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Singapore Textiles Companies List

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Singapore Textiles Companies List
Singapore Imports much of it's raw textiles for use in the garment industry and for home furnishings like curtains, drapes and upholstery. From fine laces for wedding dresses, embroidered cloth for high fashion to silks and cheap cotton and man made fabrics for t-shirts and general clothing and apparel.

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Featured Singapore Textiles Companies List
Actex Marketing Service Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Bedding Bed Linen, Mattresses, Hotel Bedding Supplies, Hotel Textiles Products
Advance Canvas Industries Pte Ltd Singapore Textile Company Suppliers of Canvas Building Materials, Canvas Awnings, Canvas Canopies, Canvas Bellows
AGE Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Canned food, olive oil, sugar, denim-woven-knitted garments, socks, home textile, Trading Company. Local offices in Turkey, Latvia and Brazil specialized in bulk commodities and olive oil, textile - denim garments, woven garments, knitted garments, socks, home textiles.
Agritrade International Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company Commodity Traders, Agricultural Products, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Products. Trading of agricultural produce such as cocoa beans & cocoa products, palm oil & products, stearin & related products; supplies of electronic products, foodstuffs & textiles to Mongolia & Russia
Aik Bee Textile Company Singapore Textiles Manufacturers, Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Textile Wholesalers, Textile Distributors  
Al'fresco Elite System Pte Ltd Singapore Canvas Company Suppliers of Canvas Awnings, Canvas Canopies, Canvas Umbrellas, Finishing & Building Products, Canvas Building Materials, Canvas Construction Materials
Amardeep Fabrics Pte Ltd Singapore Home Textiles Company Suppliers of Fabrics, Textiles, Furnishings, Home Fabrics, Interior Furnishing, Outdoor Fabrics, Upholstery
Asia Curtains & Interior Design Singapore Furnishings Company, Interior Designers, Interior Design Consultants. Suppliers of Home Furnishing Textiles, Curtains, Drapes
Asialinx Group Singapore Textiles Trading Company of 100% cotton yarn. Provides a link between suppliers and consumers in Central
Asian Region as well as in Singapore, also providing services to establish Textile production lines in Central Asia.
Asian Images Singapore Batik Textiles Company, Singapore Batik Manufacturers, Singapore Batik Wholesalers, Singapore Batik Distributors
Asionics Singapore (Pte) Ltd Singapore Chemicals Company Suppliers of Textile Chemical Products, Textile and Clothing Services, Textile Chemicals, Textile Dyestuffs
Ask Apparels Singapore Textiles Company Suppliers of Fabrics, Textiles, Home Furnishings, Singapore Fabrics Manufacturers, Singapore Fabrics Singapore Fabrics Wholesalers, Singapore Fabrics Distributors, Home Furnishings Manufacturers, Home Furnishings Exporters
AU Furnishing & Textiles (PTE) Ltd Singapore Home Furnishings Company Suppliers of Curtains, String Curtains, Furniture, Blinds, Fabrics, Textiles
Aung Chan Tha Pte Ltd Singapore Textiles Company, Batik Manufacturers, Batik Wholesalers, Batik Distributors
Backer Textiles Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of  Uniforms, Workwear, Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Materials, Cloths, Textiles Manufacturers
Balum Pte Ltd Singapore Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Materials, Cloths Suppliers of Home Furnishings, Cushions, Curtains
Ban Joo & Company Ltd Singapore Textiles Company, Importers, exporters and wholesalers of textiles, Manufacturer of textiles with an inhouse design department; fabrics: 100% cotton, polyester, rayon, cotton, nylon, lycra, spandex
Basic Connections International Singapore Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Materials, Cloths, Curtains, Drapes, Furnishings
Bhajnik Enterprises Singapore Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Suppliers of Felt & Felt Products, Materials, Cloths
Binwanis Enterprise Singapore Hotel Supplies Company Suppliers of Linen, Handkerchiefs, Hotel Supplies, Hotel Equipment, Restaurant, Institutional, Hotel Supplies, Hotel Equipment, Janitorial Supplies
Borneo Greenland Enterprises Singapore Recycling Company Suppliers of Recycling Textile Waste, Industrial Cleaning Supplies, Marine Supplies. Recycling of textile waste into rags for industrial cleaning & export, Marine Supplies, Supplier of Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
BT Plastics & Contracts Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers and Manufacturers of Plastic Fabrics, Plastic Film, Plastic Sheets, Plastic Rods, Cast Acrylic Sheets, PVC Sheets, Solid & Twin-wall Polycarbonate Sheets, Non-glass Composite Decorative Mirror Panels, Louvers, PVC Colour Stickers, Anti-static Acrylic Sheets, Vinyl Floorings, Design & Fabrication, Engraving & Silkscreening, Machining & Polishing, Cutting & Assembly, Plastic Bending, Thermal Forming, Thermal Bending, Signages, Vinyl Flooring Coverings, Laser Engraving & Cuttings
Carsten Ovesen Design Singapore Furniture Designers, Fabric Designs. Carsten Ovesen, a Denmark born designer who specializes in furniture design and furniture fabrics, has been residing in Singapore since 1990.
Chang Aik Hong Co (Pte) Ltd Singapore Trading Company, Importers, Exporters of Cosmetics, Textiles, Wholesale trade in sundry goods, cosmetics and textiles
Chargeurs Interlining Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Fully owned subsidiary of French group Chargeurs engaged in the business of interlinings; manufactures woven, knitted, weft inserted, chemical bond and thermal bond interlinings in various constructions, weights and finishes to suit different fabrics. Suppliers of Garment Accessories, Thermal Bond Interlinings, Textiles
Cheong Meng Plastic Manufacturers Pte Ltd Singapore Plastics Company Suppliers of Plastic Bags, Plastics Fabrics, Plastic Films, Plastic Packaging
Chia Kee Textiles Co Pte Ltd Singapore Retailers & wholesalers of textiles, P/D polyester, dyed polyester cotton, polyester satin, Textile Woven Fabrics, Dyed Polyester Cotton
Chin Soon Material Trading Supply Company Singapore Textiles Manufacturers, Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Materials, Cloths, Fabrics Wholesalers, Fabrics Manufacturers, Fabrics Distributors, Fabrics Suppliers
Chop Tong Hua (Pte) Ltd Singapore Textiles Trading Company Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Suppliers of Materials, Cloths, Textiles Import Merchants
Chori Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Textiles Import Merchants, Import Agents, Textile Services, Clothing Services, Textile Machinery, Clothing Machinery, Textiles Manufacturers, Textile Merchants, Textile Shops, Materials, Cloths, Trading Company, Importers, Exporters
Chu Tat Co Pte Ltd Singapore Clothing & Textiles Company Suppliers of Bedding, Insulation Materials, Textiles, Overalls, Work Clothes, Garments, Blankets
Chuan Hiap Hoe & Co Singapore Bags Company Suppliers of Burlap Bags, Canvas Bags, Cotton Bags Dealers, Packaging Materials, Bags-Burlap, Canvas & Cotton-Dealers
Chuang Chung Wen Pte Ltd Singapore Bedding Company Suppliers of Bedding, Textiles, Home Furnishings. A leading bed linen company in Singapore, offering a wide variety of bed linen and bedding accessories with quality and style at accessible price.
D'chee Craftshops Singapore Handicrafts Company Suppliers of Beads, Handicraft Books, Clothing, Glass, Glass Working Tools, Glass Working Equipment, Handicraft Materials, Hobby Materials, Handicraft Supplies, Hobby Services, Knitted Fabrics
Singapore Textiles Companies Directory A-Z
A Alisara Thai Traditional Massage
A S Manikkam Exports Pte Ltd
Aadil Textiles Pte Ltd
Aaval Investments (Pte) Ltd.
Abe Isaac Pte Ltd
Abrasive Technology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Accuratex Trading Pte Ltd
Ace Fabrics (S) Pte Ltd
Actex Shanghai Textile Corporation Pte Ltd
Ado Far East Pte Ltd
Adotex Sdn Bhd
Advanced Textiles International Pte Ltd
AGE Singapore Pte Ltd
Ahamadia Traders
Aik Bee Textile Co
Aik Chin Hung
Aik Joo Textiles Co
Aladdin's Exclusive Pte Ltd
Aladdin's World Of Silk
Al-Madinah Trading Pte Ltd
Alpha Screen Ink Supply Pte Ltd

Alster International Trading Co Pte Ltd
Alta Moda Pte Ltd
Amardeep Fabrics Pte Ltd
Ang Yoh Textiles House
Angel Fabrics Pte Ltd
Angel Textiles Pte Ltd
Anil Bros Pte Ltd
Anl Design Pte Ltd
Anthony Furnisshen Pte Ltd
Arms Enterprise (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Asher Fabrics Pte Ltd
Ashok Textiles Pte Ltd
Ashoka Traders (Pte) Ltd
Asialinx Group
Asian Images Pte Ltd
AsiatnilShirt.Com Pte Ltd
Asionics Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Ask Apparels Pte Ltd
Assandas Indenting House
Attex International Co
AU Furnishing & Textiles Pte Ltd
Ayyappa Imports (S) Pte Ltd
Aziza Silk House Pte Ltd
B I B Textiles Co
Ban Joo & Co Ltd
Ban Seong Trading Co
Bay Ing Textile Co
Beas Enterprises
Beau Voix Consultation & Associates
Bedok Textiles
Bee Seah Textile
Beng Ann Trading
Benmark Pte Ltd
Bin House Singapore Pte Ltd
Biztex Pte Ltd
Bluma Elegance
Bob Textile
Brantex Pacific Trading
Broadway Textile Pte Ltd
Buan Soon Seng
C Rashiwala Bros
Calvin Textiles Enterprise
Cambridge Suiting Pte Ltd
Carol Textile
CE Studio
Centre Woodlands Textiles
Century Product Co
Chan Cheong Textiles
Chan Mei Peng
Chand Traders
Chartered Marketing Enterprises
Cheng Mui Textile
Chia Huat Textiles (Pte) Ltd
Chia Kee Textiles Co Pte Ltd
Chiap Seng Textiles Co
Chin Leong Textile Co
Chip Aik Textile
Chiragh Din
Chiuwsen Textiles & Trading
Chong One Trading Co
Chong Seng Suppliers
Choy Kee Textile & Co
Chua Lim Enterprises & Co
Chua Meng Wui
Chung Ming Optical & Textile Co
Chye Sing Trading
Circle Trading
CJ Connection Pte. Ltd.
Clarena Enterprise
Clementi Kian Seng Fashion Textile
Closet Affair
Clothes Affair Enterprise
CMS Textile Pte Ltd
Combined Corpn
Crescent Developments (Pte) Ltd
Cushing Pte Ltd
D K Bros Pte Ltd
Dakin Textile Co
Dana Mohd Textile
Dee Ess Vee Co
Denwin Enterprise Pte Ltd
Dhan International Exim Pte Ltd
Digicast Pte Ltd
Dilip Textiles
Diwanchand & Co Pte Ltd
Doshi Industrial & Commercial Co
Ee Chong Long Enterprises Pte Ltd
Ee Thong & Co (Pte) Ltd
Eisen & Brothers (Pte) Ltd
Empire Gallery
Eng Cheng Textile
Eng Foo Textile Departmental Store
Eng Heng Textile
Eng Huat Hock Kee Trading Co
Eng Kian Yew Textile & Curtain Centre
Eng Leong Textiles Co
Eng Soon Huat & Co
Eong Shing Enterprises
Ermenegildo Zegna Far-East Pte Ltd
Esbee Co Pte Ltd
Essential Products
Euro Silk Pte Ltd
Eurotex Fabrics
Ever Beauty Textiles Pte Ltd
Ever Happy Textiles & Trading
Everalp Silk Trading Pte Ltd
Everprogress Co
Eximco Enterprise
Fabric Palace
Fabulous Linens Pte Ltd
Farly Textile Co
Farrow Textile & Garments
Fashion Palace Pte Ltd
Fei Hong Enterprise
First Classic Textiles Cum Store
First Textiles
Flesh IMP Clothings Pte Ltd
Flowtrim Trading
Fresco Fashion
Fuan Mah Textiles & Co
Fullink Marketing Pte Ltd
G H Trading Corpn
Gap International Sourcing Pte Ltd
GBC Marketing Pte Ltd
Ghariwala C P
Gim Joo Textile Co Pte Ltd
Gim Joo Trading Co
Globex Pte Ltd
Goh Tay Hwee
Goldentex Trading Co
Gorgeous Furnishings Pte Ltd
Grand Star Textiles Pte Ltd
Grassland Traders
Growing Pine Enterprise Pte. Ltd.
Guan Aik Heng Textile
Guan Hong Textile Pte Ltd
Guan Lee Textile
Guan Yew Textile Co
Gucci Tex International Pte Ltd
Guerrilla Pte Ltd
Guestkeen Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd
H J C (I & E) Pte Ltd
Hadjee Textiles
Haja Textiles
Hamzah Lucky Store
Haresh Bros
Hashim b Mohd Noor
Hassandin S & Co
Hee Fabric Agencies
Heng Guan Textile Co
Hiap Hing Co Textiles
Hiap Loong Co
Hiap Sheng & Co
Hiap Teck Textile Co
Hiap Yick Textile Co (Private) Ltd
Ho Thai Trading Co
Hock Joo Textile Co
Holly Interiors Pte Ltd
Hong & Friends Co
Hong Guan Textile Pte Ltd
Hong Hwee Fashion Textile Co
Hong Leong Textiles & Co Pte Ltd
Hong Ngiap Textile Trading Co
Hui Leong Textiles & Trading
Hung Hung Kee Textiles Fashion
Hung Kee Chin Chin
Hup Bee Textile
Hup Kee & Co
Hup Seng Huat Textiles Pte Ltd
Hussainsa Abdul Fatah
Huzah Collection
Hwa Lee Textiles (Departmental) Store
I.M. Collections Pte. Ltd.
Impex Textiles (S) Pte Ltd
In Attitude Enterprise
International Agencies
International Trading Corpn
J & S Enterprise
J L Union Garments Enterprise
J M H Trading
J S Khaira Enterprises
Jakarta Textiles & Garments
Jaleesco Pte Ltd
Japan Agencies Pte Ltd
Jin Kee
Johan Textiles
Jong Whatt Chop
Juay Soon Wha
K S Syed Trading
K. Tashi Fashion Pte. Ltd.
Kah Huat Textiles Co
Kah Soon Textiles & Department Store
Kali Textiles & Garments
Kalima & Co
Kang Sheng Enterprise Pte Ltd
Kang Sua Textiles & Garment
Kar Bee Ang Mo Kio Textiles
Kar Bee Co
Kay Seng Textile Pte Ltd
Kerala Departmental Store
Khiang Huat Textile
Khoon Heng Textiles Co Pte Ltd
Kian Bee Textiles
Kian Chong Textiles
Kian Ping Hong
Kian Wee Trading Co
Kim Hwa Textile Pte Ltd
Kim Hwee Textile Garment
Kim Star Departmental Store
Kim Textiles & Garments
Kimbi Design Enterprise
Kin Fah Hing Trading Co
Kingstex Pte Ltd
Klassilk Fabrics
Koh Chwee Heng 
Kok Hng Textiles Pte Ltd
Kok Leong Trading Co
Kong Joo Huat Trading Co
Kong Lam Textiles Pte Ltd
Kong Seng Textiles Co
Kuldip Singh & Co Pte Ltd
Kung Keng Textile Co (Pte) Ltd
Kuoli Textiles Pte Ltd
Kwang Teck Chan Seng Kee
L M Suvir Bros Trading Pte Ltd
Lakhiani Trading Co
Lam Bros Trading Pte Ltd
Lam Fah Textile Trading
Lam Guan Textiles & Co
Lam Guan Textiles Co Pte Ltd
Lam Leong & Co
Lee Ann Textile
Lee Kang Hua
Lee Textile Specialist
Leeden Trading
Lekhraj & Bros
Leong Heng Textiles (Pte) Ltd
Leong Heng Trading & Mfg Pte Ltd
Leong Sang Trading
Leong Sen & Co
Leong Yew Textiles Pte Ltd
Lian Seng & Seng Lee
Lian Sheng (S) Bros Enterprise Co Pte Ltd
Lian Sheng (Sin) Trading Co
Lian Tai Textiles Co
Liberty Silk House
Lim Yong Liang
Lip Hang Textile Pte Ltd
LL Textile Pte Ltd
LLH Uniform Pte. Ltd.
Loro Piana Far East Pte Ltd
Low Chin Heng Textile/Department Store
Lye Kwan Soo
Lye Nai Shiong
M & N Trading
M D Raj Enterprises Pte Ltd
M I Textiles Pte Ltd
M S Koghar & Sons Pte Ltd
Madina International Pte Ltd
Maggie Textile
Mahaco Impex
Mahey Bros Pte Ltd
Malaya Overseas Trading Co Pte Ltd
Maruti Textiles
Mawar Textiles
Mega Sky Textile Pte Ltd
Meng Heng Textile
Min Cai Furnishing House
Ming Hwa Textiles Co Pte Ltd
Mohan's J International
Molkan Enterprises
Mui Wan Textile
Mystic Pte Ltd
N J Bhagwan & Co Pte Ltd
Nalli Chinnasami Chetty Pte Ltd
Nalli Pte Ltd
Nam Heng Textiles (Pte) Ltd
Nam Joo Fatt Pte Ltd
Nam Wah Trading Co
Namdaemun Enterprise
Nan Kai Textiles (Pte) Ltd
Naraindas J
Narulla Textile Enterprises
Neoh Tiong Choon Trading Co Importers & Exporters
New World Traders
Ng Chin Sai
Ng Kok Siong
Niru Trading
NLK Mohans Agencies Pte Ltd
Noir Sur Blanc Pte Ltd
Novatex Asia Pte Ltd
Oasis Pte Ltd
One Two One Pte Ltd
Ong Ghee Chong
Orchid Textiles
Osman Fabrik
Osman Hj Vali Mohd & Co Pte Ltd
Osteopathic Medicine & Rehabilitation Pte. Ltd.
Oxa (S) Pte Ltd
Oxford Products (International) Ltd
P Wadhumal Trading Pte Ltd
Pacific Corpn Traders Pte Ltd
Paramount Traders (S) Pte Ltd
Paul Hua Hun (S) Pte Ltd
Pawa Bros Trading Pte Ltd
Peg Hooi Textiles Trader
Penterm Pte Ltd
Poh Kim Eik
Polytex Cotton Goods Traders (S) Pte Ltd
Polytex Investment (S) Pte Ltd
Poon See Moi
Positive Proprietaries Pte Ltd
Premchand & Sons
Prestige Collection
Prosperous Dragon Pte Ltd
Puja Store
Punjab Bazaar
Quedos Pte Ltd
Queen's Fabrics
Ramanico Trading & Investments Pte Ltd
Red Dot Textiles
Red Dragon Trading
Red Hill Textile
Red Star Textile
Reliable Impex Pte Ltd
Reshmatex Pte Ltd
Roshni Trading Pte Ltd
Rossi Apparel
Royal Fabrics Pte Ltd
Rsk (S) Pte Ltd
S Bhagwan & Sons
S D Singh Co
S Jagir Singh
Sacha Trading Pte Ltd
Sam Hin
Sameeco International Pte Ltd
San Lai Fa Textile Store
Sangam (S) Textiles
Sapna Trading
Satnam Textiles
Sean-Shauna Enterprise
Sen Lee Textiles Co
Seng Heng Textiles
Seon Cheong Leoong Pte Ltd
Shafiah Textiles
Sharvan's Pte Ltd
Sheng Hsing Industries Pte Ltd
Sheng Hsing Trading
Sheridan Shop
Shibuya Sakura Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Shyam Textile
Silkland Store Pte Ltd
Sim Toyo Trading Co
Sima Textiles
Simmas Corpn (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Sin Bee Bee Textiles
Sin Lian Bee Fashion Textiles
Singapore Ocean Industries (Pte) Ltd
Sir Textiles
Sita Impex (Pte) Ltd
Sithi Vinayagar Co
Sofeene Enterprises
Sona Ratan Pte Ltd
Song Seng Textile & Garments Co
Southaven Boutique Pte Ltd
Specialists International Agencies Co
Sri Ghanesh Textiles
Sri Jaiy Textiles
Star Merchandising
Starlux Agency
Sukhy Trading Pte Ltd
Sunflower Textiles Co
Super Trend House
Sw Glory International Pte Ltd
Swagath Trading Pte Ltd
Swee Bee Textile
Swee Wan Enterprises Pte Ltd
Syarikat Maideen Pte Ltd
Syntex Textile Pte Ltd
Tac Engineering Corpn (Pte) Ltd
Tack Ann Trading Co
Tahilram B & Sons
Tai Hong Textile Co
Tai Huat Textile Co
Tai Sin & Co
Tai Tat Co (Pte) Ltd
Tai Tung Pte Ltd
Tan Hwa Guan Textile & Departmental Store
Tan Kah Huat Textiles
Tan Lai Seng Trading Co
Tan Thye Ann
Taran Taran Store
Tat Seng Textile Co
Tay Kim Kee
Tcp Far East Pte Ltd
Tee Yick & Co
Teejin Enterprises (Pte) Ltd
Teet Tien Seng Garment Merchant
Tellon International Pte Ltd
Teng Joo Textiles Pte Ltd
Teo Mian Cher
Teoh Huat Textiles
Terence & Sylvia
Terry Cot Pte Ltd
Texworld Impex
Thai Lee Textiles
THM International Import & Export Pte Ltd
Thye Guan Textile
Thye Wah Hung
Tiong Chuan Trading Co
Tiong Guan Textile
Tiong Yew Textile Co
Toray Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Torrington Pte Ltd
Tou Seah Tong
Town & Country Home Linens
Trans-Tex (Pte) Ltd
Trust Bookshop
Tuck Chye Textiles
Tun Yun Textile Co Ltd.(Singapore Branch)
Tyty Singapore
Tzee Creations Pte Ltd
V & W Trading Co
V K Abdul Samad & Co
V M S Abdul Razak & Co (Pte) Ltd
Value Knitwear Pte Ltd
Vanson & Co
Vaswani Enterprises
Veritex International Pte Ltd
VIP Worldwide
Vougeois Pte Ltd
Wah Lian Seng Enterprise
Wah Onn Textiles Co
Wan Teck Chiang Co
Windel Textile Far East Pte Ltd
Wing Seng Textile
Wong Joo Chim
Woodlands Tai Seng Hup Kee Store
Xing Long Textiles
Yan Bee Textile Co
Yarnplus Enterprise
Yick Heng Trading Co
Yishun Textiles & Garments
Yong Lee Cloth Merchant Pte Ltd
Yuen Sun Textiles
Yusra Textiles
Ze Majeed's
Singapore Textile Products



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