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  Kheng Hin Hardware Company Singapore
Kheng Ho Huat Co (Pte) Ltd
Kheng Ho Huat Company Singapore  (Private) Limited
Kheng Hock Hardware & Machinery Company Singapore
Kheng Hock Seng Trading
Kheng Hua Chiang Company Singapore
Kheng Huat (Hup Kee) Ta
Kheng Huat General Construction Singapore
Kheng Jai Sar Kang Assn
Kheng Jai Suan Soon Tang Yeo Wui
Kheng Jai Wee Tee Soo
Kheng Keng Auto & Spareparts
Kheng Keng Auto Company Singapore
Kheng Keng Motors Company Singapore
Kheng Keow Coffee Merchants Restaurant & Bar-Owners
Kheng Keow Heng Clan Association
Kheng Lee Radiator Industries Company Singapore
Kheng Lee Repair Radiator Company Singapore
Kheng Leong Co (Pte) Ltd
Kheng Leong Company Singapore  (Private) Limited
Kheng Leong Textile Company Singapore  Singapore
Kheng Lian Hardware & Machinery
Kheng Loke Villagers
Kheng Man Ree Eating House
Kheng Moh & Co Company Singapore
Kheng Moh Lim Kee Company Singapore
Kheng Seng Electrical Trading Company Singapore
Kheng Seng Printing Company Singapore
Kheng Seng Transport Agency
Kheng Sin Chan Company Singapore
Kheng Siong Santosa Company Singapore
Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Private Limited
Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Company Singapore
Kheng Tat Marine Services
Kheng Wah Heng Trading
Kheng Yew Trading Company Singapore
Kheng Zai Cheng Clan Assn
Kheng Zai Yeo Clan Assn
Kheon Siah Hardware Trading
Khera Company Singapore
Khew & Lim Clinic For Women
Khew Kim Foong
Khiam Aik Hardware Trading
Khiam Ann Singapore
Khiam Bee & Company Singapore
Khiam Chuan Marine Company Singapore
Khiam Chuan Private Limited
Khiam Leong Hardware Company Singapore  Company Singapore
Khiam Soon Bearings Trading
Khiam Soon Chop
  Khian Guan Goods Trading
Khian Heng Construction Company Singapore
Khian Lee Heng Furniture
Khian Mee Building Contractor
Khian Mee Interior Design
Khian Seng Hup Kee
Khian Thye Company Singapore
Khian Wee Transport
Khiang Heng & Co Company Singapore
Khiang Heng & Company Singapore  Company Singapore
Khiang Hor Construction
Khiang Hor Enterprise
Khiang Huat Enterprise
Khiang Huat Textile
Khiang Seng Confectionery
Khiaw Bee Hang Chemical Company Singapore
Khiaw Loong Construction Company Singapore
Khik Piang Fah
Khim Guan Hup Ling Fish Dealer Company Singapore
Khim Huat Co
Khim Seah (Sin) Auto Trading
Khim Seng Gas Supply Enterprise
Khim Tat Li Building Construction
Khim Teong Company Singapore  Service Station
Khim Teong Rental
Khim Thye Trading Company Singapore
Khim Whatt Trading
Khimton Marketing & Services
Khin Foong Hoong Company Singapore
Khind-Mistral (S) Company Singapore
Khj Trading Company Singapore
Khl Development Company Singapore
Khl Interior & Construction Company Singapore
Khl Marketing Asia-Pacific Company Singapore
Khl Printing Co Company Singapore
Khng Kee Singapore Company
Kho Clinic
Kho Services
Kho Yong Department Store
Khoh & Khoh Brothers Electrical Engineering
Khoh Soon Hai
Khon Leng Machinery & Timber (Singapore) Pte
Khong Bee Lim Si Union
Khong Chor Tiang
Khong Guan Biscuit Factory (S) Company Singapore
Khong Guan Biscuit Factory (Singapore) Private Limited
Khong Guan Development Company Singapore
Khong Guan Flour Milling Ltd
Khong Guan Group Company Singapore
Khong Guan Trading Company Singapore

Singapore Companies K22

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