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Singapore Alternative Medicine Companies List

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Singapore Alternative Medicine Companies
List of Singapore Alternative Medicine Companies, Alternative Medicine Companies, Alternative Health, Herbal Products, Massage, Physiotherapists, Wellness Centres, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Clinics, Medical Companies, Yoga Studios

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Featured Singapore Alternative Medicine Companies List
Alisara Thai Traditional Massage Singapore Reflexology, Alternative Medicine, Thai Massage
Anada Marga Yoga Society Of Singapore Singapore Yoga Studios, Singapore Yoga Centres, Singapore Meditation Centers
Ancient Javanese Traditional Massage Singapore Massage Therapists, Massage Therapy, Singapore Reflexology
Ancient Therapy Pte Ltd Singapore Massage Therapy Consultants, Singapore Reflexology
Ancient Wellness & Reflexology Singapore Alternative Medicine Centre, Reflexology, Singapore Massage Therapists, Massage Therapy, Singapore Reflexology
Antismoking Center Singapore Singapore Natural Health Company Suppliers of Holistic Services, Organic Products
Asia Chinese Herbalist Centre Singapore Herbalists Suppliers of Herbs, Herbal Products, Alternative Medicines
Asia Healthcare Services Pte Ltd Singapore Alternative Medicines Company Suppliers of Health Services, Alternative Medicine, Doctors, Physicians, Medical Specialists
Atlas Chiropractic Clinic Singapore Chiropractors, Alternative Medicine, Pain Relief, Physiotherapists
Avita Singapore Suppliers of Anti-Aging, Aromatherapy, Skin Care Products, Family Care Products, Household Care Products, Celergen, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biotech aromatherapy, Nutrition Supplements, Green Label Products
BabyBreeze Pte Ltd Singapore Agency offering parent & childbirth education, yoga classes, massage, breastfeeding workshops, post-natal pilates, babysitting, TENS machine rental, first aid, home birth, water birth, nanny service, baby & maternity products to couples
Back II Life Pte Ltd Singapore Chiropractic & homoeopathic clinic for patients of all ages; offers individualised & natural therapies for musculoskeletal disorders, sciatica, flatfoot, rotator cuff, autism, anxiety, mood swings, allergy, IBS, skin diseases
Bai Cao Chinese Medical Centre Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Chinese Herbal Products, Chinese Herbal Remedies, Chinese Natural Health Products, Chinese Health Food
Ban Siew Foh Singapore Sales of Chinese medicines and Western medicines, Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Beifang Traditional Therapy Centre Singapore Alternative Health Clinic Suppliers of Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines, Premium Medicinal Herbs, Chinese Herbs, Floral Tea, Health Food, Health Drinks, Dry Goods, Sea Food, Medical Oils, Chinese Proprietary Medicines
Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Singapore Hair care consultants trained in traditional Chinese medicine has 101 hair care products to treat different kinds of hair loss. Suppliers of Traditional Chinese Medicines, Hair Care Products, Hair Accessories
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Science Arts (S) Co Pte Ltd Singapore Traditional TCM clinic with retail & wholesale of Chinese medicine Trading Companies, Importers, Exporters. Singapore Herbalists, Suppliers of Herbs, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Bikram Yoga Singapore Yoga Studio, the first authorized Bikram Yoga studio in Singapore, provides a calm, relaxing and clean environment for people from all walks of lives to learn and grow through the regular practice of Bikram Yoga.
Bio Homeopathy Concept Singapore Herbalists Suppliers of Herbs, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Bright Vision Hospital Singapore Buddhist community hospital supported by the Ministry of Health. A fully integrated step-down care hospital that offers holistic & quality care, especially to the needy, the sick & the elderly regardless of race and religion offers Medical Services, Hospital Services
Centre Complementary & Alternative Medicine Singapore Alternative Medical Services, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopathic Treatment Centre, Health Products. Healthcare services for a range of therapies to treat aches and pain, disabilities, disorders and illnesses
Centre for Complementary & Alternative Medicine Singapore Medical Centre offers therapies for aches & pains, disabilities, disorders & illnesses, including acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, applied kinesiology, chiropody, podiatry, emotional freedom technique, homoeopathy
Chang Jiang Acupuncture & Medical Centre Singapore Acupuncturists, Singapore Alternative Health Services, Singapore Alternative Medicine
Chang Rong Foot Reflexology Centre Singapore Foot massage, Foot Remedies, Alternative Medicine, Chiropractors
Chiang Hong Food Manufacturing Industry Singapore Natural Health Products Company Suppliers of Herbal Beverages, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd Singapore Chiropractor that deals with spinal problems such as intervertebral disc conditions, spondylosis, sprains and strains, non-spinal problems such as ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder problems caused by falls, sports and work injuries or other disorders
Chop Tai Eng Singapore Importers & Exporters of native produce, spices, foodstuffs, herbs. Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Chop Tye Ah Singapore Importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers of herbs, patent medicines, Chinese Medicines, Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines
Chu Yik Man Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Hall Singapore Acupuncturists, Singapore Alternative Health Services, Suppliers of Alternative Medicine, Chinese Medicines
Chrysalis Spa Ang Mo Kio Hub Singapore Spas, Wellness Centers, Asian massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments, Waxing. Spa offering beauty, wellness, & health treatments to male & female clients through 5 branches (Orchard Road, Simei, Jurong East, Clemenceau Avenue, & Ang Mo Kio); offers Asian massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments, waxing
Chung Kuo Refined Chinese Medicine Dealers Ltd Singapore Wholesale trade in Chinese refined medicine and Chinese medicated. Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines, Herbal Patent Medicine, Mistura Syrup and Granule, Acupuncture Needle, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Monitor, Herbal Supplement and Medicated Liquors
Chung Nan Medical Company Singapore Pharmacies, Drug Stores, Chemists, Herbalists. Suppliers of Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines, Herbal Patent Medicines
Chwee Song Clinic Singapore Clinic Suppliers of Alternative Medicines, Health Supplements, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Preparations, Healthcare Products, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Traditional Healthcare Services
Chwee Song Supplies Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Chinese Herbs, Herbal Products, Chinese Herbal Products, Food Processors, Food Processors, Ginseng, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Preparations, Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar, Hashima with American Ginseng & Red Dates, Tonic Soups, Authentic Bak Kut Teh, Coarse Rice Powder, Royal Vinegar, Superior Pure Honey, Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar, Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng & Cordyceps, Essence of Fish with American Ginseng & Cordyceps
E P H Ginseng Birdnest Trading Singapore Trading Company Suppliers of Herbs, Herbalists, Herbal Products, Herbal Remedies, Natural Health Products, Health Food, Alternative Medicines, Ginseng Products, Healthcare Preparations, Healthcare Products
Singapore Alternative Medicine Companies Directory A-Z

ABS Massage Company
Absolute Yoga Singapore Pte Ltd
Acom Tuina Pte Ltd
Active Chiropractic Pte Ltd
Acupuncture Therapeutics
Adept Therapy Centre Pte. Ltd.
Aiesec Singapore Nat Committee
Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre Pte
AJ Health Beauty Centre
Alice Beauty & Foot Reflexology Centre
Alisara Thai Traditional Massage Company
All About Yoga Pte Ltd
Aloha Foot Reflexology
Alpha Healthy Reflexology
Amrita Ayurvedic Centre Pte Ltd
Anada Marga Yoga Society Of Singapore
Ananda Marga Yoga Society Of Singapore
Ancient Javanese Traditional Massage
Ancient Therapy Pte Ltd
Ancient Wellness & Reflexology Company
Ang Soo Yoke
Ang Thiam Wah Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Servic
Anna Foot Reflexology (Therapy)
Arc Of Life Chiropractic Centre Pte Ltd
Aromaessential Therapeutic Massage
Art Of Living Yoga & Mediation Centre
Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage
Ashee Reflexology Pte Ltd
Ashi Reflexology
Ashii Reflexology Centre
Ask Eva Pte Ltd
Atlas Chiropractic Clinic
Back Care Chiropractic Centre Pte Ltd
Back II Life Pte.Ltd.
Beauty & Aromatherapy
Beijing Health-Life Centre
Bethesda Homoeopathy Centre
Cao Shu Feng
Chang Jiang Acupuncture & Medical Centre.
Changi Chinese Physician Acupuncture Centre
Chantel Enterprises
Chen Lian Xin
Cheng Yan Acupuncture
Chi Chun Acupuncture & Natural Medical Hall
Chiang Acupuncture Specialist
China Yongqin Acupuncture Chinese Medical Hall
Chinese Acupuncture & Cauterization Centre
Chinese Nature Cure Institute
Chiropractic Care Pte Ltd
Chiropractic First (Parkway) Pte. Ltd.
Chiropractic First (Suntec) Pte. Ltd.
Chiropractic First Pte Ltd
Chiropractic First USQ Pte Ltd
Chiropractic Health & Wellness Clinic
Chu Yik Man Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Hall
Ci Hui (TCM) Medical & Acupuncture Centre
Combined Acupuncture Service
Comning Acupuncture Clinic
Contour Health Pte Ltd
Dehua Acupuncture Room
Digital Crown Holdings Pte Ltd
Discover Chiropractic Clinic
Eastern Clinic
Econ Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Centre
Elder Chiropractic Clinic Pte Ltd
Essence In Harmony
Essential Shop
Eversafe Numerology & Reflexology
First Source Pte Ltd
Flame Tree Lifestyle
Fong Young Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Med Hall
Fu Nan Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre
Fukawah Acupuncture & Chinese Natural Medicine Centre
Glory Acupuncture Centre
Goodluck Healthy Point
Great Wall Acupuncture Clinic
Green Apple Pte Ltd
Green Aromatherapy
Hahnemann Homoepathy Centre
Hai Meng Chinese Physician & Acupuncturist
Hana Creations Pte Ltd
Harapan Acupuncture & Oesteopathy Centre
Harmony Acupuncture & Massage Centre
Health Traditional Medicine
Healthpoint Homeopathy Clinic
Heng Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Centre
Ho Ho Clinic
Holistic Approach
Huaxia Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Centre
Hygeia Pte Ltd
I Sense Pte Ltd
Integral Natural Treatment Centre
J.R. Family Clinic & Acupuncture Centre
Jian Bao Acupressure Centre
Jin Acupuncture & Acupressure Centre
K H Lee Medical & Acupuncture Treatment 

Kok Zee Associate Therapy Pte Ltd
Koo Cheer Yui Chinese Physician & Acupuncture
Kwelin Acupuncture Clinic & Medical Hall
Laser Acupuncture Centre
Lee Kim Leong Acupunture Centre
Lee Theng Koon Chinese Medical & Acupuncture Centre
Lee's Acupuncture Treatment Centre
Leong Kum Kei
Li Kang Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Hall
Liew Chinese Physician Dispensary
Life Acupuncture & Medical Pte Ltd
Lightstreams Chiropractic Care Pte. Ltd.
Lim Gee Hong Acupunture Clinic
Lim Medical & Acupuncture Clinic
Lin Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Centre
Lit Sing Medical & Acupuncture Clinic
Liu Wei Ying
Medicure Holistic/Homoeopathic Centre Meet Point T C M Centre
Meng Hong Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Hall
Miao Quan Acupunturist & Chinese Physician
Nam Hua Acupuncture & Medical Hall
Natural & Electro Wellness Centre
Natural Chinese Medical Centre
Natural Therapies Research Centre Pte Ltd
Neo Eng Guan
N'hanz Wellness Pte Ltd
Ong Liang Seng's Chinese Physician & Accupuncturist
Oriental Health Services
Peh Acupuncture Medical Hall
Plant & Planet Pte Ltd
Precision Spine Pte Ltd
Purveyance Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Qian Qian Beauty & Aromatherapy
Quaballah Numerology
Quan Ann Health-Care & Acupuncture Centre
Reiki Chariot
Relief Paradise
Ren De Chinese Physician
Ren De Traditional Accupressure Centre
Ren Shan TCM Acupuncture Clinic
Royal Acupuncture Specialist Centre
S K Lim Chinese Physician & Acupuncturist
S T Yeo Acupuncture Service
Saipaduka Homeopathy Clinic
Salo Llp
Santan Center
Seah Yong Khiang Acupunture & Chinese Medical Hall
Sebastian Liew Centre Pte Ltd
Sethi Acupressure Centre
Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine
Shiang Series Pte Ltd
Shin Hua Acupuncture Medical Centre
Shivshakti Healing & Consultancy
Sie Physician & Aesthetic
Siew Ming Chinese Physician Services
Signature Beaute
Sin Hwa Acupuncture Centre
Sin Tat Chinese Physician Recuperate Centre
Soo Mun Hong
Soo Say Boon
Soothing Essentials Pte Ltd
Sports Acupuncture Centre
Springforest Aromatherapy Pte Ltd
Tamara Chiropractic
Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical Care
Teo Acupuncture & Medical Hall
Teo Eng Kiat
Thann Tara Pte Ltd
The Chiropractic Association (Singapore)
Therapeutic Bodywork
Thian Aik Siong Chinese Physician & Acupuncture
Tiantan Tcm Clinic
Toon Teng Herbal Food & Acupuncture House
Traditional Qigong Acupuncture Centre
Unisex Internal (Qi) Auto Movement Junction
Wam! People Pte. Ltd.
Wee Meng Acupuncture Clinic
Wee Teck Acupuncture & Medical Centre
Wei Kang Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Clinic
Wellness Integrated
Weng Kong Acupuncture & Manipulation Centre
Wholistic Healthcare Centre
Wisma Perubatan Homoeopathy Tutorial
World Acupuncture Voluntary Organization
Xiang Cheng Medical Hall & Trading
Xin He Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medical Hall
Xin Quan Acupuncture Treatment & Medical Hall
Xin Ya Acupuncture Centre
Yang Yi Acupuncture Centre
Yeo's Acupuncture & Natural Medicine
Yi Chuan Acupuncture & Medical Centre
Yimin Acupuncture & TCM Medical Hall
Yong Kang Chinese Acupuncturist
Singapore Alternative Medicine Services

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