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Singapore Clothes, Singapore Apparel Companies List - M

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Singapore Apparel Companies List - M
All types of garments and apparel can be bought from Singapore Garment retailers, Fashion shops and boutiques. If you are looking for large quantities of clothes then contact Singapore garment wholesalers or go directly to the factory and source your new season lines from Singapore Apparel manufacturers where you can find top class Fashion Garments, Bridal Wear, Work wear, Sexy Underwear, Sportswear, Dancewear, Menswear, Women's clothes and kids garments.

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Featured Singapore Apparel Companies List - M
Singapore Garment Companies Directory A-Z
M D M Trading
M G Nath Tailoring
M M 1 Fashion Pte Ltd
M Stansilas Ladies & Gents Centre
M Store
M)phosis Pte Ltd
Mabel Tailor Training School & Beauty School
Maco Workshop
Macquis Fashionline
Macwear Apparels Company Singapore
Mad Engine Apparels Company Singapore
Madam Milan
Mademoiselle Couture
Madhu Anjandas
Magdalene Sewing Centre Pte Pted
Magic Wand
Magnify House
Mah Min Min
Mah Wee Huat
Maharaja's Men's Shop
Mai Thai
Mainline Fashion Store
Maino Fashion
Maison De Poupee Pte Ltd
Malaysia Garment Manufacturers Pte Ltd
Malvindar Kaur
Mama & Misse Boutique
Mamma Chic Maternity Shoppe
Mamta Fashions (S) Pte Ltd
Man Master Garment Trading (1987)
Manchester Tailor Shop
Mandarin Garment Enterprise
Maniq Maniq Bride's Choice
Manja Fashion Company Singapore
Man's Creations
Man's Wear Company Singapore
Manway Fashion Company Singapore
Mappin Singapore Pte Ltd
Marc Defang Stories & Stores
Marco Textiles (S) Pte Ltd
Margaret Brides
Mariam Ibrahim
Maribass Collection
Marie Veton Fashion Company Singapore
Marton-Bell Enterprise
MaryJane Retail Store
Mascots & Puppets Specialists
Master Designer Tailor Made Company Singapore
Master Hand Tailor
Master Penguin Tailor
Masterpiece Tailoring Company Singapore
Maternity Exchange
Matrix Spin
Max Couture
Maxico Tailor
May Boutique
May Creation
May Ding Ladies Dress Making & Tailoring Institution
May Huat Tailor
Maytex & Company Singapore
Mcco Style
Mcgill Bros Enterprise
Mcgill Marketing Pte Ltd
McKay Custom Tailor
Mee Leong Uniform Enterprise
Mee Seng Hang Pte Ltd
Mee Shung Trading Company Singapore
Mee Sin Tailor & Departmental Company Singapore
Meenu Effects
Mega Collection
Mei Lan Fashions House
Mei Lee Enterprises
Mei Siew Fashion House
Meidong Boutique
Meiko Tailor
Meiko Tailor Ready Made Garments Company Singapore
Meilina Boutique
Meizi Pte. Ltd.
Mel Fashion
Melisa Tailoring & Dressmaking Company Singapore
Melwani M B Pte Ltd
Men At Work Tailoring Company Singapore
Menaka's Bridal Dressing Company Singapore
Meng Chew Garment Company Singapore
Meng Huang Garment Trading Company Singapore
Meng Kiang Garments Pte Ltd
Meng Lan Garment Trading Company Singapore
Meng Lee Shirt Company Singapore
Meng Seng Uniform Company Singapore
Meng's Boutique
Men's Choice Collezione
Men's Home Tailoring
Men's Tradition
Mentex Fashion Centre
Menu's Fashion House
Merpati Creations
Mesh Designs Company Singapore
Metersbonwe Singapore
Meto Tailor
Metrotex Tailor
Mexx Boutique
Michael Chain Tailor
Miche & Jean Pte. Ltd.
Michelle Alteration
Mico Boutique
Mido Textiles Pte Ltd
Mido Uniforms Pte Ltd
Mie-Mode Pte Ltd
Milan Boutique
Milan Men's Boutique
Milano Classic
Milestone International Pte Ltd
Mimsy Trading (1996)
Min Fashion
Ming Fei Garments Pte Ltd
Minimal Pte.Ltd.
Mink Fashion House
Minna Classic Collection
Minoshe Pte Ltd
Mique (S) Pte Ltd
Miracle Creations
Mirth Holdings Company Singapore
Miso & Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Miss Notty
Miss Saigon Pte Ltd
Missioncare Pte Ltd
Mitra Boutique
Mitsumaru Eletric & Organics Enterprise
Mitthai Singapore Garment Fty
Mix & Match Collections
Mixx Mode
Miyake Collection
Miyuki Dressmaking & Fashion Centre
MJ Mochamp Enterprise
Mob Shops Pte Ltd
Moda Holdings Pte Ltd
Moda Ling
Modatex Apparel Company Singapore
Mode De Corner
Mode Et Creation Pte Ltd
Modella Tailors
Modern Hedy Fashion Company Singapore
Modern Maternity Company Singapore
Modern Times Department Store
Modoleen Fashions House
Mohaideen Meeral d/o Ahamedsha
Mohan's Custom Tailors
Mohd b Sheikh Ali
Mohd Gani b Nordin
Mok Sok Peng
Mollie & Ollie
Molly Toh Ean Tailor & Dressmaker Company Singapore
Moms In Mind
Moms R'us
Mon Cherie Fashion (1996)
Mona J Bridal
Mondo Fashions Pte Ltd
Mong Seng Pleats Garment Company Singapore
Montreal Pte Ltd
Moomba Trading Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Morito (S) Pte Ltd
Morning Starz @ As Fashion & Health-Food Company Singapore
Morph Apparel Pte Ltd
Morrisons Export Buying Office Pte Ltd
Mosaic International Pte Ltd
Moschino (S) Pte Ltd
Moss Chamption Enterprise
Mother World (S) Pte Ltd
Mothers En Vogue Pte Ltd
Mothers Work Pte Ltd
Moula Mohideen Aleemsahib
Mould Maker
Moutrie Fashions Company Singapore
Ms' Boutique
Mskza Pte Ltd
Mubarak Enterprises Pte Ltd
Muhammad Nizam Adli Bin Saparin
Mui Khee Garments Company Singapore
Mui Yoke Lady Tailors Training Institute
Mum N Kids Bay Pte Ltd
Mustard Seed Fty
Mustard Seed Wardrobe Pte. Ltd.
My Bridal Room Pte Ltd
My Choice Fashion House
My Dressing Room
My Room
My Star Harvest
My Wardrobe Tailoring Company Singapore
My Wedding.Com
Singapore Apparel Products
Leather Garments, Lingerie And Inner Wear, Lingerie Manufacturers, Maternity Wear, Men Fashion Apparel, Men Shorts, Men Wear, Men Wear-Business

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