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Singapore Furniture Companies List - C

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Singapore Furniture Companies List - C
Singapore is a great place to find exquisite furniture such as: Rattan Furniture, Nursery Furniture, Teakwood Furniture, Plastic Furniture, Teak Furniture, Bamboo Furniture, Office Furniture, Metal Furniture and Leather Furniture, Whether you purchase directly from Singapore furniture manufacturers or from the numerous furniture wholesalers or retail stores you are sure to find the right furniture for your needs at the right price in Singapore.

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Featured Singapore Furniture Companies List - C
C&R Interiors Pte Ltd Singapore office furnishing and renovation company, manufacturers and distributors of office furniture and fittings for industrial, commercial and residential users.
C V Henri Rattan Industries Singapore Rattan Furniture Company Suppliers of Rattan Furniture, Reed Furniture, Rattan Home Furnishings, Willow Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Stores, Furniture Dealers
C.S. Seating & Contract (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Office Furniture Company Suppliers of Ergonomic Office Chairs, Seating, Ergonomic Chairs, Leather Chairs, Classic Chairs, Executive Chairs, Secretary Chairs, PU Moulded Chairs, Public Seating
Cards n Such Pte Ltd Singapore Gift shop Suppliers of Baby Furniture, Cards n Such stock wide selection of gifts, home accessories, infant furniture, greeting cards and novelties.
Carlmey Interior Furnishing Company Singapore Furnishings Company, furniture maker, specialising in upholstery products, project contracting, dealing mostly with interior upgrading of hospitality and F&B premises as well as hospitals and retail outlets.
Carlo Hofmann Pte Ltd Singapore Sofa Manufacturers, Our Sofas using solid plywood, meranti wood frames. Carlo Hofmann Sofas are from Europe, our Sofas fabric are made in Belgium origin, the tenderness of cloth is often the favorite of both designers and users.
Carsten Ovesen Design Singapore Furniture Designers, Fabric Designs. Carsten Ovesen, a Denmark born designer who specializes in furniture design and furniture fabrics, has been residing in Singapore since 1990.
Casa Italy Sofa Manufacturer Pte Ltd Singapore Furniture Wholesalers, Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Distributors, Furniture Suppliers. A reputable sofa manufacturer specializing in high quality leather sofas with innovative design for the local market
Casarredo Abundance Marketing Singapore Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Stores, Furniture Dealers. Vast experience in upholstery furniture, manufacturing high quality and affordable sofas to the consumer market
Cathay Interiors Pte Ltd Singapore Interior Designers, Interior Design Consultants, Home Furnishings, Furniture. A manufacturer of quality custom-designed furniture. Project management, fit out works and occupancy-related services for hotels, financial institutions and major corporations.
CEFLA Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Buying Agents, Product Sourcing, Manufacturers Agents, Manufacturing Representatives, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Parquet Laminate Hardwood, Hotel furnishings, Boat furnishings, Solar Panels, Electronics & appliances Automotive products, Aerospace products,  Architectural products, Window shutters & blinds Foils & Edgebanding Injection molded parts PVC extrusions, Printing Finishing Drying & Impregnation Chemicals
Cellini Design Center Pte Ltd Singapore manufacturers of a large range of furniture and accessories to satisfy a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from Italian contemporary to modern classic. Bedroom Furniture, Dining Furniture, Living Furniture, Occasional Furniture, Upholstered Furniture, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs, beds
Central Iron Furnishing Factory Pte Ltd Singapore Manufactures & exporters of Steel Furniture, Steel Beds, Steel Chairs and Steel deck chairs
CH Global Pte Ltd Singapore Manufactures & trading of rattan & cane products, all kinds of furniture & furnishing, rattan wicker, bamboo, basketry, international trading & manufacturer's representative
Chairmaster Pte Ltd Singapore Office Furniture & Office Equipment Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers. Contract Decorating Services, Interior Decorating Services, Home Furnishings, Interior Design Consultants, Interior Designers
Chan Pui Kee & Co Singapore Blackwood furniture specialist, dealer & restorer Antiques, Sculptures, Art Shops
Chaplin Design Pte Ltd Singapore Interior design consultancy firm specialises in space planning and design conceptualisation of offices, labs, retail outlets, institutes, residences Suppliers of Furniture, Accessories, Bedroom Furniture, Dining Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Office Furniture, Interior Decorations
Che Lin Kee Rattan & Cane Manufacturing Company Singapore Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Stores, Furniture Dealers, Suppliers of Rattan Home Furnishings Rattan Furniture, Reed Furniture, Cane Furniture
Chelinco Pte Ltd Singapore Rattan Furniture Manufacturer, Trading Company, Suppliers of Rattan Furniture, Cane Furniture, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Tables, Chairs, Tables, Synthetic Cane Furniture, Aluminum Furniture, Cafe Furniture, Outdoor Furniture. Our quality products can be found in renowned establishment like the Shangri-La Hotel, Raffles Hotel, The Sheraton Hotel, Traders Hotel, Tanah Merah Country Club and many others in Singapore and abroad.
Cheng Furniture Company Singapore Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Renovation Contractors, Interior Decorating Services, Furniture Design, Home Furnishings
Cheong Cheng Renovation & Carpentry Work Singapore Interior Designers, Interior Design Consultants, Interior Decoration Contractors, Interior Decorators. Renovation and carpentry work company with more than 30 years experience in furniture and interior decoration services
Cheong & Mun Singapore Furniture Company deals in re-upholstery & repair of sofas & cushions, leather & superior fabric sofas, dining chair cushions & covers, vehicle seats & cushions, custom-built office sofas, Furnishings, Office Furniture, Leather Sofas
Chin Tian Furniture Singapore Contemporary Furniture Designers, Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Stores, Furniture Dealers, Home Furnishings, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers
Chin Yi Building Contractors Singapore Furniture Contractors, Construction Contractors, Renovation Contractors, Furniture Wholesalers, Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Distributors, Furniture Suppliers
Chng Woodworking Pte Ltd Singapore Furniture Manufacturing Company Suppliers of Doors, Wooden Flooring, Building Materials, Construction Materials. A specialist manufacturer of timber products for the local and export markets. Our products comprise of three main categories - doors, furniture and flooring. In addition to the manufacturing of timber products
Chuan Bee Hoe Kee Co Singapore Furniture Manufacturing Company Furniture Stores, Furniture Dealers. Suppliers of Chairs, Children's Furniture
Chuan Lam Production Singapore Event Managers, Exhibition Organizing Company Suppliers of Chairs, Tables, Rental, Signcraft Installation. Our products includes, carpeting, kabuki system that use for launching or opening ceremony, Pipes & Drapes that can use to divide rooms, for curtain or changing room purposes. We also have furniture that can beautify event venues, use for wedding and parties, as well as conferences.
Chun Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Engineering Company provides general contract works and custom made of various metal products. Suppliers of Heavy Duty Metal Cages, Mild Steel HD Cages, Fabricate of Heavy Duty Metal Cages, Mild Steel HD Cages, Stainless Steel Water Dispensers, Stainless Steel Booths, Stainless Steel Cages, Stainless Steel Square Tables, Stainless Steel Round Tables, Stainless Steel Folding Chairs, Stainless Steel Pots
Chun Mee Lee Rattan Furniture Singapore Rattan Furniture Company Suppliers of Cane Goods, Cane Furniture, Furniture Design, Furnishing Services, Furniture Restoration, Furniture Repair Services, Rattan Furniture
Chy Chin Furniture Singapore Furniture Manufacturers, Singapore Furniture Stores, Singapore Furniture Dealers, Suppliers of Furniture and Home Furnishings
Chye Huat Heng Furniture Singapore Furniture Design, Furniture Consultancy, Furniture Services, Furnishing Services, Home Furnishings, Office Furnishing, Office Furniture Installation, Office Furniture Assembly Services, Office Refurbishment Contractors, Renovation Contractors
Chye Hup Huat Co Sawmill Pte Ltd Singapore Sawmilling Services, Plywood, MDF, Chipboard, Blockboard, Timber Logs, Squares, Post and Sawn Timbers Business, Balau, Chengal, Flat Pack Furniture, Furniture Fittings, Furniture Manufacturing Equipment, Furniture Services, Hardwoods, Kapur
Chye Hup Joo & Co Singapore Furniture Rental Company Suppliers of Wooden Boxes, Chairs & Tables
Chye Seng Furniture Singapore Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Stores, Furniture Dealers, Furniture Design, Furniture Services, Kitchen Units, Office Furnishing, Office Furniture, Office Furniture Installation, Office Furniture Assembly Services
Singapore Furniture Companies Directory A-Z
C & B Furniture Trading Company Singapore
C & C Seating Components Distribution
C & M Furniture Trading Company Singapore
C & W Furniture Company Singapore
C H Furniture & Renovation Contractor
C L C Furniture Company Singapore
C S Seating & Contract (S) Pte Ltd
C V Henri Rattan Industries
C X Lee Trading
C Y Chen Furniture Centre
C&R Interiors Pte Ltd
C.S. Seating & Contract (S) Pte Ltd
C-177 Furniture & Renovation
Cahaya Berlian Pte Ltd
Cajon Office Products Centre
Cali Furniture & General Contractors
Cal-Lite Solutions Pte Ltd
Cal-Scan Trading Pte Ltd
Calybur Interior Design Pte Ltd
Cantori Business Furniture Company Singapore
Canwin Wood Products Trading Company Singapore
Cappellini Pte Ltd
Cards n Such Pte Ltd
Carlmey Interior Furnishing Company
Carlo Hofmann Pte Ltd
Carrico Worldwide Movers & Enviro Pte Ltd
Carsten Ovesen Design Company Singapore
Casa Italy Sofa Manufacturer Pte Ltd
Casarredo Abundance Marketing Company Singapore
Casey Interior
Casey System Pte Ltd
Castilla Design Pte Ltd
Cathay Decoration & Construction Pte Ltd
Cathay Interiors Pte Ltd
Cavalli Furniture Pte Ltd
Cefla Asia Pte Ltd
Cellini Design Center Pte Ltd
Central Iron Furnishing Factory Pte Ltd
Centrepiece Furnishing
Ch Global Pte Ltd
Chai Ah Kee Furniture Works
Chai Meng Furniture
Chai Seng Heng Furniture & Renovation Construction
Chairmaster Pte Ltd
Chan Chun Kock
Chan Hock Lee Trading
Chan Joinery & Woodwork Company Singapore
Chan Kiong Construction Engineering Pte Ltd
Chan Pui Kee & Co
Chan Yip Furniture & Construction Pte Ltd
Chang Ching Furniture Company Singapore
Chang Lee Furniture Manufactory
Chang Lee Furniture Manufacturers
Chang Lin Chong
Changi Junk Store
Changs Renovation & Furniture
Chaplin Design Pte Ltd
Charis Living
Chay Chin Furniture Renovation Company Singapore
Che Lin Kee Rattan & Cane Manufacturing Company Singapore
Cheap Mattress Centre
Chee Cheong Trading Pte Ltd
Chee Er Furniture Company Singapore
Chee Kam Por
Chee Seng Metal Tents Enterprise
Chelinco Pte Ltd
Chemasia Marketing
Chemoscience Pte Ltd
Chen Mu Furniture
Cheng Furniture Company Singapore
Cheng Furniture Company Singapore
Cheng Meng Furniture Company Singapore Pte
Cheng Song Furniture
Chengho Design Pte Ltd
Chengtai Nursery
Chenli Furniture & Design Pte Ltd
Chen-Xi Impex
Cheong & Mun
Cheong Cheng Renovation & Carpentry Work
Cheong Fatt Furniture Manufacturers Singapore
Cheong Fong Furniture Company Singapore
Cheong Piow Furniture Company Singapore
Cheong Yuet Weng
Cher Yuen Aluminium & Furniture Company Singapore
Cherry Blossom
Chew Hin Furniture & Decoration Company Singapore
Chew Soo Phuang
Chia Gay Furniture Design Decor
Chia Nai Hwa
Chia Peng Kim Co
Chiamay Furnishing Company Singapore
Chiap Hong Furniture Design Company Singapore
Chin Guan Furniture Company Singapore
Chin Heng Furnishing Centre
Chin Jun Furniture Company Singapore
Chin Tian Furniture
Chin Yi Buidling Contractor
China One
China Woodcraft
Ching Hua Shanghai Furniture
Ching Lye Furniture Company Singapore
Ching Yap C Y Design & Contract
Chinz Collection Pte Ltd
Chion Furniture Trading
Chng Woodworking Pte Ltd
Chokim Scientific (S) Pte Ltd
Chon Le Furniture & Renovation
Chong Huat Furniture Company Singapore
Chong Hwa Arts Furniture Company Singapore
Chong Kim Furniture Industry
Chong Ming Furniture Company Singapore
Chong See Peow
Chong Yee Furniture Works
Chong Yuan Furniture
Choon Bee Heng Furniture Making
Choon Hin Furniture (1988)
Chop Hong Kee
Chop Soon Seng
Chow Furniture & Carpentry Works
Christopher Noto
Chua Chim Peng
Chua Hock Trading Pte Ltd
Chua Soon Lee Timber Trading Co
Chua Tat Furniture Company Singapore
Chuan Seng Leong Pte Ltd
Chuan Soon Huat Industrial Group Ltd
Chun Wei Furniture Renovation Services
Chy Chin Furniture
Chye & Co Furniture
Chye Heng Furniture Manufacturer
Chye Huat Heng Furniture
Chye Hup Huat Furniture Pte Ltd
Chye Seng Furniture Company Singapore
Ciseern by Designer Furnishings Pte Ltd
City Furniture Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Cityneon Exhibition Services Pte Ltd
CKS Property Consultants
Clasic Ideas Design & Build Pte Ltd
Clasique Furnishings Pte Ltd
Classic Furniture Design & Renovation Work
Classic Ideas
Classic Rosewood Industries (S) Pte Ltd
Clear Channel
Click Technology Pte Ltd
Closed-Loop Technology Pte Ltd
Closet Robe Pte Ltd
CMH Design & Contract
C-My Rom Pte Ltd
CNA Furniture Trading Enterprise
Coe Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
Colorman Coatings Pte Ltd
Colossal International Agency Lines Pte Ltd
Colour Furniture Renovation
CoManufactory Chair
Combination Woodworks Pte Ltd
Comdex Communication Technologies
Comfort Design Pte Ltd
Comfort Seating Design
Commercial & Residential Interiors Pte Ltd
Commercial Office Equipment Service Co
Comoffice Pte Ltd
Concept Elements Pte Ltd
Concept Solutia (S) Pte Ltd
Concorde Design & Systems Pte Ltd
Concorde Design And Systems Pte Ltd
Connex (Pte) Ltd
Connex Pte Ltd
Consort Contractor Pte Ltd
Constann Design Pte Ltd
Contract Seatings International Pte Ltd
Conwell Enterprise
Copier Consultant Pte Ltd
Copytron Marketing Pte Ltd
Corsini Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Corten Furniture Pte Ltd
Country Charm
Country Haven
Country Kitchens Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Country Style Furnishing Pte Ltd
Countrywide Office Supplies Pte Ltd
Courts (Singapore) Ltd
Courts Singapore Limited
Cozi Company Singapore
Co'zy Pte Ltd
Craft Style Furniture
Craftwell Teakwood Furniture
Craftwork Interiors
Crawford Household Furnishings
Crawford Italia Pte Ltd
Creative Furniture Decoration Company Singapore
Creative Renovation Contractor Singapore
Creative Studio Furniture Manufacturer Pte Ltd
Creativetop Services
Crosscom Ergonomic Lifestyle Pte Ltd
CS Office Supplies Pte Ltd
CT Furniture & Interior Design Pte Ltd
Custom Furniture Interior
Custom Make Specialist Pte Ltd
Cw Asia Trading Pte Ltd
Cyberfurn (S) Pte Ltd
Singapore Furniture Products
Bedroom Sets, Beds, Bench, Benches, Blanket Racks, Bombay Chests, Book Stands, Bookcases, Boardroom, Brochure Displays, Buffets, Bunk Beds, Cabinet, Cabinets, Call Center Chairs

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