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Singapore Tailors List
Tailoring Companies List

Singapore T
ailors prosperity and proliferation are a good indicator of the Singapore economy. As more disposable income is generated then more people are looking to extend their wardrobe and stock up on fine tailored suits, shirts and other made to measure garments. For sure cheap mass produced garments and suits from places like China have hit tailors in their deep pockets but Singapore's booming economy seems to have come in a stitch of time.

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Arcade Tailoring Company Singapore Suppliers of Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers Clothing Manufacturers, Clothing Wholesalers, Clothing Distributors
Aspirez LLP Singapore company which specialises in the wholesale and distribution of executive accessories, Ties, Cufflinks through an established supply network, our clients enjoy efficient and reliable services from us.
B' Exclusive Enterprise Singapore Dressmakers, Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Tailors, Tailoring Supplies
Chia Yi Alteration Singapore Women Tailoring, Singapore Dressmakers, Clothing, Clothes, Garments
Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Singapore Tailors, Tailoring Supplies, Men's Wear, Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers
F-B Fashion & Beauty Singapore Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Boutiques, Dressmakers, Clothes Shops, Clothing, Fashion Retailers, Beauty Aids, Beauty Services, Beauty Therapy, Dresses, Fashion Services, Hairdressing Services, Used Clothing, Women Tailoring
Singapore Tailors Directory A-Z

A & P Custom Tailors
A.M.Master Tailor
Adkass.Hanis Creations Llp
Adrienne's Dressmaking & Tuition School
Advance Tailor
Advanis Men's Shop
Ah Foo Mee Sing Tailor
Ah Tong Tailor
Ai Lee Tailor
Aiko Tailoring
Al Ameen Garments Company
Al'emma Corner
Alame Enterprise
Alex Tailor
Ali Johns
Alisha Trading Enterprises
Alter Pro
America Tailoring & Ladies Dressmaking Company
Ang Kok Lam
Anggun Collection & Tailoring Company
Anson Tailor
Apex Tailor Company
Arcade Tailoring Company
Art Tailor
Asappaabdul Rajack Ramujudeem
Ascott Tailors
Asia Master Tailor
Asia Modern Tailor
Asiapac Tailors & Fashions
Atasis Shoppe
Autumn Collections
Azman Collection's
B T Fashion Centre
Bali Custom Tailors
Baron Tailoring
Beau Brummel Creation
Bee Tat Tailor
Beng Lai Heng Tailor & Garment Trading
Benz Tailors
Bess Workshop
Boo Kim Muay
Brazil Tailor
Brighton Tailors
C P S Readymade Textorium
C. Armani Tailors Pte Ltd
Calgary Custom Tailors Pte Ltd
Capitol Chew Tailor
Carlton Tailor
Carmin Shirts
Carson Custom Tailor
Cerute Tailors
Chain Traders Syndicate
Chan Hoi Nin
Chan Huen Meng
Chan Wai Yoke
Cheok Heng Tailor
Cherrie Amor Classic
Chin Hin Tailor
Chong Seng Tailor
Chong Shee Tailor
Chow Kok Pong
Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Tailors
City Tailor
Classic Creations By Razack
Classic Master Tailor
Clementi Tailor
Coben Fashions
Coloc Genre Pte Ltd
Coloc Pte Ltd
Dansen's Boutique
Dave's Exclusive Fashion
De'l Men's Fashion
Design N Stitch
Dezenno Uomo Tailoring
Dick's Beaumonde Pte Ltd
Dino's Collezione
Divine Classics
Doulatram's Departmental Store
Dover Tailor & Sundries Store
Dress In Style
D'shan Custom Tailors
D'zendiq Fashion House
Easily Tailor
Edwin Wong Tailors
Ehkay Corner
Emmanuel Tailoring Services
Emporio 1881 Collezioni
Eng Bee Tailor
E-S Tailoring & Alteration
Esin Tailor
Euro Tailoring Pte Ltd
Eurobest Tailor
Eurocloth Textiles
Eurofa Tailor
Exclusive Boss Fashion Pte. Ltd.
Express Alteration Tailor Centre
Fashion Circle
Fashion Dna Pte. Ltd.
Fashion Tailors Menswear (Pte) Ltd
Fatman Singapore Gents Wear Co
Finest Fashion Centre
First Creative Tailor
First Tailor
Fitting Image
Flannel Fashion Tailors Pte Ltd
Foh Pin Tailor
Fong Chong Tailor Department Store
Four Seas Men's Wear Tailor
Friends Tailor
Fun Sin Tailor
Gemi Fashions For Men
Gentlemen Quarters Custom Tailor
Gio Armani's Tailors
Goh Ah Joo
Golden Coach Tailor
Hanifa Minimart
Harbans Fashions
Hawaii Tailor
Hew Ngo Hong
Hiap Hoe Green-Wood
Hidayat Butik Enterprise
High Fashion
Hock Kim Hwa Tailor
Holland Tailor
Hwa Seng Textiles
Ika Tailor & Men's Wear
Inn Fashions
Intrend Collezione
Irene Boutique
Iris & Jane Fashion Design
Iris Tailor
Iwan's Creation
J & G Fashion House Centre
J Massey Tailoring
Jack Custom Tailors
James Lee Tailor
Jansen Delight Tailor & Batik Fashion Garments
Jasa Perwira Tailor
Jay Tailors
Jia May Tailor
Jin Yuan Tailor
Joe's Tailoring & Fashion Design
Jong Mee Distinguished Tailor (S) Pte Ltd
Joo Chiat Tailor
Joseph Tailor
Justmen's Pte. Ltd
Ken Fashions For Men
Kiam Sin Emporium
Kim San Tailor
Kingsmen Shop
Kok Wee Sin Tailor & Garments
Kow Hua Tailor
Kreta Ayer Victory Modern Tailor
Krystelle Hair Salon & Colour Centre
Kwong Mee Tailoring
Kwong Mun Heng Tailor
L J Master Tailors
Latest Style Tailor
Lee Kong Tailor
Lee Ya Gent's Wear Co
Lei Heng Tailor

Leighton's Shop Pte Ltd
Leong Tailor
Lian Hin Tailor
Liew Kim Chin
Liew Lin Seng
Lim Ah Lek
Lin Tailor
Lingston Tailor
Linmay Fashion
Lion's Tailor
Little Tailoring The
Loh Tze Leong
Lord John's Tailor Pte Ltd
Louie's World Of Silk & Tailoring
Lucky Three Enterprise
Lynn Style Fashion
M G Nath Tailoring
Maino Fashion
Manchester Tailor Shop
Man's Creations
Man's Wear
Manway Fashion
Master Designer Tailor Made
Master Hand Tailor
Master Penguin Tailor
Masterpiece Tailoring
Maxico Tailor
May Huat Tailor
Mee Sin Tailor & Departmental Co
Meiko Tailor
Meiko Tailor Ready Made Garments
Men At Work Tailoring
Men's Home Tailoring
Men's Tradition
Mentex Fashion Centre
Metrotex Tailor
Michael Chain Tailor
Milano Classic
Mode Et Creation Pte Ltd
Modella Tailors
Mohan's Custom Tailors
My Wardrobe Tailoring
National Tailor
New Asia Tailor
New Tailor
Ng Kim Hwee
Ngee Kwong Tailor
Nikko Fashion House
Nior Creation
OK Tailor
Oscar Tailors & Men's Wear
Otari Gent's Wear & Shirts Co
Oxford Tailor
P K Tailor
Pagoda Master Tailor
Pakali Shirts Tailor
Parle Tailor
Personality Menshop
Picadilly Custom Tailors
Plaza Tailors
Poco Loco Collezione
Poh Heng Tailor
Pok Yuke Chong
Praise Tailoring
President Tailor
Prince Custom Tailors
Prince Tailors
Pro-Fashion Tailoring Pte Ltd
Puck Cheong Tailor
Queen'sland Classic Tailoring
Raffles Creation Tailor
Raffles Tailor & Menswear
Ramalingam s/o Rathnasamipillai
Razack Custom Clothiers
Red Lion Ladies & Gentleman Tailor
Red Ruby Tailors
Reno Tailor
RJ Master Tailors
Romantic Tailor
Rome Tailor Fashion
Ron Master Tailors
Royal Executive Master Tailor
Roy's Master Tailoring
Saint Gents Tailor
Sam's Custom Tailors
Sapphire Tailors
Sarojini's Tailoring
Sartoria Scene
Satana Fashion
See You Tailor
Sen Cheong Tailor
Sen Hin Tailor & Garments
Serangoon Lian Hin Tailor
Silver Strip Tailor
Sincere Fashion Tailor
Sing Loong Tailor
Sing People's Tailor & Department Store
Singh Tailor
Sir Master Tailor
Skillet Fashion
So G Tailoring
Solito Fashions
South Art Tailoring
Spark Tailor
Sri Durga Mira Trading
Stamford Fashion
Standard Tailor
Stanley's Men's & Ladies Tailoring
Stitch By Stitch
Stitchwell Clothiers
Sun Tailor
Sun Yew Tailor
Sunny Tailor
Supreme Tailor
Sze Sze Tailors & Men's Wear
Tailor & Cutter
Tailor Chan
Tailor Chow
Tailored Fashions
Taj Custom Tailors
Tat Bee Tailors
Tessuti Collezioni
Tet Tailors (Alteration Centre)
Tham Yee Tailor
The Prestigious
The Suit's Collection
Toh Kok Hee
Tom Tailor (S) Pte Ltd
Tong Lee Tailor
Topman Fashion Tailoring
Topsen Tailoring
True Blue Fashion
United Nation Tailor
Vanda Gents Tailor
Vanda Ladies Tailor
Verdi Creations
Victor York Holdings Pte Ltd
Wai Cheong Tailors (Pte) Ltd
Wandsin Tailor
Wardrobe Men's Wear
Wee Ping Tailor
Wei Mun Enterprises
Wellen Tailoring
Wenhua Tailor
Willie Tailor
Wilson Department Store
Wilson Tailor
Win Win Tailor
Wing Foong Tailoring Co
Wing Teck Tailor
Winning Tailoring & Trading
Wonderland Tailor
Wood Luck Tailor
Xiao Lin Tailor Shop
Yee Jin Tailor
Yee Loong Tailors
Yeo Yong Long
Yew Mei Tailoring & Beauty Saloon
Yi Kah Tailor Centre
York's Styles
Yun Li Chang
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