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Thailand Luxury Villas
 Jomtien Pattaya Thailand
. Close to the beach, four bedrooms, fully air conditioned, satellite TV, private swimming pool, free car rental



Oasis The Holistic Men's Spa - Fusion Massage, Hydrotherapy, Facial Treatments


Oasis The Holistic Men's Spa
Address: 11A Trengganu Street
Singapore 058465
Tel: (65) 6226-0767
Categories: Spas, Spa Services, Spa Treatments, Health Spas, Beauty Services
Company Profile:
Singapore Spas, Spa Services, Spa Treatments, Health Spas, Beauty Services. Men's spa on Tregganu Street; offers fusion massage, hydrotherapy, facial treatments; also offers home services
USION THERAPY - Our signature fusion therapy massage; the combination of Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai-yoga and Chinese acupressure point , will make you feel, relax, restore and rejuvenate.

BODY SCRUB/HYDROTHERAPY - Removing dead skin by scrubbing, offers an excellent way for you to regain skin glow and maintain a healthy smooth skin and rain shower therapy for relaxation body and mind. A natural treatment that can help you to revitalize without producing the detrimental side effects of today's modern drugs.
30 min Body Scrub / Hydrotherapy - S$ 45.00

FACIAL - A specialized facial treatment that includes facial cleansing, scrubbing, facial massage, mask, toning and moistures skin. It encounter and treat all skin conditions with the use of finest and purest nature products. (50 min)
Facial - S$ 80.00

S$98 include 60 min fusion Therapy with 30 min Body Scrub & Hydrotherapy
S$137 include 90 min fusion Therapy with 30 min Body Scrub & Hydrotherapy
S$176 include 120 min fusion Therapy with 30 min Body Scrub & Hydrotherapy

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