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B2bcast - Webcasting Services, Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, Computer Consultants, Internet Consultants


Contact: Alex Feldman Director
Address: 105 Cecil Street 06-01 The Octagon
Singapore 69534
Tel: (65) 6827-9665
Categories: Webcasting Services, Computer Software Developers, Computer Products, Computer Consultants, Internet Consultants
Company Profile: E-commerce and Internet Businesses, IT Consultants, IT Products, IT Services, Computer Consultants
B2Bcast provides webcasting services that allow companies to communicate key messages effectively and efficiently, live or on-demand. B2Bcast helps clients target the right message for the right audience in a language that makes the greatest impact. B2Bcast's services are specifically designed to assist companies with: Investor Relations, Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources

B2Bcast specializes in creating dynamic communication solutions for companies across Asia. By using top producers from the television and radio industry, B2Bcast is able to create compelling audio or video pieces that can be delivered to an unlimited audience over the Internet. B2Bcast works with each client to develop the right webcasting solution - one that communicates both the correct message and corporate image.

Investor Relations
Get critical investment information to existing and potential investors, analysts and the press at the EXACT same time - no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Annual General Meetings - shareholders, analysts and the press can view or listen anywhere around the globe at a time that is convenient to them.

Earning Calls - traditionally CFOs provide quarterly or half yearly updates to analysts via conference calls. A live webcast of the call will allow you to reach more analysts, press, shareholders and potential investors than otherwise possible - a distinct advantage especially when regulators worldwide are demanding more disclosure. An archived version will allow you to reach audiences around the world at a time convenient for them - greatly expanding your company's potential coverage and visibility.

Sales and Marketing
Add the advantage you need to differentiate your products and services in a competitive market.

New Product/Service Launches - use the power of video to introduce your new products/services to the world - customize in the language of your key markets.

Product Training/Orientation - allow customers, sales teams and distributors to obtain the latest information on your products whenever necessary.

Public Relations
Increase your exposure, improve your image, build your brand, and at the same time, enhance your corporate communications. Event Coverage - increase the impact of your PR events with a live or on-demand webcast. Video Newsletter - more compelling than traditional printed version. Video Press Releases - increases impact and shelf life compared to print media.

Human Resources
Enhance employee satisfaction and company loyalty with your most important stakeholders - your employees. Language variations ensure you can reach them in their native tongue.

CEO Messages - ensure that the company's most important messages are directly communicated to employees at all levels and across borders effectively and efficiently.

Employee Orientation Programs - assimilate new employees to the corporate culture, company policies and procedures from the day they join.

Training - save time and money by training employees and suppliers around the world through video webcasting - and allow them to revisit and refresh whenever needed.

Internal Communications - motivate staff and ensure loyalty to the company through timely company updates and strategic direction briefs.

Compliance - ensure senior management worldwide understand key company policies and the laws of the respective countries where you operate. Reinforce their understandings of the law with e-versions and quizzes. This can be tracked to ensure all senior management have read and understood the content.

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