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Singapore Clothes, Singapore Apparel Companies List - C

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Singapore Apparel Companies List - C
All types of garments and apparel can be bought from Singapore Garment retailers, Fashion shops and boutiques. If you are looking for large quantities of clothes then contact Singapore garment wholesalers or go directly to the factory and source your new season lines from Singapore Apparel manufacturers where you can find top class Fashion Garments, Bridal Wear, Work wear, Sexy Underwear, Sportswear, Dancewear, Menswear, Women's clothes and kids garments.

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Featured Singapore Apparel Companies List - C
C.K. Tang Limited Singapore Retail Chains, Department Stores, Boutiques, Clothes Shops, Clothing, Fashion Retailers, Fashion Wholesalers. Retailing chain that runs a flagship store on Orchard Road and several niche boutiques and specialty businesses in Singapore and Malaysia
C.Y.C. Shanghai Shirt Co Pte Ltd Singapore Clothing Company Suppliers of Uniforms, Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Retail, wholesale & manufacturing of shirts & uniforms
Cadee Incorporation (Singapore) Singapore Baby Clothing, Baby Fashion Wear. Our specialty baby fashion wear and apparel is made for the delicate baby touch and is presented in our exquisite designer's packaging.
Candavanij (House Of Thai Products) Singapore Silk Accessories Company Suppliers of Thai Silk, Dresses, Silk Jackets. Pants, Skirts, Silk Handkerchief, Scarf, Cushion Covers, Bed Spreads
Caps N Designs Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturer & supplier of caps, apparels & corporate uniforms, such as polo T-shirts, round-neck T-shirts, Corporate Garments, Corporate Uniforms
CEH International Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Safety Equipment, Safety Clothing, Marine Equipment, Marine Supplies, Marine Services
Celeste Fashion International Pte Ltd Singapore Fashion Products Company Suppliers of Fashion Fabrics, Fashion Accessories, Leather, Fur, Fashion Dresses, Fashion Blouses Fashion Skirts, Fashion Bags
Century Advertising Services Trading Singapore Garment Traders Suppliers of T-Shirts, Round Neck White T-Shirts, Short Sleeve Round Neck White T-Shirts, Short Sleeve Round Neck Dark Colour T-Shirts, Cotton Drill Caps, Front Logo Size Embroidery Panel Cotton Caps, Netting Caps
Champ Millennium Pte Ltd Singapore Garment Company specializes in the manufacturing of women's underwear, mainly bra and panties and bikini sets., Lingerie, Bras, Panty, Bikinis, Corsets
Champion Shoe Company Singapore Suppliers of Bags, Clothing, Belts, Fashion Accessories, Handbags, Shoes, Footwear Wholesalers, Footwear Distributors
Chargeurs Interlining Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Fully owned subsidiary of French group Chargeurs engaged in the business of interlinings; manufactures woven, knitted, weft inserted, chemical bond and thermal bond interlinings in various constructions, weights and finishes to suit different fabrics. Suppliers of Garment Accessories, Thermal Bond Interlinings, Textiles
Cheng Yee Garment Trading Singapore Dress Shop, Boutique, Clothes Shop, Clothing, Fashion Retailers, Fashion Wholesalers, Fashion Garments
Chenille International Pte Ltd Singapore Baby Products Company Suppliers of Baby Clothes, Baby Garments, Baby Clothes Manufacturers, Baby Clothes Wholesalers, Baby Clothes Retailers
Cheong Choon Store Singapore Baby Products Company Suppliers of Baby Bath Towels, Baby Bath Tubs, Baby Baths, Baby Bed Sheets, Baby Boucenette, Baby Caps, Baby Carriers, Baby Chest Pillows, Baby Cots, Baby Cotton buds, Baby Fine Cotton buds, Baby Fine Face cloths, Baby Hair Brush, Baby Hair Combs, Baby Long Pants, Baby Panty, Baby Potty, Baby Powders, Baby Receiving Blankets, Baby Rocking Chairs, Baby Safety Scissors, Baby Shampoo, Baby Shorts, Baby Soaps, Baby Socks, Baby Soft Shoes, Baby Toys, Baby walkers, Bath Mats
Cheong Kok Kuan Singapore Dressmakers, Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Garment Wholesalers, Garment Retailers
Cheong Siew Yong Singapore Dress Shops Boutiques, Clothes Shops, Clothing, Fashion Retailers, Fashion Wholesalers, Fashion Garments
Chia Huay Cheok Singapore Boutiques, Clothes Shops, Clothing, Fashion Retailers, Fashion Wholesalers, Fashion Garments, Fashion Shops
Chia Yi Alteration Singapore Women Tailoring, Singapore Dressmakers, Clothing, Clothes, Garments
Chickeeduck Retail (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Clothing Products Company Suppliers of Children's Clothing, Children's Wear, Children's Clothes, Infant Wear, Baby Clothes
Chin Hin Hang Trading Company Singapore Clothes Trading Company Suppliers of Clothing, Clothes, Garments Trading Company, Importers, Exporters, Clothing Wholesalers, Clothing Manufacturers, Clothing Distributors, Clothing Suppliers
Chin Hong Singapore Clothing Company Suppliers of Rainwear, Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, RetailersRainwear Wholesalers, Rainwear Manufacturers, Rainwear Distributors, Rainwear Suppliers
Chin Mah Trading Company Singapore Children's & Infants' Wear-Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers of Children's Clothes, Infant Wear, Baby Clothes
Chino Pte Ltd Singapore Clothing Wholesalers Company Suppliers of Baby Clothing, Baby Products, Childrens Clothing, Ladieswear, Menswear
Chosun Pte Ltd Singapore Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Garments Manufacturers, Garments Wholesalers, Garments Retailers
Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Singapore Tailors, Tailoring Supplies, Men's Wear, Clothing, Clothes, Garments, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers
Christian Dior Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Boutiques, Singapore Fashion Shops, Suppliers of Leather Fashion Accessories. One of France’s leading fashion houses, designs and makes some of the world's most coveted haute couture, as well as luxury ready-to-wear fashion, leather goods and accessories.
Chu Tat Co Pte Ltd Singapore Clothing & Textiles Company Suppliers of Bedding, Insulation Materials, Textiles, Overalls, Work Clothes, Garments, Blankets
Chu Kwong Garment Factory Pte Ltd Singapore Garment Manufacturers & Wholesale Garments of Men's Clothing Women's Clothing
Chuans Trader Enterprise Singapore Clothes Trading Company Suppliers of Children's Clothes, Infant Wear, Baby Clothes
Chung Hsing Sports Company Singapore Sports Clothing Company Suppliers of Silk Screen Printing, Sports Clothing, Sports Footwear, Sports Goods, Sports Equipment, Sports Accessories, Sports Services, Sports T Shirts, Sports Sweatshirts
Chylea Fashion Singapore Boutiques, Singapore Clothes Shops, Clothing, Singapore Fashion Retailers, Fashion Wholesalers, Fashion Garments
Ciel Bleu International Singapore Kid's Clothes Company Suppliers of Children's Clothes, Infant Wear, Baby Clothes, Belts, Dresses, Pants, Polo Shirts, Shoes, Shorts, T Shirts
Cilla Creative Pursuit Singapore Boutiques, Clothes Shops, Clothing, Fashion Retailers, Fashion Wholesalers, Fashion Garments Suppliers
Cindini Dance International Singapore Suppliers of dance shoes & dance wear located at the Hong Lim Complex on Upper Cross Street; products include Ladies Dance Shoes, Mens Dance Shoes, Dancewear, Dance Apparel, Dance Sneakers, Jazz Shoes, Dance Shoe Accessories, Dance Shoe Embellishments, Dance Jewellery, Tanning Lotions, ladies & gents dance shoes, ballroom dresses, Latin costumes, pants, dance sneakers, shoe accessories
Singapore Garment Companies Directory A-Z
C G Aerospace Warehouse (S) Pte Ltd
C P S Readymade Textorium
C S Fashion House
C T Garment Accessories Company Singapore
C Y C Shanghai Shirt Company Singapore Pte Ltd
C. Armani Tailors Pte Ltd
C.A.P Vintage
C.O.A.X. Fashion Company Singapore
Cable Car Garments Pte Ltd
Cadena Boutique Pte Ltd
Calgary Custom Tailors Pte Ltd
California Supreme Garment Industries
Calvin Klein Jeans Company Singapore
Cam-Ci Cam-Ca
Camellia Fashion & Accessories Company Singapore
Camomile Spring Pte Ltd
Camy Boutique
Candavanij (House Of Thai Products)
Canon Fashion Company Singapore
Capitol Chew Tailor
Captain Sports & Leisure
Carda Garment Pte Ltd
Cardlink Trading Company Singapore
Carina's Tailoring Company Singapore
Carinder Garment Fty
Carlton Tailor
Carmin Shirts Company Singapore
Carrano Garment & Trading Company Singapore
Carson Custom Tailor Company Singapore
Carvette Fashion
Carvid Collection
Casila (S) Enterprise
Cassandra Fashion Company Singapore
Catalogs Pte Ltd
Catz Apparel
Cayen Pte Ltd
Celebrate Motherhood Enterprise Pte Ltd
Celeste Boutique
Celestial Globe Fashion Company Singapore
Celine (S) Pte Ltd
Celle Fashion
Centre Hold Pte Ltd
Century Enterprise
Cerute Tailors Company Singapore
Chafiee Mode
Chai Siah Garments Trading Company Singapore
Chai Sick Leong
Chai Siew Moy
Chain Chain Fashion Company Singapore
Chain Traders Syndicate
Chainlink Global Pte Ltd
Chalone International (S) Pte Ltd
Chan Chye Hock
Chan Huen Meng
Chan Kwong Weng Tailor Company Singapore
Chan Lai Wun
Chan Sze Yin
Chan Wah Seong
Chan Wai Yoke
Chan Yuet Heng
Chang Chwee Lian
Channel Collection
Chargeurs Interlining Singapore Pte Ltd
Charlie Chan Pte Ltd
Charm ApparelsCompany Singapore
Charmed Collection
Chateau De Sable Pte Ltd
Chay Hoek Pyng
Chee Chin Huat
Chelsea Creations Pte Ltd
Cheng Kek Huan
Cheng Yee Garment Trading Company Singapore
Chenille International Pte Ltd
Cheo Chow Joo
Cheok Heng Tailor
Cheong Hoon Lye
Cheong Kok Kuan
Cheong Siew Yong
Cherish Apparel
Cherrie Amor Classic
Cherries Vintage
Cherrys House
Chew Fatt
Chew Mei Ling Shirley
Chew Siong Ching
Chia Choon Geok
Chia Fashion
Chia Huay Cheok
Chia Lee Sing
Chia Ser Pin
Chia Yee Fatt
Chia Yi Alteration Company Singapore
Chieng Siik Ping
Chim Culture Pte. Ltd.
Chin Bee Fashion
Chin Heng Garments Fty Pte Ltd
Chin Hin Tailor
Chin Hing & Company Singapore
Chin Hing Emporium
Chin Liang Garment Industry Company Singapore
Chin Mah Trading Company Singapore
Chino Pte Ltd
Chio Fashion Company Singapore
Chip Lee Garments Trading Company Singapore
Chng Boon Leong Donald
Chomel Pte Ltd
Chong Beng Fashion Company Singapore
Chong Kee
Chong Nam Kong Tailor
Chong Seng Tailor
Chong Shee Tailor
Choo Altering Centre
Choo Eng Trading
Choo Mee Jin
Choo Seok Tiang
Choo Sew Ng
Chop Chuan Seng
Chop Hup Siang
Chop Liang Seng
Chosun Pte Ltd
Chow Kok Pong
Choy Poh Chun
Chris Boutique
Christian Armani Ladies & Gents Tailors
Christian Creation Photo & Bridal Boutique
Christian Dior Singapore Pte Ltd
Chu Be Store
Chu Kwong Garment Fty Pte Ltd
Chu Tat Company SingaporePte Ltd
Chua Ah Lan
Chua Chong Seah
Chua Geok Hiong
Chua Lay Kim
Chua Lee Chop
Chua Lee Kiang
Chua Sah Moi (Lai Chow Kook)
Chua Suan Choo
Chuans Trader Enterprise
Chubby L
Chui Wah
Chung Design & Tailor House
Chung Yin Fen
Chylea Fashion Company Singapore
Cilla Creative Pursuit
Citrine Boutique
Citrus Fusion Pte Ltd
City Tailor
Citymap Fashion Trading Company Singapore
CJ Apparels
CK Retail 21 (S) Pte Ltd
CKE Holdings Pte Ltd
Clancy Boutique
Classic Creations By Razack
Classic Master Tailor
Classy Lady Fashion Company Singapore
Clementi Bridal & Garment Centre
Clementi Bright Wedding Plaza
Clementi Tailor
Closet Raid Pte Ltd
Closet Treasures
Clover 3 International Company Singapore
Clozette Fashion Wholesale Company Singapore
Club 21 Distribution (S) Pte Ltd
Coben Fashions
Coccinelle Boutique
CoCo Fuji Fashion Company Singapore
CoCo Lulu Fashion Trading Company Singapore
CoCo Millennium Creation
Cocoon Boutique Pte Ltd
Cole & Company SingaporePte Ltd
Collage Workshop
Collage Workshop Pte Ltd
Collection Garments Company Singapore
Coloc Genre Pte Ltd
Coloc Pte Ltd
Colorich Boutique
Colourmore Apparel (S) Pte Ltd
Commedes Design Pte Ltd
Complement Garments Pte Ltd
Coronation Wearmart
Costume City
Costumes & Mascots
Cosy Wears Fashion Trade Company Singapore
Country Road
Coziz Studio
Crafts Fashion Ladies N Gent
Creative Yoko Company SingaporeLtd Singapore Branch
Cremano Far East Pte Ltd
Crosstitch Apparel Pte Ltd
Crystal Zenith Fashion 'n' General Trading Company Singapore
CT Lifestyle Pte Ltd
Cube Concepts
Cute Angel Boutique
Cutie Pecks
Cygnet Brassiere Fty (S) Pte Ltd
Cynergi Inc (S) Pte Ltd
Singapore Apparel Products
Children Wear, Children's Casual & Fashion Jackets, Children's Pullovers & Sweaters, Children's Sleepwear, Children's Suits, Children's Underwear, Children's Wear, Clothes

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