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BELPEARL (S) PTE LTD - Kasumiga-ura Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Ikebana Pearls


Contact: Pierre Hajjar
Address: 400 Orchard Road #06-09 Orchard Towers
Singapore 238875
Tel: (65) 6735-8698
Fax: (65) 6735-0801
Categories: Kasumiga-ura Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Ikebana Pearls
Company Profile: Belpearl is a cultivator, processor and wholesaler of top quality pearls with over 75 years experience in the pearl industry.
In 2003 Belpearl introduced to the market a combination of white and golden south sea pearls, olive and grey Tahitian pearls, and purple and pink Kasumiga-ura pearls. This unique combination, with its well balanced and pleasing pastel-like tones, brought to mind the beautiful Ikebana flower arrangements of Japan - our Ikebana strands were born. The beautiful Ikebana strands were quickly a sort after item when we introduced them to our clients. The popularity of the Ikebana concept became such, that it was quickly adapted by others in the industry.

Our emphasis has always been a commitment to bringing our clients the best quality products at the best possible prices. We do this through a combination of the experience and knowledge our skilled team of buyers; and direct involvement with the operations of our partner cultivators.

As well as being a supplier of quality pearls, we also produce fine quality diamond and pearl jewellery. Using the same principles we have developed in our pearl business, we maintain total control over our jewellery production, ensuring our clients receive a top quality product.

Our network of offices extends through Asia, Europe and North America, with branches in: Kobe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Antwerp, New York and Toronto. Our clients receive, and have come to expect from us, the same high quality standards and services throughout our network.

We are committed to being your source of quality pearls and pearl jewellery worldwide.

Kasumiga-ura Pearls
Following success in culturing saltwater pearls, Japanese pearl farmers turned their attention to cultivating freshwater pearls from Lake Biwa; and producing commercial crops in the 1930's. The high quality pearls cultivated from Hyriopsis schlegeli, the freshwater mussel native to Lake Biwa, quickly became the standard for all freshwater pearls. However, the beauty of the Biwa pearls was not to last forever. In 1985, production of Japanese Biwa Freshwater Pearls, ceased due to shoreline development, local agriculture and pollution; and the subsequent total mortality of all shells in lake Biwa.

With a desire to revive the beauty of Biwa pearls, belpearl began experimenting with mussels from Lake Kasumiga-ura, Japan. With the expertise of the finest technicians from Lake Biwa, we were able to use a hybrid mussel that have two unique qualities:

a) These mussels have a greater resistance to pollution
b) These mussels are able to accept a round nucleus

Experimentation and ultimate success was achieved in 1993 with a handful of pearls as the result. These pearls were called Kasumiga-ura Pearls, named after Lake Kasumiga-ura where they were cultivated.

Because of the four-year cultivation period, double that of its South Sea counterparts, which it also can compete with in size, the first marketable pearls were not available for sale on the world markets until 1997. With a unique pastel array of pink, purple and white, commanding sizes of 11-16mm and only available in limited quantities; Kasumiga-ura Pearls have now become some of the most sort after pearls in the world.

The rarity of these pearls has increased in the last couple of years, due to pollution problems in Lake Kasumiga-ura.

Fresh Water Pearls
China, the birthplace of pearl culturing some seven centuries ago. cultured blister pearls using Cristaria plicata mussels. Popular at the time were figures of the Buddha, moulded in lead and implanted in the mussel between the shell and mantle. A blister pearl of the Buddha would be cut away from the mussel shell some six months later and sold as an ornament.

From those humble beginnings and through to the 1970's and 1980's we saw the well known "rice" pearls come onto the world marketplace. Since the 1990's Chinese pearl cultivators have become ever more sophisticated, they now produce round and near round pearls of 7 to 11mm.

belpearl sources freshwater pearls from the best farms in NE China. We purchase only the best raw materials that these cultivators offer, and using the best techniques, process these goods ourselves. We specialize in selling top quality freshwater pearls to our customers worldwide.

Sizes for both loose and stranded freshwater pearls, start at 6.5mm, though we tend to specialize in the larger sizes. We can supply round, near round and drop shaped freshwater pearls. With our processing techniques, we are confident that we are in a position to offer you perhaps the finest quality large sized freshwater pearls on the market today.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our offices or at one of the many exhibitions we attend worldwide, so that you may see that quality for yourself.

Tahitian Pearls
Originally sought after by Polynesians to make tools such as fishhooks and exploited by early 18th Century European settlers for its mother-of-pearl, the Pinctada margaritifera cumingi (or Black-lipped oyster) was not truly experimented on for culturing pearls until the 1960's.

It was in fact not until the mid-1970's that Tahitian cultured pearls truly appeared on the world's markets. Even then, there were doubts about the natural "black" colour of the pearls themselves. But after tests in those early days revealed the colours were not artificial, dealers started to actively offer the exotic pearl to their clients.

Today the striking black, grey, green and aubergine colours of Tahitian pearls are desired by consumers the world over, and have in recent years enjoyed a revival in popularity. These days a jewellery store will undoubtedly have a stock of Tahitian pearl jewellery to offer its customers.

belpearl, with it's experience in the industry, can rely on its own cultivators in Tahiti and regular trips by its highly skilled quality controllers, to bring to our customers a splendid array of fine Tahitian pearls at competitive prices. Our offices carry a full stock of loose and stranded Tahitian pearls in sizes 8-18mm, in shapes from Round to Drop and qualities from A to D .

We are confident, that when you visit one of our offices, or see us at an exhibition, we will be able to supply you with Tahitian pearls that suit all your requirements.

South Sea Pearls
South Sea pearls come from the white-lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster. This oyster is much larger than the oysters that produce Akoya pearls. Because of their size and restrictions on cultivation, these south sea pearls command the highest price amongst all other variety of pearl.

The pearl that the oyster produces, range in size from 10 to 18mm and the smoothness and roundness of these pearls are exceptional, but sometimes are not as lustrous as fine Akoya pearls. Generally the golden, light-yellowish colour variety are typical of those found in Indonesian and Philippine waters, whilst the whitish, almost silvery in appearance are found in Australian waters, across to the Aru islands of the Arafura Sea.

Ikebana Pearls
Ikebana is a Japanese word which literally means the art of arranging flowers in and aesthetic and well balanced way.

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