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Singapore Paper Companies List

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Singapore Paper Companies List
Singapore has several large paper manufacturers of general paper products like copier paper, wrapping paper and paper packaging materials. In addition there are hundreds of small and medium sized Singapore manufacturers that churn out thousands of paper handicrafts made from paper like umbrellas, fans, lamps & lanterns as well as handcraft paper. There are also hundreds of Singapore trading companies who concentrate either entirely or partially on paper and stationery products.

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Featured Singapore Paper Companies List
A & K Packaging & Design Singapore Printer designs and prints and custom-manufactures boxes, cartons, paper carrier bags, plastic carrier bags, printed tapes, printed satin, printed cotton materials, hanging mobiles, posters, leaflets, flyers, folders, memo pads, labels and corporate literature.
Advance Carton Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Company Manufacturers of Corrugated Boxes, Fibre Boxes, Cardboard Packaging, Corrugated Cartons & Fibre Containers
Advance Paper Box Singapore Packaging Manufacturer of Paper Boxes, Paper Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Paper, Advance Paper Box provides a full range of packaging products and services, die-cutting, lamination services and UV coating services.
AHF Industries Singapore Paper Company Suppliers of Paper Products,  Paper  Manufacturers, Paper Wholesalers, Paper Distributors
Ahlstrom Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Machinery Company Suppliers of Paper Machinery, Paper Equipment, Paper Supplies, Paper & Pulp Mill Equipment & Supplies
Aik Cheong Mfy (Pte) Ltd Singapore Paper Boxes Manufacturers, Paper Packaging Manufacturers, Paper Packaging Wholesalers, Paper Packaging Distributors
Al-Pack Paper Industries Singapore Paper Company, Paper Manufacturers, Paper Wholesalers, Paper Distributors, Paper Packaging
Alex Stationery Singapore Stationery Company Suppliers of Stationery Supplies, Office Supplies, Office Equipment
Alliance Paper & Board Products Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Company, Paper Packaging Company Suppliers of Paper Products, Cardboard Packaging, Paper Equipment & Paper Supplies
Andoman Trading & Shipping Company Company Singapore Paper Trading Company, Manufacturers of Paper and Paper Products
Antalis (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Merchants and Printing Supplies Company Suppliers of Printing Hints services, Printing services, Office Services, Visual Communication Services
APPA (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Business Services Company Suppliers of A4 Copy Paper, Warehouse Storage Service, Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent, Distributor, Wholesaler, Business Services, Transportation, finance, travel, Advertising
Art Paper Bag Company Singapore Packaging Company suppliers of Paper Bags, Packaging, Gift Boxes, Custom-made Paper Bags, Name Cards, Paper Gift Boxes, Plain Paper Bags
Artcraft Communication Sdn Bhd Singapore Greeting Cards Manufacturers, Greeting Cards Wholesalers, Greeting Cards Distributor
Atlas Paper Products (Pte) Ltd Singapore Paper Packaging Company Suppliers of Corrugated Cartons And Boards, Offset Printing Boxes, Paper Products
Auling Ventures Singapore Plc We are a China, Singapore joint venture involved in the development and marketing of tea and coffee filter paper. Suppliers of  Heat Seal Tea bags, Filter Papers
Balley Paper Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Distributors Suppliers of White and Coloured Copy Papers for use in Copiers, Inkjet Printers, Laser and Fax machines; Tissues in Jumbo Roll packing, Facial Box Tissue, M-Fold Hand Towels, Toilet Roll Tissues, Handkerchief and Pocket Tissues, Kitchen Towels, Paper Napkins
Ban Ker & Son Pte Ltd Singapore Business Equipment Company Suppliers of Computer Peripherals Computer Accessories, Office Equipment, Security Products, Cash Registers & Supplies, Touch Screen Point Of Sales Solution For Hospitality And Retail Industry, Wireless Hand Held Operating Systems, Paper Rolls & Ribbons, Cash Registers, Bar Code Supplies
Besley & Pike (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Stationery Company Suppliers of Paper Products, Envelopes Manufacturer, Stationery Supplies
Bosny Industries Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Corrugated Boxes, Fibre Boxes, Corrugated Packaging,  Fibre Packaging
BP Packaging Manufacturing Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Manufacturer Suppliers of offset display boxes and corrugated cartons for electronics, gift and food & beverages companies; paper printing, die cutting, gluing boxes
BSS (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Paper Cups, Plastic Cups, Plastic Containers, Plastic Packaging, Paper Packaging, Plastic Utensils
Buckman Laboratories (Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Chemicals Laboratory Services Company dealing with  Paper Chemicals, Leather Chemicals. Serving the pulp & paper, water treatment, leather, and performance chemical industries.
Cellmark Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of Newsprint Paper, Paper Merchants, Paper Products, Pulp Products. Full spectrum of papers, including newsprint, supercalendared, coated groundwood, coated freesheet, and a variety of paperboards for graphic use. It also provides converted paper products and rewinding services, as well as a full print services.
Chang Huat Plastic Goods Supplier Singapore Suppliers of Aluminum Foil, Disposable Paper Cups, Disposable Paper Tableware, Foil Products, Metal Foil, Paper Plates, Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Chee Teck Paper Industry Singapore Manufactures of Tube Taping Machines, Carrier Tape Embosing Machines, PS Sheet Cover Tapes, Interleaving Paper, Paper Reels, Plastic Reels, Trays, Taping Services, Carrier Tapes, Moulds
Chin Giap Soon Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Products Trading Company Suppliers of Paper Bags, Disposable Paper Cups, Paper Cores, Paper Plates, Paper Labels, Paper Towels, Paper Wipes, Disposable Paper Tableware, Paper Cores, Paper Plates, Paper Products, Paper Tags, Paper Towels, Paper Wipes
Choon Seng Paper Box Manufacturers Singapore Paper Packaging Company Suppliers of Paper Boxes, Paper Package Materials, Packaging Materials, Paper Packaging, Paper Boxes
Chuan Ann Paper Products Singapore Manufacturer of Paper Sheets, Kraft Paper. Manufacture of paper products; import/export of paper and paper sheeting
Chuan Hoe Hin & Co Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Bags, Package Materials, Packaging Materials, Paper Bags, Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Chuan How Hin & Co Singapore Plastic Packaging Company Suppliers of Transparent Bags, Plastic Package Materials, Plastic Packaging Materials, Plastic Bags, Transparent Packaging Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products
Ciestco Trading Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Supplies Company Suppliers of Adhesive Tapes, Caulking Guns, Gummed Paper Sealing Tapes, Labeling Services, Labels, Masking Tapes, Packaging Film, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Materials, Packaging Tapes
Cintas Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore Packaging Company Suppliers of Plastic Bags, Package Materials, Packaging Materials, Paper Merchants, Paper Agents , Paper Products, Plastic Bags, Plastic Products, Polyethylene Bags, Polyethylene Carriers, Polyethylene Sacks, Polyethylene Products, Polypropylene Bags
Fabio Perini Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Paper Machinery Company Suppliers of Facial Tissues, Paper Machines, Paper Machinery, Paper Converting Machines, Paper Merchants, Paper Agents, Paper Mill Equipment, Paper Products, Sanitary Towels
Singapore Paper Companies Directory A-Z

A & K Packaging & Design
Abdul Jabbar b Mohd Abu Bakkar
Ability Graphics Pte Ltd
Accord Mfg Industries Pte Ltd
Ace Global Ventures Pte Ltd
Ace Paper Pte Ltd
Achieve Print N Pack Pte Ltd
Actan (M) Sdn Bhd
ACTC Translation Centre (Singapore)
Active Paper Board Pte Ltd
Adampak Ltd
Adiwarna Industries Pte Ltd
Advance Paper Box
Aeon Incense Shop
Affymetrix Pte Ltd
Agence France Presse
Ah Seng Joss Products Co
Ah Tee Paper Box
Ahf Industries
Ahlstrom Pte Ltd
Aik Che Hiong
Aik Cheong Mfy (Pte) Ltd
Aik Choon Heong
Aik Seng Heong
Aio Services Pte Ltd
Ait Pte Ltd
Al-Pack Paper Industries
Aladdin Refreshing Towel & Trading Pte Ltd
Alliance Paper & Board Products Pte Ltd
Alpha Paper Products (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Alpine Trading Corporation
Amax Systems Services
Amigo Papers Pte Ltd
Anderson Junior College
Andoman Trading & Shipping Co. Pte Ltd
Ang Hong Thye
Ang Hup Hang
Ang Peng Ngin
Antalis (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Antara Koh Private Limited
Anthony Furnisshen Pte Ltd
APPA (Singapore) Pte Ltd
April Fine Paper Trading Pte Ltd
Arona Industrial Products Pte Ltd
Art N I
Art Paper Bag Co
Art Zone Pte Ltd
Artpoint Advtg Design Co
Asahi Chemical (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Asahi Shimbun International Pte Ltd
Asia Bag (S) Pte Ltd
Asia City Publishing Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Publishing Pte Ltd
Asia Paper & Stationery Pte Ltd
Asia Paper Marketing Pty Ltd
Asia Pulp & Paper Co Ltd
Asia Recycling Resources Pte Ltd
Asiapap One Pte Ltd
Asiatic Sunrise Pte Ltd
Asiawide Print Holdings Pte Ltd
Aspen Pulp & Paper Pte Ltd
Atlas Paper Products (Pte) Ltd
Auling Ventures Singapore Plc
Automated Posco
Automated Products & Marketing
Av Labeling Solutions (Singapore) Pte Ltd
AVSH Trading
Ayida Enterprise Pte Ltd
Balley Paper Pte Ltd
BB Stationery Supplies
Bestever Paper Products Pte Ltd
Blossom Paper Products Pte Ltd
BPU Corrosion Management Pte Ltd
Bronzee Hensa Paper Products Pte Ltd

Cellmark Asia Pte Ltd
Chian Jin Paper Products Industries
Chin Giap Soon Trading Pte Ltd
City Paper Enterprise
Com Work Services Enterprise
Convertrade Pte Ltd
Cubix Marketing Pte Ltd
Daiei Papers (S A) Pte Ltd
Daisy Paper Cups & Wooden Sticks Co
Elof Hansson Singapore Pte Ltd
ES-Mik Pte Ltd
Falcon Paper Products (S) Pte Ltd
Fiberinc Pte Ltd
First Choice Services & Commission Agent
Forbes Paper Pte Ltd
Golden Star Paper Products
Gosei Enterprises
Heisei Paper Products (S) Pte Ltd
Hentexco Interpap
Hi-Rise Paper Products Pte Ltd
Hiap Ann
Ichiban Paper Imports Pte Ltd
Intrapac Trading (S) Pte Ltd
K-Excel Pte Ltd
Khian Seng Heng Paper Products Co
Khor Lee Paper Box
Kooka Paper Products Pte Ltd
Liu Printing & Paper Box
Lonsing Packaging Industries Pte Ltd
Low Choan Huat Paper Products
Mitindo Singapore Pte Ltd
Mondi Packaging Paper Sales Asia Pte Ltd
MTM Graphics
New Centre Pte. Ltd.
Novel Product Marketing
Ocean Marketing Agency Pte Ltd
Onwards Paper Products (S) Pte Ltd
Opava Calendar & Diary Supplies
Ozax Singapore Corpn Pte. Ltd.
Ozu Corpn
Packrite (S) Pte Ltd
Paper People
Papermark Pte Ltd
Pheng Hoon Honeycomb Paper Products Pte Ltd
Polymer Office Supplies
Powerpac Paper Products Pte Ltd
Prints Design Pte. Ltd.
Rental Hygiene Services Pte Ltd
Robertson Paper Pte Ltd
Roltech Pte Ltd
Seng Huat Packaging Pte Ltd
Shinsei Pulp & Paper (S) Pte. Ltd.
Soh Hup Huat Joss Paper Dealer
Soon Bee Seng Paper Products
South Industrade Packaging Pte Ltd
South Island Paper Co
Star Shine Paper & Stationary Biz
Stor(Ag)e Pte Ltd
Sunlight Paper Products (Pte) Ltd
Suparindo Paper Pte Ltd
Tagsun Pte Ltd
Tai Sun Paper Products Pte Ltd
Taisin Paper (S) Pte Ltd
Teckwah Industrial Corpn Ltd
Tele-Papers Pte. Ltd.
The Goodtree Co Pte Ltd
The Paper Bag Co Pte Ltd
Theen Seng Paper Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Timothy Paper House
U-Grade Paper Products Pte Ltd
Wen Sing Service & Trading
Weyerhaeuser (Asia) Ltd Singapore Representative
Whitefields Trading Pte Ltd
Win-Mark Marketing Services
WPP Distribution Pte Ltd
Singapore Paper Products
A4-Copy Paper Manufacturer, Address Books, Adult Incontinence Products, Airmail Envelopes, Announcement Cards, Art Papers, Artificial Flowers Made From Paper, Artificial Flowers Sa Paper, Artificial Parchment Flowers, Artificial Plants, Biodegradable Disposable Tableware, Blank Notecards, Blister Cards, Bond Papers, Book Arts Papers, Booklet Envelopes, Bookmark Paper, Bookmarks, Boxed Stationery, Bromide Paper, Business Mailing Envelopes, Calligraphy Papers, Carbon Paper, Carbonless Copying Paper Products, Carbonless Paper, Cardstock, Carton Boxes, Carton Inner Boxes, Christmas Note Pads, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Paper Craft, Cigarette Papers, Coasters, Coated Papers, Coating Papers, Commercial Printing Papers, Computer Forms, Computer Paper, Computer Printing Paper, Converting Papers, Copying Paper, Core Paper, Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Cartons, Corrugated Paper, Corrugated Paper Boxes, Corrugated Paperboard, Cotton Fiber Paper, Craft Card And Paper, Craft Paper, Craft Paper Boxes, Craft Paper Lanterns, Craft Paper Mache, Craft Paper Suppliers, Craft Paper Supply, Craft Recipe Paper, Desk Calendars, Display Boxes, Disposable Diapers, Doyleys, Drawing Paper, Embroidered Paper, Envelopes, Environmentally Friendly Recycled Paper, Exclusive Design Paper, Facial Tissues, Fancy Papers, Fax Paper, Feminine Napkins, Floral Paper, Floral Wrap, Foil-Lined Envelopes, Folding Boxes, Folding Christmas Tree Ornaments, Food Packaging, Food Wraps, Fun Design Papers, Garlands, Gift Boxes, Gift Certificates, Gift Paper, Gift Wrap, Green Card, Green Cardboard, Green Gift Wrapping, Green Packaging, Green Paper Bags, Green Paper, Greeting Cards, Halloween Paper Craft, Hand Made Paper, Hand Made Paper Journals, Hand Made Paper Stationary, Handmade Greeting Cards, Handmade Notebooks, Handmade Mulberry Papers, Handmade Paper, Handmade Scrapbook Paper, Handwrapped Artificial Flowers, Hanging Calendars, Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes, Holiday Invitation Sets, Holiday Note Sets, Holy Paper, Importers Of Paper, Industrial Papers, Ink Jet Papers, Inkjet Papers, Japanese Origami Papers, Japanese Paper, Journals, Kid Paper Craft, Kraft Paper, Kraft Paper Bags, Kraft Paper Board, Kraft Paper Labels, Kraft Paper Rolls, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags, Kraft Paper Tapes, Kraft Papers, Kraft Wrapping Paper, Lace Paper, Laminated Labels, Lamps With Shades Made From Mulberry Paper, Laser Ink Jet Compatible, Leaflets, Letter Sets, Lokta Paper, Magazines, Mailing Labels, Manufacturers of Printing Paper, Manufacturer of Pulp Mould Products, Marbled Paper, Medium Paper, Memos, Metallic Paper, Mulberry (Saa) Paper Handicrafts, Mulberry (Saa) Paper Products, Mulberry (Saa) Paper Sheets, Mulberry Envelopes, Mulberry Invitation Envelopes, Mulberry Paper, Mulberry Paper (Saa) Boxes, Mulberry Paper (Saa) Lamps, Mulberry Paper Artificial Birds, Mulberry Paper Bags, Mulberry Paper Boxes, Mulberry Paper Flowers Handwrapped, Mulberry Paper Gift Bags, Mulberry Paper Gift Boxes, Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards, Mulberry Paper Jewelry Boxes, Mulberry Paper Journals, Mulberry Paper Lampshades, Mulberry Paper Manufacturers, Mulberry Paper Notebooks, Mulberry Paper Photo Albums, Mulberry Paper Photo Frames, Mulberry Paper Products, Mulberry Paper Storage Boxes, Mullbery Paper Manufacturer, Name Cards, Newsprint, Notebooks, One-Time Carbon Paper, Opp Wrap, Origami Paper Crafts, Packaging, Painting Papers, Paper Blueprint, Paper Art Craft, Paper Artificial Flowers, Paper Bags, Paper Blinds, Paper Boards, Paper Boxes, Paper Christmas Crafts, Paper Cloth, Paper Coating, Paper Collage, Paper Cores, Paper Craft Origami, Paper Craft Supply, Paper Crafts, Paper Cups, Paper Cutting Crafts, Paper Doll Crafts, Paper Envelopes, Paper Fans, Paper Coffee Filters, Paper Flower Crafts, Paper Flowers, Paper Folding Crafts, Paper Garbage Bags, Paper Grocery Bags, Paper Hand Fans, Paper In Rolls, Paper Krafts, Paper Laminate, Paper Lanterns, Paper Mache, Paper Mache Craft Boxes, Paper Mache Recipe Crafts, Paper Masking Tape, Paper Model Toys, Paper Mulberry, Paper Napkins, Paper Pallets, Paper Plate Craft, Paper Plates, Paper Retail Carrier Bags, Paper Rice Sticks, Paper Rolls, Paper Sticks, Paper Towels, Paper Toys, Paper Tubes, Paper Twist Crafts, Paper Yard Bags, Paperboard, Papermaking Kits, Parchment Papers, Partyware, Photo Albums, Photocopy Paper, Photographic Paper, Pineapple Leaf Paper, Plain Paper Posters, Printable Paper Crafts, Printed Card Board Paper Boxes, Printed Matter, Printing And Paper Forms, Printing Paper, Publication Papers, Pure Kraft Paper, Recycled Organic Paper, Recycled Papers, Repair & Restoration Papers, Ribbed Kraft Paper, Rice Paper, Roll Paper, Sa Paper Notebooks, Sa Paper Photo Albums, Sa Paper Products, Sa Paper Stationery, Saa Paper Bags, Saa Paper Boxes, Saa Paper Gift Bags, Saa Paper Greeting Cards, Saa Paper Journals, Saa Paper Notebooks, Saa Paper Photo Albums, Saa Paper Photo Frames, Saa Paper Products, Saa Papers, Sand Paper, Scrapbooks, Security Papers, Serviettes, Shopping Bags, Shopping Craft Paper, Silk Paper, Silkscreen Paper, Skeleton Leaves Paper, Solid Colors Paper, Stamp Albums, Stationery Envelopes, Stationery Products, Stationery Sets, Sticker Labels, Suedepaper, Table Napkins, Textured Paper, Tissue Paper, Tissue Paper Crafts, Toilet Paper, Toilet Rolls, Toilet Tissue, Transfer Paper, Transform Paper, Translucent Vellum Envelopes, Tree Free Paper, Unique Handmade Products, Vase Note Pad, Vellum Paper, Veneer Paper, Wall Coverings, Wallpaper, Waste Paper, Wedding Invitation Paper, Wholesale Handmade Paper

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