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Cargill Asia Pacific Ltd - Commodity Traders, Food Trading


Cargill Asia Pacific Ltd
Address: 300 Beach Road #23-01 The Concourse
Singapore 199555
Tel: (65) 6295-1112
Fax: (65) 6393-8898
Categories: Commodity Traders, Food Trading
Company Profile: Singapore is the headquarters of Cargill’s Asia-Pacific activities. We opened our Singapore office in 1974 and currently we have 300 employees working here.
Singapore Agricultural Commodity Traders, Food Trading Company. Provides risk, merchandising and supply chain management solutions for palm and coconut oil-based products from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Cargill has a continuing commitment to Asia. We are expanding our businesses through acquisitions and joint ventures, and are bringing innovative strategies to our customers in order to help them succeed. Asia is one of the largest and most important markets globally for Cargill. We have terrific relationships with our suppliers and customers, and are consistently working to bring value to each country through quality and food safety.

Cargill Asia Pacific was awarded the 2000/01 Singapore International Trade Award from Senior Minister Lee Kwan-Yew during a televised ceremony. We were given the award for outstanding achievements and significant contributions made to increase Singapore's prosperity via international trade by the Trade Development Board.

Products and Services
Food ingredients and applications serves global, regional and local food manufacturers, food service companies and retailers with food and beverage ingredients, meat and poultry products, and new food applications.

At Sun Valley Thailand (SVT), a fully integrated poultry production system which raises and processes chicken products for both domestic consumption and export, it means collaborating with our customers to meet their needs for quality cuts of poultry to be sold in their stores. Our plant in Sun Valley Thailand was presented the National Health and Safety Award in 2001, Thailand's highest national award for companies who have demonstrated health and safety excellence. SVT also received the prestigious Sweeney Award for 2000 from our key customer McDonald’s and were praised for their innovation, management leadership and business results. Cargill now holds two of the five Sweeney Awards granted since 1990.

Cargill operates a 27,000 hectare oil palm plantation on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Here we are working to help farmers process and convert fresh fruit to crude palm oil and related by-products. Cargill manages close to 15 percent of the total grain and oilseed imports into Asia through our Asian Oils Trading and Marketing Group (AOTM) in Singapore. We provide risk, merchandising and supply chain management solutions for palm and coconut oil-based products from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. AOTM manages an optimally-configured shipping program to meet the physical needs of its largest customers, and also offers differentiated price risk management and logistical solutions to its customers globally. AOTM handles roughly 10 percent of the total tradable market for palm oil products and shipped about two million metric tons of palm oil and derivative products last year.

Cargill recently acquired Toshoku, a food trading company in Japan. Cargill worked with Toshoku managers and employees to draft a plan to reorganize the company's businesses and finances and improve its prospects. This was the first time a western company was appointed as a sponsor of a non-financial Japanese company in rehabilitation. Toshoku is a trading company and a distributor and retailer of commodities and food, and is headquartered in Tokyo.

Risk Management and Financial
Black River Asset Management will develop and market a number of funds to a select group of large, institutional investors such as foundations, endowments and pension funds. The core of Black River’s business will be managing third-party money invested in funds that Black River develops.

Cargill Ferrous International has several offices strategically located world-wide to link high quality steel mills with consumption markets around the world. Their mission is to establish and foster long-term international relations between the producing mill, the material processor, and the end consumer throughout the world's steel industry.

Cargill Ferrous International's global sourcing and distribution network provides a competitive advantage for Asia. We are delivering unique solutions for our customers including the facilitation of steel movements by rail from Kazakhstan to China and from China to Vietnam.

Cargill Singapore works to bring much needed relief and pleasure into underprivileged lives through volunteer work and financial donations to three organizations: Pertapis Children’s Home, Breadline Group and the Singapore Cheshire Home.

Cargill has supported various community projects in Asia. Cargill was awarded the 2001 Commendation (SHARE Program) award in Singapore. This award is given yearly to organizations that support and demonstrate commitment to the community through 100 percent employee participation. Cargill employees from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Minneapolis, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand gathered in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

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