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Fabio Perini Singapore Pte Ltd - Facial Tissues, Paper Machines, Paper Machinery, Paper Merchants, Paper Agents, Paper Mill Equipment, Paper Products


Fabio Perini Singapore Pte Ltd
Address: 6 Temasek Boulevard, #03-05 Suntec Tower 4
Singapore 038986
Tel: (65) 6836-9298
Fax: (65) 6836-9296
Categories: Paper, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Industrial Supplies, Industrial Services
Company Profile:
Facial Tissues, Paper Machines, Paper Machinery, Paper Converting Machines, Paper Merchants, Paper Agents, Paper Mill Equipment, Paper Products, Sanitary Towels

Specialists in machinery for the tissue industry.
The Fabio Perini companies -- with the brands Fabio Perini and Casmatic are leading producers of tissue converting and packaging machinery.

The production of the Fabio Perini companies focuses on: semi-automatic to fully
automatic toilet roll and kitchen towel lines; entry-level segment lines with the Concept X range of machinery that represents the ideal solution for the production needs of emerging markets; industrial roll lines; reconditioning and commercializing of pre-owned tissue converting and packaging equipment (Vintage division); design and manufacture of embossing rolls (Engraving division); fully automatic packaging systems for tissue products (rolls, table napkins and inter-folded towels); turnkey solutions and systems to control and supervise complete lines for the optimization of production performance.

The Fabio Perini companies' products enable you to convert and wrap a variety of tissue materials with ease, efficiency, flexibility and at the speed you need. In
combination with the products of other Körber Process Solutions companies, we can build and support your entire line, from converting to packaging and through to palletizing.

Household towels & Toilet rolls
The machine categories described in the following pages cover toilet roll and kitchen towel converting and packaging lines. The production process includes the unwinding, rewinding, accumulating, log saw units and the packaging equipment such as wrapping, banding, bundling with various diverters and handlers.

Printing Units
Tail Sealers
Log Loaders
Log Saws
Flying Splice
Concept X

Table Napkins
Obtain high quality and high productivity at the same time. Our machinery for wrapping confers added value to folded products such as table napkins, handkerchiefs and towels.

Inter-folded Towels
Our reliable wrapping machinery gives you the combination of speed, efficiency and flexibility required to excel in today’s market.

Industrial Rolls
Machinery designed to satisfy the Away-from-Home market. Reliable, flexible
production and packaging systems and end-product quality.

Embossing Solutions
Design and manufacture of embossing rolls dedicated to tissue production.

Pre-owned machinery
The Vintage department offers high-value reconditioned Fabio Perini and Casmatic brand machines.

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