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Biomed Diagnostics Pte Ltd - Research Centres, Research Laboratories, Laboratory Equipment, Lab Supplies


Biomed Diagnostics Pte Ltd
Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21 #05-105/108
Singapore 609966
Tel: (65) 6298-4347
Fax: (65) 6298-4723 
Categories: Research Centres, Research Laboratories, Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment, Lab Supplies
Company Profile:
Biomed Diagnostics is a provider of products and services for researchers and laboratories, offering integrated solutions for supporting the life sciences and the biomedical industries, accelerating the pace of discovery. Biomed Diagnostics offers integrated, high value applications in drug discovery and development, immune function monitoring, and functional genomics.
Established in 1995, Biomed Diagnostics began its services to the thriving life sciences and biomedical community. Over the years, Biomed Diagnostics has grown into a leading provider of products and services for researchers and laboratorians in Singapore, working very closely with our associate company Biomarketing Services (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and Biomed Diagnostics Thailand.

To date, Biomed Diagnostics has put together a team of technically competent sales and service personnel who are dedicated to serving the needs of researchers and medical service providers.

Biomed Diagnostics. One company offering integrated solutions for all the life sciences and biomedical. Together, our dynamic product and services provide a complete range of innovative tools and systems to support scientific research and biomedical services.

Biomed Diagnostics is the authorised distributor of these product lines in Singapore:

BD Biosciences Immunocytometry Systems
The industry leader in detection, characterization and analysis of cells and cellular function including the FACS Brand of Flow Cytometers ; and associated reagents.

BD Biosciences Discovery Labware
We offer innovative BD Falcon plasticware for tissue culture, fluid handling and high throughput screening, a unique line of BD BioCoat ? cultureware with preapplied extracellular matrix proteins and other attachment factors, custom coating services, and cell culture reagents that include ECM proteins, cytokines and media additives. Includes the BD Gentest range of products.

BD Biosciences Pharmingen
High quality, leading edge products for immunology, apoptosis, cell biology, neurobiology, and molecular biology research.

BD Diagnostics - Industrial
Whether you are looking for optimal yield in your production process, reliable QC practices, or confidence in environmental monitoring, BD has the products that can address these applications and more.

BD Diagnostic Systems - Clinical
Looking for methods and means by which the clinical microbiology laboratory can successfully address its critical role in the management of health care costs? You'll find the solutions you need here. This includes the BD Pre-analytical Systems.

BD Medical Systems
BD Medical - Medical Surgical Systems holds the leading worldwide market position in hypodermic needles and syringes. Their investments in product quality and improvements have exceeded industry regulatory requirements. The world's sharpest needles and revolutionary BD SafetyGlide shielding hypodermic needle are only the latest examples of our commitment to superior clinical performance and outcomes.

Takara Clontech
An innovator in genomics and functional genomics tools for life science research.

Labvision / NeoMarkers
Lab Vision Automated immunohistochemistry stainers, NeoMarkers range of antibodies, designed for research use only, are useful in immunoprecipitation, Western blots, immunohistology, flow, super shifts, ELISA's and many other referenced applications; and UltraVision ? IHC Detection Systems.

System Biosciences
System Biosciences (SBI) focuses on developing unique, innovative technologies that provide researchers with the tools to investigate and understand genomic and proteomic function. Our mission is to provide tools for the genome-wide analysis of the mechanisms that regulate cellular processes and biological responses.

Nucleic Acid Purification Systems for plasmid and Genomic DNA, RNA and mRNA; Viral Nucleic Acids and other High-throughput nucleic acid Purification applications.

One Lambda
Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing tests utilizing both serological and molecular technologies to determine genetic compatibility between an organ donor and a recipient. Also includes a comprehensive line of laboratory instrumentation and computer software products that are used to simplify and automate HLA testing procedures and final test evaluation.

IDEXX Laboratories
Veterinary diagnostics products. Instruments and test kits to provide veterinarians with accurate information and diagnosis.

B-Bridge International (BBI) advances global discovery in biotechnology by fostering groundbreaking new technologies and by making innovative life-science research tools available worldwide. BBI is a fast growing developer, vendor and distributor of innovative high-quality cellular and molecular biology research tools with access to world-wide markets in academic, government, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry sectors. BBI creates it's own lines of products (mostly in the siRNA field) and also fosters the growth of small biotech companies developing ground-breaking research tools with potential applications in basic science discovery, as well as diagnostics or therapeutics.

Phadia AB
Phadia develops, manufactures and markets blood test systems to support the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

US Biological
United States Biological is a manufacturer of high purity biochemicals, cell culture media and antibodies for Biotechnology and Diagnostic companies worldwide.

Constant Systems
Providing niche bio-technical products and services to a global client base, Constant Systems has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of high-pressure cell disruption equipment since 1989

Fluorotechnics is a Sydney based biotechnology company that develops and manufactures fluorescent compounds and fluorescence based kits for the global biotechnology industry

MacoPharma is the largest supplier of in-line filtration sets in Europe and a key manufacturer of hospital infusion fluids. We are applying our knowledge and experience to become your chosen partner in cell engineering and transplantation. By developing and manufacturing complete systems (bags, filters and additional devices), MacoPharma ensures the highest level of quality, sterility and traceability for drugs, devices and solutions.

Since PromoCell was established in 1990 in Heidelberg, our company has always endeavoured to support the trend towards carrying out in-vitro cell culture tests using normal human primary cells. As a result of the regular contact between the staff of our research and development department and other scientists, we have been able to provide, at an early stage, important cell types together with serum-free or low-serum cell culture media. This programme has been steadily expanded and supplemented, with regard to cell biology, by the range of important growth factors and antibodies. PromoCell is now active worldwide, with a distribution network spread across many countries.

OPTI Medical
OPTIMedical is focused on manufacturing and marketing portable analyzers for the measurement of time sensitive diagnostics tests such as, blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite analysis.
These portable analyzers are used in various locations within hospitals, emergency centers, ambulances, helicopters, airplanes, pulmonary centers and in any location where time critical diagnostic testing is needed.

Instrument Laboratory
Instrumentation Laboratory’s commitment to worldwide total customer support is demonstrated in the Hemostasis field with a complete line of reagents, controls and calibrators perfectly suited for our flexible range of automated coagulation analyzers. IL offers solutions to meet any customer or laboratory need through easy-to-use, cost-efficient, reliable and accurate, instruments and reagents, coupled with the support of IL people.

iM3 manufactures supplies and services a wide range of professional veterinary dental equipment and instruments for canine, feline, rabbit, rodent oral surgery and veterinary dentistry.

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