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Singapore Landscape Designers Companies List

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Singapore Landscape Designers List
Singapore Landscape Designers, Landscape Architects. Fancy names for the fancy work provided by what was once known as Gardeners. Of course add the title 'Architect' or 'Designer' amd you can at least triple your hourly rates.

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Featured Singapore Landscape Designers List
Agropolis Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape Designers, Landscaping Contractors, Garden Landscapers
Amozonia Landscape Singapore Landscaping Contractors, Landscape Designers, Garden Landscapers
Ao Servicepro Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape Gardeners, Landscaping, Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Services
Aqua Works & Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Water Landscape Designers, Landscaping Contractors, Water Garden Landscapers
Artscapes & Water Gardens Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape Designers, Singapore Landscaping Contractors, Singapore Garden Landscapers
Asiabuild Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Singapore Construction Contractors Landscaping, Waterproofing Installation
Aspinwall Clouston Pte Ltd Singapore Environmental Consultants, Landscape Designers.  Landscape Garden Centre
AT & Besquip (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd Singapore Industrial Machinery, Industrial Equipment Company Suppliers of Landscaping Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Industrial Plant & Industrial Machinery
ATS Landscaping & Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Golf Course Landscaping Services
Bali Connection Bali Connection specialises in the design and production of stone artworks and the manufacture of custom-made furniture and accessories for both interior and land. Collaborating with Interior Design, Architects & Landscape companies in the region and beyond, Bali Connection produces a wide range of customised interior and hardscape products. Some of these include furniture, decorative and functional artworks and accessories for hotels, resorts, golf clubs, condominiums and residential sites.
Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape Designers, Landscaping Contractors, Garden Landscapers, Suppliers of Air Purifiers, Aquarium, BBQ's, Camping Equipment, Chemicals, Christmas Trees, Christmas Lighting, Festive Lighting, Doctor Fish Spa Systems, Floral Gifts, Bouquets, Wreaths, Fresh Flowers, Garden Furniture, Gardening Tools, Home Care, Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers, Indoor & Outdoor Wood Treatment, Mesh, Mosquito Control, Plant Stands, Playgrounds, Pots & Planter Boxes, Rubber Tiles, Tools (Hardware), Slab & Pebbles, Soil & Compost, Solar Lighting, Water Features, Plants
Barang Barang Interiors Pte Ltd Singapore Interior Decorators, Interior Decoration Contractors, Interior Designers. Outdoors, interior design services for residential, commercial and retail premises. Garden and landscaping design services, Design and manufacturing of furniture and furnishings, Contract manufacturing of wood products, Distributor of furnishing accessories and lifestyle products, Distributor of laminate floor boards
Bedok Garden Landscape Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Landscaping Company, Landscape Gardeners,  Building Contractors, Construction Contractors Suppliers of Nursery Plant Stock, Flowers, Plants
Bee Guan Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Construction Company, Interior Decoration, Civil Engineering, Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Renovation Contractors, Landscaping, Repairs & Redecoration
Bestcoat Contract Services Pte Ltd Singapore Waterproofing Contractors, Waterproofing Services, Landscaping, Contract Maintenance. Specialises in Acrylic waterproofing coatings, Polyurethane coatings, Cementitious waterproofing, PVC/ECB membranes, Torch-on membranes, Roof garden systems, Pressure grouting, Joint treatment, External wall waterproofing, Heat re-radiating coatings, Hybrid system, Supply of waterproofing materials
Boon Poh Refuse Disposal Pte Ltd Singapore Janitorial Services, Landscaping, Pest Control, Housekeeping, Cleaning Services
Brighton Maintenance & Cleaning Services Singapore Janitor Services, Logistics Support Company. Cleaning & maintenance for industrial & commercial buildings, hotels, condominiums, factories. Landscaping, shipchandler cleaning, repairing & engineering services. Transportation local delivery, house & office removal, stuffing & unstuffing container, labour supply.
BSQ Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape Maintenance & Construction Company, Turf Management, Grass Cutting, Horticulture Maintenance, Garden Maintenance, Tree Pruning and removal, ISA Arborist services, Arboriculture consultancy, Certified horticulturist
CA Facilities Pte Ltd Singapore Property Maintenance, Property Management Service Provider. Integrated Facilities Management, Cleaning Services, Landscaping Services, Managing Agents, Pest Control Systems, Security Services, Transportation Services, Waste Management Services, Engineering, Building Management Systems, Car park Management Systems, Electrical Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Lift Systems, Mechanical Systems, Security Systems
Campaign Complete Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore Janitorial Services, Janitors Supplies, Industrial Cleaning, Pest Control, Commercial Cleaning - Office buildings, banks, shopping malls, retail outlets, airport terminals and residential properties, Industrial Cleaning - Logistic hubs, airline hangers, petrochemical refineries and factories, Clean rooms & laboratories, external facade cleaning, stone restorations, disaster recovery and pandemic management, Landscaping, Landscape maintenance for both indoor and outdoor areas, Mail Room Services, Internal mail sorting, Technical Services, Handyman and technicians, Support Services, Receptionists, helpdesk officers, Web-based helpdesk solutions and facility assistants
Candy Floriculture Pte Ltd Singapore importer, exporter and wholesaler of fresh flowers, foliage, tropical and bonsai plants, Foliage, Plants, Live Christmas trees, tools, Pottery, Glassware, Floral foam, Floral design courses, Plant rental and display, Landscape and design
CBM Pte Ltd Singapore providers a full range of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Environmental, Security, Project Management and Monitoring, Value Engineering, Project Scheduling, Site Meeting & Site Inspection, Space Planning and Design, Addition and Alteration, Upgrading and Retrofitting, Interior Design, Renovation and Reinstatement, Car Park Resurfacing, General Building Repair and Improvement, Cleaning, External Facade Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Refuse Removal, Specialised Floor Maintenance, Carpet Shampooing and Maintenance, Environmental and Pest Control, Landscaping, Supply of Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals
Chan Sau Yan Associates Singapore Architects, Architectural Designers, Architectural Consultants. An architectural company that provides full architectural and design services to individuals and corporations in Singapore and the region; involved in master planning, interior, landscape, interior and graphic design
Chen Wa Landscape Pte Ltd Singapore Landscape design, construction & maintenance company activities include building koi ponds & filtration, supplying ornamental plants, selling & renting plants. Construction, Garden Tools, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Designers
Chengtai Nursery Singapore provider of one-stop landscape services, ranging from waterfall, koi pond, timber design works to beautifully designed gardens, created in tropical, Zen, contemporary theme setting or others. In addition, we have a wide selection of garden ornaments and furniture, exquisite Bonsai range, character Rocks and boulders. Landscaping, Ornamental Plants, Bonsai, Fish Ponds, Trellis, Fencing, Timber Furniture, Wooden Decks
Christensen Irrigation (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore Company that specialises in golf & landscape irrigation; services include consulting, design, supply, construction, maintenance, repair & other peripheral services such as GPS mapping and fertigation systems, Gardening, Golf, Landscaping, Contract & Maintenance
Christsoning Florist Singapore Florists Suppliers of Artificial Flowers, Artificial Plant Components, Flowers, Funeral Directors Supplies, Landscaping Contractors, Wedding Services, Wedding Supplies
Chuan Choon Transport & Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Landscaping Company, Landscape Gardeners, Landscape Contractors, Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Services
Chuan Sheng Construction & Landscape Pte. Ltd. Singapore Landscaping Company, General Building, Civil Engineering, Environmental Consultants, Building Contractors, Construction Contractors, Landscaping, Landscape Gardeners, Landscape Contractors. Specialising in the landscape where natural scenery complements buildings in all aspects, the construction & landscape company has been tendering such projects vigorously for a wide clientele, the planting of grass, installations of whole and full trees
Chye Joo Construction Pte Ltd Singapore Building Contractors, Construction Contractors. Excavation of Earthworks, Demolition Works, Golf Course Construction, Addition & Alterations Works, Hard & Soft Landscaping, Coastal Construction, Dredging Works, Road Construction, Expressway Construction, Drainage Construction, Upgrading of Bridges and Flyovers, Structural Works, ABC Waterworks, Bio Engineering Works, Management of Landfill Projects
Chye Thiam Maintenance Pte Ltd Singapore Property Management Company, Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service, Landscaping Contract Cleaning, Domestic Property Cleaning, Furniture Services, Furnishing Services, Landscape Architects, Landscaping Contractors, Refuse Disposal Contractors, Waste Disposal, Waste Management Services
Cicada Pte Ltd Singapore Landscaping, Landscape Gardeners, Landscape Contractors, Landscape planning & advisory services, business management. Landscape architects, designers and planners who beautify residential, commercial and institutional space, and parks and recreation grounds
Cindy Marketing Singapore Suppliers of Display Fountains, Divining Services, Feng Shui, Garden Accessories, Garden Fountains, Garden Machinery, Geomancy Services, Landscaping Contractors, Natural Crystals, New Age Services, Water Wall Tubes
D & J Florist Singapore Florists, Flower Suppliers, Plant Retailers, Suppliers of Gifts, Bridal Supplies, Artificial Flowers, Plant Components, Plant Accessories, Greeting Cards, Flowers, Landscaping Contractors, Wedding Services
Oase Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore Design and Engineering of Fountain Technology. Fascinating water effects in private gardens to large imposing installations in the public area
Singapore Landscape Designers Directory A-Z

A Team Landscape Constructor
Abyss Lanscape & Development Company
Acla Pte Ltd
Acres Works & Engineering Pte Ltd
Adan Marble Granit Pte Ltd
Adenco Maintenance
Agro Flora & Landscape Pte Ltd
Agropolis Pte Ltd
Aj Horticultural Services Pte. Ltd.
Amandon Marketing Pte Ltd
Amozonia Landscape Company
Ang Mo Kio Floral & Landscape Pte Ltd
Angsana Design Pte Ltd
Anthurium Garden & Landscape Design Company
Ao Servicepro Pte. Ltd.
Aqua Design & Landscape Company
Aqua Works & Engineering Pte Ltd
Arborculture Pte. Ltd.
Arbsolutions Asia Pte. Ltd.
Artscapes & Water Gardens Pte Ltd
Artscapes D Brumit & Associates Pte Ltd
Artz Landscape Construction Company
Ashtree Landscape & Services Pte. Ltd.
Asiabuild Construction Pte. Ltd.
Aspinwall Clouston Pte Ltd
Astoria Floral Design & Landscape Pte Ltd
At & Besquip (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.
Atech Group International (Singapore)Company
Atl Maintenance Pte Ltd
Ats Landscaping & Construction Pte Ltd
Aw Heng Huat Pte Ltd
Aym Construction Pte Ltd
Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd
Belt Collins International (S) Pte Ltd
Bescon Garden & Landscape Pte Ltd
Best's Garden
BG Landscape & Florist Pte Ltd
Bio-Tech Aquatics
BSG Construction Pte Ltd
Cameron Landscape
Casabella Garden Service
Casimirian Florist
Chen Wa Landscape Pte Ltd
Chiam Garden & Landscape Services
Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd
Chuan Choon Transport & Construction Pte Ltd
Chye Heng Landscape & Maintenance
Cicada Pte Ltd
Citikleen Services
City Garden Pte Ltd
Cityclean & Landscape Pte Ltd
Colin K Okashimo & Associates Pte Ltd
Decocrete Imprint Pte Ltd
Design 4 U
Develco Landscape Pte Ltd
D'Law Design & Associates
DLQ & Associates
DLQ Design Pte Ltd
Eco Flora (S) Pte Ltd
Edaw Singapore Pte Ltd
Emmanuel Landscape
Environmental Landscape Pte Ltd
Envirospace Consultants Pte Ltd
Envirospec Pte Ltd
Esmond Landscape & Horticultural Pte Ltd
Evergreen Gardening & Contract Services
Far East Florist & Landscape Pte Ltd
Far Horizon Nursery & Landscape (Pte) Ltd
Flora Landscape Pte. Ltd.
Floraland Landscape
Fukai Environmental Mfr
Garden & Landscape Centre (Pte) Ltd
Garden Beau Pte Ltd
Globe Eximport Pte Ltd
Goldwood Garden Pte Ltd
Goodview Gardening & Landscape Construction
Grassland Landscape Floral
Green Meadow Garden Landscape & Design
Greenearth Landscape Designers & Planners
Greenfield Landscape & Builders Pte Ltd
Greenhouse Design & Build Pte. Ltd.
Green-Pine Landscape Flora
Greenstep Landscapes & Design
Guan Lee Heng Contractor Pte Ltd
Hawaii Landscape Pte Ltd
Hock Po Leng Landscape & Contruction Pte Ltd
Hong Hai Environmental Art Pte Ltd
Hong Hup Florist & Landscape
Horti Green Garden 

Horti-Flora Services Pte Ltd
Hydroculture-Scape Pte Ltd
Imperial Dragon Enterprise
Island Landscape & Nursery Pte Ltd
IT Meng Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd
Jarrah Orchid Landscape Pte Ltd
Joaquim Garden & Landscape Pte Ltd
Jobmiles Cleaning & Gardening Services
Jurong Gardens Pte Ltd
Katong Flower Shop (Pte) Ltd
Kernteck Design Pte Ltd
Khai Seng Garden
Kiat Lee Landscape & Building Pte Ltd
Kim Hai Orchid
Kim Kok Building & Development Pte Ltd
Kims General Contractor Pte Ltd
Kok Heng Construction
Koon Lee Nursery Pte Ltd
Koonlin Bonsai Nursery
Landscape Services Pte Ltd
Landview Garden & Landscape Pte Ltd
Lawrence Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd
Lee Heng Garden Services
Leong Fat Construction Pte Ltd
Liang Hoe Huat Landscaping Construction Pte Ltd
Long Time Landscape Services Centre
Loong Yun Landscape
Lucky Garden Maintenance Services
M&Z Gardening & Landscape
Mace Studio
Mao Sheng Quanji Construction Pte Ltd
Mao Sheng Quanji Landscaping Design Pte Ltd
Maqrifa Design & Built
Martin Lee Designs
Mirage Design Landscape & Contract Pte Ltd
Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd
Naturebuilder Pte. Ltd.
O S G Contractor
Orchid Floras Pte Ltd
Pacific-Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd
Pan Asia Cleaning & Lanscaping Service
Paterson Chartering (S) Pte Ltd
PDAA Design Pte Ltd
Penta Landscape Pte Ltd
Peridian Asia Pte Ltd
Pinewood Landscape
Pioneer Garden Services
Pioneer Landscape Pte Ltd
Planning & Landscape Associates
Prince's Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd
R&D Landscape Consultants (88)
R&D Landscape Konsortium Pte Ltd
Rich View Landscaping & Construction
Rich-Field Landscape Services
San Lim Transport & Construction Pte Ltd
Scenic Landscape Pte Ltd
Singapore Garden City Pte Ltd
Singapore Union Land Pte Ltd
Siok Yen Construction & Landscaping
Site Concepts International Pte Ltd
Soon Li Landscape & Construction
Stephen Caffyn Landscape Design
Studio Steed Pte Ltd
Suan Hock Landscape & Construction
Sunshine Landscape
Swee Heng Landscape & Construction
Tar Hong Pte Ltd
Teck Eng Pte Ltd
Teng Tah Joo Construction Pte Ltd
The BLG Group Pte Ltd
The Nature Co (S) Pte Ltd
Thong Hup Gardens Pte Ltd
Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd
Toh Eng Hock Construction Pte Ltd
Tokyo Landscape Pte Ltd
Tongying Construction Pte Ltd
Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte Ltd
Tropical Environment Pte Ltd
Tulin Designs Pte Ltd
Turf & Irrigation Services Pte Ltd
Urban Scapes Pte Ltd
Vin-Tzen Pte Ltd
Waterlite Engineering Systems Pte Ltd
Yong Sheng Landscape Construction
Yung Chao Contractor & Landscape Service
Zinco Singapore Pte Ltd
Singapore Landscape Designers Services



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