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Singapore Gems Companies List
Singapore is a great place to source all precious gems and semi-precious gemstones like: Rubies, Amethyst, Sapphires, Golden Sapphire, Diamond, Diopside, Ametrine, Citrine, Kyanite, Blue Topaz, Rhodolite Garnet, Indicolite Tourmaline, Fluorite, White Sapphire, Aquamarine and Pink Tourmaline. There is a profusion of high quality gemstones that are traded daily by gem traders in the gem markets and gem shops of Singapore.

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Featured Singapore Gems Companies List
A Lee International Pte Ltd Singapore manufacturer of T-Shirts, Fashion Jewelry, Silver Jewelry & Amber Jewelry, Semi-precious Stones Jewelry. The company makes personalized t-shirts with own factory support.
Ace Global Ventures Pte Ltd Singapore Trading Company of Rough Diamonds, Polished Diamonds, Gold, LED Lighting, Coal, Cement, Paper, Solar Toys, Giftware
Arthesdam Jewellery Pte Ltd Singapore Jewelry Shop suppliers of Goldsmiths, Gold Ornaments, Gold Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Gems, Jewelry Wholesaler, Jewelry Retailers, Goldsmiths
Aspiring Gems Pte Ltd Singapore Gem Stones Company Suppliers of Gems, Gemstones, Precious Gems, Semi-Precious Stones
Babaa Farid G S R Gems & Jeweller Singapore Jewelry Company Suppliers of Fine Jewellery, Costume Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Gems, Gemstones, Precious Gems, Semi-Precious Stones
Belpearl Singapore Pearls cultivator, processor and wholesaler of top quality pearls with over 75 years experience in the pearl industry. Suppliers of Kasumiga-ura Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Ikebana Pearls
Brilliantime Pte Ltd Singapore Diamond Setters Suppliers of Gold Jewelry, Fine Jewellery, Diamond Jewelry, Precious Jewelry
Buharia Trading Co Pte Ltd Singapore Gems Trading Company, Diamonds Wholesalers, Gems Distributors, Gemstones Suppliers
D'chee Craftshops Singapore Handicrafts Company Suppliers of Beads, Handicraft Books, Clothing, Glass, Glass Working Tools, Glass Working Equipment, Handicraft Materials, Hobby Materials, Handicraft Supplies, Hobby Services, Knitted Fabrics
Singapore Gems Companies Directory A-Z
Singapore Gemstones
African Jade, Agate, Agates, Albite, Alexandrite, Almandine, Almandine Spinel, Amazonite, Amber, Amethyst, Amethyst Quartz, Ametrine, Ammolite, Andalusite, Andradite, Angelite, Anyolite, Apatite, Aqua Aura, Aquamarine, Aragonite, Artificial Gem, Asterism, Aventurine, Azurite

Balas Ruby, Batrachite, Benitoite, Beryl, Beryllium Aluminum Silicate, Birthstones, Bisbee Blue, Bixbite, Black Opal, Black Sapphire, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Blue Apatite, Blue Cab Moonstone, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Moonstone, Blue Sapphire, Blue Sapphire Cabochon, Blue Spinel, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Zircon, Boji Stones, Brazilian Emerald, Bronzite, Bull's Eye Agate, Bullet Head Cab Moonstone, Burma Emerald Cut Sapphire, Burmese Round Blue Sapphire

Cab Moonstone, Cabochon, Cabochon Albite, Cabochon Moonstone, Cairngorm, Calcite, Candelabra, Carnelian, Carnelian Beads, Cat's Eye, Cat's Eye Stones, Chalcedony, Charoite, Chlorastrolite, Chlorspinel, Chrome Pyrope, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Citrine Quartz, Clinohumite, Cognac Tourmaline, Coral, Cryptocrystalline, Cubic Zirconia, Danburite Cushion, Dark Red Spinel, Datolite, Demantoid, Diamond, Diamonds, Diopside, Dioptase, Dravite Tumortierite, Dumortierite, Dzi Bead

Emerald, Emerald Cut Sapphire, Enstatite, Eudialyte, Fine Gemstones, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Fluorite, Garnet, Gemstones Golden Beryl, Ghanospine, Goldstone, Goshenite, Green Quartz, Green Sapphire, Green Tourmaline, Green Zircon, Greenstone, Grossular, Heart Shape Blue Sapphire, Heart Shape Chrysoberyl, Heart Shape Color Change Sapphire, Helenite, Heliodore, Heliotrope, Hematite, Hessonite, Hessonite Garnet, Hot Pink Spinel, Howlite, Humite, Imperial Topaz, Indicolite, Iolite, Iris Agate, Jacinth, Jade, Jadeite, Jargon, Jasper, Jaspers, Jet

Kanchanaburi Sapphire, Kunzite, Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis Armenus, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, Lavender Sapphire, Lepidiolite, Light Blue Sapphire, Light Blue Star Sapphire, Lilac Sapphire, Lodestone, Loose Gems, Magatama, Malachite, Mandarin Garnet, Marble, Marquise Blue Sapphire, Matura Diamond, Mint Garnet, Moldavite, Moonstone, Moonstone Cabochon, Moonstone Crystal, Moqui Marbles, Morganite, Morion, Moss Agate, Mother-Of-Pearl

Nacre, Neon Tourmaline, Nephrite, Nevada Lapis, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Orange Opal, Orange Sapphire, Orange Zircon, Ornamental Gemstones, Oval Blue Sapphire, Oval Orange Sapphire, Oval Ruby, Padparadscha, Padparadscha Sapphire, Painite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Peach Sapphire, Peach Spinel, Peach Tourmaline, Pearl, Pectolite, Peridot, Peristerite, Petalite, Petalite Crystal, Pezzottaite, Phenakite, Pietersite, Pink Sapphire, Pink Spinel, Pink Spinel Cab, Pink Spinel Oval, Pink Spinel Pear Cab, Pink Tourmaline, Prasiolite, Praziolite Prehnite, Precious Stones, Princess- Cut Yellow Sapphire, Purple Spinel, Purple Star Sapphire, Purple Tourmaline, Pyrite, Pyrope, Pyrope-Almadine, Pyrope-Spessartine, Quartz, Quartz Crystal

Red Beryl, Red Elbaite, Red Sapphire Cab, Red Spinel, Red Spinel Cab, Red Spinel Cut Round, Red Spinel Oval, Red Tourmaline, Red Zircon, Rhodochrosite, Rhodolite, Rhodonite, Riverstone, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Round Head Moonstone, Rubelite, Rubellite, Rubicelle, Rubies, Ruby, Ruby Cab, Ruby Crystal, Ruby Crystals, Ruby Pinkish Crystal, Ruby Trapiche Cab, Ruby Zoisite, Rutilated Quartz

Sapphire, Sapphire Cab, Sapphire Crystals, Sapphire Oval, Sapphire Spinel, Sapphirine, Sardonyx, Saussurite, Scapolite, Scapolite Yellow, Scheelite, Serpentine, Shell, Siberite, Sinhalite, Smoky Quartz, Snow Quartz, Sodalite, Spectrolite, Spessartine, Spessartite Garnet, Sphalerite, Spinel, Spinel Crystals, Spinel Cushion, Spinel Emerald Cut, Spodumene, Star Garnet, Star Ruby Cabochon, Staurolite, Strontium Titanate, Sugilite, Sunstone

Tanzanite, Tektites, Thulite, Thunderegg, Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron, Tiger's Eye, Titanite, Topaz, Topaz Crystals, Topazolite, Tourmaline, Tourmaline Crystal, Tourmilated Quartz, Trapiche Sapphire Cab, Trillion Cut Aqua, Tsavorite, Tsavorite Garnet, Turquoise, Unakite, Uvarovite, Verdilite, Vesuvianite, Watermelon Tourmaline, White Opal, White Quartz, White Sapphire, White Zircon, Xenotime, Yellow Diamond, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire Cushion, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Zircon

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