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CDiC Consultants - Security Services, Investigation, Corporate Fraud, Business Intelligence, False Claims, Anti-piracy


CDiC Consultants
Address: 164 Bukit Merah Central, #04-3645
Singapore 150164
Tel: (65) 6377-2723
Fax: (65) 6377-2726
Categories: Security Services, Investigation, Corporate Fraud, Business Intelligence, False Claims, Anti-piracy
Company Profile: Investigation services firm offering services in areas like corporate fraud, business intelligence, false claims, anti-piracy, counterfeiting, intellectual property rights infringement, pre & post-marital investigation
CDiC Consultants LLP (CDiC) is a specialist investigation services firm that counts service excellence, professionalism and operational integrity as its hallmarks. We are licensed by the Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD) of the Singapore Police Force. Our dedicated teams of professional investigators and consultants are competently certified and possess an abundance of experience having formerly served in law enforcement organizations, intelligence units and corporate organisations.

We are a reputable and trusted leading investigative consultancy providing a wide spectrum of investigative services to assist our clients in the protection of their assets and interests, including human resource and relationships, product proprietary information, and all aspects of business transactions or operations.

We value each and every one of our client and treat every case with distinction. Our relationships with our clients are carefully and professionally managed by our consultants, with the key objective of understanding clients’ unique needs and requests. We observe the strictest client confidentiality and assure integrity and protection of privileged/proprietary information in all engagements.

In CDiC, we pride ourselves in providing only the highest value deliverables to our clients and are consistently guided by strong ethics and principles in obtaining and presenting only the truth and relevance, so as to assist our clients in exercising best judgment and decision making. We provide the most authentic experience in fact-finding through Confidence, Discretion, Integrity and Courage.

Commercial Investigation
Is your employee or business partner exploiting and siphoning your business?
Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation
Is someone imitating/copying/stealing your brands/products/proprietary information?
Matrimonial & Family-Related Investigation
Is your spouse cheating on you; child custody or delinquency upsetting you?
General Investigation & Litigation
Support Services
Are you confused, disoriented, at a loss and need reliable and professional help?
General Investigation & Litigation

Support Services
Locating Missing Person or Skip-Tracing
We can assist our clients to find their lost friends, classmates, lovers, relatives or persons of their interest.

Unfair Practices (Mystery Shopping)
We can assist clients to obtain information and/or verify customer feedback and/or complaint which are vital components for measuring the quality of retail services. We have assisted clients from various industries in this aspect in support of their regular maintenance and improvement exercises.

Background Investigation (Business and/or Individual)
Due Diligence – We can gather key information such as corporate details, key officers and shareholders, financial details, history of civil and criminal litigation and industry reputation on potential business partners. Expanded scope and in-depth research can be additionally tailored as appropriate.
Pre-employment Verification – We can verify identity, employment history, academic history, civil and bankruptcy litigation. A "Lifestyle check" can be included, if necessary.
Pre-Marital or Nuptial Check – We can gather information on a person's character, lifestyle, previous relationships, financial status and additional information of value in the interest of our client.
Individual Lifestyle Check – We can determine the trend/pattern of a person's lifestyle based on the person's routine, interests, habits, leisure, entertainment activities and more.
Litigation Support Services
Evidentiary Chain of Custody – We can assist clients in managing chain of custody evidence in a careful manner to avoid subsequent allegations of tampering or misconduct which could compromise an ongoing litigation case.
Execution of Court Order – We can facilitate clients in execution of Civil Search Order or Anton Piller Order by securing the premises and/or monitoring the movements of the defendant(s) named in the Court Order. We can also provide post-execution monitoring work.
In addition to the above, CDiC undertakes other general investigation services including overseas assignments, and designs customised solutions based on the needs or requests of our clients.

Commercial Investigation
Business reputation and employee integrity are key factors in the success of a company. Common crimes or breaches result in significant negative impact to the company’s finances and well-being. If misdeeds are left unchecked, potential exploits may escalate and eventually cause a company to stop functioning or even collapse under the gross weight of the abuses. Regardless of a company's size, such unpleasant incidents can occur from time to time.

Common crimes and breaches are:
Non-compliance related (eg policy violation, conflict of interest)
Supply chain related (eg pilferage, theft)
Unethical/unfair business practices
Fraud (False Claim)
Internal theft
A dishonest act invariably leaves traces of evidence. CDiC endeavours to "look under every stone" and gather direct evidence and/or circumstantial evidence, which will be analysed, secured and preserved. Upon completion of our investigation, we provide clients with comprehensive investigation reports which include, but are not limited to: supporting evidence on photography, video, audio, incriminating documents, exhibits and fact-finding statements.

We work closely with client representatives, appointed solicitors, auditors and other professional or government bodies in the best interests of our clients. If necessary, we can stand as witness for criminal or civil proceedings.

Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation
Counterfeiting and piracy have become a global issue, with more and more products being illegally copied. Luxury or desirable brands and products are commonly targeted for counterfeiting and piracy. When illegal copies are rampant, consumers may lose confidence in genuine brands and authentic products, as they are unable to differentiate the fake from the authentic.

In the digital age, the Internet has become a powerful platform for counterfeiters and pirates in their business operations. The reasons for this are: the relative anonymity of the Internet allows users/traders to escape attention and detection; the ability to reach a global audience 24/7 at low cost; and consumers being easily deceived by professional and sophisticated looking ecommerce websites.

Both brand/product owners and consumers are affected by counterfeiting and privacy activities. Brand/product owners suffer negative impact on sales volume, prices, brand value/reputation, cost incurred in combating such illegal activities, etc. For consumers, the products may be cheap but the infringed products are normally substandard and of inferior quality, putting safety and health at risk.

Intellectual Property investigations include infringement (Trademark, Copyright and Patent), "passing off" and breach of trade secret/confidential information. An Intellectual Property investigation typically involves the following process:

Conduct market research/product profiling
Establish manufacturing source/facilities of the counterfeit products
Determine modus operandi
Ascertain the supply chains/distribution networks
Obtain samples through control buy
Upon completion of our investigations, we provide comprehensive reports outlining how products are being forged and traded. We also provide litigation support by facilitating brand owners’ legal representation in court applications for search warrants, private summons and participate in enforcement raids and seizures.

Matrimonial & Family-Related Investigation
Matrimonial Matters
Initiating an investigation on your spouse or loved ones is often not an easy decision. However, living with uncertainty, confusion and fear could be worse. Instead of suffering from constant suspicion, uncertainty and worry, restore your peace of mind with our conclusive services. CDiC aims to help our individual clients ascertain "The Truth" in the most discreet manner. In confirmed cases of adultery or infidelity, we obtain undeniable evidence in support of the adultery, infidelity and unreasonable behaviour and present the findings clearly and concisely in our investigation reports.

Child Custody
The battle for child custody often poses challenges and prolonged ambiguous disputes can be traumatic. "Social Report" is one key determinant which the Family Court may rely upon to reach a legal decision, but at times, the other parent may orchestra a "smoke screen" during the period of observation. CDiC can assist to ascertain and gather signs of physical, behavioural and developmental problems such as (but not limited to) any of the following:

Inappropriate care-giving environments
Physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse
Incompetent parenting skills
Juvenile Delinquency
Juveniles (youngsters), who display rebellious or anti-social behaviour in school or at home and are typically beyond parental control, are not criminals. However, they remain vulnerable to adverse peer pressure, influence or temptation and in an attempt to "fit in" they often exercise inappropriate discretion, making the wrong choice and take a regrettable path. In some cases, they may end up indulging in illegal activities due to curiosity or persuasion from peers to "try something new" As concerned parents, you have to help them! CDiC can support you to track and monitor suspicious juveniles' movements and activities during the time spent outside the school and home. We also work closely with the school concerned and agencies (such as Police) to provide solutions in the best interests of all parties

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