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Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Companies List - L

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Singapore Building Contractors List - L
From the largest Singapore infrastructure projects to small scale house and apartment renovations Singapore building contractors, construction companies, interior designers and renovation consultants play a vital role. Some of the building companies and construction consultancies listed below are large multi national corporations. Most are small enterprises employing maybe a handful of skilled workers. All however are responsible for shaping the Singapore we know today and the offices, homes and flats we live and work in every day.

Singapore Building Contractors
Featured Singapore Construction Contractors List - L
Singapore Building Contractors Directory A-Z
L & K JV Apex Glass Construction Pte Ltd
L & L Consultants Singapore
L & M Foundation Specialist Pte Ltd
L C H Construction & Trading Pte Ltd
L K Ang Construction Pte Ltd
L K Reno Contractor
L S Construction Pte Ltd
L T H Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
L.A.K. Construction Pte Ltd
La Belle Building & Contract
La Construction Pte Ltd
Labcon Contractor Pte Ltd
Lai & Wong Enterprise Pte Ltd
Lai Aik Leong
Lai Feng Construction Pte Ltd
Lai Guan Building Construction Company Singapore
Lai Liang Construction Pte Ltd
Lai Soon Plumbing & Sanitary Contractor Singapore
Lai Yew Seng Pte Ltd
Lai's Renovation & Contractor
Lakeshore Pte Ltd
Lam & Loke Tiling Contractor Company Singapore
Lam Built Construction Pte Ltd
Lam Chee Holdings Pte Ltd
Lam Chuan Construction Pte Ltd
Lam Heng Metal & Marketing Pte Ltd
Lam Hwa Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
Lam Sai Engineering Works
Lamech Engineering & Construction Works
Lanco Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd
Land Resources Builders Pte Ltd
Landart Pte Ltd
Landdeal International Pte Ltd
Landt Pte Ltd
Larryann Construction Co
Laser B Air-Conditioning Engineering
Law Project Management Pte Ltd
Lawson Painting Specialist Singapore
LBE Engineering Pte Ltd
LC Chua Consulting Engineers
LC United Pte Ltd
Lead Builders Pte Ltd
Lead Management Engineering & Construction
Leads Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
Lean Hin Lee Contractor & Trading Pte Ltd
Lean Shen Development Pte Ltd
Leck Seng Engineering Pte Ltd
Lectrol M&E Engineering Company Singapore
Leda Engineering & Trading
Lee Ah Hoo Sub-Contractor
Lee Ann Electrical & Plumbing Pte Ltd
Lee Boon Seng
Lee Choon Construction & Trading Company Singapore
Lee Choon Huat Construction & Engineering Pte
Lee Construction Pte Ltd
Lee Fong Construction Engineering Company Singapore
Lee Han Leng
Lee Hong Construction Co (Pte) Ltd
Lee Hong Lee Construction Pte Ltd
Lee Jee Suan
Lee Khiok Tuan General Contractor Company Singapore
Lee Kim Tah (Pte) Ltd
Lee Kok Bing Building Construction Company Singapore
Lee Seng Woodwork Industry Singapore
Lee Wai Hay
Lee Yong Hong
Leeco Electrical & Plumbing Company Singapore
Leeong Pte Ltd
Legatus Formworks Pte Ltd
Legend Construction Co
Lego Electrical
Leighton Contractors (S) Pte Ltd
Lek San Construction Pte Ltd
Lend Lease Asia Holdings Pte Ltd
Leng Consultants
Leng Ee Construction Pte Ltd
Leng Hua Sand Blasting (Stone & Marble)
Leng Song Hwa
Leong Ann Plumbing Service Company Singapore
Leong Choon Building Contractor & Trading
Leong Electrical & Plumbing Engineering Pte Ltd
Leong Hin Huat Contractor Pte Ltd
Leong Hin Piling (Pte) Ltd
Leong Hup Lee Construction Trading Co Pte Ltd
Leong Kok Contractor Company Singapore
Leong Poh Construction Pte Ltd
Leong Siew Weng Engineering Pte Ltd
Leong Steel Work Pte Ltd
Lew & Lee Engineering Construction Pte Ltd
Ley Choon Constructions & Engineering Pte Ltd
LF Construction Pte Ltd
LF Kong Bros Engineering Company Singapore
LH Chua Design & Renovation Company Singapore
Li Tat Leong General Construction
Lian Beng Construction (1988) Pte Ltd
Lian Beng Engineering & Machinery Pte Ltd
Lian Chen Construction & Engineering
Lian Heng General Contractor
Lian Hoe Heng Hardware & Renovation Enterprise
Lian Keh Huat Renovation Contractor Singapore
Lian Leong General Contractor Singapore
Lian San Interior Decoration Pte Ltd
Lian Shing Construction Co Pte Ltd
Lian Soon Construction Pte Ltd
Lian Tat Plumbing Installation
Lian Teck Construction Pte Ltd
Lian Yew Huat Engineering Construction Pte Ltd
Liang & How Contractor Pte Ltd
Liang & Liang Interior Pte Ltd
Liang Jie Construction Pte Ltd
Liansheng Engineering Pte Ltd
Liao Yu Hsiang
Liaw Chioe Chai Construction
Liberty Industries Pte Ltd
Lienta Engineering & Sanitary Works
Liew Chan Yee
Liew Strategics
Liew Tiling Contractor Singapore
Lifa Engineering Pte Ltd
Lik Kng Contractor
Lim & Tan Metal Works Pte Ltd
Lim Ah Choi
Lim Ban Dian Construction Pte Ltd
Lim Boon Bing Metal Work Construction Engineering
Lim Boon Ling
Lim Cheng Soon Construction Pte Ltd
Lim Chin San Contractors Pte Ltd
Lim Eng Seng
Lim Keenly Builders Pte Ltd
Lim Kim Bock Electric & Plumber Service
Lim Kim Cheong Consultants Singapore
Lim Kim Huat Building Construction Pte Ltd
Lim Kim Teng Builders Singapore
Lim Ming Son Construction
Lim Peow Thong
Lim Sin Kok Construction Company Singapore
Lim Sing Piling Pte Ltd
Lim Soon Meng
Lim Teck Yong Building Construction Pte Ltd
Lim Thian Sek Contractor Pte Ltd
Lim Wen Heng Construction Pte Ltd
Lim Yew Chuan
Lim Yong Tai
Limmax I.D. Pte Ltd
Lim's Star Decor & Design Trading Company Singapore
Lindeco Construction Company Singapore
Lindtrac Services Pte Ltd
Line Clear Maintenance Services Company Singapore
Lingam Plumbing Maintenance Company Singapore
Lion City Supplies Co
Lip Engineering & Enterprise
Lip Guan Construction Pte Ltd
Lip Kiong Construction Pte Ltd
Liu Ee Contractors & Trading Pte Ltd
Living Elements Pte Ltd
Living Master General Contractor
LKO Engineering Pte Ltd
Lloyd & Andrew Builders Pte Ltd
LMP Trading Pte Ltd
Lodestar Engineering Pte Ltd
Loh & Loh Construction (Pte) Ltd
Loh & Loh Constructions Sdn Bhd
Loh Bros (Pte) Ltd
Loh Sze Hup General Contractor Pte Ltd
Loh Tau Siang
London Construction Enterprise
Long Ah Seng
Long Rich Design & Renovation
Long Sian Trading Contractor Company Singapore
Longgrand Pte Ltd
Longsheng Engineering Pte Ltd
Longxiang Construction Pte Ltd
Louis Engineering Pte Ltd
Low Boon Leong Construction Pte Ltd
Low Keng Huat (S) Ltd
Loy Hwee Suan Building Construction Pte Ltd
LPJ Engineering & General Services Company Singapore
LPM Projects Pte Ltd
LPS Construction Pte Ltd
LPW Engineering & Construction Company Singapore
LS 2 Service Pte Ltd
LSA Contract Services Pte Ltd
LST Electrical Enterprise
LT Design & Built Pte Ltd
LTF Engineering Construction
Lubeca Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Luckson Aluminium & Glass Works
Lucky Crystal Construction & Trading
Lucky Joint Construction Pte Ltd
Lucky Twin Star Enteprrise
Luk Hup Renovation Contractor Singapore
Lum Chang Building Contractors Pte Ltd
LWY Consultants
Ly Enviromental Services Pte Ltd
LYC Construction Pte Ltd
Lympany Design Company Singapore
Singapore Building Contractors Services

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