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Singapore Clothes, Singapore Apparel Companies List - L

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Singapore Apparel Companies List - L
All types of garments and apparel can be bought from Singapore Garment retailers, Fashion shops and boutiques. If you are looking for large quantities of clothes then contact Singapore garment wholesalers or go directly to the factory and source your new season lines from Singapore Apparel manufacturers where you can find top class Fashion Garments, Bridal Wear, Work wear, Sexy Underwear, Sportswear, Dancewear, Menswear, Women's clothes and kids garments.

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Featured Singapore Apparel Companies List - L
Longtime Garment Pte Ltd Singapore garment product supplier of T-shirts, blouses, pants for Men, Womens pants, and Childrens wear in
knitted and woven items.
Singapore Garment Companies Directory A-Z
L A M Marketing Pte Ltd
L C Plaza Store
L J Master Tailors
L K Fashion Trading Company Singapore
L&F Branded Lifestyle (S) Pte Ltd
L&Z Fushion Trading
La Belle Couture
La Femme
La Femme Fashion Pte Ltd
La Grande Collezione
La Maison De Ja
La Pagayo
La Vie Pte Ltd
La Wen Boutique
Lachmann Marketing Pte Ltd
Lady Lye Fashion House
Lady Xiang Pte. Ltd.
Lafont Collection
Lai Joo Heng Departmental Store
Lai Yoke Khow
La'mani Fashion
Lamante Boutique
Lane Dressing
Lanvin Retail (S) Pte Ltd
Lashino Trading
La-Soon Knitting Factory (Pte) Ltd
Latest Style Tailor
Lau Hwee Bin
Laura Ashley Singapore Pte Ltd
La-Vie Fashion & Bridal Company Singapore
Law Mun See
Lawman Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Lay Hwa Fashion & Alteration
Lay Out Boutique
Le Closet Pte. Ltd.
Le Emblem Fashion Company Singapore
Le Femme Collections
Le' Image Boutique
Leadway Garments & Industries
Lee Boutique
Lee Chiew Ean
Lee Inn Yen
Lee Jia Garment Manufacture Company Singapore
Lee Kar Hua
Lee Kiau Sin
Lee Kong Tailor
Lee Kum Lan
Lee Lai Fun
Lee Moi Cheng
Lee Nam Cheong Chop
Lee Onn Shanghai Dressmaking Tutorial Centre
Lee Siew Lang
Lee Soon Huat
Lee Thye Kam
Lee Wai Trading & Manufacturing Company Singapore
Lee Woon Sewing Institute
Lee Ya Gent's Wear Company Singapore
Lee Yah Meng
Lee Yin Knitting Factory Pte Ltd
Lee Zi Hee
Lei Fung Trading
Lei Heng Tailor
Leighton's Shop Pte Ltd
Leisure Apparels Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Lemon Dot Fashion Pte Ltd
Lemon Tree Junction
Leng Guan Shirt Company Singapore
Leo Soon Hiang
Leong Soon Fatt
Leong Tailor
Leong Win Enterprise
Les Must de Cartier Boutique
Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division Pte Ltd
Levi's Company Singapore
Lew Ban Jiun
Li An Trading
Li Ming Tailoring & Dressmaking School
Li Qi Fashion
Li Xing Fashion House
Lian Hin Tailor
Lian Qi Fashion
Lian Seng Fashion & Trading Company Singapore
Lian Soon Huat & Company Singapore
Lian Wee Tat & Trading Company Singapore
Liang Chin Nee
Lianli Fashion
Lieshing Fashion Company Singapore
Liew Ah Chin
Liew Kim Chin
Liew Lin Seng
Liferacer Sportswear Pte Ltd
Lifestyle Fashion Company Singapore
Likes Boutique
Liling Fashion Designing & Tailoring Company Singapore
Lily Dressmaker Company Singapore
Lim Ah Lek
Lim Ah Moi
Lim Ah Mui
Lim Ah Teck Peter
Lim Ai Geok
Lim Ang Khiang
Lim Bee Choo
Lim Boon Pheow
Lim Chek Heng
Lim Chooi Beng Louis
Lim Fang Ping
Lim Geok Lian
Lim Hai Heng
Lim Hock Siang
Lim Hong Ann
Lim Kee Bee
Lim Khim Yang
Lim Lian Kay
Lim Mei Hing Fashions Ladies Dress Making Company Singapore Institution
Lim Poh Hoon
Lim Siang Geok
Lim Sok Lee
Lim Sze Hun
Lim Wan Choo
Lim Yok Bee
Limestar Group Pte Ltd
Lin Kuei Hsiang
Lin Tailor
Lin Xiaoling
Lin Xue Yun
Linda Tay Tailoring Company Singapore
Linden Industries Pte Ltd
Lingston Tailor
Link Boutique Pte Ltd
Link-Tex Apparel Pte Ltd
Linkworth Apparel Company Singapore
Linly Boutique
Linmay Fashion Company Singapore
Lion's Tailor
Lips Enterprise
Lisa Penny Fashion Design Company Singapore
Little India Master Tailor Pte Ltd
Little J J Garment Trading Company Singapore
Little Match Girl Pte. Ltd.
Little Tailoring The
Liu Wen Chi
Livi Boutique
Livia Trading (Livia Boutique)
Liz Claiborne Boutique
Loh Tze Leong
Loo Teck Yoon
L'oops Pte Ltd
Lord John's Tailor Pte Ltd
Lorena Fashion Store
Louie's World Of Silk & Tailoring Company Singapore
Love Bella Apparels Company Singapore
Love Essence
Low Ah Jit
Low Chee
Low Chern Mei
Low Hoot Kia
Loyalty Trading Company Singapore
Lu Apparel
Luciallen Boutique
Luck Hwa Harn Trading Company Singapore
Lucky Three Enterprise
Luis Collections
Lure Fashion Pte. Ltd.
Lush & Lola
Luxe Retail
Luxwell Apparel Pte Ltd
Lydia's Lim Clothing Company Singapore
Lynn Style Fashion Company Singapore
Singapore Apparel Products
Ladies' Jackets, Ladies' Under Garments, Ladies Underwear, Ladies Wear, Ladieswear, Lady Slips, Lady's Night Wear, Leather Jackets & Suede Jackets

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