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Singapore Medical Services List - B

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Singapore Medical Services, Clinics, Hospitals List - B
Singapore’s healthcare system and medical facilities and medical services are some of the best in Asia. There are 13 private hospitals, 10 public hospitals and numerous specialist clinics. Doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals are highly qualified and have a good reputation for giving excellent care. Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and natural health remedies are available from many pharmacies, drug stores and other places such as supermarkets, department stores, hotels and shopping centres.

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Featured Singapore Medical Companies List - B
Back II Life Pte Ltd Singapore Chiropractic & homoeopathic clinic for patients of all ages; offers individualised & natural therapies for musculoskeletal disorders, sciatica, flatfoot, rotator cuff, autism, anxiety, mood swings, allergy, IBS, skin diseases
Balestier Clinic & Health Screening Centre Pte Ltd Singapore Private medical centre providing comprehensive multiphasic screening & outpatient healthcare services; located on Balestier Road; offers outpatient treatment, diabetes & hypertension consultation & treatment, health screening, Treatment of acute medical conditions, Pre-employment, Employment, S Pass, Work permit, Maid Permit, Driving License, Taxi License Check Up, Insurance Check Ups, Vaccinations (Hep A, Hep B, Influenza), Travel Health, Minor Surgical Procedures, Wound Dressing, Suturing
Ban Choong Foh Singapore Medical Hall, Health Clinic, Suppliers of Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Baxter Healthcare Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company Suppliers of  Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Hospital Supplies, Bioscience, Medication Delivery, Renal, Conditions, Hemophilia, Immune Disorders, Kidney Failure, Therapies, Antibody, BioSurgery, Critical Care, Hemophilia, Renal Care Treatments
Beh's Clinic For Women Pte Ltd Singapore women's clinic, located in Thomson Medical Centre; services include: abortion, pregnancy care & delivery, health screening, contraception, infertility investigations & treatment, pap smear test, gynaecological keyhole surgery
Beifang Traditional Therapy Centre Singapore Alternative Health Clinic Suppliers of Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines, Premium Medicinal Herbs, Chinese Herbs, Floral Tea, Health Food, Health Drinks, Dry Goods, Sea Food, Medical Oils, Chinese Proprietary Medicines
Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Singapore Hair care consultants trained in traditional Chinese medicine has 101 hair care products to treat different kinds of hair loss. Suppliers of Traditional Chinese Medicines, Hair Care Products, Hair Accessories
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Science Arts (S) Co Pte Ltd Singapore Traditional TCM clinic with retail & wholesale of Chinese medicine Trading Companies, Importers, Exporters. Singapore Herbalists, Suppliers of Herbs, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Bernard Kwok Cardiology Clinic Singapore Clinics Provides Cardiology Consultation, Heart Health Screening, Echocardiography, ambulatory ECG and blood pressure monitoring, exercise testing & exercise prescription, cardiac stress testing
Bestar Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company Suppliers of Biotechnology Products, Animal Vaccines, Veterinary Vaccines, Poultry Vaccines, Swine Vaccines. Developing of vaccines which are required in current market & effectively solving the problems for farmers.
Bio-Scaffold International Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company Suppliers of Dental Equipment, Dental Supplies, Cosmetology, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies Orthopedics Resorbable Spinal Spacer, Scaffolds for Artificial Cartilage Development.. Bio-Scaffold International has developed a unique technology in collaboration with A STAR Singapore to fabricate customized scaffolds for Tissue Engineering with pre determined strength and porosity.
Biomed Diagnostics Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company providers of biotec products, laboratory equipment, medical equipment and services for researchers and laboratories, offering integrated solutions for supporting the life sciences and the biomedical industries, accelerating the pace of discovery. Biomed Diagnostics offers integrated, high value applications in drug discovery and development, immune function monitoring, and functional genomics.
Biomedical Research Council Singapore Research Institute, Bioinformatics, Bioengineering, Nanotechnology. Supports, oversees & coordinates public sector biomedical research & development activities in Singapore; core capabilities: genomics, bioinformatics, bioengineering & nanotechnology, molecular biology & bioprocessing
Biomedical Strategy Consultants Pte Ltd Singapore Biomedical Consultants, A strategic consulting and investment advisory firm serving the global medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with particular focus on opportunities in Asia-Pacific.
Bionn International Pte Ltd Singapore Chain of beauty clinics that provide skin care treatment & services for ladies & men. Offers customized skin programmes with computerized skin analysis, electric current treatments, microdermabrasion. Team comprises Skin Specialist Consultants, Skin Aestheticians, Nutritionists, Doctors.
Biosensors International Group Singapore Biotechnology Company providers of biotec products, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Supplies, Laboratory Supplies. Designs, develops & markets innovative medical devices used in interventional cardiology & critical care procedures; makes drug-eluting stents
Bishan 8 Clinic For Women Singapore Women's clinic, health screening, pap smear, colposcopy, obstetric & gynaecological surgery, gynecological treatment, family planning, abortion, video-laparoscopy, sterilisation
Blesswell Ambulance & Medical Assistance Pte Ltd Singapore Ambulance Services, Singapore Medical Transport, Singapore Emergency Services
Bluestone Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore Medical Training Provider of Medical Ultrasound Training Courses. Specializing in providing the best medical solutions at the most affordable cost to the healthcare industry in Singapore & Malaysia.
Bone Marrow Donor Programme Singapore Organisation managing a register of volunteers willing to donate bone marrow to patients in Singapore; offers financial aid to patients; aids research in causes and treatment of leukaemia and other blood diseases
Bright Vision Hospital Singapore Buddhist community hospital supported by the Ministry of Health. A fully integrated step-down care hospital that offers holistic & quality care, especially to the needy, the sick & the elderly regardless of race and religion offers Medical Services, Hospital Services
BST Scientific Pte Ltd Singapore Biotechnology Company Suppliers of Biochemicals, Biosystems, Cell Biology, Genomics, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Plant Science. Distributor of life science and biomedical science research products in Singapore
BubbleBee Singapore Therapy Centre offers paediatric speech, language and communication therapy. Aims to help children, from toddlers to teenagers with a variety of speech-language related difficulties
Singapore Medical Companies Directory A-Z
B H Tan Medical Clinic
B H Teh OBS-GYN Clinic For Women
B K Lim Dental Surgery
B S Chew Clinic
B T Goh Family Clinic & Surgery
B T Lee Surgery
Baby & Child Medical Group Pte Ltd
Baby Bear Children's Clinic
Baby N Kids Specialist Clinic
Back & Neck Centre Pte Ltd
Back Care Chiropractic Centre Pte Ltd
Back II Life Pte.Ltd.
Bai Cao Chinese Medical Centre Pte Ltd
Baihur Chinese Therapy Centre
Bain & Partners Drs
Bala Medical Clinic
Baldev Singh Cardiology Clinic Pte Ltd
Balestier Clinic & Health Screening Centre Pte
Balestier Dental Surgery
Balestier Dentalcare & Oral Specialist Pte Ltd
Balestier Dispensary Medical & Surgical Clinic Pte Ltd
Balestier Special School
Balkis bte Akbar Ali
Ban Choong Foh
Ban Chuan Medical Hall & Liqoar Trading
Ban Hong Tong Chinese Medical Hall
Ban Kok Clinic & Surgery
Ban San Hin Kee Chinese Medical Hall
Ban Soon Lee Medical Hall
Ban Teck Medical Store
Banyan Clinic
Bao Hua Tng Medical Hall
Bao Kang Chinese Physician & Physiotherapy
Bao Zhi Lin Chinese Medical Hall
Basanti Sankaran & Associates Dr
BCNG Laser & Medical Aesthetics
Beacon Bright Dental Surgeons
Bear Bear Spine Manipulative Therapy
Beatitudes Medical Practice
Bedok Clinic & Surgery
Bedok Day & Night Clinic
Bedok Dental Surgery
Bedok Family Clinic & Surgery
Bedok Health Group Pte.Ltd.
Bedok Life Clinic
Bedok Medical Centre
Bedok North Dental Surgery
Bedok Town Dental Surgery
Bedok View Dentist
Beh's Clinic For Women Pte Ltd
Beijing Health-Life Centre
Belinda's Clinic For Children
Ben Neo Clinic For Women Pte Ltd
Bendemeer Medical Marketing & Nursing Services Pte Ltd
Bendemeer Nurses Agency Pte Ltd
Beng Surgery Pte. Ltd.
Beo Crescent Family Clinic & Surgery
Bernadette Yvonne Soong Clinic For Women Pte
Bernard Ee Medical Centre Pte Ltd
Bethel Dental Surgery
Bethesda Homoeopathy Centre
Bethesda Medical Centre Pte Ltd
Billy Tan Pte Ltd
Bio Chinese Physician & Foot Therapy Hall
Biomedical Treatment Centre Pte Ltd
Biotic Health Food & Chinese Medical Hall
Bishan 8 Clinic For Women
Bishan Baby & Child Clinic
Bishan Dental Surgery
Bishan Grace Clinic
Bishan Healthway Dental Surgery
Bites & Braces
Bites Inc
Bites Incorporated Pte Ltd
BL Liam Anaesthesia Pte Ltd
BL Medical Associates Pte Ltd
Bodyworks Studio
Boey Mee Leng
Boh Hee Ken Dr
Bok Family Clinic Pte Ltd
Bonham Clinic The
Boo Ti Kwan
Boon Hai Suan
Boon Healthwise Pte. Ltd.
Boon Keng Clinic & Surgery
Boon Lay Clinic & Surgery
Boon Lay Corporation Clinic Pte. Ltd.
Boon Lay Dental Surgery Pte Ltd
Bose Bone Joint & Spine Clinic
Bose Pushpa Dr
Boston Imaging (Radiology) & Diagnostic Pte Ltd
Braces & Aesthetics Dental Clinic Pte. Ltd.
Breast Clinic & C K Yong Surgery
Breast Imaging Centre
Brett ENT Pte Ltd
Brian Yeo Clinic Psychiatry Consultancy
Brickworks Dental Surgery
Bright Dental Surgery
Bright Smile Dental Surgery
Bright Vision Hospital
Brilliant Dental Surgery
British Dental Surgery
BSP Clinic
Bukit Batok Dental Surgery
Bukit Batok Medical Clinic & Dental Surgery
Bukit Merah Central Medical Centre
Bukit Merah Clinic
Bukit Panjang Dental Surgery
Bukit Panjang Family Clinic
Bukit Timah Clinic
Bukit Timah Family Clinic & Surgery
Bukit Timah Nam Sang Clinic
Bukit Timah Nam Seng Dental Surgery
Bukit Timah Plaza Dental Surgery
Bun San Chan Chinese Medical Hall
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