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Berlitz Singapore Pte Ltd - Educational Consultants, Education Agencies, Language School Singapore, English School Singapore, Conversation School Singapore


Berlitz Singapore Pte Ltd
Address: 501, Orchard Rd #05-03/04
Singapore 238874
Tel: (65) 6733-7472
Fax: (65) 6733-7805
Categories: Educational Consultants, Education Agencies, Language School Singapore,
English School Singapore, Conversation School Singapore
Company Profile: Berlitz, English language school & institute offers corporate training,
business & conversation English & for people taking up ESL to improve communication
skills in Singapore.
The first and last word in language services for more than a century, the name Berlitz has become synonymous with excellence in learning. In fact, millions of alumni from all walks of life have experienced new cultures more fully, thanks to Berlitz. Below is a summary of Berlitz Language Services. For more details, click on the links on the right.

Group, Semi-Private, and Individual Instruction
Berlitz offers courses for every interest, need, and learning style, whether it's an urgent immersion for fast results or a casual group to prepare for an upcoming vacation.
We currently offer groups in the following languages English, Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Malay and Japanese.

Total Immersion
Berlitz Total Immersion programs are scientifically proven to build language fluency in a short amount of time through intensive individual instruction, seven and a half hours a day for two to six weeks. The focused study builds skills quickly for students to think and speak in a new language.

Cross-Cultural Training
Berlitz Cross-Cultural training programs are designed to bridge gaps for people who interact with other cultures, such as business transferees and their families, international travelers, and employees of global companies. These programs provide crucial insights for dealing successfully with people of different backgrounds, and avoiding culture-shock and interpersonal blunders.

Study Abroad
One of the most exciting and effective ways to learn a language is to spend time in its country of origin. Immersion in an authentic language and culture allows you to pick up vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension as you dine, shop, travel, or even just walk down the street!

Corporate Services
Imagine you're preparing for a major meeting across the world. You want to make a strong and positive impression with your business partners. What are you going to do? The answer is easy: learn their language! Berlitz Language for Business programs help you overcome language and cultural barriers to succeed in global business--your business. We have programs that accommodate every schedule and budget.

English on a College Campus in the U.S.
Build your English language skills while experiencing real American culture and traditions at one of Berlitz's ELS Language Centers in the U.S. Choose the setting you prefer--a college campus or busy city center. Whichever you select, you will be sure to make friends from around the globe as you perfect your comprehension and pronunciation of 'American' English.

Berlitz English instruction for children is second to none. For children ages 4-7, we've created an exciting, interactive program that includes songs, activates, games that build speaking listening and basic writing skills. For children 8-11, Berlitz offers English Beat, a completely effective and modern program addressing age-appropriate topics with refreshing, timely exercises and materials. Teens 12 and up can study Berlitz English in a regular program or choose English instruction and immersion in American culture at college campuses throughout the U.S. with Berlitz's ELS division. l find that BerlitzEnglish gives you the language mastery you need to handle almost any situation.

Berlitz offers rapid and accurate translations, thanks to our highly qualified and specialized mother-tongue translators.

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