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Singapore Restaurants List & Catering Companies List - P

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Singapore Restaurants List & Catering Companies List - P
ans love food and Singapore food companies and Singapore Restaurants love Singaporeans as well as the millions of people who visit the Island every year. Visitors, and expats, can have a taste of home as well as having the choice of virtually every cuisine represented in Singapore. So whether your choice is Thai Food or Taiwanese Food, Vegetarian Food or Vietnamese Food or even Vegetarian Vietnamese Food your plate will never be empty in Singapore.

Singapore Food & Singapore Catering Companies
Singapore Restaurants
Featured Singapore Restaurants & Catering Companies List - P
Pariss International Seafood Buffet Restaurant Singapore
infuses modern construction art with good food and wine to bring out the beauty and harmony of Paris, the City of Lights. When our Chefs wave their skilled hands to create the dishes, we will bring your 5 senses to new heights: which are your Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and most importantly, Feeling. Through our dishes, they will most certainly convey the happiness, delight and joy that is around you.
Pasta Stylo Restaurant Singapore
Italian Restaurant in Singapore
Pizzeria Mozza
Pizzeria Mozza, located at Marina Bay Sands. It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore for gourmet pizza and we think some of the best pizza in Singapore that we've tasted
Prima Revolving Restaurant Singapore
Serving Peking Duck
Singapore Restaurants & Catering Companies Directory A-Z
P P Food & Entertainment Pte Ltd
Padang Palace Restaurant Pte Ltd
Paddyfields Restaurant & Bar
Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant Pte Ltd
Palms Development Pte Ltd
Pang's Management Service
Pangolin Investments Pte Ltd
Pantai Seafood Village Pte. Ltd.
Pao Pao Mun Ting Xiang Pte Ltd
Papi (Mohamed Sultan) Pte Ltd
Papilion Pte Ltd
Paradise On Earth Pte Ltd
Park 10 Pte Ltd
Parklane Deli House
Pasir Park Food House Pte Ltd
Pasta Talk Pte Ltd
Pasza House Of Pasta & Pizza
Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore Pte. Ltd.
PDK Shenaz Hotels Pte. Ltd
Peach Garden Pte Ltd
Peach Garden Restaurant Pte Ltd
Peacock Restaurant & Bar Pte Ltd
Penang Kitchen Pte Ltd
Penta Asia Food Llp
Perdana Restaurant Pte Ltd
Pesto N Pine Pte Ltd
Petite Nouilles Pte Ltd
PHO House Restaurant
Phoenix Garden Restaurant
Pier Investment Pte Ltd
Pieter Hendrikus Joosten
Pizza De France Pte Ltd
Pizza Pazza Pte Ltd
Pizza Pazza Restaurant Pte Ltd
Pizzeria Giardino
Poison Ivy Restaurant
Polesnaya Restaurant Pte Ltd
Pondok Teh Tarik Pte Ltd
Ponggol Choon Seng (Greenwood) Pte Ltd
Poolside Cafe & Restaurant
Poon Resources Pte Ltd
Por Kee Eating House 1996
Porridge Battalion Pte Ltd
Porta Porta Catering
Portobelle Restaurant
Pot Luck Cuisine
Pow Sing Pte Ltd
Prata & Prata Pte Ltd
Prata Cafe
Prima Harvest Pte Ltd
Prince Porridge House
Prosperous Kitchen
Pu Tien Kitchen Pte Ltd
Pu Tien Restaurant Pte Ltd
Pu Tien Seafood Restaurant Pte Ltd
Pu Xin Restaurant Pte Ltd
Punjab Da Dhaba-Indian Dhaba Style Cuisine
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