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Singapore Trading Companies List - H

Singapore Companies Alphabetical Index

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Singapore Trading Companies List - H
Singapore is well known as a trading hub for surrounding  countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Commodity Brokers, Exporters, Food Traders, Garment Traders, Importers, Jewelry Traders, Rice Traders all can be found in the offices of Singapore companies and on the wharfs of Singapore docks. Ships arrive daily with goods destined for the Singaporean market and reloaded with products to be exported to the four corners of the world. Agricultural commodity trading companies dominates the trading sector in Singapore.

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Featured Singapore Trading Companies List - H
Singapore Trading Companies Directory A-Z
H & F Royal Style Pte Ltd
H & H Resources
H & S Metal Import & Export Co Pte Ltd
H J H Trading
H K Trading & Transport
H L Gifts & Trading
H R Frozen Food & Trading
H Rogers Trading (S) Pte Ltd
H W Birdnest Trading Pte Ltd
H X Y Trading
Habacus Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hadeed Regularman Trading Pte Ltd
Hadisons Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Hai Guan Seng Trading Service
Hai Hong Biochemical Trading Pte Ltd
Hai Huat Trading (Pte) Ltd
Hai Lee Sea Food Trading Company Singapore
Hai Lim Furniture Trading Construction
Hai Lin International Trading Pte Ltd
Hai Ping Chen Trading Store
Hai Ping Trading
Hai San Motor Trading Company Singapore
Hai San Renovation & Trading Company Singapore
Hai Seng Heng Fishery Trading
Hai Soon Diesel & Trading Pte Ltd
Hai Yang Oil & Gas Development
Hai Yin Diesel Trading Pte Ltd
Hai Yun Fishery Import & Export
Haider & Adora Technology (S) Pte Ltd
Hairizon Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Hairlegance Pte Ltd
Haitang Trading Development
Haiyata Engineering & Trading
Haja T & T Trading
Hajee & Khader Trading
Haji Tawakal Trading Pte Ltd
Hajiv Syed Abu Thahir Trading
Hak Chon (Paints) Trading Pte Ltd
Hak Heng Siang Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hak Japan Tech & Trading Pte Ltd
Hak Kim Trading Company Singapore
Hakimuddin & Sons Trading Pte Ltd
Hakuto Singapore Pte Ltd
Halifax Hardware Trading
Halim Jaya & Co Pte Ltd
Hambros Trading Pte Ltd
Haminton Marketing Pte Ltd
Hamoru Ishi Pte Ltd
Han Fong Trading Enterprises Pte Ltd
Han Sing Logistic & Trade Pte Ltd
Han Spring Trading
Hanayome Trading Pte Ltd
Hancut International Co Pte Ltd
Hands & Tools Trading
Haneda Trading Pte Ltd
Hang Chow International Trading Pte Ltd
Hang Khim Trading Pte Ltd
Hangli Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd
Haning Development Trading
Hansa-Sagar Mills
Hanson Hong Biomedical Singapore Pte Ltd
Hantra Commerce
Hanwell Enterprise Pte Ltd
Hanwha International (S) Pte Ltd
Hanz Stainless Steel & Trading
Hao Wan Fish Farm Trading
Hao Zhe Engineering & Trading
Hapco Pte Ltd
Happy & Beauty Trading
Happy & Joy Trading
Happy Dragon Hardware Trading
Happy Jewellery Trading Manufactory Co Pte Ltd
Happy Year Electronic Trading Company Singapore
Hard Pack Industrial Trading Pte Ltd
Hardware Distribution
Hardwood Trading
Hardy & Bros Pte Ltd
Harex Trading Company Singapore
Harimaya & Son Pte Ltd
Harley-Davidson of Singapore (1994) Pte Ltd
Harlyn Resources Pte Ltd
Harper Diamond Industries Pte Ltd
Harprem (S) Pte Ltd
Harsonkey Trading
Hartawan Pte Ltd
Harvest Gain Singapore Pte Ltd
Harvest Plentiful Pte Ltd
Harvestfield Metamorphosis
Harvestgate Pte Ltd
Hasan Holdings Pte Ltd
Hassan & Family Enterprise
Hassan Barber & Trading
Hau Teck Medical Products Trading Company Singapore
Havey Machinery Trading & Co
Haw Wah Trading Company Singapore
Hawk Sports Pte Ltd
Hawko Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hazcon Enterprises Pte Ltd
Hazel Trading & Department Store
HBH Singapore Pte Ltd
HBL (International) Pte Ltd
HD Industrial Supply Pte Ltd
Hdgar Auto & Trading Company Singapore
He Jia Fa Xiang Zhuang Trading
Headmark Trading Pte Ltd
Headstart Integration Asia Pte Ltd
Heah Long Seng Transport & Trading Pte Ltd
Health Origins Pte Ltd
Health RX Pte Ltd
Health Sanctuary Pte Ltd
Healthbiz Resource Pte Ltd
Healthy Fruity
Healthy Magnetic Ultra Long Wave Trading
Healthylife 88 Network
Heap Heng Leong Trading
Heap Trading Pte Ltd
Heartlink Trading
Heaterman Trading
Heatex Industrial Technology Pte Ltd
Heaven Stream Pte Ltd
Heavenly Health
Hee Kok Chong Trading Company Singapore
Hee Lai Ton Food Trading Company Singapore
Heidelbergcement Asia Pte Ltd
Hein Industries Pte Ltd
Heinrich Pte Ltd
Hejab Pte Ltd
Helen Tan Trading
Hella Asia Singapore Pte Ltd
Helm Technology
Hemisphere Holdings Pte Ltd
Hemisphere Marketing
Hena Infocom Technologies & Trading (S) Pte
Hence Enterprise
Henfu Trading Pte Ltd
Heng Chwee Trading Company Singapore
Heng Dong (S) Pte Ltd
Heng Ee Foodstuff Supplies
Heng Guan Seng Kee Trading Pte Ltd
Heng Huat Sing Kee Trading
Heng Jewellery Manufacturing & Trading
Heng Joo Departmental Trading
Heng Kee Soon Cheong Trading
Heng Kew Trading
Heng Kwang Han Transport & Trading Enterprise
Heng Lai Heng Trading Enterprise
Heng Lam Trading
Heng Lee Agarwood Trading Company Singapore
Heng Leng Trading Enterprise
Heng Leong Trading Service
Heng Liong Plastic Trading
Heng Long Heng Tailoring & Fashion Trading
Heng Loong Trading Pte Ltd
Heng Wang Trading
Heng Woo Electronics & Trading Company Singapore
Heng Yi Trading
Heng Yip Recycle & Trading
Heng Yong Trading
Hengford Engineering & Trading
Hengli (S) Pte Ltd
Hengoi Trading Company Singapore
Henko (S) Pte Ltd
Henko Industries Pte Ltd
Henri Collins Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Henri Nordictrade Agency Pte Ltd
Henry Gas Trading Company Singapore
Hentexco Trading Company Singapore
Herman Miller Asia (Pte) Ltd
Hero Multi Trading Pte Ltd
Herry Engineering Pte Ltd
Hess Energy Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hestonhill (S) Pte Ltd
Hexa Tech Pte Ltd
Hexing International Pte Ltd
Hezom International
HH Services & Trading
Hia Shipping & Trading
Hian Ling Provision & Trading
Hiang Li Trading Pte Ltd
Hiap Aik Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hiap Choon Trading
Hiap Hin Timber Merchants & Trading
Hiap Ho Hong Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Huat Bottles Trading
Hiap Huat Holdings (Pte) Ltd
Hiap Keong Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Lee Fish Ball & Fish Cake Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Nam Huat Enterprise
Hiap Poh Hua Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Seng (Choon Kee) Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Seng Food Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Seng Leong Building Materials & Trading
Hiap Sin Motor Trading Company Singapore
Hiap Tat Transport & Trading
Hiap Tong Trading Pte Ltd
Hiaplite Traders
Hibex Singapore Pte Ltd
Hi-Cool Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Higa Trading Pte Ltd
High Flier Sales & Services
High Fresh Trading Pte Ltd
High Speed Import & Export Trading
Highland Import & Export
Highlander International Trading Asia Pte Ltd
Highlanders International Pte Ltd
High-Winds Distribution Services & Trade
Hi-Jack Electronic Trading & Services
Hikari Traders Pte Ltd
Hill Sun Services Pte Ltd
Hillbro Chemicals & Trading
Himatsing International Pte Ltd
Himchuli Trading Pte Ltd
Hin Hin Trading Pte Ltd
Hin Kee Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hin Lam Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hin Lee Contractor Trading Pte Ltd
Hin Leong Trading (Pte) Ltd
Hin Loong Sandal Wood Trading Enterprise
Hin Tha Trading
Hin Yew Trading
Hindoo Trading
Hing Ah Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Hing Lung Trading Company Singapore
Hing Transport & Trading Company Singapore
Hinode Industrial Trading
Hir Huat Trading Pte Ltd
Hirah SMD (S) Pte Ltd
Hi-Rise Trading Pte Ltd
Hiroshima Signcraft & Trading
Hirusma Creation
His Bounty Associates
Hiseta Trading Company Singapore
Hisin Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hitachi Chemical Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Hitachi Kasei Shoji Co Ltd
Hi-Tech 2000 International
Hi-Tech Distribution Pte Ltd
Hi-Tech Instruments Pte Ltd
Hitech Trading
Hi-Ten Steel Trading
Hitesh Trading Company Singapore
Hi-V Trading
Hj A Hamid Trading
HJJ Friends Trading
Hl Ship Services & Trading
Hlbk Pte Ltd
HMR Exim & Consultancy Services Pte Ltd
HNK (S) Pte Ltd
Hns Global Technology & Trade Resources Pte Ltd
HNT Trading
Ho & Co Import & Export Pte Ltd
Ho Cheng Chuan Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Ho Lan Trading
Ho Lin Transportation & Trading
Ho Nian Trading
Ho Parquet Trading
Ho Ping Trading
Ho Thai Trading Company Singapore
Hobby Paradise
Hock Aik Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Ann Granite Trading Import & Export
Hock Ban Heng Trading Company Singapore
Hock Beng Lee Trading
Hock Boo Transport & Trading Company Singapore
Hock Chai Yi Motor Trading Company Singapore
Hock Cheong Heng Trading Company Singapore
Hock Cheong Leong Trading Company Singapore
Hock Cheong Trading Company Singapore
Hock Chin Joo Trading Company Singapore
Hock Chuan Heng Car Rental & Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Chuan Heng Trading Company Singapore
Hock Chuan Kiat Joss Sticks Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Eng Contractor (Importer & Exporter)
Hock Eng Seng Trading Company Singapore
Hock Gim Huat Trading Company Singapore
Hock Guan Electrical Trading Company Singapore
Hock Heng Electronics Trading Company Singapore
Hock Hin Auto Trading Company Singapore
Hock Hin Huat Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Hin Leong Timber Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Ho Seng Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Huat Importers & Exporters
Hock Hwa Trading (Pte) Ltd
Hock Kee Plastic Trading
Hock Kim Leong Trading Company Singapore
Hock Kim Seng Electrical Traders
Hock Kon Trading 
Hock Kong Auto Trading Company Singapore
Hock Lai Seng Transport Service & Trading (Pte)
Hock Lai Sports & Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Lam (1998) Pte Ltd
Hock Lee Heng Hardware Trading
Hock Lee Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Leong Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Hock Lim Plastic Industry & Traders
Hock Luen Aluminium & Hardware Traders
Hock Pen Decoration & Trading
Hock Seng Ginseng Birdnest Trading Enterprise
Hock Seng Heng Transport & Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Seng Hin Joss Stick Joss Paper Trader
Hock Shipping & Trading
Hock Siang Cheng Joss Sticks Trading Enterprise
Hock Siang Cheng Trading Enterprise
Hock Sin Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Sin Seng Hardware & Trading Company Singapore
Hock Siong Hoon Trading
Hock Soon Lee Trading Company Singapore
Hock Soon Plastic Materials Trading
Hock Swee Foodstuff Trading
Hock Swee Hin Trading Company Singapore
Hock Thiam Heng Trading Company Singapore
Hock Trishaw Trading
Hock Wah Seng Trading Company Singapore
Hock Yew Trading Pte Ltd
Hock Yu Seng Religious Goods Trading
Hoe Ann Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
Hoe Beng Auto Trading
Hoe Chye Soon Trading Pte Ltd
Hoe Ee Trading Pte Ltd
Hoe Hong Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Hoe Hong Tropical Fish Trading Company Singapore
Hoe Huat Garment Trading Enterprise
Hoe Huat Seng Provision Trading
Hoe Hup Frozen Food Trading
Hoe Keng Motor Service & Trading
Hoe Kian Huat Trading
Hoe Siang Charcoal (Impex) Trading Enterprise
Hoe Soon Tat Trading Pte Ltd
Hogwan Trading Company Singapore
Hohin Industrial Trading Pte Ltd
Hoi Heng Trading Company Singapore
Hokushin Trading Pte Ltd
Holcim Trading Pte Ltd
Holi Fashion
Holiday Trading & Transport Pte Ltd
Hollywood Auto Trading Enterprise
Home Link Technology Pte Ltd
Home Niche Singapore Pte Ltd
Home Of Lights Trading Pte Ltd
Homecare Furniture Trader
Homely Bath Services & Trading
Homemaker Renovation & Trading 97
Homeplus Pte Ltd
Homeplus Trading Pte Ltd
Homestar Trading Pte Ltd
Hon Enterprise Pte Ltd
Hon Hock Fibre Plaster Ceiling & Trading
Hon Hong Hardware Trading Company Singapore
Hon Kah Trading
Hon Lee Homemakers Trading
Honaz Trading
Honest Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Honey World Trading
Honeycomb SMTM Asia Pte Ltd
Honeycomb Technology Pte Ltd
Honey's Delicacies Pte Ltd
Hong Aik Garment Trading
Hong An Vegetarian Food Trading
Hong Bee Huang Trading Company Singapore
Hong Bros Tyres Battery Trading
Hong Fatt Oil Industry Trading Company Singapore
Hong Gam Wooden Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Gee Trading Company Singapore
Hong Heng Long Electrical Trading Company Singapore
Hong Hoon Trading
Hong Huang Trading Company Singapore
Hong Huat Electrical Pte Ltd
Hong Huat Garments Trading
Hong Huat Timber Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Kee Trading Company Singapore
Hong King Metal Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
Hong Lai Seng Trading
Hong Li Hardware Pte Ltd
Hong Liang Engineering Pte Ltd
Hong Loong Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Ngiap Textile Trading Company Singapore
Hong Seah Trading
Hong Seng Engineering & Trading
Hong Seng Tak Trading Transport Co
Hong Sheng Music Trading Company Singapore
Hong Sing Auto Parts Trading
Hong Soon Seng Construction & Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Star Trading
Hong Tah Trading
Hong Tai Ginseng Birdnest Trading Company Singapore
Hong Tar Aircon & Fridge Trading Company Singapore
Hong Tat Auto Supply & Construction Machinery Trading
Hong Teck Liang Trading
Hong Tee Trading (Import & Export) Pte Ltd
Hong Thai Kee Trading Company Singapore
Hong Tien Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Wun Trading
Hong Xi Catering Pte Ltd
Hong Yak General Contractor & Trading
Hong Yi Hao Trading
Hong Yong Soon Trading
Hong Yu Trading Pte Ltd
Hong Zhan Transport & Trading Company Singapore
Hong Zhou Hardware Trading
Hong-Le Floral Trading
Hongya Import & Export Deco & Contracts
Hongyi Trading
Honlok Sewing Machine Trading Company Singapore
Honour Video & Trading Pte Ltd
Hontrade Enterprise Pte Ltd
Honyong International Trading
Hoo Hin Trading Pte Ltd
Hoo Lim Trading Company Singapore
Hoo Soon Houseware Trading Company Singapore
Hoo Weng Art & Frame Makers Trading
Hoon Hoe Bros Renovation & Trading
Hoong Lee Marketing Pte Ltd
Hooray Venture Pte Ltd
Hooshe Trading
Hoover Auto Trading Company Singapore
Hopkinson Trading Pte Ltd
Hor Yit Meng Trading Company Singapore
Horne Trading Pte Ltd
Hoshina Trading Company Singapore
Hosin Trading Pte Ltd
Hosoon Trading
Hospi Auto Service & Trading
Hospitality Essential Pte Ltd
Hot Plus Trading
Houchin Cotton International Pte Ltd
Houng Yew Trading
House Of Accessories Trading
House Of Colose Trading
House Of Export Pte Ltd
House Of Poroseal Trading
House Of Tonic Pte Ltd
House Of Zhen Pte Ltd
House To House Trading Pte Ltd
Housen Hardware & Electrical Trading
Houstar (S) Trading Pte Ltd
Houston International Oiltools Pte Ltd
Houw Hing Import & Export Pte Ltd
How Chin Bee Trading Company Singapore
How Guan Trading
How Mah Pacific (S) Pte Ltd
How Yit (Sin) Trading
Howi Trading Enterprise
Hoye Enterprise
Hoyenly Engineering & Trading
Hoyo Marketing Pte Ltd
HPM Enterprise
HSD Trading
Hsiang Thye Trading Company Singapore
Hsin Lian Fa Trading Company Singapore
Hsing Chiao Trading Pte Ltd
Hsing Long Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hsing Loong Marine Supply (S) Pte Ltd
Ht Mgt Pte Ltd
HT Wood Trading
H-Tech Trading
HTS International (S) Pte Ltd
Hua Chee Ginseng Import & Export Co
Hua Chin (2000) Trading Motor Service Centre
Hua Fu Xin Trading Pte Ltd
Hua Heng Motor Trading Company Singapore
Hua Hng Trading Company Singapore
Hua Ho Trading
Hua Hong Trading Company Singapore
Hua Huat Trading Company Singapore
Hua Hui Xiang Trading
Hua Ing Pte Ltd
Hua Joo (Imports & Exports) Pte Ltd
Hua Khiang Food Export (S) Pte Ltd
Hua Kun Trading
Hua Lee Waste Paper & Trading
Hua Ling Xing Pte Ltd
Hua Qiang Trading
Hua Quan Song Trading
Hua Rong Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
Hua Shen Trading Pte Ltd
Hua Tai Trading Company Singapore Pte Ltd
Hua Tien Trading
Hua Yang Investment Pte Ltd
Huahai (S) Pte Ltd
Huakit Household Products Trading
Huamingson Trading Services
Huan Trading Pte Ltd
Huang Chun-Mei
Huang Sin Trading Company Singapore
Huangho Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Huashin Trading (S) Pte Ltd
Huasing Construction & Trading Pte Ltd
Huat An Trading
Huat Cheng Trading
Huat Heng Motor Trading Company Singapore
Huat Hing Trading Pte Ltd
Huat Hoe Machinery & Trading Pte Ltd
Huat Seng Movers & Trading
Huat Tat Li Furniture Trading Company Singapore
Huat Yang Dried Food
Huata Trading Company Singapore
Huaxia Modern Marketing
Huay Tong Trading Trading Company Singapore
Huayi Investments (S) Pte Ltd
Huayi Shang Hang Importers & Exporters Pte Ltd
Hui Kee Trading
Hui Leong Textiles & Trading
Hui Peng Enterprise
Hui Tat Jewellery Trading
Hui Teck Vehicle Trading
Hui Wang Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd
Huiquan Wood Base Products Manufacturing & Trading
Huk Seng Transport Trading Company Singapore
Huk Soon Kee Trading
Humana Products Pte Ltd
Humane International Economic & Technology Co Pte Ltd
Hung Bros Electrical Trading Company Singapore
Hung Soon Medical Trading Pte Ltd
Hung Tat Pte Ltd
Hunis Holdings Pte Ltd
Hunterway Trading
Hup Aik Auto Trading
Hup Aik Engineering & Trading
Hup Cheong Roasted Meat & Food Trading
Hup Chiang Lee Trading Company Singapore
Hup Choon Motor Trading (Pte) Ltd
Hup Chuan Guan Trading Company Singapore
Hup Chuan Huat Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Hup Eng Auto-Accessory Trading Company Singapore
Hup Huat Auto Trading Company Singapore
Hup Huat Lee Construction & Trading Company Singapore
Hup Huat Lee Electrical & Trading
Hup Hup Auto Air-Cond Trading Company Singapore
Hup Joo Huat Trading Company Singapore
Hup Kee Gifts Shop (Import & Export)
Hup Kee Trading Company Singapore
Hup Kim Electrical Trading Company Singapore
Hup Kiong Pte Ltd
Hup Koon Aik Agency & Trading Company Singapore
Hup Lee Leong Trading Company Singapore
Hup Lek Trading
Hup Motor Trading & Service
Hup Peng Trading
Hup Seng Co
Hup Seng Hong Trading Enterprise
Hup Seng Lee Trading Pte Ltd
Hup Sin Motor Trading Company Singapore
Hup Siong Auto Trading Company Singapore
Hup Siong Industry
Hup Soon Tat Auto Trading
Hup Teck Li Trading
Hup Yee Trading
Hwa Aik Bicycle Trading
Hwa Bao International Pte Ltd
Hwa Chiu Trading Company Singapore
Hwa Hing Trading Enterprise
Hwa Kim Trading Company Singapore
Hwa Kong Trading Company Singapore(Pte) Ltd
Hwa Lian Importers & Exporters
Hwa Lian Keat Vehicle Trading
Hwa Seng Charcoal & Firewood Trading Company Singapore
Hwasin Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
Hwee Heng Trading Company Singapore
Hwee Hong Timber Trading Agency
Hwee Hwa Heng Trading
Hwee Meng Traders
Hxron Trading
Hybrid Digital Pte Ltd
Hybrid Promotions
Hybrid Solutions Pte Ltd
Hycare Private Ltd
Hydraulics Mega Mart
Hydro Pack Trading
Hydromac Marine & Offshore System Pte Ltd
Hyet Pte Ltd
Hygiene Standard
Hyper Q Trading Pte Ltd
Hyperion Resources Pte Ltd
Hyun Ho Trading International Pte Ltd

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