Company, General Building, Civil Engineering, Environmental Consultants, Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Landscaping, Landscape Gardeners, Landscape Contractors. Specialising in the landscape where natural scenery complements buildings in all aspects, the construction & landscape company has been tendering such projects vigorously for a wide clientele, the planting of grass, installations of whole and full trees
Chung Ah Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Services, Engineers, Engineering Consultants, Engineering Works, Steel Fabricators. Design and build environmental products for waste disposal and erect flood prevention barriers. Suppliers of Contractors Tools, Builders Tools, Engineering Services, Fabricators, Steel, Mechanical Contractors, Metal Products, Metals, Pins, Steelwork, Contractors Tools, Builders Tools, Engineering Services, Fabricators, Steel, Mechanical Contractors, Metal Products, Metals, Pins, Steelwork
Chye Joo Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Contractors. Excavation of Earthworks, Demolition Works, Golf Course Construction, Addition & Alterations Works, Hard & Soft Landscaping, Coastal Construction, Dredging Works, Road Construction, Expressway Construction, Drainage Construction, Upgrading of Bridges and Flyovers, Structural Works, ABC Waterworks, Bio Engineering Works, Management of Landfill Projects
Chye Thiam Maintenance Pte Ltd Singapore Property Management Company, Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service, Landscaping Contract Cleaning, Domestic Property Cleaning, Furniture Services, Furnishing Services, Landscape Architects, Landscaping Contractors, Refuse Disposal Contractors, Waste Disposal, Waste Management Services
Cima Engineering & Construction Singapore Civil Engineering Consultants, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Topography Geography, Cadastral & Title Surveys, Road Inventory, Measurement Survey, Monitoring Surveys, Hydrographical Surveys, Underground Surveys
Cimax Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants, Environmental Equipment, Pollution Control Consultants, Air Pollution Control Services, Environmental Protection Equipment, Environmental Protection Services, Generator Services, Generators, Humidifiers, Ozone Generating Equipment, Ozone Ozonization Equipment
D&S Pest Control Singapore Pest Control Services, Ant Pest Control, Bee Pest Control , Cockroach Control, Mosquito Pest Control, Pest Control Equipment, Pest Control Chemicals
E-Cool Technology (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Equipment Company Suppliers of Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Conditioner Supplies, Air Conditioning Contractors, Air Conditioner Services, Environmental Consultants, Environmental Equipment, Pollution Control Consultants
FA Systems Automation Pie Ltd Singapore Automation Company Suppliers of Automation Systems, Automation Equipment, Robotics, Electronic Equipment Suppliers, Electronics Components, Electronic Equipment, Solar Products, Semiconductors, Electronics, Automotive Products, Hard Disk, Medical Industry Products, Environmental Products, Photonics
Fablink Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Metal Engineering Company Suppliers of  Metal Office Furniture, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Office Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Electronics Equipment, Computer Accessories, Computer Hardware, Cages Systems, Carts, Console Systems, Cooling Distribution Equipment, Environment Monitoring Equipment, Enclosures, Racks, KVM Switching Equipment, LCD Displays, Media Filing Cabinets, Office Furniture, Technical Labs, UPS, Cheval Server Racks
Oase Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Design and Engineering of Fountain Technology. Fascinating water effects in private gardens to large imposing installations in the public area
Singapore Environmental Companies Directory A-Z

A A Scientific Instrumentation Company
A&A Environmental Services
Acoustical Laboratory Pte Ltd
ACTC Translation Centre (Singapore)
Acviron Acoustics Consultants Pte Ltd
Adiwarna Industries Pte Ltd
Advill Consultancy Company
Adzaan Vibro-Acoustics Company
Aeon Environmental Services Pte Ltd
Aeromac Engineering Pte Ltd
Agro Genesis Pte Ltd
Aikoh Metrology Pte Ltd
Airchem Environmental Consultants & Engineers Pte
Airware Pte Ltd
Airwerx Technologies
Alfem Engineering Consultancy Pte Ltd
Alpha1 Pte Ltd
Alstern Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Ananthan S/o Suppiah
Andrew Brown International Pte Ltd
Ang CB Dr Skin & Hair Clinic
AP Controls Pte Ltd
Apic Yamada Singapore Pte Ltd
Applied Air Quality Company
Applied Biosystems B.V
ARC Engineering & Services Pte Ltd

Asia Pacific Biotech Company
Asiatic Agricultural Industries Pte Ltd
ASP Engineering
Aspinwall Clouston Pte Ltd
Atea Environmental Technology Pte Ltd
Auger Instrumentation & Technology Pte Ltd
Avertronics Singapore Pte Ltd.
Avita Pte Ltd
Awa Instruments Pte Ltd
Awe Environmental Systems Pte Ltd
Biotreat International Pte Ltd
Bizasia Network Pte Ltd
Camp Dresser & Mckee Inter-National (S) Pte Ltd
Environcorp Consulting Services (S) Pte Ltd
Environment Safety Resources Pte Ltd
Environmental Products (S) Pte. Ltd.
Environmental Professionals (Enviro Pro)
Environmental Resources Management (S) Pte Ltd
Glowtec Environmental Services Pte. Ltd.
Indoorair Professionals (S) Pte Ltd
Invensys Building Systems Pte Ltd
Klef Technologies Pte Ltd
Poh Kong Environment Services Pte Ltd
Ray Scientific
Regional Institute Of Environmental Technology Company
Sher-K Pte Ltd
Systematic Safety Services Pte Ltd
Singapore Environmental Services

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