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Baker Tilly Tfwlcl - Accountants, Accounting Services, Tax Consultants, Auditors


Baker Tilly Tfwlcl
Address: 15 Beach Road No 3-10 Beach centre
Singapore 189677
Tel: (65) 6336-0438
Categories: Accountants, Accounting Services, Tax Consultants, Auditors
Company Profile:
Singapore Accounting and Tax Preparation Company, Business Consultants, Management Consultants, Business Services, Tax Services, Corporate Advisory Services, Internal Audit, Secretarial Services, Accounting Services, Receiverships and Liquidations
Our responsibility as statutory auditors is to express our independent opinion on whether the financial statements are properly drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the Singapore Companies Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards so as to give a true and fair view of the results and the financial position of your company. In this regard, we firmly believe that our value to our clients lie not in the audit opinion alone but in the quality of service given during our continuing engagement as auditors.

Regular contact at partner and audit manager level is an essential ingredient for such service and forms a key element of our own auditing philosophy. Our audit approach has been designed to be efficient, cost-effective, highly focused and directed towards achieving specific audit objectives.

Tax Services
We are committed to provide our clients with prompt and sound pro-active advice in the face of continual changes in the region's tax regulations. We have the technical expertise to perform a full range of local and international tax services as follows :
Corporate Tax
We provide advice on tax liabilities, prepare tax returns, tax computations and agree them with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). We also advise on the tax implications of any new ventures that are being considered, the effects that a new legislation will have on current business activities, as well as mergers, reorganisations and liquidations.
Personal Tax
We give advise on all personal tax matters, prepare income tax returns, agree tax liabilities as well as provide structure of remuneration packages for organisations.
Tax Planning
Consultation on tax alternatives
Tax and estate planning
Selection of tax accounting methods
Structuring international operations
Design of compensation
Design of expatriate compensation
Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate Advisory Services
Business Investigation and Reviews
We undertake investigations of a financial nature for the following purposes :
To advise on acquisitions, takeovers and mergers of companies and groups of companies
To advise on the purchase of a new business, including putting the parties in touch with each other and assisting in the negotiations
To undertake due diligence and audit
To review the long-term profitability and the future cash flow of companies that are seeking additional finance
To value shares of businesses for a variety of reasons
To enquire into frauds, misappropriations or irregularities
To assist companies to raise funds on the Stock Exchange and to report on the financial position of companies so that our report may be included in their prospectus.
Small Business Advisory Services
Services provided includes consultation on business decisions related to areas such as reporting, budgeting, cash flow projections, forecasting, systems recommendations and implementation and controls. We also assist in carrying out the work of recording, analysing and presenting financial information.

Internal Audit
Our services, as internal auditors will be designed specifically to assist the Audit Committee to carry out their function as prescribed in the Best Practices Guide and the newly adopted Code on Corporate Governance by Singapore Exchange Limited.
The role of internal audit is to provide an objective evaluation of the system of internal control which management has responsibility for establishing to safeguard the shareholders' investments and the organisation's assets.

The role of an effective internal auditor is broader than that of an external auditor. The internal auditor contributes value to an organisation by considering risk factors which could cause significant losses, either through inefficient or ineffective processes and systems, or inadequate safeguarding of assets and resources.

Corporate Secretarial Services
Our associate Park Cresent Services Pte Ltd provides assistance to organisations in meeting all regulatory requirements, from statutory to legal compliance. Our current clients range from Singapore listed companies to small-medium local enterprises.
Services provided include:
maintenance of statutory records and registers
advising and cancellation of employment passes
advising on the registration and maintenance of companies registered in jurisdiction other than Singapore
incorporation of companies
registration of a representative office

Accounting Services
Our associate, TFW Management Services Pte Ltd provide a wide range of businesses with accounting, payroll and related services. These services include :
computerised accounting and preparation of monthly management accounts
payroll functions where we process payroll for companies on a monthly basis including CPF contributions
preparation and submission of GST returns
In addition, we also provide accounting assistance to start-up companies and small business advisory services.

Receiverships and Liquidations
We advise on company's receiverships and liquidations and act as Receivers and Liquidators in the following mode of Winding Up :
By members' or creditors' voluntary
By Court Order
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Corporate Recovery
Services provided includes :
appointment as Special Accountants to assist the company to manage cash flow, review viability of business and cost cutting measures
Judicial Management which includes the rehabilitation of the company as a going concern through restructuring or failing that, the securing of the better realisation of the company's assets than would result from the liquidation of the company
company re-construction and re-organisation, advise on schemes of arrangement

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