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Singapore Clothes, Singapore Apparel Companies List - S

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Singapore Apparel Companies List - S
All types of garments and apparel can be bought from Singapore Garment retailers, Fashion shops and boutiques. If you are looking for large quantities of clothes then contact Singapore garment wholesalers or go directly to the factory and source your new season lines from Singapore Apparel manufacturers where you can find top class Fashion Garments, Bridal Wear, Work wear, Sexy Underwear, Sportswear, Dancewear, Menswear, Women's clothes and kids garments.

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Featured Singapore Apparel Companies List - S
Splash & Fun Singapore Suppliers of Sports Equipment, Sport Supplies, Swimming Equipment, Swimming Supplies, Sportswear, Diving Equipment
Singapore Garment Companies Directory A-Z
S & M Gifts Company Singapore
S Club Fashion Company Singapore
S H E Collection
S S Balbir Bros Pte Ltd
S W Garments Manufacturing & Trading
S&J Boutique De Design Company Singapore
S.D.I. Fashion Company Singapore
S1 Fashion Wear Company Singapore
S27 Fashion & Accessories Company Singapore
Sadat Store
Saha Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Saint Gents Tailor
Sakina Fashion
Salad Pte Ltd
Saleh Enterprise
Sally Fashion & Alteration Company Singapore
Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique
Sam's Custom Tailors
Samverlex Fashion Wear & Accessories
Sandino Fashions Company Singapore
Sanggul Bridal Atelier
Saniva International Pte Ltd
Sanmike Bridal Studio
Sano Trading Company Singapore
Sant Rolane Boutique
Sant Rolane Couture Company Singapore
Santiago Wedding Studio
Sapphire Tailors
Sarinah bte Sahbi
Sarojini's Tailoring Company Singapore
Sartoria Scene
Satana Fashion
Saudara Butik
Savah Group
Seah Kun Liap
Seah Teck Poh
Seah Yoke Shuan
Seako Garments Enterprise
Sea-Land Sports Company Singapore
Seapexco Services Pte Ltd
Season Top Fashion
Second Chance Properties Ltd
Secondo Pte Ltd
Seddle Jacks Apparel Company Singapore
See Sweu Lan
See You Tailor
Select Fashions Company Singapore
Selections Of India
S-Eleven Fashion Company Singapore
Sembawang Trading Company Singapore
Sen Cheong Tailor
Sen Hin Tailor & Garments Company Singapore
Sen Kuen Company Singapore
Seng Hock Hoe Store
Seng Lee Ladies Dressmaking Institute
Sengpoh Garment Manufacturing Company Singapore
Senmark Pte Ltd
Sense By Sweet Girl Boutique
Serangoon Ladies Centre
Serangoon Lian Hin Tailor
Series By Banarama
Sermine Fashion
Seven Heaven Bridal Pte Ltd
Sew Easi Alteration & Tailoring Services
Sew N Stitch
SF Collection Boutique
Sha Sha Beauty & Bridal Services Company Singapore
Shanghai (Chiang) School Uniforms Company Singapore
Shanghai Lisi Ladies Dress Making Institute
Shanghai School Uniforms Pte. Ltd.
Shanghai Silk House
Shanghai-Milan Bridal & Glamour-Shot Academy
Shanny Dressmaking Company Singapore
Shareena Fashion
Sharona Fashion Company Singapore
Shaza Boutique
Shecano Collection
Sheer Romance
Sheerblu Enterprise Pte Ltd
Sheetal International Pte Ltd
Shen Kwong Trading Co
Shila Enterprise
Shima Bridal Gallery
Shimaki Fashion Trading
Shinju Couture
Shiny Fashion Company Singapore
Shirley Fashion House
Shirley Season Wear
Shopintimates Singapore
Showcase Ensemble
Shuang Marketing Company Singapore
Shuang Yi Accessories Company Singapore
Shun Ming Trading
Shunze Fashion
Si Hwee Concept Apparel Company Singapore
Si Qi Boutique
Si Ya Trading Company Singapore
Siah Moh Hui
Siang An Dress Maker
Siang Chuan Trading Shop
Siang Hin Company Singapore
Siang-Li Dressmaking House
Siau Xindi
Sidefame (S) Pte Ltd
Siew Chang Dress Maker
Siew Lee Dressmaking & Boutique
Signoria Nuziale
Silhouette The Bridal Atelier Pte Ltd
Silken Treasure The
Silkino International Pte Ltd
Silklink Fashion
Silver Arrow Pte Ltd
Silver Fashion Company Singapore
Silver House
Silver Photo Studio & Wedding Gowns
Silver Strip Tailor
Silver Tab Marketing Pte Ltd
Sim Eng Kiat
Simply Woman Pte Ltd
Sin Heng Fashion Trading Company Singapore
Sin Huat Store
Sin Sin Heng Trading Company Singapore
Sin Tat Fashion Trading Company Singapore
Sin Tong Fatt Fashion Company Singapore
Sin Yue Textile Tailor Company Singapore
Sincere Fashion Tailor
Sing Garments Company Singapore
Sing Loong Tailor
Sing People's Tailor & Department Store
Sing Thai-Pore Pte Ltd
Sing Tsu Fang Pte Ltd
Singadown Feather Products Pte Ltd
Singai Tailoring Company Singapore
Singalang Jaya
Singapore Crocodile (1968) Pte Ltd
Singapore Uniform Company Singapore
Singapparel Pte Ltd  
Singh Tailor
Singines Fashion Manufacturing Industries
Single Fashion Centre
Singora Co
Sino Resources Pte Ltd
Sintek-Link Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Siong Ngoh Tailor
Sir Classic Tailor
Sir Master Tailor
Sirirat Muangso
Siti Rugaiyah Collection
Siu Lee Garments Manufacturer Company Singapore
S-Junies Sole Proprietor
SK 21 Pte Ltd
SKH Fashion
Skillet Fashion
Skin Couture Pte Ltd
Skinny Puppy
SKS Collections
SL Global Pte Ltd
Slick Apparel International
SM Fashions & Accessories Company Singapore
Smart Girl Fashion & Beauty Centre
Snip 'N' Mend Tailoring Company Singapore
So G Tailoring Company Singapore
So Go Garment Company Singapore
Sofia Fashions
Soh Ai Seok
Soh Heng Kee
Soh Kok Hoe
Soh Leong Soon
Soh Seng Guan
Soho Glamour Creation
Solito Fashions Company Singapore
Solo Fashion Company Singapore
Solo Signature Designs Company Singapore
Something Precious
Song & Song Fashion Trading Company Singapore
Song Kong Yeow
Soo Puat Eng
Soon Bee Pleats & Trading Company Singapore
Soon Hong Dressmaking Company Singapore
Soon Soon Garments Trading Company Singapore
Soon Thye Chop
Soon Wah Textile Screen Printing
Sophia Wedding Collection Pte Ltd
Sophie S
Sora Fashion Pte Ltd
Sotali Fashion Trader Company Singapore
Soul'd Out
South Art Tailoring Company Singapore
South Island Alliance Pte Ltd
Sow Lin Fashion
Sowell Garment Pte Ltd
Spade Fashion
Spark Tailor
Speed Fashion
Spellbound Clothings Company Singapore
Splendo Fashion Company Singapore
Sports Fashion Pte Ltd
Sports HQ
Sposa Couture Pte Ltd
Spring Boutique & Trading Pte. Ltd.
Spring Checker
Spring Knitwear Pte Ltd
Springdale Garment Company Singapore
Sprint Enterprise
Spy Apparel Pte Ltd
SR Collection
Sri Anggun Fashion Dressmaking Institute
Sri Durga Mira Trading Company Singapore
ST Boutique
St Printing & Packaging Pte Ltd
Stadium Fashion Lodge
Stadium Shop
Stage Image
Stamford Fashion Company Singapore
Standard Fashion & Shirt Company Singapore
Standard Tailor
Stanley's Men's & Ladies Tailoring Company Singapore
Star Minee
Stars Of Accessories
Starz Denim
State Colorate
Stella Tailor-Made Ladies' Wear & Clothes Company Singapore Alterations
Step 88 Boutique
Step One Boutique
Sterling Fashion Company Singapore
Steven Enterprise
S-Tex Trading Pte Ltd
Stirling Investment Pte Ltd
Stitch By Stitch
Stitchwell Clothiers
Stomp (Far East) Pte Ltd
Straight Up Garment & Trading Company Singapore
Strait Approach Pte Ltd
Streets Of USA
Student Mart
Studio 55 Pte Ltd
Studio Collection
Style Boutique
Style Bridal & Beauty Pte Ltd
Stylemart Bridal Collection Pte Ltd
Sub Boutique
Subelle Creation
Suits N U
Sulisam Fashion Pte Ltd
Summer Peach
Sun Beauty Undergarments Pte Ltd
Sun Tailor
Sun Yew Tailor
Sunflower Fashion @ Accessories
Sunmeo International Private Ltd
Sunny Point Fashion
Sunny Tailor
Sunshine Lays Trading Enterprise
Supang Fashion House
Super Dragon Sports
Super Suit
Superfine Bridal Salon & Studio
Supreme Tailor
Surene Collection
Surf 'n' Ski
Surrender Pte Ltd
Suzuya International (H K) Company Singapore Ltd
Swagger's Boutique The
Sweet Girl Collection
Sweet Wear
Sweets Wear Shop
Sweety Kids Trading
Swirl Ltd Liability Partnership
Swiss Boutique
Syaqinah bte Abdullah
SYI Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Sze Sze Tailors & Men's Wear Company Singapore
Singapore Apparel Products
Skiwear, Slacks, Sleepwear, Socks & Stockings, Sporting Clothes, Sports Bras, Sports Garments, Sports Jerseys, Sports Shorts & Trousers, Sportswear

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