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Singapore Confectionery Companies List

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Singapore Confectionery Companies
Singapore Confectionery Companies

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Featured Singapore Confectionery Companies List
Al-Wadi Bakeries Co Pte Ltd Singapore Bakery, Sweets, Candy Manufacturers, Confectionery Supplies
Aladdin (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Biscuits Manufacturers, Biscuits Wholesalers, Biscuits Distributors
Amosco Pte Ltd Singapore Food Company Suppliers of Frozen Food Retailers, Frozen Food Manufacturers, Frozen Food Wholesalers, Confectionery. Initially focused on confectionery and cookies, as well as frozen foods. Now mainly on frozen foods and supplies to the foodservice market (catering, airlines, hotels, etc) and exports to other Southeast Asia countries. Dim sum, pizzas, spring rolls and samosas, puff pastries, processed seafood, fully-cooked processed chicken, and thaw-and-serve pastries such as mini eclairs, egg tarts and mini cake rolls
Asia-Euro Marketing Services Pte Ltd Singapore Bakery, Confectionery Products Company Suppliers of Caramelised Snack Biscuits, Crispy Belgian Waffles and Galettes Bretonnes. Most recently, we introduced the latest Multigrain Caramelized Biscuits
B Chua & Services Singapore Chocolatiers Suppliers of Confectionery, Bakeries, Fine Chocolate Products
Bakery World Pte Ltd Singapore Bakers dedicated to producing cakes and confectionery items of high quality at reasonable prices. Only uses top grade ingredients and its expert pastry chefs are constantly concocting new, exciting and more healthful flavours to satisfy the discerning tastes of the consumer.
Barry Callebaut Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd Singapore suppliers of high-quality cocoa and chocolate products and represents. Offers cocoa and chocolate products, ready-to-use fillings and decorations, coatings and cocoa powders as well as customized services to the entire food manufacturing industry.
Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer and Retailers of Confectionery & Pastry Products. Chain of 38 cake shops in Singapore selling Indonesian delicacies & desserts such as kueh salat, durian pukis, lapis sagu, non-cream pandan chiffon cakes, cream cakes, cookies, tarts, wedding cakes
Borobudur Snacks Shop Kueh & Confectionery Singapore Confectionery & Candy Wholesalers, Singapore Confectionery Manufacturers, Singapore Confectionery Distributors, Singapore Confectionery Suppliers
Brilliant Marketing Pte Ltd Singapore Confectionery Products Company Suppliers of Biscuits, Confectionery, Pastry Products, Chocolate Products, Candy
Bronson & Jacobs (S E Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Natural Health Products, Health Food, Personal Care Products, Dairy, Bakery, Beverages, Confectionery, Snack Foods, Noodles, Meat, Petfood, Wine, Fats and Oils, General Food, Sauces and Seasoning. Leading supplier to the food & nutrition, health & personal care industries.
Cadbury Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers of cocoa and related products, Cocoa Products, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Cake, Chocolate Products, Candy, Confectionery
Candylicious Asia's largest candy store stocks 5,000 kinds of candy, chocolate, & candy-inspired merchandise, and has 3 of the world's largest lollipop trees
Chinatown Food Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer & trader of frozen food such as Frozen Foods, Glutinous Rice Balls, Roti Prata, Oriental Buns, Cream Puffs, Eclairs, Cakes, Mini Mochi-Balls, Sesame Balls, Toaster Flat Bread, Yam Cocoons, Mantou, Golden Layer Cakes, Deep Fried Prawn Wonton, Premium Chicken & Prawn Shumai
CHJ Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Food Trading Company Importers & Exporters of Battery Accessories, Biscuits, Chocolates, Confectionery, Edible Nuts
Chocoholic Prints Singapore Confectionery Company Suppliers of Gifts, Personalized Chocolates, Sweets, Candy, Confectionery Supplies. A solution to customized gifting with personalized chocolates. The widely loved and accepted gift of chocolate becomes even better when they are personalized; with name, message or even logos; and customized according to the theme, especially for the recipients.
Chocolat N' Spice Singapore Bakery Products Company Suppliers of Confectionery Supplies Sweets Bakery Products, Beverages, Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Donuts, Food Outlets, Pastries, Pies to Bakeries, Restaurants, Food Services, Caterers, Catering Services
Chocolate Graphics Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Confectionery Company Suppliers of Wedding Chocolates, Confectionery, Sweets, Candy Recently the company reached new heights, with the introduction of technology that allows the embossing of photographic images onto chocolate with chocolate. Additionally, by using the same technology Chocolate Graphics can now also produce 3 dimensional images onto chocolate with chocolate.
Chocolate Research Facility Pte Ltd Singapore Chocolate store and cafe located on Raffles Boulevard; range includes Connoisseur, Exotic, Double-Fruit Suppliers to Bakeries, Sweets, Restaurants, Food Services, Caterers, Catering Services
Chocz Pte Ltd Singapore Company producing hand-crafted Cocoa Products, Chocolates, Cookies Bakery Products and operating a chain of Chocolate Cafes & Boutiques in Singapore & Malaysia (including the largest in SE Asia); offers customised chocolates to individual & corporate customers; accepts orders online
Chops & Banoffi (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Bakery Suppliers of Chocolates, Frozen Desserts, Sweets, Candy Manufacturers, Confectionery Supplies
Choz Confectionery Singapore Confectionery Company, Bakeries, Caterers, Food Stores. Makers of cakes, fruit tarts, ang ku kuehs, red eggs, chocolate tarts, brownies, Swiss rolls, glutinous rice, cream puffs etc for full month and wedding celebrations, and high tea
Chua Peng Seng Food Manufacturing Singapore Sweets, Candy Manufacturers, Suppliers of Confectionery Supplies, Chinese Food, Confectionery & Candy-Wholesalers, Confectionery Manufacturers, Confectionery Distributors, Confectionery Suppliers
Chuan Leck Food Ind Pte Ltd Singapore supplier of confectionery, pastry fillings Red Green Bean Paste, Yam Paste, Curry Filling, Chicken Pie, Mash Potato, Sweet Potato, Sardine Filling, Char Siew Chicken, Hong Kong Chicken, Satay Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Coconut Filling, Chicken Sausage Potato, Sambal Chicken, Vegetables Filling, Bbq Chicken, Chicken Mushroom, Kung Bao Chicken, Rendang Chicken, Chilli Crab Filling, Onion Chicken, Chilli Chicken Floss
O Mochi Cake & Bakery Pte Ltd Singapore Bakeries Suppliers of Cakes Sweets, Candy. Cakes Manufacturers, Confectionery Supplies
Singapore Confectionery Companies Directory A-Z

A Big Cake International Pte Ltd
A Cake History Pte Ltd
A M Deli Foods Pte Ltd
A-1 Nonya Kueh & Confectionery Company
A+ Wonders Pte. Ltd.
A1 Bakery
Aalst Chocolate Pte Ltd
ABR Holdings Limited
Adeka (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Adm Cocoa Pte Ltd
Agar Agar Palace Pte Ltd
Ailin Bakery House
Al-Wadi Bakeries Co Pte Ltd
Alianto Tio
Amande Bakery Company
Amethyst Deli
Amethyst Pastry & Cakes
Amosco Pte Ltd
Andrew & Anderson Patisserie Pte. Ltd.
Ang Mo Kio Bakery & Confectionery Company
Ang Mo Kio Nonya Kueh
Ang Thiam Chye
Angie The Choice Pte Ltd
Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd
Arcadian Food Pte Ltd
Aroma Bakerhouse
Asia-Euro Marketing Services Pte Ltd
Astro Food International Pte. Ltd.
Atlantic F & B Pte Ltd
Ausboard (S) Trading Pte Ltd
Aussimart Trading Company
B Bakery
B M K Trading Company
Baby Bear Pastry & Cake Shop
Bai Fu Chun Trading Company
Bake Inc Pte Ltd
Bake N Cake Pte Ltd
Bakehouse Pte Ltd
Baker's Cona
Baker's Heaven
Baker's Oven Pattisieries Company
Bakery Point Pte. Ltd.
Bakery World Pte Ltd
Bakerz Place
Balestier Tau Sar Piah Deli
Balmoral Bakery Company
Beccarino Cakes & Pastries Company
Beijing Confectionery Company
Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd
Best-One Foods (S) Pte Ltd
Bethel Remnant Pte Ltd
Bictory Confectionery & Bakery
Bites Corner
B-I-Y Pte Ltd
Blessed Cafe
Blossoms Cake House
Borobudur Snacks Shop Pte Ltd
Boss Ice Cream Cake & Confectionery House
Bratwurst Shop Pte Ltd
Bravo Cakes
Bread & Cake Bakery & Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Bread Connection Bakery Company
Bread Garden
Bread Junction
Bread Story
Brighton Bakery Company
Bubble Tea & Point 99 Cents Confectionery
C&W Bakery
Cake Avenue Pte Ltd
Cake History (Central) Pte Ltd
Cake My Day
Cake Walk
Candy Cake Shop
Carlton's Bakery
Causeway Deli Company
Champion Bread Company
Chang Wang Cake Shop
Chea Heng Lee
Chef's Secrets
Cheng Sim Huat Bakery & Confectionery Fty
Cherylshuen Wedding Concept
Chestnut Pastry & Cake Shop
Chez Rose Bakery Pte Ltd
Chiam Wee Kiang
Chin Geiok Kee Pte Ltd
Chin Lian (Bros) Trading Co Pte Ltd
Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery Company
Ching Hong Sieng
Chocolate Cake House
Chop Mui Lee
Chromatic Singapore Pte Ltd
Chua Confectionery
Chua Peng Seng Food Manufacturing Company
Chua Sey Jit
Chua Ti Tiang
Chyn Nonya Cakes Pte Ltd
Cocco The Cake House
Come Every Day Trading & Company
Cookie House Pte Ltd
Cookie Man (S) Pte Ltd
Corn Confectionery
Crystal Jade Cakery (Scotts Rd) Pte Ltd
Crystal Jade Cakery(H.V)
Crystal Jade My Bread (Imm) Pte Ltd
D' Pastry House
Daily 8 Foodstuff Cake House
Danroll Cake Pte Ltd
D'confectionery Of Asian Kueh Expertise
De Bakels Choice Pte Ltd
De Classico Confectionery Pte Ltd
De Novo Confectionery Company
Deli C Us
Deli Classic Holding Pte Ltd
Deli Country Enterprise
Deli Maslina
Deli Sweet Patisserie
Delicious Addictions
Delicious Taste Cake Shop
Delight Bread Company
Dessert Confectionery Company
Dino Cake House & Cafe
Distriworld Pte Ltd
Dohca Cake Shop
Dorado Cake Shop
Dragon Tree Milk Shake House
Dynnie Cake House
East Garden Confectionery
Eastern Highland Healthy Cake House
Eatzi Gourmet Pte Ltd
Edan Bakeries
Ee Tin
Egg Whites & Bake
Eunos Granola Bake Shop
Excel Bake House
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie Pte Ltd
Flour Garden Confectionery Company
Fong Pastry Attic
Food Vision Pte Ltd
Fortuna Confectionery Company
Forum Cake House
Galicier Confectionery Company
Garden Pastry & Cake Pte Ltd
Gay World Tai Thong Moon Cake
Gilgal Remnant Pte Ltd
Gin Thye Cake Maker Company
Gina Vadaii
Glad Tidings Confectionery Company
Golden Harvest Company
Golden Million Cakes House
Good Taste Confectionery Company
Gourmet Temptation Enterprise
Grand Cake Shop
Great Dragon Development Pte. Ltd.
Guan Beng Fruits & Confectionery Trading Co
Guan Hiang Confectionery
Hacks Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Hankook Rice Cake House Pte Ltd
Haokaida Enterprise
Happiness Nonya Cakes & Confectionery Company
Harry Nonya Kuay
Healthy Bakery Company
Heap Hong
Heng Kee Food Manufacturing Company
Heng's Cake Shop
Hero By Jun Pte Ltd
Hiap Huat Cakeshop
HINS Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Ho Seng Confectionery Company
Hock Eng & Co
Home's Favourite
Honey Confectionery Company
Hong Hwee Bakery
Hor Hiang Confectionery Company
Hotbake Innovations Pte. Ltd.
House Of Goodies Pte Ltd
House Of Tau Sar Piah
Hua Bee Mini Supermart
Hua Seng Confectionery Company
Hup Seng (S) Pte Ltd
Hup Yew Confectionery Company
Hwa Seng Confectionery Pte Ltd
Ikada Bakery & Confectionery Company
Indulge Patisserie
J & C (Fong's) Food Industrial Company
Jackson Bakery & Confectionery Company
Jade Lion Confectionery Company
Jane's Cake Station
Ji Xiang Confectionery
Jia Lei Cafe & Bakery Pte Ltd
Jia Lei Confectionery & Training Centre
Jia Win Confectionery Company
Jims Deli Pastry Shop
Jin Seng Confectionery Company
Jolly Cake Shop
Jurong East Confectionery Company
Jurong West Swee Heng Cake Shop
Ka-Li-Pop International
Karstel Marketing Pte Ltd
Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop
Kean Ann Company
Kele Confectionary Company
Keng Seng Confectionery Company
Keng Sin Peng
Keng Wah Sung
Kenzo Bakery & Food-Mart Company
Kheng Guan Heng Minimart
Khiang Seng Confectionery Company
Kian Hin Nonya Cake Supplier Company
Kian Seng Chan Chop
Kim Lee Pastry House
Kimoe Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Koh Aik Hing
Koh Leh Hwah
Kok Ann Confectionery (Cakes & Biscuits) Shop
Kpt (Pasir Ris) Pte Ltd
KPT Cakehouse Pte Ltd
Kueh Kampong
Kueh Lapis & Food Industries Pte Ltd
Kwa Hup Kiat Cake & Confectionery Shop
Kyo Cake House Pte Ltd
L & E Pte. Ltd.
L E Cafe Confectionery & Pastry Company
La Passion Confectionery Company
Lana Pte Ltd
Lau Chong Kee Bedok Confectionery Company
Lau Guan Ann Cake Shop
Leaf Italia SRL
Lee Guan Cake Shop
Lee Siew Tiew
Leegen Pte Ltd
Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery Company
Li Li Cheng Bakery Company
Lian Hup Huat Food Manufacturer Company

Lian Xiang Cake Shop & Bakery
Lido Cake Shop (Serangoon)
Liho Cakes & Pastries Company
Likyo Confectionery Company
Lim Boon Chye
Lim Cha Seng
Lim Sok Hoon
Lim's Deli
Lina Confectionery & Trading Company
Liow Kian Huat
LNW Milky Confectionery Pte Ltd
Long Yi Store
Loo Lian Hwa
Lotus Bakeries Asia Pacific
Love Confectionery Company
Lucas Foods (Asia) Pte Ltd
M Abdul Suhaiff
Mac Taste Bakery & Confectionery Pte Ltd
Maslina Cakes
Matilda's Nonya Kuih Pte Ltd
May Siang Confectionery Company
Mei Rui Enterprise
Melrose Bake House (S) Pte Ltd
Meng Heng Confectionery Pte Ltd
Mika Confectionery Company
Miko Cake Shop
Min Sin Cake House
Minamoto Kitchoan Singapore Pte Ltd
Mirana Cake House
MKSK Trading
Modern Cakes
Mohd Yakoob
Molly Nonya-Cake & Confectionery Company
Multi-Layer Company
Mustafa Deen Bros Store
My Bread Friend Bakery Company
My Bun (S) Pte Ltd
Nackshop Confectionery Company
Nam Tong Lee Confectionery Pte Ltd
Natural Secrets Bakery & Confectionery
Neo Kian Guan Confectionery & Cakes Company
Neo Pastry & Cake Shop
Nest Delight
Netts Cake Shop
New Bread
New City Bakery & Confectionery Company
New Generation Confectionery Company
New Hai Owe Confectionery Company
New Hope Food Industries Pte Ltd
New Odense (S) Confectionery & Bakery
Ng Bee Chu
Ng Bros Chinese Cakes Company
Ng Chai Huat
Ng Kian Seng Confectionery Company
Ng Kim Lee Confectionery Company
Ng Swee Heng Cakeshop
Ng Yang Hua
NGT Confectionery Company
Nix Creations Pte Ltd
Nobel Bakery Company
Nobelco Bakery Company
Noel Bakery
Nora's Pastries & Snacks Company
O Bread Pte Ltd
O Mochi Cake & Bakery Pte Ltd
One Red Berry Confectionery Company
Ong's Nonya Cakes & Confectioneries Company
Orchid Confectionery Company
Oriental Food (Holdings) Pte Ltd
Osaka Agency Pte Ltd
Ota Marketing Pte Ltd
P & T Confectionery
Pandan Garden Bakery & Cake House
Pao Shan Foodstuff Pte Ltd
Pasir Cake Shop
Pastry Connection Pte. Ltd.
Pat & Felcor Pastry Kitchen Pte Ltd
Phua Gim Kee
Piper's Pies Pte Ltd
PMI Marketing
Poh Guan Cake House
Polar Puffs & Cakes Pte Ltd
Popular Confectionery Company
Prima Food Pte Ltd
Prime Deli
PSN Enterprise Pte Ltd
Pure Eddiction Pte Ltd
Puteri Cakes N Puffs
Puteri Mas Pte Ltd
Q Bread (Bukit Merah) Pte Ltd
Q Bread Pte Ltd
Queen House Confectionery Company
Quek Jin Chai
Rec & J
Red Lips Kueh Pie Tee
Rejoice Confectionery
Remnant Enterprise Pte Ltd
Rich & Good Cake Shop
Ritz Apple Strudel & Pastry
ROE Enterprises Pte. Ltd.
Roti Shoppe Pte Ltd
Rotiboy Bakeshoppe Pte Ltd
Royal Cake Shop
S&B Swiss Baeckerei Pte Ltd
San Anna Cake Shop
Sandeli Cake Shop
Savoury Fare Pte Ltd
Scoopy Ice Cream Cake
See Lian Cake Shop
Selera Manufacturing & Food Supplies Company
Seng Ah Boi
Seng Kang Cakeshop Company
Serena Bakery & Confectionery Company
Sha Zah Confectionery Company
Sham Enterprise
Shangri-La Confectionary Delicatessen Company
Sheng Shanhu Pastry & Cakes Company
Shenton Cake Shop
Shi Cheng Shi Pin Gong Ying
Sia Chen Theng
Silver Star Confectionery (Aljunied Rd) Pte Ltd
Silver Star Confectionery (Redhill) Pte Ltd
Silver Star Confectionery Pte Ltd
Simply Bread Pte Ltd
Sin Lee Huat Confectionery Company
Sin Tien Lin Trading Company
Sin Tong Nam Confectionery Company
Singapore Bakery & Cake Confectionery Company
Singapore Houten Pte Ltd
Singarich Pte Ltd
Sinhua Hock Kee Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Sintolee Confectionery
Sky Joyce Nonya Kueh Cake Shop
Soo Teck Lim Vegetarian Confectionery
Soon Cheong & Co
Soon Seng Kiong Trading Company
Spring Delight Catering Services Pte Ltd
Springleaf Confectionery
Storck Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Strawberry Hill Confectionery Company
Subway Niche
Sui Xin
Sunmoulin Yamazaki Singapore Pte Ltd
Suya Confectionery
Suzie Wong's Body Shop
Swee Heng Bakery (Boon Lay)
Swee Heng Bakery (Potong Pasir)
Swee Heng Bakery (Rivervale)
Swee Heng Bakery Pte Ltd
Swee Heng Fajar Cakeshop
Sweet Bread Pte Ltd
Sweet Hut Bakery
Sweet Ring Pte Ltd (Pastry & Cake Shop)
Sweet Secret
Sweet Secrets Pastry Shop Pte Ltd
Sweetheart Bakery & Confectionery Pte Ltd
Sweeties Pastry & Cake House Pte Ltd
Sweetleaf Bakery & Deli Company
Sweet-Mate Confectionery Company
Swisslink Bakery & Cafe
T & C Manufacturing Co Pte Ltd
Tai Chong Kok (Tham's Co)
Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Co
Tai Thong Cake Shop
Tan Heng Yong
Tan Hock Seng Chop
Tan Kuo Shiong
Tan Lee Seng Confectionery Company
Tan Peng Heng Chop
Tan Seah Kwee
Tanesei Trading Pte Ltd
Tanjong Rhu Pau & Confectionery Company
Tastebuds Food Concepts
Tat Lee Confectionery House
Teck Leong Lee Kee
Temptations Cakes Pte.Ltd.
Teo Ah Tee
Teo Choon Khng
Teo Teo Lee
The Ang Ku Kueh Shop
The Baker's Story
The Crowd Store
The Emerald Bakery Company
The Garden Cake House
The Mixer Foodland
The Patissier
The Royals (Premium Cakes) Pte Ltd
The Sweet Trade Pte Ltd
The Sweettie Shop
The Wooden Spoon
Thin Seng Co
Thomson Cake & Confectionery Company
Thomson Foodstuff Manufacturing Company
Thong Huat Breads & Cakes Company
Thousand Taste Holdings Pte Ltd
Thye Lee Chop
Thye Moh Chan Cake House
Tian Seng Confectionery Company
Tian Xin Su Shi Bao Dian
Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry Company
Tiong Bahru Pau Pte Ltd
Tjiat Seng Exim (1970) Pte Ltd
Toa Payoh Bakery
Today's Baking Confectionery Company
Tong Bee Confectionery
Tong Hai Ann Nonya Kueh
Tong Sin Yean Confectionery Company
Traditional Kueh Baulu
Trans Union Trading Pte Ltd
Tung Shun Pte Ltd
U Taste Confectionery Pte Ltd
Umeya Food Services Pte Ltd
Uncle Bakery
V M Mohd Ali Bros
Vegepals Pte Ltd
Venture Gourmet Pte Ltd
Venture JKS
Victory Impex Pte Ltd
Walton Cake Shop
Wang Jiao Group Pte Ltd
Wedouli Confectionery Company
Weehiong Trading
Wee's Bakery & Confectionery Company
Wei Cian Foods Pte Ltd
West Coast Milky Confectionery Company
Wong Coco Pte Ltd
Wood Land Cakeshop
Xotiq Chocolatier
Xpressflower.Com Pte Ltd
Yang Kuang Ying
Ya-Te Vegetarian Confectionery
Yew Tee Ananas Confectionery Pte Ltd
Yiling Confectionery
Yishun Swee Heng Cakeshop
YLF Marketing Pte Ltd
Yong's Food Industries Pte Ltd
Yong's Teochew Kueh
Yuan & Han Marketing Company
Yummi Deli
Yummyi Place
Zareena K A & Company
Singapore Confectionery Products

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