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Singapore Medical Services List - L

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Singapore Medical Services, Clinics, Hospitals List - L
Singapore’s healthcare system and medical facilities and medical services are some of the best in Asia. There are 13 private hospitals, 10 public hospitals and numerous specialist clinics. Doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals are highly qualified and have a good reputation for giving excellent care. Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and natural health remedies are available from many pharmacies, drug stores and other places such as supermarkets, department stores, hotels and shopping centres.

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Featured Singapore Medical Companies List - L
Singapore Medical Companies Directory A-Z
L & G Medical Clinic
L & H Polyclinic & Surgery
L & L Family Medicine Clinic
L N Sim Clinic For Women Pte Ltd
Lai Clinic
Lai Medical Clinic Pte Ltd
Lai Su Voo
Lakeside Dentist
Lakeview Dentist
Lam Baby & Child Clinic
Lam Dental Surgery
Lam Martin Yuan Liou Dr
Lam Wing Onn Dr
Lan Medical Clinic & Surgery
Laser Acupuncture Centre
Lasik Club Pte Ltd
Lau Chee Chong Dr
Lau Clinic & Surgery
Lau Kah Yong
Lau Kwok Nam Dr
Lauren Vein Centre (S) Pte Ltd
Lavender Dental Clinic
Lavender Medical Clinic
Law Ngai Mun Dr
LD Heart Clinic
Le Mint's Pte Ltd
Lean T H Dr
Lee & Associates Dentalcare
Lee & Koh Family Clinic
Lee & Lee (Dental Surgeons) Pte Ltd
Lee & Ong Dental Surgeons Dr
Lee & Tan Family Clinic & Surgery
Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home
Lee Boon Teck Dr
Lee Chuin Wee Dr
Lee Chung Horn Diabetes & Endocrinology
Lee Clinic
Lee Clinic & Surgery
Lee Clinic & Surgery
Lee Clinic For Women & Surgery Pte Ltd
Lee David Y K Dr
Lee Dental Surgery
Lee Dispensary
Lee Hiang Kee
Lee Hoon Hwee
Lee Huiling Anaesthesiologist Pte Ltd
Lee Kim Leong Acupunture Centre
Lee Kok Wah Dr
Lee Medical Associates
Lee Ngak Siang Dr
Lee Pheng Hui Brian Dr
Lee S Clinic
Lee Siew Hua Dr
Lee Siew King Dr
Lee Theng Koon Chinese Medical & Acupuncture Centre
Lee Victor Dr
Lee Vincent Yun Tshan Dr
Lee Weng Soon
Lee Women's Clinic & Surgery
Lee-Ho Dental Surgery
Lee's Acupuncture Treatment Centre
Leo Magan Speech Sanctuary Pte Ltd
Leonard Koh Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormone Practice
Leong Clinic
Leong Clinic & Surgery
Leong Dennis Dr
Leong Dental Surgeons
Leong Eye Clinic & Surgery
Leong Hoo Kwong Dr
Leong Joo Kee & Partners
Leong Keng Hong Arthritis & Medical Clinic
Leong Kwai Yin Noel Dr
Leong Sou Fong Rosslyn Dr
Leong Yoong Onn Lawrence Dr
Ler Clinic & Surgery
Leslie Kuek Plastic Surgery Pte Ltd
Lew Clinic
Li Chung Shing Tong (S) Pte Ltd
Li Chung Tai Trevor Dr
Li Dental Centre Pte Ltd
Li Kai Wa
Li Kang Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Hall
Li Man Kay Urology Associates Pte Ltd
Li Rong
Li Ye Chinese Medical Hall
Li Yuan Beauty & Healthcare Centre
Lian Cheng Chinese Medical Hall
Lian Clinic
Liang Clinic
Liao Ning Chinese Therapy Centre
Licon Chinese Physician Service Centre
Lien Clinic For Women
Lien Li Choo Dr
Liew & Koh Dental Surgery
Liew Chinese Physician Dispensary
Liew Clinic
Liew Clinic & Surgery
Liew Nam Yih Frank Dr
Liew Vern-Syn Kenneth Dr
Liew Yow Ming Dr
Life Acupuncture & Medical Pte Ltd
Life Care Clinic
Life Clinic
Life Inc Pte Ltd
Life Spring Medical Clinic
Lifecare Chinese Medical Centre
Lifecare Family Clinic & Surgery
Lifecare Medical Centre
Lifeinc. Group Ltd
Lifeline Bukit Panjang Medical Clinic
Lifeline Fernvale Medical Clinic Pte Ltd
Lifeline Loyang Point Medical Clinic & Surgery
LifeLine Medical Centre
Lifeline Medical Group Pte Ltd  
Lifeline Medical Group Sengkang Pte Ltd
Lifeline Medical Group-CCK
Lifeline Neighbourhood Medical Clinic
Lifeline Punggol Medical Clinic
Lifeline Yishun Ring Medical Clinic
Lifelink 24hrs Clinic & Surgery
Lifelink Clinic & Surgery
Lifesprings Family Clinic
Lighthouse Clinic & Surgery
Lightstreams Chiropractic Care Pte. Ltd.
Lih Ching Medical Hall
Lily Aw Pasir Ris Family Clinic & Surgery
Lim & Khoo Drs
Lim Beng Liang
Lim Chee Chong Lionel Dr
Lim Chin Hin Dr
Lim Chye Tiat
Lim Clinic
Lim Clinic & Surgery
Lim Country Clinic
Lim Dental Surgery
Lim Ear Nose & Throat Surgery
Lim Ee Koon Dr
Lim Gee Hong Acupunture Clinic
Lim George Dr
Lim Gordon Dr
Lim Hang Joey
Lim Hoe & Wong Drs Pte Ltd
Lim Hong Meng
Lim Hsiu Lien Dr
Lim K A OMS Surgery Pte Ltd
Lim Kah Beng Dr
Lim Keng Chye David
Lim Kian Chong Gerald
Lim Kim Tong Dentist
Lim Kwan How Chinese Physician
Lim Medical & Acupuncture Clinic
Lim Medical Clinic
Lim Ngee Huat Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Therapy Centre
Lim Seok Cheng Sabrina
Lim Shun Ping Dr
Lim Siew Yin Dr
Lim Sin Keong
Lim Siong Lian Dr
Lim Wee How Dr
Lim Yeok Teck Ted Dr
Lim's Dentist
Lin & Sons Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd
Lin Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Centre
Linc Aesthetic Clinic Pte Ltd
Ling Chaw Ming Dr
Liow Siew Choon
Lip Kiang Chinese Physician & Medical Co
Lit Sing Medical & Acupuncture Clinic
Little Cross Family Clinic
Liu China Chinese Traditional Treatment Centre
Liu Tsun Tsien Dr
Liu Wei Ying
Liu Yuezhi
Liw Cheh Kim
LL Cheong Skin & Laser Clinic
Lo Mun San Dr
Lo Song Leng Dentist
Logos Dental Surgery
Loh Clinic
Loh Dental Surgery
Loh Fun Chee & Associates
Loh Kai Woh Dental Clinic
Loh Keh Chuan Diabetes Thyroid & Hormone Clinic
Loh Kok Kit Dr
Loh Poey Ling Dr
Loh Robert C K Dr
Loh Soo Ann
Loh Yee Phong
Loi & Wong Clinic & Surgery
Lok Clinic & Surgery
Lok Dentist
Loke & Ng Dental Surgery
Loke K F Gloria Dr
Loke Kah Leong Dr
Loke Sau Jun Dr
Loke Skin Clinic Pte Ltd
London (M H) Clinic
Loo Kwai Seng
Loo Leong Sie Medical Hall
Looi Kwok Meng Dr
Looi Surgery Pte Ltd
Look Zhen Chih
Loong Clinic
Loong Fatt Chinese Physician
Loukas Medical Associates Pte Ltd
Low & Lee Clinic & Surgery
Low Cardiology Clinic
Low Lai Ping
Low Lip Ping Dr
Low Medical Clinic
Low Surgical Clinic Pte Ltd
Loy Khai Kow Dentist
Loyang Medical Centre
LS Medical & Aesthetic Centre
Lu_Ally Dental Surgery
Lua Clinic & Surgery
Lui Pao Shun Dr
Luke Mesenas Dental Surgery
Lum Clinic & Surgery
Luo Xu Chinese Traditional Medicine
Lyen Children's Clinic Pte Ltd
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