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Advocators Education Consultancy LLP - Arts, Education & Training, Education Consultants


Advocators Education Consultancy LLP
Contact: Ang Sek Boon
Novena Gardens, 273 Thomson Road
Singapore 307644
Tel: (65) 6251-3359
Fax: (65) 6744-5954
Categories: Arts, Education & Training, Education Consultants
Company Profile: It is often said that one’s success in life cannot be determined entirely by the academic results that he achieves in school. There are indeed many other skills that are required to excel in work and life. In fact, the child’s inability to score in academic examinations may not be just due to his lack of understanding of the subject, but could be due to his lack of certain cognitive and life skills.
Advocators Education Pte Ltd (AEPL) was founded by a team of top learning strategists, specializing in innovating, creating and imparting fast, effective strategies and technologies to score academically in Primary to Junior College Math and Science. AEPL was conceived in May 2004 with the adventurous vision to be the top innovator and creator of learning & academic strategies and technologies in Singapore. AEPL adopts a fusion of western strategic learning models with eastern core learning values to deliver fast yet lasting positive changes in our students’ character and academic results.

Understanding that Motivation from within comes about from the building of passion, desire and understanding yourself, we have created and conducted numerous workshops on the relevant life-skills to help students get the results they truly deserve, academically and in life.

TurboCharge! is a one-day experiential workshop specially engineered to help the youths discover more about themselves through a journey of self reflection and exploration. Unlike many others in the market today, which focus on study skills, TurboCharge! focuses only on setting the foundation to ignite the passion for learning. Only with the right values (Goals, Belief, Self Worth and Gratitude) and passion (long-lasting sustained motivation) will one be able to achieve excellent results in school and life.

Power of Time Balance
We strongly believe the key to happiness is having a well-balanced life, which can be achieved through our Time Balance Concept. The fundamental difference between Time Balance and Time Management, which has a negative connotation of handling the many tasks to prevent chaos in our lives, is that Time Balance emphasizes on the spending of time to balance the various aspects of life, making one look forward to and enjoy the pro-active approach to do the balancing. Feeling balanced and thus happiness, youths will then able to achieve excellence, academically and in life.

CIA - Creativity Innovation and Activation
Creativity, Innovation and Activation is as the name suggests, putting creativity and innovation into action. This workshop imparts to participants techniques of creative thinking and problem solving using time tested concepts through fun and games intertwined in a ‘detective’ theme. Idea mapping is also covered to help participants organise ideas, thoughts and even plan for the activation of the project if required.

Power Health And Fitness
This workshop helps participants to understand the importance of eating right and exercising. Besides covering what general fitness really means, other topics covered will include how and what to eat to have a balanced diet. Another important aspect is how to exercise safely and adequately (not too much and not too little) to achieve substantial results without injuring themselves.

Lead-A-Ship Leadership Program
In the Lead-A-Ship Leadership Program, we bring participants through a journey where they will learn to apply various leadership and teambuilding skills in a setting where they will have to lead a crew to set sail to explore new lands. During the course of exploration, they are certain to encounter challenges and tasks in the form of games and activities to tickle their physical, mental and emotional prowess.

SUSU – Stand Up and Speak Up!
Stand up and Speak up is an effective communication course focusing on the area of public speaking and presentations. Public speaking is reported to be one of most common fears, thus by empowering participants with the skills to speak confidently in front of individuals or group, we are not just helping them to be good speakers but also developing their confidence in doing something new.

Social Etiquette Workshop
This workshop seeks to teach participants the importance of social grace and teaches participants to have the right behaviour at the right place and time. Social Etiquette is especially important to Singapore, as we are living in a multi-racial society and it is very important to take note of the dos and don’ts with respect to the various cultures.

Power of Stress Balance 101
This workshop focuses on the need to balance the amount of stress that we have, because not all stresses are bad. We believe a balance of good stress and bad stress will propel us towards excellence. In addition, we will share the SCORE model proposed by Prof Robert Dilts of NLP University to generate and discover new solutions to resolve challenges that are causing stress, instead of simply managing them.

Young Entrepreneurs School
Is Entrepreneurship nature or nurture? We believe that entrepreneurship can be nurtured and in this programme. Participants are taught to be equipped with the right mindset and skills to become successful entrepreneurs. These are essential skills for the new age economy, especially when we are transiting from a corporate based economy to an entrepreneurial one.

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