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Canaan Dental Surgery Pte Ltd - Dentists, Dental Consultants, Dental Surgeons


Canaan Dental Surgery Pte Ltd
Address: 29, Upper East Coast Road CRESCENDO BUILDING
Singapore 455291
Tel: (65) 6442-0293
Fax: (65) 6241-5173
Categories: Dentists, Dental Consultants, Dental Surgeons
Company Profile:
Singapore Dental Practice, Cosmetic Dentists. Dental Crowns, Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Dental Braces, Composite Fillings, Dental Bonding, Children Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, Premier Services, Pain Free Dentistry, Teeth Whitening
Canaan Dental Surgery is a leading dental practice that focuses in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Situated right at the heart of Siglap at the eastern end of Singapore, Canaan Dental Surgery provides first class service for a wide range of clientele including local and expatriate patients from young to old.

The laid-back and friendly atmosphere of Siglap is reflected in the caring and warm atmosphere you experience once you step onto its premises. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Canaan Dental is a serene oasis where the professional and attentive staff take care of all your cosmetic and general dental needs.

Canaan Dental boasts a team of 5 highly experienced and well-qualified dentists whose common goal is to provide uncompromising dentistry to our most discerning patients. Providing a wide range of services including teeth whitening, Invisalign, braces, veneers, treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder, dental bonding, dental implants, children dentistry and more.

We didn't set out to be the biggest, just the best as a boutique clinic, uniquely positioned to provide customized dental care.

A whiter smile gives a more youthful appearance to a person. At Canaan Dental, we provide a range of teeth whitening procedures, including the BriteSmile. Using the latest, most advanced state-of-the-art technology, the BriteSmile treatment has been able to achieve an average of 9 shades whiter! A combination of a gentle 15% hydrogen-peroxide whitening gel with BriteSmile's breakthrough "blue light," the BriteSmile procedure can be completed in around an hour's visit.

Another popular method of teeth whitening involves taking a mould of your teeth and making a set of customized trays that accurately fit both your upper and lower teeth. You just need to apply the whitening gel inside the trays and the result can usually be observed within one to two weeks of home treatment.

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots which are surgically anchored into your jaw to hold the replacement teeth or bridge in place. Implant is the ideal solution to tooth loss as implants are stable, and do not rely on neighbouring teeth for support. They also look and feel just like natural teeth.

During the procedure, the dentist will place the implants into the jaw bone to serve as an artificial roots. The implant is made of a metallic material that is fully compatible with body tissue.During the process, neighbouring natural teeth remain untouched and as a result, dental implants offer significant long-term oral health benefits.

Veneers are very thin pieces of specially-shaped porcelain or composite resin that are bonded over the front of your teeth, used normally to treat severely discoloured, chipped, misshapen or crooked teeth. Veneers are extremely strong and durable, and come in a choice of shades that can brighten dark teeth.

Veneers are an effective solution to make your teeth look more natural and healthy. They are very thin and require little preparation. What's more, veneers are difficult to stain, making them a popular choice for people looking for a perfect smile.

Interested in getting veneers to make your teeth look healthy and natural? Contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment today!

Occlusion refers to the alignment of teeth and the way that the upper and lower teeth fit together. Ideally, all upper teeth fit slightly over the lower teeth and all teeth are aligned, straight, and spaced proportionally.

Malocclusion means that the teeth are not aligned properly and is most often hereditary. It can result in long term problems such as interference with the normal growth and development of the jaw. Abnormal swallowing patterns, impairment of chewing, and cavities due to the difficulty in removing plaque from crooked teeth are other common problems.

Orthodontic treatment using braces can correct malocclusion. Teeth are gradually shifted into their proper position through the use of braces. This slow and careful process takes place over a period of time but ultimately, the teeth are straightened and positions are corrected.

With the focus on preventive dentistry, early diagnosis is extremely important. Canaan Dental uses the latest in modern technology - the DIAGNOdent laser system to aid in the early diagnosis of tooth decay.

With the use of DIAGNOdent, we're able to obtain accurate numerical data on the condition of the teeth so as to make a better diagnosis and to determine the treatment to prescribe.

Canaan Dental has also acquired the latest hard and soft tissue laser, the Keylaser by Kavo to provide the option of "No Drill" as well as "No Blade" surgical dentistry. With this new Keylaser, we are now able to remove dental caries (decay) using the laser, without the high-pitched drill sound, and very often without the use of local anesthesia (numbing of the teeth and gums). The Use of Keylaser in certain minor surgical procedures means there is practically no more use of the surgical blade with minimal post-treatment discomfort & bleeding with speedier healing.

A crown is an artificial restorative device that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth to give it the shape, strength and functionality of a natural tooth. Crowns are ideal in restoring and strengthening teeth that have been broken, fitted with a large filling or weakened by decay. Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of discoloured fillings, protect root canal treated teeth and to hold bridges or dentures firmly in place.

Crowns are made so that they match your other teeth perfectly, making them unnoticeable. A local anesthetic is used during the preparation, making the procedure painless.

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