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Singapore IT Companies, Computer Consultants List - C

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Singapore IT Consultants List - C
Singapore IT consultants and Computer consultants work in partnership with with many Singapore companies, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems in their computer systems. IT Consultants work to improve the structure and efficiency and of an organsiation's IT systems and computer networks. Their advice extends not only to computer networks but also to the computer software, computer hardware, computer accessories and peripherals recommended for these technical business and communications systems.

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Featured Singapore IT Consultants List - C
C2 Intelligent Communication Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Systems Integrators, Computer Consultants,  specialized in all aspects of business communication. With the help of C2 solutions companies can increase the speed they communicate today and dramatically lower the costs of daily communication. Products include DeliveryWare Platform, Esker Fax and Esker VSI-FAX for Notes.
Cad-It Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Software Developers, IT Consultants. Full suite of CAE software for the Plastic Industry offering 3D Analyses for Plastics Flow, Cooling, Warpage, Shrinkage, Stress and Design Optimisation. Solutions for Thermostats and Gas Injection Molding processes. PLM solutions include ANSYS (Multiphysics FEA/CFD), Ensight (Extreme Visualization), Goldfire Innovator (Innovation Process Management), Moldflow (Plastics CAE), Deform (Metal Forming CAE) SpaceClaim (3D Direct Modeler), Cortona3D (Rapid Product Documentation) and Siemens NX PLM (CAD/CAD/PDM)
Cadix Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Security Consultants, Security Services, Security Systems, Software Security Systems, Computer Services, Computer Consultants, IT Consultants, Internet Security Solutions
Cae Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Telephone Wiring Contractors, Cabling Systems, Cables & Connectors, IT infrastructure, cabling systems, IT product trading and site installation
Cairnhill Group Holdings Pte Ltd Singapore Business Group with business entities covering Consultancy, Marketing, Revenue Management, eCommerce, Information Technology, Travel & Tourism, Business Education, Trading and Telecommunications all staffed by a team of professionals of international caliber, Cairnhill Group now seek to establish an alliance with and offer their services to the global hotel industry.
Calypso Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, IT Consultants. Cross Asset Front-to-Back Trading (Front Office), Risk Management (Middle Office), Processing & Accounting (Back Office), Derivatives, Bank Treasury, Global Corporate Treasury, Flow Business, Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Market Risk, Enterprise Limits, Collateral Management, Liquidity Management, Clearing Member Firms, OTC Clearing & Processing, Central Clearing, Central Counterparty Clearing, Valuation Services Platform, Front Office Decision Support, OTC Derivative Trading Hub, ALM/LDI Portfolio Construction, Portfolio Management
Camford Impex Consulting Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore IT Company Suppliers of Computer Network Equipment, Computer Servers, IT Systems Services, Internet Security Products, Computer Network Services, Computer Servers, Computer Services, Information Technology, (IT) Systems Services, Internet Security Products, Local Area Network (LAN) Consultancy, Network Management Systems, Systems Integration
Camtek South East Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, IT Consultants, Microelectronic Services. Designs, develops, manufactures and markets technologically advanced, cost-effective systems and related software products that are used to enhance processes and yields.
Cananex (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Networking, IT Consultants, Computer Consultants. Providers of Collaboration Softwares, Network Management Software, Diagramming Tools, ZoHo ManageEngine, IpSwitch, WiredRed (Nefsis), SMS Plugin, AKCP, Anasil, NxPowerLite, IPSentry, netCORE (Emergic)
Capgemini Financial Services Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Financial Consultants, Financial Advisors. Services Include identifying, structuring and executing, on behalf of our clients. Design, development and implementation of technical projects for systems integration and IT application development Outsourcing Services
Cat Technology Singapore Computer Systems Integration Consultants, Computer Maintenance Engineers, Lan, Connectivity Services
Catus Technology Pte Ltd Singapore Security Systems Company Suppliers of Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarms, Computer Network Equipment, Computer Network Services, Computer Services, Information Technology (IT) Systems Services Network Management Systems, Security Services
Cavu Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore IT Company Suppliers of IBM Computer Servers, Computer Hardware, Computer Systems, Office Equipment and Supplies
CAXperts Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Singapore providers of software solutions, consulting and project services for the process, power and marine industries. 2D & 3D design, material management, enterprise management, consulting and business analysis, Project and data services, Integration with in-house and third party systems, Training with individually focused programs, System configuration and customization, Workflow automation, Report development services, Administrator and Power User Support Service
CCNS Pte Ltd Singapore Internet Advertising Consultants, Internet Webcasting, Web Site Design, Web Creation Services, Web Site Hosting, Electronic Commerce, eCommerce Services, Software Distribution Products, Print Management Solutions, Site Monitoring Products Security Monitoring Solutions 
CE-Infosys Pte Ltd Singapore developer and manufacturer of advanced network and data security systems, Computer Security Systems, IT Security, Secure VoIP, Network Access Control
Centaur Information Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Software Developers, Computer Consultants, IT Consultants. Provides state of the art information technology consultancy and solutions to business enterprises in distribution, retailing, financial and servicing industries around the world.
CER Data Technologies Singapore Computer Programmers, Computer Consultants, IT Consultants, Computer Programming Consultants
Challenger It Services Pte Ltd Singapore Suppliers of a diverse range of IT products from PCs, projectors, printers, computer accessories, notebooks, memory modules, network cards, electronic consumer products, gaming products, home entertainment, digital gadget and software. Provides customer support services through IT Services, PC Clinics and support hotline
Channel Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Speech Recognition Development Tools, Intel Software Development Products, Hardware, Connectivity, Date Communications, Speech Recognition Boards, Electronics, Circuits Protections, Electrical Switches, Digital Switching Systems, Power Distributions Centers, Semiconductors, Speech Processors, Industrial Products, Avionics Products
Chass Computer Consultants Pte Ltd Singapore IT Consultancy, Systems Integration Services, Information technology, system integrator. delivers premier IT solutions that positively impact customers in Singapore and the rest of Asia.
Cheapskates Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Company IT Consultants Suppliers of Laptops, Macs, PC Repairs, Computer Peripherals Computer Accessories, Computer Products, Computer Systems
Check Point Software Technologies Singapore Singapore Computer Security Systems Company , Home Security Systems. A worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership.
Checkmate Data Services Pte Ltd Singapore Data Processing Service, Business Consultants, Business Services. We process all hard copy documents into easily accessible soft copy. From name cards, registration forms, contest forms, directories to other various type of confidential documents. Our clients range from government sectors, agencies, MNCs and SMEs.
Chen Systems Asia Pte Ltd Singapore IT Consultants and Computer Wholesalers Suppliers of Computer Peripheral Equipment and Computer Software, Computer Products, Computer Systems, Computer Accessories
Chen Yang Services Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Integrated Systems Design Consultants, IT Consultants Suppliers of Computer Products, Computer Systems, Computer Accessories
China-Way Computer Systems Singapore Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, IT Consultants, Suppliers of Chinese Computer Software, Personal Computers (PC), Computer Services, Chinese Software for Windows
Chio Lim Stone Forest Singapore Business Services Company, Business Consultants. Leading accounting and business advisory group helps businesses in incorporation, public listing, regional expansion, mergers & acquisitions, divestment, insolvency procedures, Business Support Services, Business Start-Up Services, Accounting Services, Payroll & HR Administration Services, Managed Services, IT Services
Chowiz Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Systems Integrators, Computer Consultants, Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, IT Consultants. An IT-enabler and Systems Integrator with experience in deploying applications using EZ-Link card. As a pioneer, we have successfully launched a suite for the education sector, encompassing canteen management, micropayment, attendance
Chrysaliz Technoventures Pte Ltd Singapore IT Consultants Singapore Computer Consultancy, Computer Products, Computer Systems, Computer Accessories,
Chub It-Services Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Consultants, IT Training, Software, Computer Systems Integrators,  IT support maintenance, Local Area Network & office automation. Provides a wide range of Software and Hardware Solutions to meet your daily needs.
Cimtech Automation Consultant Singapore hi-tech company that focus on helping factories to improve efficiency and productivity through implementing sophisticated manufacturing execution system or computer integrated manufacturing system. Suppliers of Computer Software Cad Software, Cam Software, Cae Software
Cimtek Pte Ltd Singapore Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, IT Consultants, Computer Software Development & Packages. Business process modeling, simulation and optimization: Supply Chain Management Systems design and implementation
Cincom Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd Singapore IT Consultants, IT Products, IT Services, Computer Consultants Suppliers of Banking Industry Software, Computer Services, Computer Software, Information Technology, IT Systems Services, Application Development Software, Contact Center Software, Database Management Software, Document Automation Software, Healthcare Software, Manufacturing ERP Software, Selling Solution Software
Crea8s Studio LLP Singapore Web Designers, Branding Consultants, E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Development, IT Consultants, IT Products, IT Services, Computer Consultants, Business Services
Ciprico Asia-Pacific Inc Singapore IT Company Suppliers of Computer Products, Computer Systems, Computer Accessories, IT Consultants, Internet Based Information Services, Internet Services, Internet Solution Providers, Web Site Hosting
Circle Computer Systems (S) Pte Ltd Singapore IT Company Suppliers of Main Frame Computers, Computer Servers, Computer Products, Computer Systems, Computer Accessories, IT Consultants, Computer Servers, Computer Services, Computers, Information Technology Systems, Information Technology Services, IT Systems, IT Services, Main Frame Computers
Singapore IT Consultants Directory A-Z
C&C Multimedia Company Singapore
C2 Intelligent Communication Pte Ltd
Camtek South East Asia Pte Ltd
Canaplus Consulting Pte. Ltd.
CAP Card Protection (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
CapsLock Comms Pte Ltd
Cass Resources Pte Ltd
Cer Data Technologies Company Singapore
Chips Power Technlogy Company Singapore
Chowiz Pte Ltd
Chub It-Services Pte Ltd
Cirotech Internaltional Pte Ltd
CJ GLS (S) Infotech Pte Ltd
ClickHere2 Network Pte Ltd
CMG Information Technology Pte Ltd
Cogent Technologies Pte Ltd
Cognizant Technology Solutions Asia Pacific
Com-2000 Network Pte Ltd
Comat JESI Pte Ltd
Comease Pte Ltd
Comit Solutions Pte Ltd
Commzit Solutions Company Singapore
Compugenius Products & Services Company Singapore
Compusoft Systems Pte Ltd
Computerview Information Services Company Singapore
Comsoft Pte Ltd
Concerto Software (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Conexion Pte Ltd
Connexxhub Pte Ltd
Consoftec Systems & Consultancy Pte Ltd
Converge Technology Pte. Ltd.
Converscient Pte Ltd
Conxect Consulting Services Company Singapore
Creative O A Services Pte Ltd
Crest Systems & Technology Company Singapore
Crodo Technologies Pte Ltd
Crossecom (S) Pte Ltd
Crown Systems (S) Pte Ltd
CSC Computer Sciences Pte Ltd
CSE Global Ltd
Cxrus Solutions Pte Ltd
Cypress Solutions Pte Ltd
Singapore IT Services
Meeting with clients to determine requirements;
Working with clients to define the scope of a project;
Planning timescales and the resources needed;
Clarifying a client's system specifications, understanding their work practices and the nature of their business;
Travelling to customer sites;
Liaising with staff at all levels of a client organisation;
Defining software, hardware and network requirements;
Analysing IT requirements within companies and giving independent and objective advice on the use of IT;
Developing agreed solutions and implementing new systems;
Presenting solutions in written or oral reports;
Helping clients with change-management activities;
Project managing the design and implementation of preferred solutions;
Purchasing systems where appropriate;
Designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems;
Preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to customers;
Organising training for users and other consultants;
Being involved in sales and support and, where appropriate, maintaining contact with client organisations;
Identifying potential clients and building and maintaining contacts.

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