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Singapore Pesticides Companies List

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Singapore Pesticides  Companies List
Singapore Pesticides, , Herbicides, Insecticides Companies produce for the home market but also for export. Major international insecticide and agricultural chemicals companies have their manufacturing base in Singapore or import the basic products and chemicals to produce them. These are just a few of the products available - Aerosol Insecticides, Natural Insecticides, Chemical Insecticides, Impregnated Mosquito Nets, Insecticide Sprayer Knapsack, Rat Glue Traps

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Featured Singapore Pesticides, Insecticides Companies List
Agro Technic Pte Ltd Singapore Pest Control Company Suppliers of Pest Control Equipment, Pest Control Chemicals, Air Cleaning, Air Purifying Equipment, Agrofog Ulv Aerosol-generator
Alanco International Enterprises Singapore Agricultural Supplies Company Suppliers of Agricultural Equipment, Agricultural Chemicals, Pesticides Trading in insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plants insects growth regulators, fertilizers, food chemicals & industrial chemicals.
Alfachem & Industries Singapore Chemicals Company Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals, Pesticides, Household Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals, Chemicals for: Textile, Paints & Coating, Detergents (household, industrial & institutional cleaning), Toiletries, Cosmetics, Water Treatment, Oilfield Chemicals, Food Chemicals, Pesticides
Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company researches, develops,
manufactures and markets innovative products for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Crop protection and non-agricultural pest control products, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Seed treatment, Environmental Science Products
Bentz Jaz Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Pest Control Company offers pest control solutions, such as applications, monitoring and detection equipment; products include cockroaches & ants chemical bait, larviciding chemicals, termiticides, rodenticides, ULV fog & mist equipment, fogging machines
Blue Sky Agricultural Supplies Co (Pte) Ltd Singapore Agricultural Supplies Trading Company Suppliers of Agricultural Chemicals. Pesticides. Importers & distributors of fertilisers, pesticides & spraying equipment
Chin Seng Moh (Import & Export) Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Household Products, Personal Care Products, Food, Confectionary. Importers, exporters & wholesalers of food products; distributor of toiletries. Milk Powder, Biscuits, Beverages, Noodles, Toiletries, Infant & Children's Care Products, Hair Care Products, Women's Health Products, Oral & Wound Care, Body care, Personal care, Oral care Products, Household Products, Laundry Aid, Kitchen care Products, Floor care Products, Car care Products, Air care Products, Bathroom Care Products, Insecticide Care Products
D&S Pest Control Singapore Pest Control Services, Ant Pest Control, Bee Pest Control , Cockroach Control, Mosquito Pest Control, Pest Control Equipment, Pest Control Chemicals
G & P Pest Control Service Singapore Pest Control Services, Janitorial Services, Chemicals, Ant Pest Control, Bee Pest Control, Cockroach Control, Pest Control Equipment, Pest Control Services, Rodent Pest Control, Termite Pest Control, Pest Control Chemicals
G-Chem Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Company Suppliers of Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Equipment, Floor Cleaning Chemical Products, Floor Cleaning Contractors, Floor Cleaning Machines, Floor Cleaning Equipment, Hand Cleaning Products, Insecticide Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Singapore Insecticide Companies Directory A-Z

Agro Genesis Pte Ltd
Alanco International Enterprises Company
Alfachem & Industries Company
Allied Aces Pte Ltd
Allwares Pte Ltd
Shawarat Mfrs (S) Pte Ltd
Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Tri-Products Pte Ltd
Victagro Pte Ltd
Wendell Trading Co
Biocorp Pte. Ltd.

C C Lee Marketing & Services
Ceres Agricultural & Chemical Co
Eng Cheong Leong Agri Chem Pte Ltd
Fertiagro Pte Ltd
Long Dragon Pte Ltd
M T C C Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Map Pacific Pte Ltd
Maya Agrochem (S) Pte Ltd
Pacific Agriscience Pte Ltd
Ridtermite Pest Control Pte Ltd
Singapore Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides Products
Acetamiprid, Aerosol Insecticides, Aerosol Insecticide Spray Cans, Agrochemical Insecticides, Agrochemicals, Alpha-Cypermethrin, Aluminium Phosphide, Amitraz, Anti-Mosquito Products, Aphid Glue Traps, Aqua Insecticides, Aromatic Insecticides, Avermectin, Azamethiphos, Azocyclotin, Barium Chloride, Barium Chlorideit, Beauveria Bassiana, Beta-Cypermethrin, Bifenthrin, Biodegradable Insecticides, Biological Mosquito Larvicdes, Biopesticide, Birtox Insecticides, Bora-Wood Insecticides, Botanical Insecticides, Broad-Spectrum Insecticides, Buprofezin, Carbamate Insecticides, Carbaryl, Carbendazm-Sulfur Suspension, Carbofuran, Chlorfenapyr, Chlorfluazuron, Clothianidin, Cockroach Glue Traps, Cockroach Killer Bait, Cockroach Pesticides, Copper Oxychloride, Crop Protection Insecticide, Cyhexatin, Cypermethrin, Cyromazine, Deltamethrin, Diflubenzuron, Dimehypo, Dog Shampoo Insecticides, Domestic Insecticides, Emamectin Benzoate, Environmentally Friendly Insecticides, Ethofumasate Insecticides, Ethylicin, Fenbutatin Oxide, Fenitrothion, Fenobucarb, Fenthion, Fenvalerate, Fipronil, Flat Shape Mosquito Incense, Flea-Tick Killer, Fragrant Liquid Mosquito Insecticides, Fruit Flies Killers, Garden Pesticides Sprayers, Grain Storage Insecticides, Gujco Mitcon, Herbal Insecticides, Herbal Plant Protectors, Household Insecticides, Household Pesticides, Imidacloprid, Imidaclopridimidacloprid, Insect Glue Traps, Insect Killers, Insect Pesticides, Insecticide Aerosols, Insecticide Chalk, Insecticide For Flying And Crawling Insects, Insecticide For Mosquitos, Insecticide Products, Insecticide Shampoo For Dogs, Insecticide Sprays, Insecticide Treated Nets, Knapsack Pesticides Sprayers, Lambda Cyhalothrin, Lambdacyhalothrin, Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Liquid Vaporizers, Liuyangmycin, Malathion, Maleic Anhydride, Mat Vaporizers, Methomyl, Methyl Bromide, Mosquito Killers, Mosquito Nets For Travelers, Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Repellent Bands, Mosquito Repelling Lamp, Mosquitocide, Mosquitoe Coils, Mouse Catcher Glues, Mouse Glue Boards, Mouse Glue Traps, Natural Earth Organic Insecticides, Natural Pyrethrin Pesticide, Neem Extract, Neem Oil Exporters, Neem Oil Insecticides, Neem Oil Manufacturers, Neem Oil Pesticides, Neem Pest Control Chemicals, Nereistoxin Insecticides, Nicotine Toosendanin Oil Emullsion, Nicotinic Insecticides, Non-Systemic Insecticides, Non-Toxic Insecticides, Organic Insecticides, Organic Pesticides, Oxamyl, Perfumed Insecticide Aerosols, Pest Control Products, Pest Repellers, Pesticide Sprayers, Pesticides, Pheromone Traps, Photon Mosquito Repellers, Piperonyl Butoxide, Polynactin, Profenofos, Pure Biologic Insecticides, Pymetrozine, Pyrethrin, Pyrethrum Ester, Pyrophyllite Powder, Rat Poison, Roach Glue, Sodium Cyanate, Sodium Fluorosilicate, Sodium Molybdate, Spray Applicators, Stainless Steel Hand Sprayers, Synthetic Pyrethroid Insecticides, Thiophosphate Insecticides, Toltrazuril, Triazophosit, Tricyclohexyltin Hydroxide, Tricyclozole, Water Base Insecticide Aerosols, Water Based Insecticide Sprays

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