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CCIC Singapore Pte Ltd - Marine Surveyors, Inspection Services, Marine Services


CCIC Singapore Pte Ltd
Contact: Zhang Shichun Deputy General Manager
Address: 81 Science Park Drive #03-02 The Chadwick Singapore Science Park 1
Singapore 118257
Tel: (65) 6278-1020
Fax: (65) 6278-9493
Categories: Marine Surveyors, Inspection Services, Marine Services
Company Profile:
Singapore Marine Surveyors, Inspection Services, Marine Services, Cargo survey, banker survey, pre-shipment inspection, Cargo Damage Survey, Quantity Survey, Weight Control, Loading, Discharging, Transshipment Supervision, Draft Survey, Volume Survey, Weighing by Scale
China Certification & Inspection (Group) is an independent legal entity which is incorporated by voluntary enterprises or organizations with China Certification and Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. being the parent company.

Re-organized from former China National Import & Export Commodities Inspection Corp., China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to CCIC) is a transnational company that is dedicated to provide inspection, surveying, certification and testing services, with authorization from the State Council, and with accreditation by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine and the Certification & Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China.

China Certification & Inspection (Group) has set up a network that consists of 40 domestic and 25 overseas subsidiaries, and more than 100 sub-branches/ offices, covering major ports and trade centers throughout the world. There are about 300 offices and Laboratories and 20,000 employees work for the group around the world. The largest geographic coverage is in China.

Looking ahead, China Certification & Inspection (Group) faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges we have never had. Through professional excellence and uncompromising dedication to our clients’ requirements, China Certification & Inspection (Group) spares no efforts to develop core competitive advantage, and to market our services to the whole world.

Strong Technical Force
CCIC boasts its first-class CNAL (China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratory) accredited testing facilities and strong technical support from national quality supervision, inspection & quarantine system.

Impartial, Accurate & Swift Professional Services
CCIC is dedicated to provide impartial, swift, reliable and localized services throughout our global network. Tailor-made services will be provided to meet individualized requirements.

Rich Social Resources
CCIC is a transnational company that is dedicated to provide inspection, surveying, certification & testing services, with authorization from Chinese Government, and with accreditation by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine and the Certification & Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China. It has established cooperative relationships with more than 120 inspection agencies in some 60 countries/ regions.

Inspection Services
Petroleum, crude oil and petrochemicals inspection for the determination of quality and quantity
Inspection, weighing, sampling and quality determination of metals, minerals, coal and coke
Quality and quantity inspection of agricultural commodities including FOG and CMA services
Pre-shipment and destination inspection on quality, specification, quantity, weight, packing and marking on general cargoes
Pre-shipment inspection of imported recyclable materials mandated by People’s Republic of China

Cargo Damage Survey
Quantity Survey, Weight Control
Loading/Discharging/Transshipment Supervision
Draft Survey, Volume Survey, Weighing by Scale
Inspection of Stowage and Lashing Survey
Packing Condition Survey
Marking Inspection
On/ Off Hire Condition
Bunker Survey
Marine Related Survey

Testing Services
Crude and petroleum products
Metals and minerals
Petrochemicals and chemicals testing
Lubricating oil and used lube oil

Certification & Training (CCIC China)
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GB/T28001, HACCP, GAP, GMP certification
Agri-product market certification
Product certification, Textile certification, Feed product certification, Organic product certification, IP certification
ISO 9000, ISO 14000, GB/T28000, HACCP National registered auditor, Internal auditor training & SA 8000 standard training services
Follow-up Inspection on behalf of UL, CSA Group, TUV, KEMA, JET and etc.

Value-added Services (CCIC China)
Second Party Audit
Engineering Supervision
Calibration of Apparatus
Advisory’ Services
Disinfection of Cargo & Carrying Vehicles
Presale Testing
Agency Services: Notarization, Inspection Application, Customs Declaration

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